Fallen : Angels Need Sexual Healing (MF,anal)
by The Fan

Aaron Corbet sat alone atop a roof, his head in his hands. At that very
moment, he didn't look like the Great Nephilim of Prophecy, the entity born
to reunite the Fallen Angels with the Lord in Heaven. He looked like any
young man whom life wasn't being kind to these days. And there were lots of
them in the world. The young man was deeply troubled. His world was changing
too fast for him. All he wanted was to graduate high school and attend
college on a wrestling scholarship. He didn't want to have to face the Powers
or whatever destiny awaited him.

A year ago, Aaron Corbet was living with his adoptive parents in
Massachusetts. Just a young high school senior. Then, things got really
weird. He started having visions and also hearing things. All of a sudden,
he could understand the language of animals. An eccentric old man named
Zeke told him that he wasn't crazy. He was in fact a Nephilim. The offspring
of a Fallen Angel and a Human Female. The Nephilim were beings of awesome
power. The Powers, a group of warrior Angels made it their duty to hunt down
and slay both the Nephilim and the Fallen Angels who sired them. They made
life hell for Aaron. They destroyed his world. Now, he was on the run with
Camael, the Archangel who once led the Powers into battle and now protected
him from them.

Recently, Camael had gotten injured in battle with the Powers. Camael had
killed Verchiel, the beautiful yet wicked female Angel who was the Commander
of the Powers. He did so to save Aaron from her treachery. The Powers now had
a new leader, the Archangel Mazarin. A wicked bastard if there ever was one.
Presently, Aaron and Camael were both taking refuge with Ariel, a tall,
gorgeous blonde woman who was actually a former Angel. Ariel had a talent for
healing. She was also the Leader of the Underground, a community of Fallen
Angels and Nephilim who sought mutual protection from the Powers. Ariel did
what she could to heal Camael, who was now resting. As for Aaron Corbet,
nothing could cure him of his guilt and self-doubt.

At the moment, the young man didn't realize that he was being watched. He was
new to the whole business of being Nephilim. He had amazing powers. He could
summon Angel Fire and fashion weapons out of it. He could also fly using
natural wings. His wings could appear and disappear whenever he wished. Just
like the Angels in Heaven. Camael called Aaron Corbet the most powerful
Nephilim he had ever seen. Not just because he had angelic powers but because
he had the Gift of Absolution. He was the Redeemer of Prophecy. He could send
repentant Fallen Angels back to Heaven. His was the Power of Forgiveness. Its
source was unknown. The Fallen Angels valued him greatly for this. The Powers
hated him. They saw him as a threat to their power. They wanted him dead.

As for Aaron, most of the time, all he wanted was to be left alone. He wanted
to return to his adoptive family in Massachusetts. There was also Wilma, the
gorgeous Latin girl he had befriended before the Powers showed up and tried
their hardes to kill him. Verchiel had been a real sociopath with wings. If
it hadn't been for the Archangel Camael's timely intervention, she would have
killed him. That was part of the reason why Aaron was so wracked with guilt.
He seemed to bring pain to those who cared about him. He felt cursed. So
cursed that he didn't notice that he was being watched. Watched by the Angel

Ariel stood inside the apartment, watching Aaron Corbet. Since she was an
Angel, she could see through the walls as if they weren't there. Back in
Heaven, she had been a musician. An angelic musician. Then, things went bad.
She listened to the Archangel Lucifer and his myriad promises. He and his
followers rebelled against God because the Creator showed more love for Man
and Woman than he did for his Angels. Ariel had been furious when the Creator
told the Angels they would kneel before Man and Woman. Angels were immortal
creatures. Man and Woman were mortal. Limited in talent, knowledge and
lifespan. How could they be so worthy in the Creator's eyes. Along with her
Angelic brethren, Ariel picked up arms and rebelled against the Creator.
Thus, the war began.

The war lasted many years. Lucifer and his Rebel Angels were driven off
Heaven and cast down into Hell. Some of the Fallen Angels took refuge on the
planet Earth instead, hiding among the Humans. Ariel had adapted well to life
among humans. She was a tall, attractive woman with blonde hair and blue
eyes. A gorgeous dame in her early thirties. Throughout the ages, she had
been warrior, messenger, spy, assassin and traveler. Always a stranger. The
job she liked the most was that of healer. In the twenty first century, she
reinvented herself yet again and became an Emergency Medical Technician. She
was an Ambulance Driver. A damn good one, too. Healing humans was easy,
especially using her supernatural powers. As she looked at Aaron, she knew
exactly what the young Nephilim needed. He was a frustrated young man filled
with doubts. He needed SEXUAL HEALING. So, Ariel in her capacity as Healer,
did what she had to do. She joined Aaron on the rooftop. He was startled when
he saw her.

"Oh, hi, Ariel. I didn't notice you were there." Aaron smiled. "What's up?"

Ariel looked at him. "You tell me, Aaron. You're the one on the rooftop at
this hour of the night."

Aaron shrugged. "Problems, you know. Got so many of them."

Ariel raised her eyebrows. "Such as?"

