Family Guy: Always Happy To Help (mF,inc,oral)
by PTPhotoguy1

Chris needed to cum and really couldn't wait! He was so horny, so aroused; he didn't know what to do. It was so intense he couldn't even think straight and that was really taxing on a teenage male who wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. He couldn't wait to get home and go upstairs to the privacy of his bedroom so he could jack off what he knew was going to be one of his biggest loads ever.

He literally ran down the sidewalk, threw open the front door... and suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. There before him stood his mother, Lois Griffin, with a big welcoming smile on her face. Not surprisingly, she immediately noticed the considerable bulge in her son's pants.

"Whoopsie!" Lois said as she walked up to Chris. "What do we have here?"

"It's not fair, Mom!" Chris lamented. "My teacher, Miss Lana... always walks around in class with her big boobies bouncin' all over the place... and her curvy, tight little butt cheeks under a short skirt... Damn! I can't help myself!"

Chris had a rock hard erection, tenting his pants straight out. Lois felt sorry for her teen age son, knowing full well the affect the shapely blonde teacher had on her son's libido. He often came home with an erection, frustrated, horny and always in a rush to get upstairs to "take matters into his own hands..." He looked anxious and obviously uncomfortable and as always, in need of a "helping hand" (or was it "helping mouth"?)

Far be it from Lois to not provide "relief" when her son was stressed...

"You look as though you're ready to ... bust!" Lois commented as she reached for his bulge.

"If I don't do something soon..." Chris mumbled. "I'm gonna explode!"

"My poor Chris, come on now sweetie... you know I am always here to help..."

Lois got onto her knees so her son's worthy bulge was right at eye level. "Chris, let me take care of you... like I always do..." Lois offered a she unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper. Yanking his pants and underwear down around his ankles, his huge cock literally sprang out to full mast. Twitching to the beat of his heart, Lois Griffin could tell he was very excited.

"My goodness, what a handsome wang you have!" Lois purred as she wrapped her fingers around Chris' pulsating manhood. "You know Chris; you never fail to impress me... when your pants are off..."

"Mom!" Chris moaned as he closed his eyes.

"I know sweetie..." Lois paused. "But here's what we're gonna do..." Lois thoroughly enjoyed making Chris come. Watching his face contort as he climaxed was such a special treat; knowing just how completely satisfying it must feel along with the exceptional amount of semen he would always produce was a wonder to behold. Witnessing his copious orgasmic display was something she came to relish and of course it was their special secret. But Lois Griffin had needs, too.

Those needs weren't always oral in nature and that was the case today. She knew her son so well that she knew he would "pop" in just a matter of minutes so she decided to let him shoot the "first load" and get that out of his system so she could ride his "hog" for round two. Chris would last longer the second time around which would allow Lois to have her fun as well.

Lois explained the plan quickly; she made it simple so he would understand and not have to make him wait so long.

"Mom!" Chris groaned as he pushed his cock forward, using his hips as leverage.

"OK! Sorry..." Lois said as she watched her son squirm. "Enjoy!" Lois Griffin then opened her mouth and leaned forward.

Chris was starting to freak out... He was almost beside himself. Never before had he felt so aroused, so hard up, so damn horny! If his Mother didn't start jacking him off or sucking his dick or... something, he'd take matters into his own hands. Once she pulled his dick out he felt a little better; his pants were restricting his "freedom' and his cock needed some air. He could tell right away this climax was going to be a doozy! He could feel it... there was a lot of pressure down there; it felt like a huge load was ready to bust out and he knew he wouldn't last very long.

Once Lois put his cock in her mouth, he was somewhat relieved. Now things felt right and as he knew from experience, it was all going to end just the way he wanted it to. His Mother knew exactly how to handle his arousal and she was an expert at making his orgasm a thoroughly satisfying experience. Ever since they started enjoying each others "favors", it was always something he would look forward to. The fact was Lois Griffin knew what she was doing. Chris benefited from the fact that she savored every minute she spent with his cock in her mouth.

"Oh, yeah! Finally! Hmmm..." Chris moaned as he clasped his Mother's head in both hands. He then unceremoniously began cramming his cock deep into his Mom's throat. At first Lois wasn't quite prepared, bracing herself against his meaty thighs with both hands. Chris kicked the rhythm up a notch, putting a little force behind the motion but Lois Griffin had dealt with that kind of determination before, going on the offensive, reaching around and grabbing her son's ass cheeks in both hands. Leaning forward, she took the initiative away from the horny teen ager, pummeling his cock with a decisive motion that took Chris by surprise.

"Oh, Shit!" Chris commented as his Mother took over, administering a punishing series of knob-bobbing action that immediately put Chris oh his heels ("I guess I didn't have to hold onto her head after all..." Chris thought to himself...) Lois Griffin set a feverish pace, sucking Chris' cock with all the energy and commitment a true MILF "cock sucker" possessed. Chris' knees started shaking as he quickly gave in, all thought of resistance gone.

