Fallen: The Movie (MF,inter)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Verchiel stood atop the mountain, gazing down at the mortal world below.
Anyone looking at her would have seen a tall, beautiful woman with long black
hair, bronze skin and sparkling golden brown eyes. She wore a white suit and
cape. Of course, they would have been wrong.

Verchiel was no mere mortal woman. She was the leader of the Powers, a
Host of Angels sworn to serve The Creator. They hunted down the Nephilim,
superhuman beings born of mortals and Angels. The Powers also hunted the
Fallen Angels, those who had been banished from Heaven after following
Lucifer, the rebellious Archangel of Light, in his War against Heaven.
Verchiel was once one of The Creator’s most loyal Angels. Now, she was a
bitter immortal creature bent on revenge.

There is a prophecy that said a Nephilim would be born with the Power of
Absolution. He would be able to absolve the Fallen Angels of their sins
against The Creator and send them back to Heaven. Verchiel and the Angels of
the Powers could sense that there was a Nephilim out there with dangerous
powers. They just didn't know exactly where he was. They stalked the Fallen
Angel known as Samchiel and tracked him down to his lair, in modern Japan.
They killed him.

Samchiel was a friend of the Archangel Camael. He had finally found where the
Chosen One was located. The Powers didn't want him to make it and divulge the
info to Camael, who was now an enemy of the Powers themselves. Camael once
hunted the Nephilim and other Fallen Angels as Verchiel's ally and right-hand
man among the Powers. One day, Camael encountered a prophet who told him of
the Chosen One, the one who would reunite the Fallen Angels with their
Creator in Heaven. Camael left the Powers and began looking for the Chosen
One. He searched for centuries. At long last, he seemed to have found him.

Aaron Corbett was running late going home from wrestling practice again. He
ran, and this time, he actually made it. His family, Tom and Lori Corbett,
along with his kid brother Steve were waiting for him. It was his birthday
after all. His eighteenth birthday. Anyone looking at him would have seen a
tall, good-looking young man with dark hair, pale bronze skin and dark green
eyes. He was simply beautiful. Of course, it wasn't just anyone looking at
him, it was the Archangel Camael, former Prince of the Angelic Host known as
the Powers. Camael watched the young man, and smiled. He couldn't believe it.
The Chosen One was alive and well. He was real. This meant great news for the
Fallen. Finally, their savior was here. He would send them Home. At last.
Well, if the Powers didn't kill him first.


Verchiel stood in the sky, magnificent white wings spread to their full span.
The female Angel who led the Powers looked at Camael. The Archangel hadn't
changed a bit. Angels were immortal. Unlike humans, they did not age. They
did not get sick. Even Fallen Angels were immortal. The only they could be
killed was if they were struck by a Blade of Heavenly Fire. Nothing else
could slay them.

Verchiel had fought against many dangers in her time. Once, she fought
against Lucifer himself. Lucifer, the Archangel of Light. He was immensely
powerful. Unlike all other Angels and Archangels, Lucifer could not be
killed by a Blade of Fire. No, only The Creator Himself could stop him.
Still, Verchiel decided to try. Blade in hand, she flew toward Lucifer.
The Morningstar was battling dozens of Angels of Heaven at once. So great
was his power that all fell before him. Verchiel lunged at him. Lucifer
hurled a fireball at her, and only Camael's speed saved her from death.
Laughing, Lucifer cut down Angel after Angel. Only the Archangels Michael
and Gabriel stood a chance against Lucifer. The Morningstar hurled Gabriel
to the bottom of the abyss.

Lucifer turned his baleful gaze upon the Archangel Michael. Those two were
The Creator's favorite Angels. Also, they were the most powerful. Lucifer
was to his Dark Angels what Michael was to Heaven and its Angels, a Champion
and savior. All of Heaven watched as the Champions fought. Lucifer seemed to
be about to strike Michael when suddenly, heavenly lightning struck the
Archangel of Light. Lightning that poured forth from the Throne of The
Creator itself. Howling in pain, Lucifer fell from the skies. Like a star.
All of the Dark Angels followed his descent. Heaven had won.

Verchiel had always believed that should Lucifer ever sire a child by a
mortal female, that child would be immensely powerful. She feared what this
could mean for the Powers. Lucifer had been unstoppable. Only the Power of
The Creator Himself could stop him. If he did sire a son or daughter, then
who would be able to stop that offspring?

