Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air: Getting Fresh Without The Prince (F/f,inc)
by Martin4Life

Philip Banks' two daughters Hillary and Ashley came home after a day of
shopping only to find the house empty. "Oh pooh" Hillary said. Hillary is
Philip's oldest daughter, a lovely chocolate skinned beauty.

"What's wrong?" Ashley asked, Ashley was the youngest of the Banks girls and
as lovely as her older sister. Ashley was still in high school but just

"There is nobody home to show what we bought," Hillary said and then sat down

"Well, we'll just show each other, I mean I have not even seen half of what
you bought so you can show me, and I'll show you," Ashley said trying to
cheer up her sister.

"Alright Let's go," Hillary said and picked up all her bags and then pulled
Ashley upstairs.

* * *

"So what do you think," Hillary asked as she showed her new hat to her
younger sister.

"It's really nice," Ashley said, she was not really interested in what
Hillary had bought, but it had cheered up her older sister so she did not

"Oh Wow!" Ashley said as Hillary held up an emerald green lace teddy, "I bet
that would turn any man on."

"So you are interested in turning a man on," Hillary said while she held the
teddy against her body.

"Well I'm not sure if I would go so far," Ashley said with some doubt.

"Well you don't have to if you don't want to, just look at me," Hillary
said absent minded.

"But you are always dressed to kill," Ashley said while looking at the green
teddy and wondering.

"Of course, I always look good, Daah. But seriously Ashley, I have not really
dressed to catch a man since Trenton died," Hillary said.

"Trevor," Ashley corrected her.

"Oh year. Anyway I have not been into men since then, I have found out that
I'm a Thespian," Hillary said.

"What do you mean, you are a talk show host not an actress," Ashley said

"No, no, no Ashley I'm not a Lesbian, I'm a Thespian you know someone who
likes girls," Hillary corrected her.

"No, it's a "LESBIAN" who likes girls," Ashley said.

"Oh well I guess I'm a lesbian then," Hillary said as she opened another
shopping bag.

"Are you kidding me, you are lesbian," Ashley said with shock in her voice.

"Well yeah, look women are more sensitive lovers than men and I would not
trade again. Well maybe I would consider it is Denzel Washington stood in
front of me," Hillary said to Ashley as she pulled out a black lace bra.

"I can't believe this, Hillary is talking about making love without
flinching, I wish I could that free one day" Ashley thought ass she said
out loud. "That's really pretty, I wish I had something like that, I only
have plain cotton bras."

"Would you like to try it on," Hillary asked and gave Ashley the bra.

"Well... Okay," Ashley said and took the bra. Ashley stood in front of the
mirror and opened her blouse and took it off, she did not wear a bra and
Hillary could see that her medium sized breast stood out without any support.

"Wow, your breasts are really firm, don't you ever wear a bra," Hillary said.

"Yes, but I feel so constricted so I don't wear it any more than I have to.
Dad would kill me if he saw me without a bra on" Ashley said as she put on
the black lace bra. "Hillary how do you put this on properly?" Ashley asked,
as she could not get the hang of it.

Hillary stood behind Ashley and hooked the bra, "It still doesn't look
right," she said as she inspected Ashley's front.

"What's wrong?" Ashley asked.

"I think your breasts are shaped differently than mine," Hillary said and
reached out to adjust her breasts.

Ashley was surprised by the feel Hillary's hands on her breasts, boys before
had felt her up but it had not gone any longer than that.

"Let me try it Ashley," Hillary said and then slid the bra off Ashley's
shoulders. Hilary took off her Karl Lagerfelt silk shirt and exposed a pair
of 38DD breasts in a red bra.

"Wow, they're huge Hillary, I hope mine would fill out like yours," Ashley
said in amazement over her older sister's endowment.

"Well, one day you might have tits like mine," Hillary said and unclasped
her bra in front letting her breasts hand freely.

