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Faking It: Remembering Our First Time Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Karma Ashcroft was a bad person. In fact she wasn't just bad, she was the worst. Sure, she wasn't a serial killer or anything, but at least most serial killers didn't hurt people they didn't know. Karma on the other hand hurt the people closest to her on a regular basis with her lies and scheming, and all because she had self-esteem issues. She just wanted to be liked, or at least have her existence acknowledged. Ideally by a cute boy, but mostly just by everybody. And yet that line of thinking had practically turned her into a serial killer, ramming a knife into her best friend's hard over and over again. And even when she finally realised that was what she was doing she couldn't help but keep doing it. Over and over again until it was a miracle that Amy was still standing, let alone talking to her.

Just when Karma thought she couldn't possibly make it worse, when they weren't talking and she felt like a hollow shell of herself, she somehow got it into her stupid head that the answer to all of their problems was to sleep together. Because, in her moronic head, the best case scenario was Amy getting this crush of hers out of her system, or maybe even that they wouldn't be able to go through with it, and the worst-case scenario was that things were still terrible between them but at least Karma would have got her college experimental phase out of the way and would have a sexy story to tell future boyfriends when they inevitably grew bored of her.

WRONG! Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG! The worst-case scenario was something that Karma could have never in like a million years predicted and pretty much destroyed her sense of understanding of herself. Because seriously, what the actual fuck was wrong with her? How could she do this to Amy? And how could she continue doing it, because not one to ever learn her lesson Karma just kept lying to Amy, and was now openly manipulating her, all because she was too scared to face the music and finally tell Amy what had been going on this whole time. Did she mention she was the worst?

At least today would be different, Karma told herself for what felt like the millionth time. This time she wouldn't chicken out. This time she would finally tell the truth and end this whole stupid faking it thing once and for all, because she just couldn't take it anymore. She couldn't take the hurt in Amy's eyes, the guilt which ripped her apart from the inside and most of all the way Amy was so soft and tender with her even after everything her best friend knew she had done to her, and everything she didn't know she was doing to her. Yes, one way or another this had to stop, because even losing Amy would be preferable to keep doing this to her.

Of course that's what she had been telling herself for the past week, over seven long days she had chickened out each time. But this time was going to be different. She had her whole house to herself, her parents taking all their booze and weed with them on their night out and she had made it crystal clear to Amy that she didn't want her to bring anything, so there wouldn't be any excuses available to her. And she wasn't going to make one up again. She couldn't. She wouldn't. She had to finally get this done, no matter how ugly it got, and no matter what it cost her. She had to tell the truth. She would tell the truth.

Karma repeated that to herself over and over again as she paced her room and made small tiny adjustments to the things in it. Things which no one but Amy would notice. Mostly because she was just nervous, but also because part of her wanted to tip Amy off that something was wrong. Of course Amy knew that perfectly well, but unlike her usual awesome self she wasn't pushing the issue, instead choosing to take Karma at face value when she said everything was fine. As if fine ever truly meant fine. Which actually made Karma feel slightly better about herself, because Amy knew just how fucked up the situation was and she was going along with it anyway. Although under the circumstances, who could blame her?

Finally the doorbell rang and Karma rushed to answer it, and after looking herself over one final time, opened the door and awkwardly greeted her best friend, "Hey."

"Hey." Amy replied, the two standing awkwardly until Karma moved aside and allowed her friend to pass her before closing the door behind them. There was then more awkwardness before Amy asked, "Soooooo, Netflix in your room?"

This had become code for drinking, making out and sex, the last two would hopefully still be on the table after she said what she had to say. However this wasn't the place for that conversation, so she smiled and lied, "Sure."

They then slowly made their way up to Karma's room in total silence, Karma still desperately trying to figure out how best to explain herself and if there was a way to do it without Amy hating her forever. Unsurprisingly she didn't get off to a good start, "I can't do this any more."

The way Amy looked at her broke Karma's heart, but it got worse, "Right... of course... I get it... you're straight."

"No, you don't get it." Karma insisted, "I've been lying to you this whole time. I, I... I remember everything."

There was a moment of silence and then Amy scoffed, "Well duh. I knew that."

"You... you did?" Karma frowned.

"Yeah, the I don't remember excuse only works a few times before it becomes completely unbelievable." Amy said softly, "Not that I minded, because apparently I'm pathetic and will take anything I can get from you, but fuck Karma, we haven't even been drinking half as much as we did at the wedding."

"I remember that!" Karma blurted out, and then when Amy gave her a frown she quickly elaborated, "I remember the night of the wedding. All of it."

There was a long pause, then obviously sensing there was more, Amy asked softly, "And?"