The female Angel was so deep in her thoughts that she never noticed the
winged being who stood in the sky, not far from her. The being who watched
Verchiel was Cupid. In ancient times, many immortal beings from other parts
of the world were collectively known as the Olympians. They were worshiped
in the ancient world. The Angels of Heaven fought against the Olympians and
drove them into lesser realms. Cupid, along with the other Olympians had
never been happy to be driven away by the Angels. So, he decided to play a
little trick on Verchiel, the female Angel he hated the most.

Cupid shot Verchiel with one of his Arrows of Lust. Verchiel was floating in
the air when suddenly, something struck her. The Angel whirled around, Blade
of Fire in hand. Who had dared to attack her? With her keen eyesight, she
scanned the landscape. There was no one else there. Verchiel sighed, and went
back to looking at the landscape. In times like these, Verchiel felt bored. A
long time ago, she was rather fond of a male Angel named Camael. He was a
tall, good-looking black man. Oh, how she had liked him. They were warriors
and friends. Yet sometimes, they were more than that.

Verchiel remembered one time when they were in the Garden of Eden, watching
over Adam and Lilith, The Creator's newly created Man and Woman. The sight
of the two naked humans had been a sight to behold. Long before Verchiel
learned to hate humanity, she was fond of the humans. Adam was tall and
broad-shouldered, muscular and handsome with his long blond hair and pale
blue eyes. He was beautiful. Yet it was Lilith that Verchiel found especially

Verchiel remembered looking at Lilith. Lilith, the tall, beautiful woman
with the long black hair, white skin and gray eyes. A lovely and voluptuous
beauty. Verchiel had been beguiled by the woman. The Leader of the Powers
smiled as she remembered their first time together. Lilith was walking
around naked, wandering through the endless Garden of Eden while Adam slept.
The First Man was tired from a long day of play with animals. Lilith liked
walking around at night. Plus, she was curious about Angels.

Driven by an unknown need, Lilith appeared before the Angel Verchiel in all
of her naked glory. Verchiel had been mesmerized when she first saw the
woman. Lilith smiled seductively and walked right up to her. The First Woman
wrapped her arm around the Angel and kissed her. They embraced, kissing and
caressing one another. Before that day, Verchiel hadn't known the pleasures
of the flesh. Yet as she caressed Lilith's breasts and allowed the other
female to lick, kiss and pleasure her, the Angel knew new pleasures. Yes,
pretty soon, as she got her pussy eaten out by Lilith for the first time,
Verchiel howled in pleasure.

Lilith taught her how to return the favor. Verchiel the Angel found
herself addicted to the First Woman. Lilith was so beautiful and so sensual.
Sometimes, Lilith and Verchiel went flying together. Once, they made love on
a mountaintop. That was before Lilith rejected Adam's authoritarian ways and
fled the Garden of Eden. Lilith left the Garden of Eden before the Creator
cursed humanity with death. Lilith was immortal and remained one. In fact,
Lilith would later become Lucifer's mistress down in Hell.

After Lilith's departure from Eden, The Creator made Eve. Eve, the
soft-minded dumb beauty who would plunge all of humanity into chaos. Eve,
the woman who would become Adam's wife. Eve, whose stupidity doomed all men
and women to mortality and suffering. Verchiel was fond of Lilith. Lilith
was beautiful and strange. She was also headstrong. Verchiel didn't like Eve.
Eve was a dumb and submissive cow. All humans partook of her bad traits. For
this reason, Verchiel hated all of humanity.

Verchiel was there when Adam and Eve made love for the first time. This had
been briefly after they left the Garden of Eden. Verchiel and Camael had
been the Angels assigned to keep them away from the Garden. Adam had been
trying to build a shelter for them and Eve, the incessant nag, had been a
real problem. The Angel Verchiel shook her head in disgust. Women and their
incessant nagging and bullshit. This went back to Eve. Go figure. That's
when Adam got the brilliant idea of silencing her. Or at least trying.

Adam told her to shut her mouth and when she wouldn't, he tried to make her
listen. Eve pulled away from him. He wrestled her to the ground and took her
down. Eve struggled and howled, then she turned and looked at him. A fierce
desire shone in his eyes.

Eve watched, fascinated. Excitement rose inside her as well. She felt a need
for him. There, in the mud, Adam took Eve. He was on top of her, and she had
her arms around him. He thrust his cock into her, and their bodies fused
together in lovemaking. Eve howled in pleasure and pain as Adam took her.
When he came, sending his hot seed deep inside her, Eve finally relented. She
lay underneath him, silently kissing his forehead. Adam did love Eve, and Eve
loved him, as much as she could. Together, they would become the founders of

Verchiel watched how Adam and Eve made love. It was different from how she
and Lilith had done it but not that different. Verchiel looked at her fellow
spirit, the Archangel Camael. Verchiel stared at him. Tall and muscular, with
dark brown skin, Camael was a beautiful male Angel. Verchiel found herself
attracted to him. Fortunately, the feeling was mutual.

