Family Guy: And The Wiener Is... (The Director's Cut)
By Wilcox

Lois Griffin's heart pounded as trickles of sweat rolled across her heaving
breasts. She pinched her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She gasped
and panted, and then let out a low moan. She arched her back and then heaved
her pelvis up to her husband's greedy mouth, which was vigorously lapping at
her clit and pussy lips. His probing fingers pumped ever so fast in and out
of her love canal pressing against her inner cavern walls.

She had become more sexually needy over the past few months, and her husband
was struggling to satisfy her. It was just after Peter had told her about her
son Chris being deformed that her new found lust had started to take over her
body. She'd been shocked at his comment and she'd pressed her husband about
what he meant. He then told her that Chris had a bigger penis than he did.

"Oh Peter," she'd reassured him. "You know that penises like breasts come in
all sizes."

"Oh yeah, well he's not normal," Peter angrily told her. "He's a freak, I
tell you! Come with me and see for yourself."

She humored her husband by following him into their son's room. He was fast
asleep as Peter approached the bed and lifted the covers, exposing Chris's
naked body to his mother's view. She could hardly believe her eyes as she
gazed at her son and saw his young cock standing at full erection.

'Peter was right about it being big,' she thought. 'Damn, my little boy is
hung like a horse.' It dwarfed his father's average sized one measuring in at
almost a foot long. It was also very thick with protruding veins covering its
rock hard circumference and was crowned with a plum sized head.

"OH MY GOD," she said, feeling her warm and squishy cunt getting all tingly
as she took in her son's immensity and imagined what it would feel like
inside her.

"See what I mean," Peter told her. "He's more of a man than I am."

At the sound of her husband's voice she recovered from her naughty fantasy.
"Oh Peter, get a grip," she told him. Then trying to erasure him she said,
"Oh Peter, it doesn't matter. The size of your penis means as much to me as
the size of my breasts do to you."

It had the unwanted effect of driving him from the room screaming. She heard
him go down stairs, the front door opened and closed and then she heard the
car start and drive off. She stood there, not certain what to do. Then she
couldn't resist lifting the covers to take another look at her son's massive
erection before she went back to her bed. An irresistible urge to touch her
son's huge dick overwhelmed her and she moved in and took it into her hand.

Much later Peter returned and found her sound asleep in bed. He sheepishly
climbed in next to her and fell into a troubled sleep. The next morning Peter
left early for work and Meg and Lois were in the kitchen having breakfast.

"Call your brother," Lois told her daughter. "If he's not up soon he'll be
late for school."

Chris awoke to his sister's call. He started to sit up and became immediately
aware that he had the biggest hard on he'd had ever had. He laid back,
reached down and stroked it. Suddenly all he could see was his mom's red
haired head bobbing up and down. He felt her soft lips closed tightly around
his cock, her tongue sliding around it.

"What the hell was that," he asked himself, "some kind of a flashback from
a really weird dream last night." Chris stood up slowly and went into the
bathroom to take a shower. A few minutes later he was standing under the hot
water, letting it wash him awake. It did absolutely nothing for the throbbing
in his big cock however. He figured, as long as he was relaxing, he might as
well take care of business. As he stood there stroking his hard cock, Chris
kept picturing his mom's head bobbing up and down. He closed his eyes.

In his vision, he could see right down his mom's robe. Her nipples were just
visible inside her nightgown. Just as he was reaching his climax, she raised
her head and looked him in the eye. Her mouth was sucking on the head of his
big cock, one of her hands were stroking the shaft, the other was cupping and
squeezing his balls as he came in her mouth and she swallowed his cum.

The image drove him over the edge and Chris shuddered as he came. Cum shot
all the way across the shower and splattered on the tiles of the shower wall.
He couldn't help it; he just kept cumming over and over. When he finally came
back down to earth and opened his eyes, Chris heard someone knocking at the
bathroom door.

"Chris," his mom called out, "are you okay? You've been in there a long time.
If you don't hurry you'll be late for school."

"I'm okay mom," he replied, ashamed of the incestuous dream and the carnal
thoughts he was having about her. "I'll be down in a minute."

"Okay," Lois called out. "Breakfast is getting cold on the table so hurry

All that day at school Chris was feeling kind of weird thinking about his
mother? Every time his mind would wonder towards last night's dream, he
would suddenly feel horny and guilty all at once. Once home he made it
through dinner then excused him self and went to his room, too ashamed of
his dream to look his mother in the eye. Being a horny teenage boy however,
it wasn't difficult to keep his glances away from his mother's eye because
it was her curvaceous body that found his attention whenever no one was

Chris stripped naked, got into bed and drifted off to sleep stroking his big
dick. His dream that night was really vivid. He dreamt that his mom came into
his room quietly. A board creaked in the floor as she walked up to the foot
of the bed. The soft moonlight coming in through the window washed over her.
She was wearing a red teddy under her robe. One nipple peeked out over the
top. He felt her hand slide gently onto his covers and his cock sprang to
life instantly. She pulled the covers aside and reached for his manhood. Her
hand gently gripped his big dick and stroked slowly up and down the shaft.