"Nothing happened." Karma admitted sombrely, "We got up to your room, kissed, took off our clothes and got under the covers, kissed some more and then just as we were about to, you know, we passed out. Well, you first, but... but I was not far behind."

There was another long pause and then Amy asked, "So? Why does it matter?"

"Because I remembered that about an hour after I stormed out of your house the next day." Karma admitted without pause for breath.

There was yet another long pause and then Amy frowned, "So... why..."

"Why pretend I didn't? Simple." Karma gulped softly, before admitting perhaps the worst thing she'd ever done, "Because I somehow convince myself that taking your virginity would actually help get me out of your system. That despite everything you said before, actually having sex would be so weird you'd be convinced we'd be better off as friends... which is so, so stupid. I know that now. I kind of knew it then, but I was just so desperate, because you're part of me Amy, and not having you in my life was like having something amputated. Things were just so bad between us I convinced myself that this was the only thing I could do, and... and I'm so sorry."

Yet another pause, this longer than any other as Amy obviously tried to process this, and then she softly asked, "And?"

"And?" Karma frowned in confusion.

"And that's it?"Amy asked softly but somewhat angrily, sounding like her heart was breaking with every word as she stepped closer to a now very anxious Karma, "There wasn't some small part of you that actually wanted me?"

There was a brief pause this time and then Karma admitted, "Maybe."

Looking genuinely surprised Amy blinked, "Maybe?"

"I don't know." Karma said softly, before doing her best to explain, "You have to understand, before we... you know, and I was going out of my mind. There was this unbearable void in my life, and I would have done anything to get you back. I was so convinced that overwhelming need was truly for your friendship, but now..."

"Now what?" Amy prompted.

"Now I'm not so sure." Karma admitted.

"Why?" Amy frowned, cautiously adding, "Because we had sex?"

"Yes." Karma admitted cautiously, before quickly following it up with, "It was really, really good sex."

Amy's shoulders drooped, she looked away and murmured at her feet, "And that's why you kept coming back?"

"No! yes, I-" Karma stammered.

"You don't know." Amy finished for her.

"No, I..." Karma hesitated before forcing herself to admit, "I think I love you."

Another brief silence and then Amy grumbled, "Just because I'm better in bed than Liam Booker, doesn't mean that you love me."

"No, barely being able to function when you're not in my life means that I'm in love with you." Karma said bluntly, before quickly adding, "I know I don't always think things through, but I did this time. I swear. And, and what I feel when we're together... it's more than just sex. It's more than anything I've felt before, and... well, that has to mean something. Right?"

Yet another brief silence and then Amy softly murmured, "Karma-"

"Look!" Karma quickly interrupted, "I might screw this up, and you might never want to see me again, and you might never forgive me, but please let me try and make things right. I'll do anything. Because I'm so sorry Amy. I'm so, so sorry."

There was another pause, this time longer, and then Amy softly asked, "Why?"

"WHY?" Karma exclaimed, "I've been lying to you. Over, and over, and over again. Our whole relationship is built on lies."

"Not the part that matters." Amy said softly but firmly, beginning to approach Karma again, "Unless you're going to tell me our entire friendship was a lie."

"No, but..." Karma murmured in disbelief, "I robbed you of your first time."

"It was with you. That's all I ever wanted it to be." Amy said softly, before smiling, "And now it's better because I can remember it. So really I should be thanking you."

"But-" Karma began.

"Shhhhhh, I forgive you. I forgive you for everything you've done, and everything you think you've done. I'm even kind of grateful for it." Amy admitted as she cautiously took Karma into her arms, "Because all I want is a chance with you."

Karma blinked in disbelief and then murmured, "You have it."

"Good." Amy smiled, before leaning in.

Before Amy could lean in all the way Karma jerked her head forward and crashed her lips against Amy's, trying desperately to show her best friend how grateful she was to her for being able to not care how they got together, just enjoy the fact that they now were. Trying to do the same Karma kissed Amy passionately for a few long minutes, constantly trying to turn up the heat only for Amy to just as routinely turn things down so the kiss just remain soft and gentle pretty much throughout. Which truth be told Karma didn't mind that much, it was just that she really, really wanted to make it up to Amy for... well, everything.

"So, you're not mad at me?" Karma asked nervously when the kiss was broken.

"Well... maybe a little." Amy admitted, before quickly adding, "But mostly I'm just happy."

Giving Amy her best flirtatious smile Karma said, "Well, maybe I can make it up to you."

"I was hoping you'd say something like that." Amy smiled softly before kissing Karma again.

