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Fresh Prince: Ashley's Training Continues
by Dragon333 ©November 17th 2005

Hilary Banks was wearing a light green silky night gown and went to her sisters room and moved her around to wake her up.

“Wake up, Ashley!” Hilary demanded her. Ashley's sight was blurry as she blinked her eyes a few times before she could get herself awake enough to reply. She finally squinted as she opened her eyes and looked at the clock.

“Hilary, it's only four o'clock! Are you nuts?” Ashley whined.

“Bitch, wake up you stupid whore! I got a surprise for you.”

“I don't want a surprise, I want to sleep.” Hilary then spit in her face and pulled her hair hard literally dragging her off the bed.

“Ouch!” Ashley said as she felt the pain of her hair being pulled and then her head hitting the ground. Hilary let go and gave her another chance to obey her. Ashley was wearing nothing but a cutesy pajama long, long, long shirt and some pink panties and she wasn't wearing a bra.

“Brush your teeth and take a shower, Ashley! I need you to be in good condition when he gets here.” Ashley's big sister demanded.

“Who's he?” she asked. Hilary told her not to worry about it and to just get in the bathroom and freshen up. Ashley took her tooth brush and started brushing her teeth in the mirror, while she saw the view of her big sister watching from behind her, in the view of the mirror. After she gargled she took off her pajamas and panties and hopped in the shower. Ashley was about to close the door to have her privacy but Hilary held the door firmly and forced herself in the bathroom.

“I like it here, slut! I want to see you soaked in water, and with soapy black 16 year old tits.” Ashley began to rinse herself with the shower water, then took a bar of Irish springs soap and rubbed it all over her teenaged body. She rinsed it and washed her tits and the rest of her body while Hilary was grinning the whole time watching her in the shower.

“Come on in, Carlton!” Hilary said as she giggled and let her brother in. Carlton locked the door with a big cheesy smile on his face, while he wore nothing but boxers on. He was a short black guy with a muscular body. Ashley gasped as she covered her breasts with one arm and her tight little pussy with the other.

“Hey, little sister! I'm your surprise!” Carlton said.

“Hilary, what's Carlton doing there?” Ashley asked annoyed.

“I'm here to fuck you, Ashley. I'm desperate and I need to get fucked. And the best advice I ever got was to find a dirty little slut. And now I was blessed with LIVING with one. You see, Ashley, whenever I go out with a girl, they somehow find out that I'm a virgin, and NO girl likes a virgin guy. What I learned the hard way was that girls HATE virgin men. And being a twenty two year old male virgin, especially being black, is pathetic. But thanks to you, I'm going to lose my virginity at last!”

“Oh no! I am NOT having sex with Carlton! It's disgusting! He's my brother, and he's a VIRGIN!” Ashley complained.

“Oh YES you are, Ashley!” Hilary scolded her. “You look so sexy with your hair wet, and your titis and body wet. What did I tell you about having no limits, you dirty fucking whore? You're a slut, you're not supposed to have any limits.”

“Why don't you do it, Hilary? YOU suck Carlton's dick!” Ashley found herself bravely saying.

“If you see me do it, then will YOU do it?” Hilary asked. Ashley thought for a second. Hilary wouldn't suck Carlton's dick, and the fact that she was implying she was going to do it first was a bluff, thought Ashley.

“Yes, if you suck Carlton's dick, then I'll suck it after.” Ashley said. Hilary Banks then got on her knees and pulled Carlton's boxers off and she moved to the side so that Ashley could see her sucking their brothers cock. Hilary put her brothers dick in her mouth and began to suck. She rubbed her lips up and down his shaft while sucking.

‘OH MY GOD! I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE'S ACTUALLY DOING IT!' Thought Ashley to herself. Carlton moaned out while he let his big sister suck him off. Hilary sucked it just long enough for it to be fully erect.

“OK, Ashley, your turn!” Hilary said as she stood back up. Damn, thought Ashley. “Crawl to Carlton like a cat, you filthy whore!” Hilary demanded her little sister. Ashley got on all fours while she let the water drip from her sexy 16 year old body.

“You're a cat, aren't you Ashley?” her big brother asked her cockily. Ashley remembered what her big sister Hilary told her about not having “no” in her vocabulary.

“Yeah.” she replied shortly while crawling to his dick.

“Make some noises like a cat, slut.” he told his little sister.

“Meow, Meow, Meow!” she said trying her best to sound like a cat. Then Ashley finally put her mouth over her big brothers cock and wrapped her lips around it. She pressed her tongue on the bottom of his dick sucked. She bopped her head back and forth as she took the flavor of her big brother's dick into her mouth. Carlton grabbed her head by the hair and guided her where to go with her mouth on his cock with his hand. Carlton then shoved his cock down his little sister's throat as Ashley gagged on his dick and balls while both of them were all in her mouth. Carlton let out a little bit of pre cum out of his penis and into her mouth. Ashley removed her mouth from her brothers cock after she swallowed his pre cum and started to cough. Hilary laughed.