"Oh, Wow Mom!" Chris bellowed as his cock exploded in his Lois' mouth. It actually started squirting a moment before it even felt like he came. It was like a rocket ship blasting off. His cock was inside her mouth so he couldn't see what happened but Lois immediately reacted, pulling her head back while spitting out a mouthful of warm semen even as Chris' cock continued to eject successive splurts of thick goo. The first salvo was uncontrolled; his dick was squirting while it sprang upward with each volcanic release.

Lois recovered quickly, grabbing the flailing hose and stroking it furiously in the process. Cum rained down like a shower; gobs landing everywhere. Chris' vision was a blur as his body was gripped in a rolling wave of ecstasy. He watched deliriously through a blistering sexual haze as his orgasm drowned his Mother with an endless onslaught of cascading ball snot.

Oh, yeah!" Lois panted. "Give it to me... all of it! Come on sweetie! That's it... all of it!" She continued to pump the rock hard organ, its beat-red tip still relinquishing a healthy dose of man goo. Chris had quite the back up and Lois Griffin was the willing target. While it seemed to take minutes, the whole display took all of thirty seconds... if that. To Lois... it seemed like forever. And then finally, it appeared his balls ran dry because the squirting finally came to an end. Lois milked out the last few drops, her hand, arm and face literally drenched with jizz still warm to the touch.

Chris panted and sighed, opened his eyes and admired his handiwork.

"Wow!" Chris laughed, "That was awesome!" His Mother kneeled there looking up at him. She was totally covered. There were streams of white all over her hair and across her face (a huge blob the size of a quarter splattered onto her forehead and was clinging there nicely...) as well as her neck and her shoulders. There was also a long strand that started from the top of her head that ran all the way down her face, nose, lips and chin, finally ending on to her left breast, pooling in her cleavage.

"Let me get a picture of that!" Chris said as he reached for his iPhone.

"No Chris... don't take a picture, please!" Lois groaned through a semen glaze.

"Hey! If you want this dick... and I know you want it... I get to take a few shots...hey... that's funny! A few shots... get it?" Chris clicked away as Lois sat there resigned.

"Yeah... I get it..." Lois groaned "You bastard!"

"God, that was epic!" Chris beamed.

It took Lois a ten minute shower to clean up but it took less than ten seconds to get Chris hard again so Lois could take her turn. Once he was rock hard the second time, she made him lie back on the bed so she could hop on top for a ride and satisfy her own needs. Like his father, Chris had a "gut", so "bull riding" was the referred position for the two of them. She pushed down with her hips until her pussy buried his entire shaft as deep as it would go. She immediately felt the tip of his dick brush against her cervix. Once she found the right angle, she proceeded to hump the lights out of her teen age son.

"Oh.. oh, yes... yes!" Lois hissed as she got into a satisfying rhythm. Grinding her hips at just the right pace, she felt her orgasm blossom like a billowing flame.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" She cried out as she rubbed her clit against his erection with a rapid back and forth motion. Leaning forward, Lois supported her effort by placing her hands on Chris' shoulders. This allowed her to grind her pussy at the perfect angle. In seconds, she climaxed... twice! One orgasm bloomed right on the heels of the other.

"Oh, Gawd!" Lois whimpered as her climaxed stretched on. Finally, the sensation dimmed and she was spent. Her head drooped as she rolled off his still hard cock. Lois Griffin laid there beside Chris draping an arm over her eyes, taking a moment to catch her breath. Chris grabbed his cock and started fisting the still firm appendage. In less than a minute, he knew he was going to come again.

"We're not done yet!" He announced as he stood up, his cock waving around like a tree branch. Pulling his Mother by the legs, he moved her close to the edge of the bed, spread her legs and promptly pushed his cock into her wet pussy.

"Oh, my!" Lois protested mildly.

"My turn again!" Chris said as he started pounding Lois Griffin's snatch. Holding her ankles aloft, Chris closed his eyes and worked his hips with an energetic zeal. His considerable gut undulated with the repetitious motion, his monster cock jack-hammering his Mother's well lubricated pussy. Chris felt another "big one" just a moment away.

"Oh... oh... yeah! Here it comes!" Chris almost cried as he came for the second time.

"Now, honey... Chris? I just got cleaned up... so don't..." Lois tried to tell Chris what not to do right when he pulled out and shot another unbelievably huge load.

"Ha! Yeah!" Chris shouted as he grabbed his boner and stroked out a considerable wad all over his Mother's belly and boobs. It didn't matter how much he came the first time, which was a lot... but this was also rather copious and Lois expected no less.

"Jesus!" Lois hissed as Chris jerked off all over her for the second time. She was once again covered in semen from her collar bones all the way down to her pubic hair. A small puddle of semen pooled in belly button.

"Sorry Mom..." Chris sighed. "What can I say? You always make me come a lot..."

"That I do Chris... "Lois Griffin sighed. "That I do!"


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