Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: Ashley's Training (Ff,inc,F-dom)
by Dragon333

Ashley Banks was looking in the mirror of her bathroom. She frowned at the
reflection she was seeing. She was wearing a pink t-shirt that said: sugar
and baby blue pants. She looked like an angel, and she hated it. She wanted
to have a bunch of guys like her, the way that guys liked her big sister
Hilary. She grabbed her own breasts and squeezed them. No one has sucked on
these things yet, she thought to herself. Ashley felt the need to grow up.
There was one person she was knew that could help her out with that.

"Hilary!" she called out from the bathroom. Hilary came to the door dressed
in a red hat, with a matching red jacket and mini skirt.

"Did I hear my little sister call for me?" Hilary said sounding perky. Ashley
forced herself to giggle at her corny joke.

"Yeah, Hilary. I-I..." she started to say but was still a little too shy to
admit it.

"You want to start fucking a bunch of guys, act and feel grown up?" Hilary
asked as if she had just read her mind. An astonished look came upon Ashley's

"How did you know that, Hilary?"

"It was my big sister instinct." Hilary said as she removed her red jacket
to reveal a black see-thru cotton top. Ashley felt her nipples harden at the
sight of her big sister's nipples through her shirt. "Look, Ashley, if you
want to be a slut, you have to dress the part. And like, you have to, like,
act the part too. Take off your shirt, slut."

"Hilary! You just called me a slut! And I'm your sister!" Ashley whined.

"SLUT! Like I said, you have to act the part, respond to what you are, and
you are a slut." Ashley pulled her pink shirt over her head to reveal a sexy
black bra. Hilary got a throat full of spit and then spit it on her little
sister's face.

"P-please don't spit at me." Hilary then smacked her sister side ways.

"You fuckin' whore! Say thank you instead." Hilary told her giving a dose of

"Hilary, NO! Please, don't, it's too much for me." Ashley whined to her big
sister. Hilary then ripped her bra from the front. "Ashley, go to your room!"
Ashley heard those words all of her life, but this time, now that Hilary said
it, she knew this was going to be different. Ashley ran to her room, so that
she wouldn't get caught walking around the house naked by anyone but Hilary.
"Take off those fucking pants, you little nigger whore!" Ashley gasped in

"Hilary! You called me nigger, and we're both black!"

"You want to be a slut, Ashley? Consider this your training! A true slut, has
little to no limits! Tell me right now you're a nigger slut."

"I-I'm a nigger slut." said the beautiful black girl. SMACK! Ashley felt
Hilary's hand slap her right cheek. "Thank you." Ashley thanked her big

"Now you're getting the hang of it." Hilary said smiling at her gorgeous
little sister. In less than a minute they were both completely naked in
Ashley's room. Hilary took a strap on dildo and strapped it on to herself.
It was a peach colored strap on about 5 inches long. "OK, you little turd!
Get on your knees!" Ashley got on her knees on the floor in front of Hilary.
Ashley was a thousand times better looking than Hilary. Hilary Banks spit
in her face again.

"Thank you, Hilary." She spit in her face a few more times, and Ashley
thanked her for every wad of spit sent to her face.

"Now bark like a dog until I get back." Hilary told her heading for her

"Woof, woof, woof!" Ashley kept saying while she was butt naked kneeling on
the floor. Hilary came back with some grape flavored lubricant. She spread it
all over the strap-on dildo that was attached to her body. She made sure the
dildo was completely covered in the grape lubricant.

"Stop barking my little doggie slut! Take this dick and suck on it!" Hilary
ordered her.

Ashley Banks took the strap-on in her right hand and slowly put it in her
mouth. Hilary pushed it all the way in her mouth. Ashley sucked on it slowly,
as she looked into her sister's eyes seeing the cheesy smile that was on her
face. "I know you're a virgin, Ashley, but haven't you ever SEEN someone give
a blow job? Bop your head back and forth, you piece of shit!" Ashley bopped
her head back and forth, tasting the grape lubed dick in her 16 year old
mouth. Hilary reached down, while her strap on was still in her little
sister's mouth, grabbed Ashley's left breast and squeezed it. Ashley kept
sucking on it, licking and swirling the strap-on with her tongue while it
was still in her mouth. Suddenly she stopped sucking and took it out of her

"Wait, Hilary, your feeling on my tit. Aren't we committing incest?"

"YES! We are, and that's what makes the sex more exciting! We're not supposed
to do it and that's what makes it more fun! Like you know how like, you're
under 18 and I'm not? That makes it more exciting for me 'cuz I know I'm not
supposed to do it. Besides, we're not hurting anyone." Hilary removed the
strap-on dildo from her body and kneeled down to the level of Ashley. She
tipped her head up with the fingers of her right hand gently. She kissed her
lips, and then opened her mouth right in front of her mouth. Ashley then
stuck her tongue in her big sister's mouth and began French kissing her. It
was the first time that she ever made out with another girl, and for some
reason, she thought it was special because the first girl she made out with
was her sister. She wrapped her big sister in her arms and continued kissing
her while she closed her eyes. The kiss went deeper and deeper, and they
could feel each other pressing their tongues harder on to each others. Ashley
hung on to her big sisters neck while she kept making out with her. She knew
she was doing incest, but this feeling that she was feeling was so good there
was no way it could be wrong. After about a couple minutes, Ashley felt
herself kissing air, then she realized her sister had moved away from her.