"Oh my little boy," she whispered, "You're twice the man your father is ...
you have grown so big, so hard." Her tongue stretched out and licked the
underside of his dick. Her other hand came up under his balls and rolled
them softly. Chris could see her lips open slightly and she kissed the head
of his cock. The tip of her tongue rolled around, making him even harder.
She sucked harder and harder at the head and then suddenly, she took all of
him into her mouth. He felt the head of his manhood brush against the back
of her throat and she seemed to be swallowing his dick.

She was lying sideways on his bed now and her other hand slipped down her
belly and she started rubbing her cunt through her teddy. She was pulling
the crotch of her teddy so tight, Chris saw her pussy lips slip out around
the fabric. She seemed like she was trying to pull her teddy up into her

Just then, she let go of his manhood just long enough to reach across her
chest to pull her teddy down. Her tits sprang out full and round. Her nipples
were pointing up proudly. Her tits would have had girls half her age turn
green with envy. Chris longed so bad to touch them, to take them into his
mouth and nibble on those pert nipples. Her sucking never missed a beat as
she deepthroated every inch of his cock.

Chris looked down in time to see her lift her mouth off of him as she pulled
the crotch of her teddy away and sank two fingers deep inside her cunt. He
couldn't take it anymore, and just as she moaned in ecstasy, his cock started
spurting. Chris's cum sprayed all over her face and tits. As the first drops
started hitting her, she clamped her mouth back onto his cock and started
sucking him dry. He could feel the suction from her mouth down into his balls
as she swallowed load after load of his potent teenaged cum.

And then it was morning. Chris rolled over in his bed right into the results
of his wet dream. 'Oh dammit,' he thought, 'I'd better take care of these
sheets, or Moms gonna see this. But I guess it can wait until after

Chris put on some clothes and went down stairs for breakfast. Lois was
standing by the breakfast table watching the TV on the counter. Chris felt
his face go red when he noticed the color of her robe matched the teddy she
was wearing in his dreams. He froze, trying to decide if he was ready to
face her after his dreams the past two nights and his shower yesterday. He
knew he couldn't control his dreams, but he still felt like he was caught
with his hand in the cookie jar. She turned around and he let out a breath
he didn't know he was holding. Underneath her robe, she was wearing her
black nightgown.

"You're up early," she said, "considering it's a Saturday."

"I was hungry," he said, "must have woken me up."

They ate breakfast in relative silence. Lois read her newspaper and drank her
coffee, while Chris ate his cereal and tried to keep himself from blushing.
He finished his cereal, excused himself and went upstairs to change his
sheets. As ashamed as he felt, he couldn't stop his dreams and each morning
he'd wake to wet sheets.

* * *

Ever since the night Peter told Lois about the size of their son's penis, he
was trying his best, but it still found her wanting and needing more. He'd
be sound asleep when she slipped out the bedroom door in the middle of the
night, only to return a half-hour or so later with a satisfied smile on her

Lois even resorted to buying and using a large rubber cock during the day
while her husband was at work. She was nearly caught on several occasions by
her kids as she tried to satisfy her needs. She worked out and jogged for
miles everyday trying to curve her desire for sex, only to have the feeling
to return a few hours later.

Peter was a very good cunt licker, and succeeded in making her cum several
times. He however, did not last long inside her hot pussy. He would thrust
as fast and as hard as he could, and would occasionally bring her to another
orgasm, but still that would not be enough for Lois. Peter was worried that
she would seek someone else if he could not satisfy her properly. His
permanently horny neighbor Quagmire came to mind, as did his black friend

Lois's attention was suddenly drawn to her bedroom door as Peter ate her out.
She sensed that someone was watching through the partially opened door. The
lights were on in the bedroom, but off and dark on the other side. She stared
into the shadows feeling eyes meeting hers. She knew that someone was there.

Peter was getting worn out, so he claimed on top of his incredibly sexy wife.
He grunted as he thrust his cock into his wife's steaming cunt. He had been
working all day and was already tired, but he gave it all that he could. He
pounded his cock as deep as it would go, straining his muscles as he used all
his strength to drive his cock ever deeper.

Lois's attention was still drawn to the shadows, even though her body reacted
strongly to her husband's efforts. She felt her husband tremble and his cock
pulsate between her inner walls, and then the sudden blast of his thick cum
flooding her cunt much too soon. Her body responded releasing the floodgates
of yet another orgasm, but her eyes were fixed on the darkness. Peter huffed
and heaved, and then rolled onto his back. Lois continued to lay on her back
with her legs spread wide, her nipples between her fingertips, and stared at
the darkness.