This time the kiss quickly picked up in heat and in intensity, Amy adorably struggling to keep up as Karma had her way with her mouth and tongue. Almost completely without breaking that incredibly passionate kiss Karma and Amy almost literally tore off each other's clothes, Karma being the most aggressive as it felt like she had something to prove. Which was why she pushed Amy down onto the bed, got on top of her and after a little more making out swiftly kissed her way down her friend's neck and chest to her boobs, where she circled one nipple with her tongue and then took it into her mouth so she could suck it.

Which caused Amy to cry out and moan in pleasure, and then whimper, "Karma, you don't have to, you know..."

"I need too!" Karma said firmly, "Seriously Ams, I'm done being your Pillow Princess."

"That's not... oh... you're not, mmmmmmm fuck." Amy moaned, struggling to protest when it felt so good, "You, oh God, you don't need too."

"I want too." Karma insisted.

As there was no further complaint from her best friend Karma returned to Amy's nipple, sucking it for almost a full minute before switching to the other one and giving it the same treatment. Karma then went back and forth between Amy's nipples, occasionally pausing to press a gentle kiss to the boobs themselves but mostly concentrating on those nipples and trying to mirror everything Amy did that drove her wild. And remember that one time she had done this before. The last time they had been together. The time that Karma had insisted on doing something new as she once again chickened out admitting the truth to her best friend.

To be fair, Karma wasn't exactly a Pillow Princess. If she was, according to the Internet, she would have laid back and done nothing at all in return, and while she had yet to take what was arguably the final step in accepting her non-platonic feelings for her best friend Karma had been able to finger Amy to orgasm nearly every time they had sex, including last time with her mouth on one of Amy's nipples at the time, which had been particularly awesome, and great for the blonde given her reactions. But this time there would be no chickening out on Karma's part about anything. She would take that final step and prove to Amy that she loved her, and wanted her.

Karma still lingered on Amy's boobs for quite a while, mostly because she was nervous, even though she told herself it was for Amy's benefit. Eventually though she summoned up the courage to wander into previously unexplored territory, namely the area lower than Amy's boobs. Kissing Amy's stomach wasn't bad in itself, but as she got closer and closer to her ultimate goal Karma became increasingly nervous until she couldn't help but take a detour to Amy's thighs and kiss them, telling herself it was to tease Amy/pay her back for doing something similar a few nights ago. Then after a few minutes of that teasing/hesitation Karma closed her eyes and did what she was so determined to do.

That was of course slid her tongue over Amy's pussy, starting from the bottom and not stopping until she reached the very top. She then paused for a moment and frowned. She had been expecting her first taste of pussy to either be like a fireworks display, or raw fish. Something amazing, or something horrible. Confirmation she had either made the right choice, or this whole thing was one big mistake. Instead she was greeted by a flavour which was alright, but nothing special, and she wasn't sure how to take that at first. Ultimately though considering everything that Amy had done for her the least Karma could do was keep going, especially given the worried look that Amy gave her as a result of her hesitance.

"Is everything alright?" Amy asked nervously.

With a beaming smile Karma replied, "Never better."

To prove it she leaned back down and gave Amy's cunt another long lick. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, as Karma got into a steady rhythm while desperately trying to remember exactly what Amy had done to her. She definitely remember this part, and how good and gentle beginning had felt, but also how Amy had teased her clit, Karma making sure to brush her tongue against that sensitive a little bundle on every other lick. Which made Amy moan for her, which for a few long minutes completely blew her mind.

Of course Amy had moaned plenty of times during their previous sexual encounters, but this time was different. This time Karma was going down on Amy, a first for them for the first time since Karma had taken Amy's virginity. And the way Amy was moaning was different too. It was more pleasure filled. Maybe a bit more high-pitched. And there was definitely a hint of amazement in there, which should have been insulting but Karma couldn't blame Amy because she was amazed too. Because she was licking pussy. She, boy obsessed Karma Ashcroft, was licking her best friend's pussy, and making her soulmate moan for her.

That thought made Karma smile dreamily. Soulmate. They were soulmates. Amy was her soulmate. And Karma was hers. They had agreed on that since they were little. Well, agreed maybe a little strong. More accurately Karma had proudly stated it one day, and wore the more reserved Amy down until she agreed. Huh, and Karma had thought she wasn't gay for Amy? How? How had she missed the fact that their love had become deeper than the deepest friendship imaginable? How had she been so stupid? And how had she put Amy through that?