Aaron pursed his lips. "Oh, I've got a few. The Powers are after me. They
want me dead. Quite badly. Camael's injured and it's my fault. Oh, and I'm
supposed to be this bigshot Messiah and I really don't feel up to it."

Ariel laid a gentle hand on his shoulder. "It's quite normal to have doubts,
Aaron. We all do."

Aaron smiled. "Yeah, I guess. You've seen some things in your day, haven't

Ariel nodded. "Oh, yeah. War in Heaven. Babylonian Empire. Egyptian wars.
Greek fashion. Middle Ages. All sorts of stuff."

Aaron looked at her. "So, how many Messiah types have you met?"

Ariel laughed. "Too many to count. Men and sometimes women who thought
themselves to be the biggest thing on earth. They all rose and fell."

Aaron winced. "That's not promising. Hope I'm not headed that way."

Ariel looked at him. This young man was really growing on her. He reminded
her of someone she once liked. Lucifer. The sexy bastard. Yeah, he had
Lucifer's eyes. Except Lucifer was a really evil fiend who aced Megalomania
101. Aaron wasn't like that. He was….sweet. And she liked that about him.
Along with his chiseled jaw, hard body and…oh my.

"Ariel?" Aaron asked.

Ariel blinked. "Sorry, I was lost in thought there." She laughed. "You're not
like the others, Aaron. I know the real thing when I see it."

Aaron smiled, and just then, sparks of fire escaped his left hand. Ariel
blinked. "Wow."

Aaron scratched his head with his right hand. "Sorry, it does that

Ariel nodded. "So you like fire."

He nodded. She smiled. This was getting good. When Angels got sexually
aroused, they tended to accidentally start fires. Apparently, this was true
of Nephilim. She was reading through Aaron like a book.

"What were you thinking about just now?" Ariel asked.

Aaron shrugged. "Nothing."

Oh, no. She wasn't letting him off that easily. "Aaron, were you thinking
about sex right now?"

He blinked. "How did you know?"

Ariel laughed. "When Angels find themselves sexually attracted to a person,
if they're not careful, they shoot energy out of their hands."

Aaron looked stunned. "Well, okay, then. You know, for the longest time, I've
been alone. No one really lights my fire."

Ariel flashed him her brightest smile, then set her arm ablaze with angel
fire. Aaron gasped. She winked at him. "Do I light your fire, Aaron? Cause
you certainly light mine."

Aaron blinked. "You mean you..." Ariel laughed. "Yes, Aaron, I like you."
With that, she leaned over and kissed him.

Aaron suddenly found himself transported into another world. Ariel's kiss was
that deep. When their lips parted, he was still gasping. "What was that?" He
asked breathlessly.

Ariel grinned. "Just a taste of what is to come. Now, come inside."

With that, she took his hand and led him back into the apartment through
the window. Aaron found himself in Ariel's bedroom. The place looked nice,
comfortable and positively inviting. Not at all what he expected. Camael
was an angel and he led a nomadic, frugal existence. Ariel was a gal who
liked to be comfortable.

"You have a nice room," Aaron said. Ariel grinned. "Thanks." She paused.
"The bed's right there."

With that, she grabbed Aaron and leapt on the bed with him. Hastily, they
undressed. Aaron looked at Ariel's sexy body. Damn, the woman had a body
worth of an angel.

"Like what you see?" Ariel asked.

Aaron nodded, then kissed her again. They rolled around on the bed,
half-Angel and Angel together. Male and female. Playfully, they wrestled.
Aaron found himself on top of Ariel. The angelic woman looked at him,
smiling. She was so lovely. He kissed her again. They began making love.
Switched positions. Ariel climbed on top of Aaron and lowered herself
until his hard cock was pressed against her pussy. With a swift thrust,
he entered her.

Ariel gasped as Aaron's hard cock went inside her. The young Nephilim had
his arms wrapped around her and began fucking her hard and fast. "Oh, God!"
Ariel cried. Usually a chaste sort, she had denied herself the pleasures of
the flesh for too long. Angel or not, she was a horny woman and she was
making up for lost time.

Aaron grunted as he felt Ariel's tight flesh grip his cock. Truth be told,
he'd never been with a woman before. Getting blowjobs from cheerleaders and
girl wrestlers didn't count. What he was doing with Ariel was something else.
"Damn, that's hot!" he said. "Oh, man."

Ariel gripped him harder and began riding him for all he was worth. He thrust
into her, filling her angelic pussy with his super cock. Ariel screeched in
pleasure as Aaron fucked her. The throes of passion caught them and they
screamed in unison as they came. Aaron gasped as his cock spat its manly cum,
deep inside Ariel. The angelic woman screamed as Aaron's manly seed rushed
inside her. She'd never felt anything like it before. As they reached an
orgasm together, fire rushed from Aaron's hands and through Ariel's eyes.
Angel fire. Fortunately, they were both fireproof. Laughing, they rolled
around on the bed, before lying down to catch their breath.

Aaron looked at Ariel and smiled. She was a seriously hot MILF, and a genuine
angel to boot. Ariel smiled and kissed him. "Hey, stud. That was awesome."

Aaron smiled. "Wow, I know. This was my first time."