“You're going to be a good little slut, Ashley.” Hilary told her. Hilary gestured something to Carlton and Carlton happily nodded and then they both began to spit in Ashley's face and hair while she just sat there and took it.

“I just spit in your face, Ashley! What do you say, you fucking whore?” Carlton asked his little slut sister.

“Thank you so much!” Ashley thanked him wiping the spit off her eyes.

“You're a whore, aren't you?” Hilary asked her.

“Yeah.” Ashley replied.

“What kinda whore?”

“A filthy black nigger whore!” Ashley said about herself. Hilary slammed her little sister so that her back was on the floor. She held her arms down and went down on her and inserted her tongue in the 16 year old girl's hot wet tight pussy. She licked and pressed her tongue deeply into her teenaged vagina. She licked it rapidly, getting it soaked with the wetness of her tongue. It was really getting Ashley aroused. Hilary inserted a finger in her little sister's pussy while she kept licking her clit. Ashley began to pant at the good sexy feeling of the combination of a finger in her twat and her big sister licking it at the same time. After Hilary felt Ashley let out some pre cum, she swallowed it and took her finger and mouth away from her little sister's cherry. Hilary then crawled quickly to her brother and spit on his dick and rubbed it all over it for him. Carlton slowly approached his little sister Ashley, dick in his hand and a big cheesy smile on his face.

“Your turn, Ashley! Spit on this dick!” Carlton demanded her. Ashley did as she was told, obeying like the good little nigger slut that she was and spit on it. She rubbed it in with her fingers just like Hilary and Carlton picked her up and laid her on the bed of her bedroom. Ashley was now sitting on her bed with her feet almost touching the ground and her back on the bed sheets. Carlton took his dick and slowly inserted his virgin dick inside of his little sister's virgin cunt. He slowly penetrated his cock into his little sister's twat. Ashley grinded her teeth as she felt her brother's manhood go inside of her pussy.

“Oh hell yeah, Ashley! I always wanted to lose my virginity to another virgin! This feels good being the first one to fuck your cherry!” Carlton said while still slowly humping his little sister. “Tell me Ashley, how does it feel to have your big brother‘s dick in your pussy?” Carlton said teasingly. Ashley then looked at her big sister Hilary and saw that her big sister lipped the words “no limits” to her and Ashley looked back at her brother who was humping her.

“It feels so good!” Ashley told her brother with a big smile.

“Glad to hear it, bitch!” Carlton said as he felt that he stretched his little sister's pussy enough with his dick. He then RAMMED his shaft deep into Ashley's twat as Ashley let out a VERY LOUD scream. Carlton kept fucking her harder and harder, and each time he fucked her harder, Ashley's scream just kept getting louder and louder.

“Fuck! It hurts!” Ashley screamed out.

“Great!” Hilary said out loud. “That means he's doing it right! If he didn't make you hurt the first time you had sex then that means that he has a little dick.”

“Carlton, please! Slow down!” Ashley begged to no avail. After Ashley told Carlton to slow down, he just kept fucking her FASTER and faster! Carlton kept fucking her and humping her faster and harder, while he watched his little sister's black tits shake and bounce all over the place, and he didn't stop humping the dirty little slut into he felt himself cum. He grunted as he let out a huge load of cum inside his little sister's pussy. He made sure he got every drop of his cum inside the virgin slut's love hole.

“Good job, slut!” Hilary told her little sister as she saw the tears in Ashley's eyes and the blood from her popped cherry. Carlton spit on his little sister's face.

“Thank you!” Ashley thanked her big brother. Hilary then spit on Ashley's right tit.

“Thank you!” Ashley thanked her big sister.

“Give me a better thank you than that you, fucking whore!” Hilary said as she spit on her little sister's left tit.

“Thank you so much!” Ashley thanked her.

“Tell Carlton what you are!” Hilary demanded.

“I'm a slut.” Ashley said. Hilary smacked Ashley in the face.

“Not me, tell CARLTON what you are. And by the way, slut doesn't even count as HALF of what you are!” Ashley felt more and more tears coming from her eyes and down her cheeks. She felt so degraded. She never felt so degraded in her entire life.

“Carlton, I'm a ..” Ashley started to say but was interrupted by her own sobbing and teary voice. Carlton and Hilary spit on her face at the same time.

“Thank you so much, guys!”

“Finish the sentence you stupid whore!” Hilary told her.

“Carlton, I'm a fucking piece of shit, stupid nigger slutty tramp ass nigger whore!” Ashley managed to say quickly and loudly.

Then Hilary helped Ashley wipe off the blood from her pussy and Carlton took out a notepad with a list of plans for his life and checked off “lose virginity.”

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