"You're a great kisser, Ashley. I don't have to teach you anything about
kissing. But why don't you lay down." Ashley took her big sister's advice
and laid on her back. Hilary laid down on top of her with her face facing
Ashley's pussy and her pussy facing Ashley's face. "Ashley, this is a 69,
it's mostly everyone's favorite position. Now eat my pussy!" Ashley knew
what "eat pussy" meant from watching a few porno tapes from Will's movie
collection. She first licked at her big sister's pussy, making it nice and
wet. Luckily for her, Hilary was completely shaven in her vagina area.
Ashley opened up her pussy lips with her tongue and pressed it deep into
her sister's pussy. She licked it up and down slowly, then she moved her
tongue horizontally across her vagina, the whole time pressing and tasting
the juices of her older sister's cunt. While she was doing that, she felt
Hilary's tongue spread her tight pussy and felt Hilary actually sucking on
her pussy, getting as much of Ashley's virgin pussy juice as she could.
Ashley couldn't believe her big sister's pussy would taste so sweet. Hilary
just kept sucking and tasting Ashley's tight pussy.

"Wait, Hilary, I think I have to pee a little." Ashley told her.

"Relax, trust me, you don't have to pee." Hilary said right before she
immediately went back to sucking her little sister's hot wet pussy. She
sucked harder this time, swallowing every last drop of her sister's juices.
Ashley felt a gushing water rush through her body, and onto Hilary's mouth.
Hilary felt it and she swallowed it. "You just came, Ashley. You had an
orgasm, it was a tasty one too. How did it feel?" Ashley let out a sigh.

"It felt great! It was the best feeling I ever had. Never felt better!" They
kissed each other again, this time tasting the juices of each others pussies.
Ashley slurped while she was sucking on her older sister's upper lip.

"Have you ever had your tits sucked on, Ashley?" Hilary asked her little

"No." she replied shortly. Hilary grabbed one of Ashley's black tit, squeezed
it and laid on the floor on her stomach. Hilary took a mouthful of Ashley's
teen tit and sucked on it, with Ashley's nipple in the center of her tongue.
She sucked harder and harder, and Ashley watched looking down at her as she
was moaning softly at the ecstasy her big sister was giving her. "Oh, Hilary!
That's it, suck it!" Ashley found herself saying. Hilary removed her mouth
from her sister's gorgeous tits.

"There's one last thing I want to do with you." Hilary told her.

"Name it, anything!"

"I want to do your little pussy from behind."

Ashley got on all fours with her ass wiggling out, inviting Hilary's strap-on
dildo inside. Hilary now had the strap-on attached to her body, she slowly
inserted the dildo inside of Ashley's tight little pussy. She stood behind
Ashley while she inserted the dildo very slowly, making sure she stretched it
out. She kept putting it in and out slowly. Ashley had never used a dildo on
herself, and this dildo that Hilary had was making her feel real good. After
Hilary felt that Ashley's tight vagina was stretched out enough, she
gradually went faster and faster fucking Ashley's pussy from behind.

"Oh yes! Yes! Oh, sis! It feels so good!" Ashley moaned.

"Oh yeah, slut! You like that, Ashley? You like this, you fucking whore!?"
Hilary said as she kept pounding into her little teenaged pussy.

"Yes, Hilary! I LOVE it! Fuck me! Fuck this whore!" Hilary held on tight to
Ashley's hips while she pushed her dildo harder into her tight pussy, as she
felt her own breasts bouncing up and down. Ashley pressed her hands deep
into the carpet of her room for support. She felt Hilary's dildo ram in and
outside of her cunt while she felt her own dark skinned tits shake back and
forth. She soon found herself humping WITH the flow of Hilary as it made the
dildo go in deeper. Hilary could feel sweat heavily coming down from her

"Fuck me like the whore I am!" Ashley said feeling her sister fucking her
even harder. Ashley let out a long relieving moan as she felt herself finally
cum. "Hilary I came."

"Now, suck my dick slut!" Hilary told Ashley as she stuck her strap on dildo
to her face. Ashley smiled and happily took the whole dildo into her mouth
and sucked. She bopped her head back and forth and made loud noises with her
mouth as she sucked it. When the flavor of the dildo faded, she stopped

"My pussy juice tastes really good." Ashley said to her big sister after she
sucked all of her own pussy juice from the dildo.
_ _ _

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