There, the two Angels made love for the first time. They freed themselves
of their heavenly armor and tunics, and were naked on the grass. Camael
was a glorious sight when naked, like all Angels. Yes, he was beautiful.
Verchiel looked at her lover, and kissed him. She kissed every inch of him.
Remembering something she had seen Eve do for Adam, Verchiel sucked on
Camael's cock. The black male Angel caressed her hair as she sucked him
off. He seemed to really like it. When he came, Verchiel drank his seed.

Finally, Verchiel experienced what Eve knew in Adam's arms. Camael placed
her on her back and took her. He thrust his cock into her. Verchiel gasped
as he went inside her. She had never felt anything like this before. Camael
grunted as his flesh fused with hers, and they made passionate love. He
thrust into her, and she responded in kind by undulating under him. When
his hot body pressed into her, she knew pleasures no other Angels knew.
Except maybe Lucifer, who banged Lilith in Hell every night. Later, Verchiel
and Camael lay on the grass together, sated.

Verchiel lay next to Camael's sleeping body. He was simply beautiful.
Yes, she did love him. And this was only the beginning of their eons of
lovemaking. Warriors need solace every now and then. Angels had needs too.
Verchiel didn't want to sleep with mortals. She feared that she might get
pregnant and give birth to a Nephilim, and she hated them. Angels could not
procreate with each other since they were all spirits, even when they took
physical form, there were still certain rules. Angels could procreate with
mortals, though. Verchiel and Camael were lovers for thousands of years.

The female Angel blushed when she remembered some of their most intense
moments. Once, they went up against Azrael, the Fallen Angel of Death, who
was now one of Lucifer's allies. Azrael was a fairly tough customer. He had
slain several Angels of the Powers. Verchiel and Camael went up against him
together. Azrael used his Blade of Fire to slash Camael's arm and Verchiel's
leg before fleeing into Hell, where not even the boldest of Heaven's Angels
dared to go.

Wounded, Verchiel and Camael took comfort with each other's presence. Angels
had the ability to regenerate. They healed from anything that didn't kill
them outright. This was way back in the 1700s. The two of them went on a hunt
for Asmodeus, a Demon Lord. Asmodeus was one of the Princes of Hell. One of
those spirits sired by Fallen Angels upon non-human female creatures.
Asmodeus was immortal. He could change form at will and he could enter the
bodies of mortals and possess them. He was terrorizing the Kingdom of England
in the form of a mad ruler named George III.

Verchiel wore a metallic suit of armor. The gal was freshly healed from the
encounter with Azrael. She wanted badly to kill Asmodeus, and send him back
to Hell. While Angels could be killed by Blades of Fire on Earth, Demons
could only die on their own turf. Hell. While on Earth, all Demons were
immortal. They could assume another shape, or remain bodiless spirits once
the body they lived in got destroyed. Demons were trouble. Unlike Fallen
Angels, they didn't respect anyone or anything. Ever.

Verchiel and Camael led seventeen Angels in the Hunt for Asmodeus, the King
of Demons. Asmodeus had recently married Lilith, Lucifer's former mistress,
now an immortal Dark Queen in her own right. Verchiel and Camael found Lilith
and Asmodeus rampaging through England. They caused strife wherever they
went. In battle, Asmodeus fought against Verchiel.

The King of Demons was a very powerful being. He had taken the form of a
massive dragon-like beast and soared in the heavens while chasing Verchiel.
The female Angel quickly found out that Demons weren't scared of Angels and
didn't fear Blades of Fire the way Fallen Angels did. The King of Demons had
recently killed a powerful Angel named Pyriel and actually devoured him.
Asmodeus had a taste for Angelic flesh and he wanted to satisfy his craving.
Verchiel fought him near the ocean, which was a bad idea.

Asmodeus had recently struck a deal with the titanic marine beast known as
the Leviathan. The Leviathan had been around since ancient times. It was a
fiercely powerful and immortal beast. It did not fear the Angels of Heaven
or the Demons of Hell. Leviathan was King of the Sea. Leviathan came to
Asmodeus aid and nearly swallowed Verchiel whole. Leviathan had previously
swallowed the Archangel Gabriel as well as many other Angels and kept them
trapped within its belly.