She felt the darkness move and she slowly got up from the bed. Peter laid
naked, snoring in a deep sleep. She tiptoed across the soft carpet into her
bathroom. She stared into her own eyes as she ran warm water in the sink.
She splashed the water over her face and then filled her small douche bottle.
Her mind was still focused on the darkness. She was still aroused and alive
with desire. She wiped the sweat from her body after rinsing her husband's
cum from her hungry pussy.

Her son's huge cock was calling her, as it did almost every night. She turned
off her bedroom lights and left her bedroom quietly shutting the door behind
her. The soft moonlight coming through window at the end of the hall glowed
across her perfectly naked form as she slowly walked down the hallway,
finding herself standing in her son's doorway.

The moonlight shone through Chris's window and fell across his naked chest,
leaving his face hidden in the darkness. His stomach slowly rose and fell
and she couldn't tell if he was asleep or not. The thought that it was Chris
shape she'd seen in the darkness hypnotically drew Lois from the doorway.
She approached his bed stealthily as she usually did at this time of night,
only this time Chris reached out to his mother as she came to stand by his

It was him in the darkness, she thought, unable to stop herself from getting
into her son's bed and bringing her lips to bear on his. She gave in to her
incestuous desires as her tongue explored his mouth. He pulled her down on
top of his naked body, running his hand along her back to her soft finely
shaped ass. He hadn't been dreaming all these nights, Chris now knew.

He'd fought to stay awake tonight and on a bathroom visit he stopped at his
parents bedroom door. He heard the sounds of their lovemaking and he couldn't
resist pushing the door open a crack to watch them as he jerked his dick
wishing it was he and not his father on the bed with his sexy mother.

The passion of their kiss increased and their tongues fought to dominate the
other's. Their hands flowed freely over each other's body. Lois lifted up a
leg over him, grasped her son's powerful prick and guided the head to her
dripping cunt. Chris lifted up and took his mother's firm tits in his hands,
and brought his greedy mouth down on her nipple as Lois lowered herself down
on his mighty staff.

"Ahhhh!" Lois moaned out her pleasure as she lowered a little, enough for her
to drag his enormous cock head through her drenched gash. She purred at the
sweet sensation she felt by having her wet inner sanctum massaged by her
son's thick cock. As his fat cock head found her tight hole she instinctively
lowered herself. Lois moaned loudly as her tight cunt accepted his huge dick.
Her cunt lips stretched to the max as she lowered herself further. A strong
adrenaline rush ripped through her veins as she took in another man's cock
for the first time since she'd married Peter.

She continuously lowered and raised herself, sliding up and down on his
massive teenaged meat. Lois started trembling as his manhood fueled her inner
most carnal desires. Lois's cunt worked feverishly to adjust to his enormous
size. Feeling comfortable she could handle him, she lowered down as her son's
big cock and easily passed her husbands depth.

She raised slightly then slid down his enormous pole again and again. She
took him in deeply but hadn't fit it all in yet. As she has never felt such
a long, thick cock inside of her before, something inside of her clicked.
His massive teenaged meat pushed her to the limits and she was now ready to
get down to some serious fucking.

Chris licked, bit, and sucked hard on his mother's tits, one after another.
Lois road her young steed roughly, taking him deeper than she'd ever felt
before, which brought her more and more pleasure with each hump. Her soft
cries echoed in the darkness. Even the moon favored them, shinning its light
over their glistening incestuous forms.

She bounced up and down as his big rod slid in and out of her wide stretched
cunt. She rode her son's big cock like she was in a rodeo. She couldn't seem
to get enough of his thick cock. Chris slid his hands down to grip her firm
meaty ass and watched in excitement as his sexy Mom's cunt milked his massive
cock as though she had fingers inside it. Her cunt felt so sweet to him as it
gripped his cock tightly and started to really adjust to his enormous size.

His hands crawled back up over her hot sweaty body to her big full 36C tits
as she rode him like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco. Her firm breasts were
melting in Chris's hands and her nipples got even harder within seconds as
he circled them ever so lightly with his fingers. The only thing he could
hear now was her moans and pussy squishing along with the metallic groans
of his overworked bedsprings.

As she rode on his pole, he watched intensely as his thick cock glistened
with her juices in the moon light. Every time his Mom landed, Chris could
here a loud squish. He couldn't take it anymore, as he wanted to really let
her have it. He rolled his Mom over so he was on top of her and started to
fuck her brains out. As he powerfully thrusted, he repeated landed all he
had into her narrow passage. Lois screamed in delight as he pounded her
pussy with his long thick cock.

