Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air: Jazz's Revenge (MMF,ncon)
by Carlito_Caribian ([email protected])

Hilary was sitting on the sofa when Jazz and Will walked in with smiles on
there faces.

Will: Hi Hilary. My friend Jazz here would like to have a word with you, if
you don't mined?

Hilary: As a marter of fact I do mind, and I would like it very much if you
both would just get lost.

Jazz: I hoped you would not say that.

Hilary: Why?

Jazz: Because know we are going to have to get forceful.

Hilary was starting to get a little bit scared, so she started moving around
and started calling for people to help her.

Hilary: Daddy?

Will: He's out at the office and will not be back for a long time.

Hilary: Mommy?

Will: She's gone with Ashley to the mall.

Hilary: Jeffery?

Will: We knocked him out on the way in, so I guess that it is just us three.

Hilary was getting really scared now, she did not know what they was going to
do especially with them knocking out Jeffery.

Hilary: What do you want from me (already knowing more or less want they

Will: Well, you see, Hilary, you have been so nasty to my best friend Jazz,
I thought that it was time that you did something nice for him.

Hilary: Like what?.

Jazz: Well, for starters you can sit up straight and closes your eyes and you
shall get a big surprise.

Hilary: Listen, Jazz, I am really sorry that I have been nasty to you, but
please don't make me do this.

Will: What do you think, Jazz? She did say she was sorry.

Jazz: That's not good enough! I want her to pay for what she as done to me.

Will: You're right, Jazz, so lets do this.

Jazz and will got up from the sofa and started to undo their zippers when
Hilary started crying.

Hilary: Please, please, please, don't make me do this. (but her words went

Jazz: Ok, Hilary, now sit up and open your mouth.

Hilary did as she was told and sat up and opened her mouth.

Jazz then got is cock out and placed it on Hilary's lips. It was the biggest
cock Hilary had ever seen. It must have been at least a foot in length.
Hilary sat there crying as she now knew what was in store for her.

Jazz: Oh, this is going to be sweet. Now Hilary take my cock in your little
hand and place it in your mouth like the little slut that you are.

Hilary just sat there crying because of what she was about to do.

Will: Do as the man say's and suck on his cock.


Hilary did as she was told and put the cock in her mouth and started to suck
on it. She could not fit the whole thing in because of it's enormous size.
Hilary started to choke on the cock and she tried to pull away but Jazz got
hold of her head and started to push her mouth down onto his cock even more.
She really began to choke on it now and she started waving her arm's all
over. Jazz eventually let her go and she collapsed on the sofa holding her

Jazz: Oh come on, you have got a lot more of that to do.

With that he turn to Will and said.

Jazz: Man, I have been waiting for that my whole life and man it was worth
the wait, but I want more.

Will: Hold on, Jazz, can I have a quick blowjob before you start again.

Jazz: Sure, be my guest.

With that Jazz moved away from where Hilary was still holding her throat and
trying to stop herself from being sick and let Will stand there. Will looked
down at Hilary and smiled because all of the time he had been in Bel-air he
had wanted to shag her and now he could.

Will: Are you okay, Hilary?

Hilary: No, I am not okay. Just leave me alone now. I have done what you ask
of me now go.

Will: No, no, no, Hilary, that was just for starters. You have to do a lot
more yet to Jazz and to me, so lets start of with a little blowjob like Jazz
just got shall we.

Hilary: Fuck off, Will! I am not going to do that again.

Will: Oh, yes, you are and I am going to make you.

With that Will took out is cock and ordered Hilary to sit on the edge of the
sofa again, but she did not do as she was told, so Will slapped her and told
her to do it or have worse things happen to her. And with that said, Hilary
reluctantly got to the edge of the sofa and started to clear her throat.

Will: Now that's a good little girl. Now take my cock and suck on it like you
did Jazz's.

Hilary: I fucking hate you, Will.

Will: Shut the fuck up and get to sucking.

Hilary did as she was told and placed Will's cock into her mouth and started
slowly sucking on it. She did this for at least 10 minutes. She looked up at
Will and he was just steering back down at her with a satisfied grin on his
face and with that she stopped and tried to run off, but Jazz and Will both
got her and made her stand right in front of the door to the living room.
They both steered at her, she was wearing a black pair of trousers with a
matching black top that was a off the shoulder style top, her skin was
visible only above the top. They both looked at her and she was getting even
more concerned about what they was going to do now that she had already
giving them both a blowjob.

Will: Should we see what kind of body you have got?

Jazz: I think that we should, Will.

Hilary: No, please, just let me go and I will not say anything to daddy and
I mean that.

Will: I don't think so, Hilary, because you see my friend Jazz is not done
with you yet, so it looks like your going to be doing a lot more than just

With that said Hilary just hung her head in defeat as she knew that she was

Jazz: Lets take that top off then shall we.

Hilary made one last effort to save herself.