That's when the Archangel Camael came to the rescue. Camael struck Leviathan
with his Blade of Fire and the titanic monster howled, and vomited the Angels
trapped within its belly. Thus, the Archangel Gabriel and many others were
freed. Camael was the Hero of The Day. To Verchiel, he was simply the one she
loved. The other luminaries of Heaven congratulated both Verchiel and Camael
for their bravery. The two of them were celebrated by those they had rescued.

That night, they made passionate love on the grass. Just the two of them,
under the stars. They had been together for thousands of years. Yet Verchiel
still loved him and never tired of him. She gave herself freely, and so did
he. In those days, at least.

Verchiel remembered that night of frantic lovemaking. They were both naked
on the grass, hidden from the sight of mortal and immortal alike. That's
when Camael took Verchiel in a most unusual manner. He put her on all fours,
spread her lovely butt cheeks wide open, and stuck his cock into her ass.
Although they had made love in many different ways before, they had never
done it like this. Yet, Verchiel went along with it to please the one she
loved. Inch by inch, Camael thrust his cock into her ass. Verchiel winced.
Camael put his arm under her belly, and made love to her like this.

As Camael slammed his cock into her butt hole, Verchiel cried out in
surprised pain and tried to flee. She who had endured been slashed by Blades
of Fire wielded by Dark Angels had never felt anything like this. Camael's
strong arms held her firmly into place and he took her. Verchiel's wings
deployed and unfurled from her back, so agitated was she. Camael grabbed
her and soared into the heavens, carrying them both into the air. He still
wouldn't let her go. Suddenly, Verchiel stopped struggling. They fell back
to earth. Their invulnerable bodies shrugged off the shock.

Camael moved inside her, and Verchiel cried out in pleasure this time. The
pain was almost completely gone, replaced by a feeling of pleasure. His cock
was buried into her ass, and she loved what it was doing to her. When he came
inside her, she almost passed out from the sheer overwhelming sensations she
felt inside. Camael's strong arms held her into place. Finally, Verchiel let
go. She relaxed, and enjoyed. They spent the night in each others arms.
Verchiel looked at Camael as he slept. Yes, she loved him. Hell, there was a
time when she thought about asking the Creator to....what ? Make them both
mortal so that they could marry and have children ? Angels weren't required
to be celibate but they couldn't marry mortals, or each other. That was an
adamant rule in Heaven.

Verchiel wondered what offspring she and Camael might have. Powerful brood
could issue from his seed and her womb, if she could conceive. What a
dilemma. A female Angel could get knocked up by a human male and give birth
to a Nephilim. But Angels couldn't procreate with one another. How tragic.

As she lay next to him, Verchiel suddenly had a vision. A strange world. Huge
metallic towers. Flying craft piloted by humans. War everywhere. Man against
Man. Woman against Man. This Race against that one. This Faith against that
one. This nation versus that one. Deadly weapons not far from heavenly Blades
of Fire in their power and intensity. She also sensed the presence of a
magnificent being not unlike Lucifer himself, a being of great power who
could spell doom for Angels everywhere...this being would lead the Fallen
Angels against the Faithful Angels of the Army of the Lord...and triumph?
Verchiel saw herself, and her beloved Camael, somehow at the center of it
all. Yet on opposite sides. How could this be?

Verchiel snapped out of her reverie. She had this vision centuries ago and
now, she sensed that the time was upon her. In Heaven, few Angels could
rival her in might. The Lord of Hell, Lucifer Morningstar, was almost
all-powerful, only the Lord's might surpassed his. The Archangel Michael
was also incredibly powerful, as were the Archangels Gabriel and Samuel,
along with the newly restored Archangel Pyriel, who had been fed to
Leviathan after Asmodeus defeated him. He returned to Heaven when Camael
and Verchiel defeated the titanic monster.

No, the only Angel Verchiel feared these days was Camael. The others wouldn't
bother her. They approved of her hunting down the Nephilim since this was the
Lord's wish, or so they thought. Verchiel sighed. Would Camael kill her if he
had to? Would she kill him? She thought about all those nights they spent
together, making love, after countless battles against the forces of evil.
No, Verchiel wouldn't kill Camael. Oh, she'd kill each and every single
half-breed creature to issue from the union of an Angel and a mortal but she
would not slay Camael. They weren't friends anymore but they need not be

With those thoughts in mind, Verchiel summoned her troops, the Angelic Host
known as the Powers. She saw them. Tall and majestic men and women with great
wings and shiny armor. They had been her followers for eons. Now, the time of
the Abomination had come. They had to hunt down the most powerful of the
Nephilim, and save the Faithful Angels of Heaven from the wickedness of the


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