Loosely based on the movie, and tv show, but with the addition of more women and set 20 years later in a fictional west where the 'Indian Wars' started 20 years later. White Lotus and Brotherhood of Righteous Fists (Boxers) were anti-European (and everyone else) active in China at this time. Also, in this story, Hesh-Ke is not scarred and has a sister and Fort Courage is in Arizona territory.

Rated NC-17 for F/F sex, I/R (Asian, white)

Disowned by her Warlord father for being a lesbian, Shu Shang flees China to escape the coming revolts and massacres. Shu soon finds herself swept up in a quest for gold.

F-Troop/MacKenna's Gold: Gold, Blood, And Lesbians! Part 1
by Tyval ([email protected])

Peking, China; 1897: Shang Shu bowed as she accepted the trophy of 'Women's Martial Arts Champion of Asia'! She had won 24 fights, mostly against other Chinese women, but also competitors from Korea, Japan, Siam, and the Philippines. At only 19 years old she was one of the youngest to ever win.

'Father will be so proud of me,' Shang Shu happily thought.

The second youngest of 5; 3 brothers and a sister, Shang Shu had always been her father's favorite. Perhaps because she was the only one who took martial arts seriously. One brother only fought those he could easily beat up, or who let him win, or those he'd pay to lose. Second brother was a fat slob who only cared for food and opium. Elder sister was long married off to a Manchu warlord in the north. Younger brother was a weakling and a coward, but was excellent with money, almost doubling the family fortune.

As for Shang Shu? She hoped her father never discovered her twin secrets. She had converted to Christianity and discovered she was a lesbian in the arms of the pretty blonde missionaries daughter. This was very dangerous with the anti-foreigner White Lotus society and the even more militant and dangerous Brotherhood of Righteous Fists a.k.a. the Boxers around.

While both groups were fanatics it was the Boxer's who were escalating into violence and seemed to have the support of Prince Tuan. With this the Boxer's had actually joined with the hated Ching against a common enemy that both hated more.

Shang Shu herself was a supporter of Dr. Sun Yat Sin who spoke of freedom and fairness for all men. While in Peking she had attended a secret meeting of supporters. China's greatest martial artist Wong Fei Hong spoke glowingly of his support for Sun Yat Sin and urged caution. He had seen first hand that kung fu was no match for guns.

Unfortunately for Shang Shu, her father knew everything. She had been ratted out by her dope head brother who had seen her sneaking out, then sent servants to follow her. While Chinese were more open than Western cultures this could not stand in the current political climate. Her father had no choice. unless he wanted his favorite child murdered, and possibly lose his own position, Shang Shu must be exiled before the Boxer's targeted her.

Warlord Shang himself had nearly 250 men under arms and could call up as many as 500 more, but the Boxer's already numbered in the tens of thousands. No, he couldn't protect her with force of arms, Shang Shu had to flee. Warlord Shang also had the unpleasant task of disposing of second son lest he betray all of them to the Boxer's or White Lotus.

It was hard for Warlord Shang to order the death of his son, even though he was a stupid drug addicted pig and the biggest disappointment. But to protect the rest of the family it had to be done. It had been easy to lace the opium pipe with deadly poison. The secret died with the pig as his plan had been to blackmail the father for money with the threat of going to the Boxer's.

Still it broke his father's heart as Warlord Shang knew he was losing 2 of his children. When Shang Shu returned from Peking 2 days later she found her clothes and belongings packed and loaded on a wagon. With sinking heart she knew she had been discovered.

Shang Shu rushed to her father's hall, ignoring or brushing off servants who tried to impede her. Warlord Shang was sitting in his usual 'official' seat flanked by 2 guards. Shang Shu entered, head down, slowly, in respect. She bowed low to her father, then the kowtow, then in kowtow presenting her trophy as an offering, showing she had won honor to the family. It almost broke his resolve, but the Warlord knew he had to stay the unpleasant course.

"I have arraigned passage for you to America," Warlord Shang started, "You will have your jewels and some money. What you make of your life there will be up to you."

"Father...," Shang Shu tried to plead.