Ariel's eyes went wide. "Really?" Aaron nodded. The female angel looked
pensive. This changed things completely. There was something said about the
first couplings of Nephilim males. What was it ? She didn't remember. Truth
be told, it was getting hard to think. With Aaron's sexy body and sweet eyes
nearby. Damn, he was hot. Such a fine stud.

She kissed him again. "Glad I was your first, Aaron." He grinned. "Wanna go
again?" Ariel smiled.

This time, they tried all kinds of different things. Aaron lay on the bed
while Ariel sucked his cock. Aaron had never experienced anything like it
before. Ariel was an expert on all things sexual. "Oh, damn!" he cried as
Ariel made him cum after sucking him off.

Ariel grinned. "You ain't seen nothing yet, sexy," she said. "Much more to

Next, she got on all fours and he took her from behind. Tapping Ariel's super
sexy ass from behind was the greatest pleasure Aaron had ever experienced in
his young life. Ariel knew just how to work it. And she loved the effect she
had on the young Nephilim. He was new to sex and she was glad to teach him.
Hell, she even broke another of her rules when he asked about anal sex.
Normally, just being asked about anal sex would make her seethe with anger
at the unfortunate man but this wasn't any man. This was Aaron. She was his
first woman, period. He was her first Nephilim. So she agreed to try anal
with him.

However, it had to be on her terms. Aaron was okay with that. They had plenty
of lube. She smeared plenty of lotion on her asshole and on Aaron's cock.
Then she got on all fours and pressed her sexy behind against his groin.
Aaron watched as she pushed her ass against his cock. He placed his hands
upon her hips and pushed into her. His initial penetration of Ariel's ass was
somewhat difficult. The sexy female angel with the gorgeous butt was a tight
ass. Literally. Even with the lube, it wasn't easy for him to enter her.

Ariel opened herself up to Aaron. Once again, she couldn't believe that she
was doing this. Letting a man, any man, stick his cock up her ass. This was
her first time doing this. Ever. For some reason, Aaron made her want to do
things. Things like anal sex, which was previously unthinkable for her.
Alright, truth be told she was curious about it but like most females, she
was scared shitless that it would hurt like hell.

"Aaron, be careful," she warned. Aaron nodded. "Okay, Ariel. I'll go slow."

Slowly, he worked his cock into her ass. Until his eight inches were inside
her. Ariel winced as Aaron's cock filled her ass. Gosh, it hurt. Especially
when Aaron began thrusting into her. Slowly at first, then he picked up
speed. She screamed as he fucked her. It hurt, but also felt oddly good.

"Oh, my god, Aaron. Fuck me!" She heard herself scream.

Aaron continued to fuck her, filling her ass with his cock. He couldn't
believe that on his first time having sex, he was having a raunchy anal
encounter with a sexy angelic woman who actually wanted it. He thought
about all the high school chicks who denied him access to their bodies.
None of them were half as hot as Ariel. A supernatural babe with super
powers who loved sex. This was his lucky day. He got off on it so much
that he came swiftly, sending his hot seed inside Ariel's ass.

Ariel screamed as Aaron's seed rushed inside her ass. Damn, it hurt. And felt
good. All at once. She had never felt anything like it before. "Oh, gods,"
she said. "This is fucking good." She collapsed on the burnt bed. Aaron fell
on top of her, his cock still inside her. He winced. Then pulled out. They
lay side by side, speechless. It was that intense.

A few hours later, the two of them lay on the burned bed, sated. Even two
superhumans like themselves needed a bit of rest. Aaron slept peacefully, a
happy expression on his handsome face. Next to him, Ariel wasn't sleeping.
She was glowing with happiness. Truth be told, she had broken many of her
own rules tonight. Sleeping with a Nephilim. It had been centuries since she
slept with a human being, male or female. When male Angels had sex with
female humans, the result was a Nephilim offspring.

Female Angels were notorious for their chastity and when they broke their
vows, it was often to hook up with male Angels. Azazel the Fallen Angel had
been quite the ladies man among female Angels. When female Angels had sex
with human males, no offspring was produced. Nor did female Angels get
pregnant from sex with male Angels. Angels were sterile. No female Angel
would ever know the joy of motherhood.

Well, there was a loophole. Female Angels couldn't be impregnated by human
males or male Angels. Where did that leave Nephilim males ? Ariel's heart
skipped a beat. Angels are extraordinarily sensitive both to the world around
them and themselves. A rapid scan of her own body confirmed Ariel's fears.
Aaron the Nephilim had knocked her up. inside her, a child was growing. Oh,
damn. At first, she panicked. Then her supernaturally keen mind rationalized
it. This was totally unprecedented. A Nephilim who was more powerful than
most Archangels had mated with a female Angel and impregnated her. This would
be one for the history books. Oh, damn.

She looked at Aaron. He looked so handsome and simple in his sleep. A
good-looking youth. He was so much more than that. The Redeemer. The Nephilim
of Prophecy. Born to reunite the Fallen Angels with the Creator in Heaven and
end the Reign of the Powers on the planet Earth. Now, he had another title to
add to his list of impressive honorifics. He was the father of a female
Angel's unborn child. What are the odds of that?


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