Hilary: Listen if you let me go without doing anything else to me then I
shall not only not tell daddy, but I shall give you $2,000 dollars each.
Well, how about it?

Jazz: No, I don't want anything, but you.

Will: Yeah, me too, so lets get it started then.

As soon as Will had finished talking, Hilary just broke down and started
crying, but this did not stop Jazz and Will. Hilary was crying, so bad that
she did not notice Will had moved behind her.

Jazz: Take it off, Will.

When that was said, Hilary realised where Will was and she quickly turned
around, but was slapped by Will when she did. She held her cheek and started
crying again. Will then quickly grabbed a handful of Hilary's black shirt
and tore it right off of her. She quickly crossed her arms over her partly
exposed chest, but her arms were moved by Will, who had started to turn her
around so that Jazz could see what he had wanted to see for a very long time.
Hilary wore a very nice red silk bra which just covered her nicely sized
tits. Jazz just stood there in amazement at what he was seeing. Hilary was
crying still while Will moved his hands all over her tits then he moved his
hands down towards the black trousers, that Hilary was wearing. He slid is
hand around to the front and unzipped the zipper and undid the button and
then they fell free down to the floor. Hilary was now stood in the doorway
to the living room in nothing but her red silk bra and panties.

Jazz: Damn, you're sure a fine little slut.

Hilary: You can shut the fuck up! I hate you and when this is over you're

Jazz: I think you shall be the one that will be dead if you don't co-operate.

Will: Lets get to fucking this lovely slut then shall we Jazz.

Jazz: Indeed we shall my friend, indeed we shall.

Will: Now Hilary take off the rest of your clothes and come stand over here
with us.

Hilary had no other choice, but to obey, so she reached behind her back and
undid her bra and let it fall to the floor. Will and Jazz stood there with a
pleased look on their faces. Hilary noticed that they both had their cocks
out too and that they was getting harder and harder. This did not please her
because they where both over a foot long and these two cocks where going to
rape her. As she thought about this, she push her panties down her long brown
legs exposing her shaven pussy. She then walked slowly over to the boys and
stood in front of them and looked at the floor.

Will: God damn you're one fine bitch.

Jazz: Yeah, man, look at them tits and that lovely tight ass. Oh, that's
going to need some attention from me.

Hilary: Oh, please, not in the ass! Anywhere else, but there, please. I'm
still a virgin in my ass please don't.

Jazz: Will you shut up! I don't think you're in any bargaining position, so
shut up and take it like a slut. Now get down on your hands and knees.

Hilary did as she was told and got on her hands and knees awaiting what was
going to be her worst nightmare. Will and Jazz had got undressed and had a
full on hard on and Hilary was scared by this. Will then got under Hilary
and positioned his cock on the entrance to her pussy and then Jazz got on
top of her and positioned his cock at the entrance to her ass. Will and Jazz
both counted to three and then shoved the cocks all the way into Hilary and
this made her scream loud. Will and Jazz where both thrusting there foot
long cocks into Hilary's small pussy and ass and she was crying and crying
and screaming for them to stop. After about 30 minutes of no stop fucking
Hilary eventually passed out from all the pain but this did not stop Jazz
and Will from shagging her. With Hilary's limp body on top of Will they both
blew there load in her and then got off of her and left her passed out on
the living room floor. 10 minutes later Hilary woke up and noticed that Will
and Jazz were not there but she was naked on the floor with cum dripping out
of her butt and pussy so she thought that they had gone so she dragged her
half limp body and sat up on the sofa. She was so sore from the double
penetration that she had just received, she was relived that it was all
over but then in walked Will and Jazz both still naked.

Will: Ho, I see you have woke up, how do you feel?

Hilary: Fuck off, Will! I have done what you wanted now fuck off!

Will: No, you have not. You see me and Jazz here want another blowjob and
your going to give it to us seeing as you are here and naked already. Okay.

Hilary: No, Will, I will not give you and Jazz a blowjob ever again.

Jazz: Yes, you will, because we shall make you. Just one blowjob each and we
shall be gone, okay?

Hilary: Just one and you shall be gone.

Jazz: Yeah, that's the deal.

Hilary: Ok, then just one, but you have got to leave me alone after this.

Hilary was still naked and sore from being raped by these two and now she had
to give them another blowjob. She took in a deep breath and took Will's cock
first and sucked on that until he came and when he came she was ordered to
swallow it all. She did her best and managed to swallow it all down, but she
nearly choked and before she catch her breath Jazz stuck his cock deep down
her throat and this made Hilary want to be sick, but she remembered the deal
that she had made and she sucked him off until he blew his load down her
throat. Hilary got up wiped her mouth of the remaining cum and said to Will
and Jazz to get out and fuck off. Will and Jazz left Hilary how was still
naked on the sofa. Hilary was so scared at what had just happened that she
just sat there naked and in shock.


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