"Silence! Had your crime been merely your perversion I could have overlooked that. Hidden it with a marriage to some rich elderly official, which would have allowed you to carry on your deviant lifestyle," Warlord Shang continued, "But to not only copulate with a foreign devil, but to convert to their religion! That can not stand! I cast you from my heart and from my home! You have 24 hours to say goodbye to your white whore! Get her out of my sight!"

"Father! No! Please! Noooooo!" Shang Shu pleaded as the 2 guards drug her from the room.

In fact, Shang Shu could have beat both of the burly guards in seconds. Shang Shu knew his tone and knew that no amount of tears and pleas would change his mind. The future looked bleak, all she knew how to do was fight. Shang Shu also knew that one thing was true, if she wanted to live she was going to have to leave China.

Shu didn't have much time if she was going to catch her ship. The driver was an old retainer of the family. Shu shut her eyes, failing to keep the tears from flowing. She looked at the 20 trunks filled with her 19 years of life. She was not going to need so many. The trunk with her weapons and a few changes in clothes.

After all, she wasn't some spoiled little princess. She could fight, she could ride, she wasn't the best cook, but she did okay on a few things. Shang Shu knew she had other advantages over other Chinese who had gone to America. She spoke perfect English and she would start out with a good amount of money. She would just have to be careful with it.

'Not to mention I'm young and hot,' Shu smiled in thought, 'If I can just find some young American girls who are like me.'

A germ of an idea was forming in her head. A nightclub for women only. She envisioned nude women dancing on poles on a stage while other young lesbians drank and made out with each other. Shang Shu wondered if she could get her girlfriend to come with her, return to America before the Boxer's felt confident enough to start killing.

By fast horse it was a short trip, but the slow wagon took almost an hour to reach the mission where Jennifer Parker lived with her missionary parents. Since their buggy wasn't there Shang Shu knew that the parents were gone, which she was glad of.

The small mission seemed empty, Shu was worried for a moment, then she saw her lover working in the garden and breathed a sigh of relief. Jennifer Parker was 21, blonde, with deep blue eyes and an easy smile. The 2 young women rushed into each other's kissing passionately. The kiss lasted many minutes, but Shang Shu, aware of the time, broke the kiss.

"Darling, what's wrong?" Jennifer asked fearing the worst.

"We were discovered my love," Shang Shu replied, tears welling up, "Father is sending me to America. We don't have much time."

"Oh no," Jennifer gasped hugging her friend tightly.

"Come with me," Shang Shu whispered, "The Boxers will start killing any day now. I have enough money to get you and your parents back to America."

"They won't leave," Jennifer brushed her lovers silky black hair, "This is their lifes work, and I, I won't leave them."

"But, the Boxers will kill all of you," Shang Shu was always amazed at the strength of their faith. That was what had caused her own conversion.

"If that is HIS will then it will be so," Jennifer said, a sad smile on her face.

"But I don't know anyone in America," Shang Shu tried to be brave, but her heart was breaking anew.

"I have a cousin in Arizona Territory, Inga Bergman, her father is the local Judge," Jennifer said, "There is some danger, a new war with the Apache, but that's a couple of hundred miles south of where they live. A town called Hadleyburg I recall."

"What are Apaches?" Shang Shu innocently asked.

"They are the last wild Indian's, and some say the toughest to fight," Jennifer answered.

"Indians?" Shang Shu was puzzled, "Most of them are pacifist and so stupid they pray to cows instead of eating them. Eating more cow is one of the few things I'm looking forward to in America."

"Meat from cows is called beef in America, don't ask," Jennifer was having a hard time trying not to bust out laughing, "Um, the American Indians thing is also somewhat confusing. I have a book you can read on you trip."

"I am going to miss you so much," Shang Shu hugged Jennifer tightly.

"I shall miss you too," Jennifer kissed her forehead, "But come, I have a present for you, something you will need in America."

Jennifer led Shang Shu into the storeroom and opened a crate marked 'religious supplies'. The Chinese beauty's eyes grew wide as inside were pistols of a style she had never seen. Jennifer had taught her to shoot a little in the American west style she had seen in 'Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show'. Shu wasn't very good at first, then Jennifer had told her to think of it as just another weapon. Shu would never be a 'fast draw', but she was accurate.

"What are these doing here?" Shu asked, "For that matter, what are they?"