Ashley was shoed by Hillary's words; she had never heard her sister use any
words like that before. Hillary slipped the black bra no and clasped it shut,
"It fits perfectly, here feel," she said and took Ashley's ands and placed
them on her tits.

"Wow you really fill it out," Ashley said and relished in the feel of
Hillary's breasts under the lace bra.

"Your hands feel great, you can move them around you know," Hillary said and
then reached back and undid the bra again. Ashley's hands slipped inside the
bra and they started to roam Hillary's brown breasts.

"I can't believe I'm feeling her tits, it should feel wrong but I really
think I like it."

Hillary let the bra fall to the ground exposing her dark brown nipples,
Ashley saw that they wee hard. "Oh Ashley your hands feel so great, touch
my nipples," Hillary whispered clearly turned on by Ashley's hands.

Ashley could feel the hard nipples and found her incredibly aroused and was
surprised by a wet feeling between her legs. "Oh my god I'm getting wet, I
hope it doesn't show through my jeans."

"Now let me," Hillary said and cupped Ashley's mounds, "Oh you are really
enjoying this you are already hard," she said as she started to fondle
Ashley's small nipples.

"Let me make them really hard," Hillary said and started to kiss Ashley's
two bouncing breasts.

"Oh my god, I can't believe what's happening, I should stop this but I'm
really turned now," Ashley thought as she started to enjoy Hillary's kisses
and hands on her teenage breasts.

"Can I try?" Ashley asked.

"Oh yes, I insist, start by kissing me on my nipples," Hillary said as she
pulled Ashley's head to her large, plumb breasts.

Ashley started to kiss Hillary's right nipple and found that it would get
even harder when she took it into her mouth and sucked on it.

"OOOHHH Ashley are you sure you haven't done this before?"

Ashley was gratified by the result her tongue had produced and she licked
the crevasse between Hillary's breasts as she pushed them together.

"Oh Ashley, let me show you the wonders of love between two women," Hillary

As Ashley had wondered how "Thespians" had sex she was more than ready.

Hillary drew Ashley over to the bed and then opened Ashley's jeans. She slid
them over Ashley's tight ass and let them drop on the floor.

"My breasts might be bigger, but your ass is the most sexy have ever seen,"
Hillary said and kissed Ashley on both cheeks.

"I had no idea," Ashley thought and then felt her white cotton panties being
pulled down.

"You are wet already, I'm glad I have that effect on you. Now lie down,"
Hillary said as she felt the wetness of Ashley's panties.

Ashley laid back and awaited what lay ahead, Hillary ran her hands up and
down Ashley's smooth legs while she kissed the inside of her thighs. Hillary
spread Ashley's legs and carefully touched the cunt with her tongue; Ashley
jumped by the touch of Hillary's tongue.

"Ashley are you a virgin?" Hillary asked when she felt the jolt.

"Well yes I have not had sex before, but I lost my cherry to a candle almost
two years ago" Ashley said as she fondled Hillary's silky smooth black hair.

"Good then there will be no pain, just pleasure," Hillary said and started
to lick Ashley's clit with slow gentle strokes.

"Oh my that is incredible," Ashley moaned as her hips started to buck
against Hillary's hungry tongue.

Hillary was pleased by her sister's response and she started to lick her
even deeper she slid her tongue up Ashley's virgin pussy and immediately
felt the juices in her mouth.

"You taste great Ashley, I love the taste of pussy, especially yours,"
Hillary said and kept on plowing into her younger sister's wet cunt.

Ashley felt the wonderful sensation of having a tongue inside her and wanted
to feel it forever, she took Hillary's head and pressed her head deeper into
her wet crotch.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHH Hillary do it, lick my cunt I love feeling your tongue in me,"
Ashley screamed out.

"Lets make her really feel it," Hillary thought and then slid two fingers
up Ashley's tight pussy, the sensation was wonderful, the feel of pussy
around her fingers made Hillary really wet, she soaked through the slacks
she was wearing.

"OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, Fuck yes!" Ashley moaned as she felt Hillary's fingers
working in and out of her pussy. Hillary pressed a third finger into Ashley's
humping cunt and started to bury them to the knuckle.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH I'M gonna ccccccoooooooommmmmmmmeeeee!" Ashley screamed
out as her body stretched out in an orgasm, her first ever orgasm. Her body
shivered for a minute and then she settled down, "That was out of this
world," Ashley panted as she looked at Hillary, "You are soaked Hillary."

"Oh yes, it was great for me to. But we are not done yet. Now it's your
turn," Hillary said as her pants fell to the floor.

"You are not wearing any panties," Ashley said as she saw Hillary's
well-groomed pussy appear in front of her.

"I almost never do, the feel of the fabric against my cunt is wonderful. I
also keep it well groomed so the hairs don't get in the zipper," she said
as she sat down on a chair and spread her legs.

"I'm gonna try that to one day," Ashley said as she crawled over to Hillary.

"Ashley if you lick me right there," Hillary said and put a finger on her
clitoris, "It will feel incredible, then you can lick me as you like. I bet
you'll like the taste of cunt juice, I do." Ashley eagerly complied and put
her tongue on Hillary's clit, "OH yes Ashley, lick it" Hillary moaned.

Ashley found that she could suck on the clit and it would make Hillary even
wetter, se also discovered that she liked the taste of her older sister's
cunt juice. Ashley remembered how Hillary licked her deep inside and Ashley
tried to duplicate it.

"Oh yes, you are great" Hillary whispered and then she pressed Ashley's
hungry tongue harder against her moving cunt. Hillary started to move forward
to get Ashley deeper inside her.

"Lie down Ashley" Hillary said and Ashley quickly lay down. Hillary
positioned her ass over Ashley's face and then she lowered her wet snatch
onto Ashley's waiting mouth, then she bent over and started to work over
Ashley in a similar manner.

The 69 was more than Ashley could ever imagine, the feel of Hillary's tongue
on her cunt while she licked away on Hillary's cunt was incredible, then she
remembered how Hillary put her fingers up the cunt and wanted to return the
favor. Ashley placed two fingers at the entrance of Hillary's cunt and slid
the in, "Oh yes Ashley but give me all four please!" Hillary moaned as she
felt the fingers inside her.

Ashley put all four fingers inside her and started to finger fuck her.
Hillary's hips started to move down to meet the fingers and the thumb reached
Hillary's clit. The feel of her younger sister's hands was enough to put
Hillary in ecstasy and she soon came with a loud moan, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH
YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSS." The feeling from Hillary's shaking body was more than
enough to spark a similar reaction in Ashley and she came right then as well.

As they lay exhausted on top of each other Ashley could not help noticing the
wonderful warmth of her sisters sweat glistening body and the juices flowing
from Hillary's cunt. "This was more incredible than I could imagine," Ashley
whispered and then kissed Hillary.

Hillary returned the kiss and Ashley could feel the taste of her own juices
from Hillary's mouth, the taste intensified when Hillary stuck her tongue in
her mouth and the tongues started to dance around in Ashley's mouth.

"Oh Ashley you are one great fuck, I hope we can do this again," Hillary said
when their lips finally broke from each other.

"I would love that, but I'm too exhausted right now," Ashley said.

"Well then lets take a jacuzzi to rinse us off and then we'll see where it
leads," Hillary says and stands up.

"Does anybody else know that you are a lesbian Hillary?" Ashley asked as she
followed her into the bathroom.

"Will knows, he found me with a girl one time but he wasn't really surprise
he kind of suspected," Hillary said as she started to run the water.

"What did he do?" Ashley asked.

"Well he wasn't sure how to react but he did try to change my appetite and
I was almost convinced, he's such a great fuck but I'm sure now," Hillary

"You fucked Will?" Ashley asked with astonishment.

"Yes, but that's a story for another time," Hillary said and got into the


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