F Troop: Dark Desires Part 3 (MM,FF,MF,MF-mast,trans)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

I am Nick I have no hold on time or space, so I take you back to let you see
Dark Desires. The year is 1867 out west in a place caled Fort Courage. Lets
visit and see what Dark Desire lies within...

Captain Wilton Parmentor is walking with his girlfriend Wrangler Jane. They
walked past a general store. He sees a nice dress. He asked Jane if he could
buy it for her. Jane is shocked for she is a woman, but one who loves the
feel of buckskin or leather. She kisses him and thanks him for being so nice.
She leaves him hopping on her hose riding off .

He walks back to the store. An old looking man walks by. He looks into his
soul and walks on with a smile .

Meanwhile by a creek Jane sits with her boots off feet in the water.

"DAMN, Wilton!" she says, "Trying to make me into a lady."

She looks into the water and hears a voice. "What's your desire? Your darkest
desire. Sleep and let me see."

Jane soon falls asleep and tells her thoughts.

* * *

Back at the fort, Captain Parmentor is tossing. Sweat is on his brow. "NO!"
he jerks upward, goes to a bowl of water and spashes his face. "Just a

He walks to the out house to relief himself. He drops his pants, reaches for
his cock, but finds nothing. Though it was small in lenght he did have a
cock. Frantic he strips and he soon finds he has a pussy with soft patch of
hair around it. He pinches himself to see if he is awake. "OUCH!" he was

The door rattles. He quickly puts his clothes on and opens the door. There
stood Sargent O'Rourke. He gives him a salute, walks back to his quaters,
locks the door, pulls the curtains and strips once again. Taking a mirror
he lays on his bunk and looks at his pussy. With a sense of wonder he
begins to touch it he opens the lips. He shudders. Warm juices flow from
it. His fingers work the little nub at the top. He jerks as he feels a
rush comes over him.

He lays back exhausted from the experinces, but goes back with his fingers.
He begins to fuck himself. Two then threes fingers bring him self untold

* * *

Jane wakes by the creek with an urge to pee so bad it made her bladder hurt.
She soon had her pants down and out flings a cock. Warm piss flows out of it.
She is soon relived of the pressure. She looks in amazement. She holds it in
her hand, a thick cock. She feels it getting hard. Soon at it's hardest it
looks almost ten inches along. With it comes a pair of medium size balls. She
fondles them.

Jane falls to the ground. Her hand works her cock up and down rubbing the
head, feeling the warm ooze as she rubs the head. She begins to jerk her new
found pleasure toy watching it turn a deep red as she squeezes it. She jerks
as it sprays it's substance all over her flat stomach.

* * *

Wilton also finds his ass seems different for his pants fit tighter. It's
like his lower body is that of a woman, but he goes about his duties the best
he can. Walking by the stable he sees a solider taking a piss. He can see his
cock. He stares and his pussy becomes wet. Like a bolt he runs back to his

"MY GOD! What happened?" His pants down his long underwear wet. "I must get
control of this," he changes and goes back out.

With nothing happening he goes into town, walks pass the store with the
dress. He walks in and soon walks out with a box. Finding a place in a hotel,
he strips and he puts on a pair of silk bloomers, which seem to fit very
nice. He then puts on the dress. Finding a long mirror looks at himself.
"Only need some breasts," he thought.

Taking the fine paper the dress was wrapped in fills in the forms. He then
turns sideways. His frim ass sticks out nicely. Wilton sat on the bed dressed
like a lady, but he was a man. Soon he was pulling the dress up, rubbing his
smooth legs up his thighs until he reached his pussy, which was wet, and in
need of attention.

Laying naked on the bed, his fingers wet with cum, he knew he needed more.
He dressed in uniform and went to the saloon. It was dark by then and soon
found a man looking for a drink. Wilton bought a bottle of whiskey, walk to
the man.

Soon the man and Wilton were in his room. Wilton took a drink and coughed,
for he wasn't a drinking man. The man poured another and then another. Soon
they were drunk. Wilton was out of his uniform down to his underwear, which
was the bloomers. The man slurred, "nice ass!"

With that he dropped them, staggered tothe man and began to take his pants
off. He soon found what he desired. There laid a large cock, which he took in
his hand and began to stroke until hard.

"Might as well suck it," the drunk said.

Wilton lowred his head took it in his mouth.

* * *

Meanwhile Jane was having her own desires taking care of. She had a young
squaw in her bed sucking her cock and bathing her balls with warm kisses,
while she licked her pussy. The squaw soon was riding Jane's cock. Jane
cupped the frim breasts of the squaw rolling her nipples and bent forward
licking them.

The squaw screamed as Jane came in her pussy. Jane was still hard and began
to fuck her again. The bed creaked as Jane took the squaw from behind and
then began to kiss the firm ass cheeks. Her tongue ran down the crack she
tasted her asshole. Jane spread the ass of the squaw. Her fingers and tongue
worked her ass until it was well lubed. The squaw had her head inthe pillow
to muffle the scream as Jane fucked the squaw's ass, rubbing her clit, too.
She and the squaw came. They laid on the bed.

Wilton laid on the bed, his legs opened waiting for the man to fuck him. He
soon got it. The man's cock filled his tight pussy. Moans filled the room as
his body jerked with pleasure. The drunk fell asleep, having came inside him,
but he needed more his pussy still itched to be fucked.

Riding back in the darkness he met Jane. They both wanted to say something.
They rode to a spot and sat and talked. Soon Jane kissed him smelling the
whiskey. Still in his stupor he dropped his pants. There he stood showing
Jane his pussy. Jane stood and droped her pants. Out came her cock.

Wilton dropped to his knees and took it. His tongue worked the piss hole.
Cupping the balls he sucked it wanting the hot cum. Jane was soon licking the
pussy before her fingering the firm ass. Wilton laid waiting for Jane to fuck
him and she did. She rode him, his legs wrapped around her taking all her

They fucked for hours until the sun peeked up. They woke to find themselves
naked and back to normal. Whatever that is at F Troop.


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