More determined then ever to make it up to her best friend turned so much more Karma redoubled her efforts. Luckily while her mind had been daydreaming her body had gone into business for itself, continuing to lick Amy's pussy like it was what she was literally made for. And in the process her taste-buds had got used to the flavour to the point she was beginning to really enjoy this whole thing, but that wasn't important. What was important was that Amy's juices were really starting to flow now, and all it took was concentrating on the blonde's clit a few times for Amy to start letting out the most adorable whimpers to go along with her moans.

Encouraged by those sounds Karma swirled her tongue around Amy's clit a few times before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it. Unsurprisingly that caused Amy to let out even more encouraging sounds, but Karma wasn't ready to make her best friend cum. Not even close, Karma ignoring the thought of actually making her best friend Amy cum for her and simply concentrating on trying to make Amy feel half as good as she had made her feel over and over again for the past few weeks.

Knowing for that she would need to tease Amy a lot first Karma slowed down her attention to the other girl's clit and then even ignored it completely for a few minutes, instead going back to long licks of Amy's cunt. Which was meant to be exclusively for Amy's long-term benefit, but as she did so Amy let out the most adorable little whimpers of disappointment and groans of frustration, which Karma enjoyed way more than she should have. Then again she always liked the idea of teasing a lover, and as long as it meant a harder orgasm for Amy in the long run she didn't think it was too bad that she was enjoying this so much. Maybe she'd even get Amy to beg for her. That would be hot.

Shortly after Karma thought that Amy whimpered, "Karma... please..."

Karma briefly considered pushing Amy to be more specific about what she wanted, but to actually hear Amy say the words might have been too overwhelming for Karma and she might have been forced to stop, if only for a few moments as she got over her lust. But there was another part of her that was afraid she'd freak out and run away and ruin this new and exciting change in their relationship, and if she was honest with herself Karma had been afraid to go there with Amy because she thought it was almost inevitable that she would screw it up and ruin the most important relationship in her life.

Determined not to do that the redhead gave the blonde what she wanted, or at least what she was pretty sure she wanted, and increase the pace of the licking and started paying a lot of attention to her clit again. Sure enough this scored more positive sounds out of Amy, so Karma doubled down on it, sucking hard at the other girl's clit and even pushing a finger into Amy's pussy. Ironically that was so overwhelming she needed a few moments to get over her lust. Because wow, she was inside Amy. Her finger was inside her best friend while her mouth was on her clit. This was so weird, and yet natural at the same time. Mostly though, it was just incredibly hot.

Apparently Amy agreed because shortly after Karma started pumping her finger in and out of her the blonde let out a high-pitched cry of the redhead's name and then came, in the process her pussy clamping down on Karma's finger so hard it was painful. And intoxicating. Because her best friend was cumming on her finger. Covering it with her cum. Fuck, Karma thought she might cum without even touching herself. Although the temptation to touch herself was almost overwhelming, but she was determined to make this night about Amy and return the amazing pleasure she had received from the most important person in her life.

In the name of that she replaced her finger with her mouth when Amy was done cumming to let her friend know the joy of someone swallowing your cum, which Karma had found intensely erotic. Surprisingly she enjoyed being the swallower even more, her eyelids fluttering as she tasted the most heavenly liquid ever. Liquid she easily loved from the start, Karma swallowing every drop she could find before shoving her tongue as deep as it would go into her best friend and starting to tongue fuck Amy, not stopping until she made the other girl cum again. Which really didn't take much. In fact Karma found it easy to make Amy cum over and over again, although she found it less easy to swallow even the majority of Amy's cum with most of it ending up on her face.

Karma wasn't so sure she would have ever stopped if Amy hadn't pulled her up into a passionate kiss, but she did, the redhead soon whimpering into the blonde's mouth as Amy tasted her own cum and pussy juice on her lips and tongue. Amy then started grinding her centre against Karma's, making her moan again as she got some much-needed attention to her cunt. Then Amy broke the kiss and started licking her own cum and cunt cream off of Karma's face, which at first made her giggle. Then she moaned, all the grinding helping her get into it more though it wasn't long before she was kissing Amy, or crying into her mouth as her best friend effortlessly made her cum.

They made love the rest of the night. Karma honestly having no idea how many times Amy made her cum, or better yet how many times she made Amy cum. She liked to think it was about even, but it was unlikely given Amy was more experienced at eating pussy and just seemed natural at this. Karma didn't totally suck, Amy cumming was proof of that, but she truly felt like she had no idea what she was doing, and that was more true than she would have liked. Still, she tried her best and by the end of everything Amy seemed just as exhausted as she was, the two best friends turn something so much more snuggling together in a comfortable silence for a very long time.

Then Karma cautiously smiled against Amy's shoulder and murmured, "Whoa."

To Karma's delight, and relief, Amy smiled in recognition and replied, "I know."


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