"Chinese made Mausers," Jennifer smiled handing Shu a pair of them, "The German's came out with them last year, these are copies. They are automatics with an 8 round clip, a faster caliber than anything else out there. As for why they're here, well, daddy's not an idiot. We do see the Boxer's and what could happen. These are a last resort."

"What about ammunition?" Shu asked, "This caliber is going to be pretty rare in America."

"Take 1000 rounds with you, that's probably more than you'll ever shoot," Jennifer said, "But if you're paranoid about it, I know that there's some in San Francisco."

"What means 'paranoid'?" Shu asked.

"It's a type of crazy," Jennifer laughed at her lover's naivete.

"I-I know you won't take money," a suddenly sad and serious Shu said taking off an expensive necklace, "But I want you to have this. Its worth $1000 in American money. I want you to have it. If you need to, sell it and use the money to help others."

"Oh darling, it's beautiful, but," Jennifer was cut off as Shu kissed her.

"No buts," Shu whispered, "It will remind you of me, or, if you don't feel right about you can use it for the mission, to help the poor, or even for a last minute escape if what I fear happens and the Boxer's gain power."

"Who can argue with Chinese logic?" the grinning Jennifer asked.

The 2 young women looked deep in each other's eyes. They knew they had to make love one last time. Silently, hand in hand they made their way into Jennifer's bedroom. Clothes came off quickly from 3 years of practice. On their knees they kissed deeply.

"I wish we had more time," Shu whispered.

"Kiss me darling," Jennifer panted.

Tongues touched, playing with each other as fingers caressed each other's hair. Breasts were pressed together, nipples rubbing, becoming hard and erect. Lips found lips again and again. Hands began roaming down backs, finding and fondling buttocks. Jennifer laid Shu on her back, kissing down the Asian girl's neck. Hands now sought and found firm round breasts.

"How do you fight with these?" Jennifer teasingly asked, admiring her lovers tits that nearly matched her own.

Shu laughed and kissed her lover again. Jennifer's hands now roamed to Shu's tits, pulling, pinching, and twisting her nipples. Shu moaned in mingled pleasure and pain. Taking one hard nipple in her mouth, then the other, Jennifer sucked, licked, and lightly bit the nipples of her

"Mmmmmm," Shu moaned.

Lips found each other again as the wicked fingers of both women found each other's moist hot pussys. Kissing passionately they began to frig each other, slowly at first, then faster as their excitement grew. Days without each other neither one could hold out long.

"Ahhhh! Ahhhhhh," Jennifer cried out as she climaxed.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh," Shu moaned cumming.

Their passion was barely slaked. Before they could even catch their breath the 2 young women were in a 69 licking and sucking each other's delicious pussys. Tongues flashed. Shu inserted a finger into Jennifer's asshole and began finger fucking her anus. Jennifer gasped in pleasure, returning the favor with 2 fingers in Shu's willing asshole. Both were soon pumping 3 fingers in each other's assholes wiggle they licked and sucked pussy like they were starving!

Screams of orgasm were muffled as they cried out in each other's pussys. Thirsty tongues continued to lap up tasty girl cum. Face to face again lips and tongues met. tasting themselves and loving it. For long minutes thy held each other, kissing and lightly caressing each other.

"I wish I didn't have to go," Shu whispered.

" No matter where you are, a part of me will always be with you," Jennifer kissed her tears.

"And I with you," Shu said.

Six hour's later Shang Shu boarded the ship that would take her to San Francisco. She continued to refine her plans. She would spend a few days there, learn if there was a place to set up her planned business venture. Father had been very generous. Shu had $100,000 in American money and at least that much in jewelry. A small fortune anywhere in 1897.

From there Shu knew she would have to go to Arizona Territory. Jennifer last gift to her was a picture of her cousin Inga. She was even prettier than Jennifer. Shang Shu knew she would face danger and prejudice, Danger did not scare her. Between her skill in kung fu and the new
Mauser pistols, Shu figured she could deal with anything. Only the small minds caused her concern.

Shang Shu was a princess, at least the ship's crew was treating her as such as her many trunks were carried to her first class stateroom. Already she could see signs though, as lower class passengers were not given the same. With a sad sigh she took her last look at China. Shang
Shu waved goodbye to her homeland.


End of Chapter 1:


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