The intense feeling of being fucked by such a large cock made Lois have one
orgasm after another. Her horny son looked down at her with wild lust crazed
eyes as he powerfully pounded his huge prick into her faster and faster. She
was bucking wildly as she moaned in delight and Chris was amazed by how hot
and wet he was making his sexy Mom. He pulled out of her, rolled her
trembling body over and positioned himself behind her. Lois raised her ass
high on her knees, as she arched her back, in an offering to her big dicked

Chris guided the head of his hard dick to his mother's hot pussy. He took
her by her hips and slammed the length of his cock to the hilt as she gasped
loudly. He pounded her pussy with all his strength. His powerful thrusts
shook her soft cheeks with every stroke. He couldn't believe it as he looked
down and saw his gigantic cock as big and hard as he has ever it pistoning in
and out of his mothers incredible heart shaped rear end. She was wiggling and
undulating her sexy ass as she pushed back into his thrusts and the sight was
almost more than he could take.

"Yes honey, fuck mommy good!" Lois screamed. "I need your long thick
horsecock so bad! Fuck me baby ... fuck me!"

Chris carried on with abandon; thrusting his cock, pounding his mother's
needy pussy with new found strength. His cock filled her as it drove
completely to her soul as he gave her the ass-pounding fuck that she so
desperately needed. Lois buried her face into the pillows to muffle her
constant moans as her big dicked son sawed her in half for what seemed
an eternity.

Finally he couldn't take it anymore as his Mother's sweet pussy milked him
powerfully. With a mighty thrust, he landed all he had inside of her. His
body tensed as his testicles exploded. As Lois, barely able to speak, cried
out, "OHHHHH MYYY GODDDDDDD .... YESSSSSSSS!" Chris shot load after load of
his thick warm cum into her quivering body. He pulled her against him as hard
as he could as his tremendous cock emptied inside of her yearning pussy.

He stayed buried deep inside of her, his cock showing no intention of going
soft as he slowly pumped her from behind. After a couple of minutes to regain
his breath, Chris withdrew his cum drenched cock from her pussy and moved it
to her tiny puckered little rosebud. Without warning, he caved his mother's
anus inward and drove his cock deep up her ass before she realized what he
was up to.

"Ahhh! My ass!" Lois screamed as her son's long thick cock pounded deeper and
deeper until her buns were pressed tightly against his loins. He held still
then, savoring the glove tight grip of his Mother's sweet little ass. Then
when he felt her begin to move back against him he began a slow hip pump that
grew and grew in speed and power. Chris was relentless as he sodomized his
sexy mom's tight little asshole.

He shifted to one knee as her pulled her ass back against his powerful
thrust. Lois's orgasm rose above any other she had before. After a long hard
very deep butt fuck Chris's cock finally erupted, filling her anal canal with
his thick cum. The two of them collapsed on the bed with Chris's softening
cock still in her ass as Lois fell into a deep peaceful sleep cuddled in her
son's arms.

Early the next morning Peter awoke and when he turned over he was surprised
to see Lois's side of the bed empty. He got up and when he opened the
bedroom door he heard the sounds of his wife's cries of pleasure. Curiously
he followed the sounds out into the hallway and found that they were
emanating from Chris's bedroom. He tried to comprehend what he was hearing,
then he slowly pushed the door open to see with his eyes if what his ears
were telling him was true.

Peter stood in the doorway dumbfounded at the sight of his wife and son in
bed together. He struggled with the horror of their incestuous coupling, then
the more he thought about it the better he felt and suddenly his anxiety was
gone. Who better to help him satisfy his wife than his own son, he thought?
It was a much better solution than his horny friends taking advantage of
Lois's growing hunger for sexual pleasure. He just couldn't stand the ongoing
thought of his neighbor Quagmire fucking Lois.

Chris was the fruit of his loins and a sudden sense of pride at fathering a
son with a huge penis hit him. Peter entered his son's bedroom and moved
towards the bed where his wife was riding his son's big cock like a cowgirl.
He was watching intensely as Chris reached up and filled his hands with her
big bouncing tits, then looked down to see his son's thick cock glistened
with his mother's juices. Everytime she landed, Peter could here a loud

It was more exciting than he could have imagined. Peter couldn't take it
anymore and moved in on her from the rear. He was rested and eager to join
them. He got on the bed positioning himself behind his wife. The feel of
the movement behind her caused Lois to look back over her shoulder. She was
apprehensive at being discovered, but Peter's naked presence and the lustful
look in his eyes assured Lois that every thing would be ok. She leaned
forward on her son while her husband fit his cock against her ass.

She was pushing down to meet Chris's upthrusting hips and feeding him her
full thrusting tits. Then she smiled as she felt her husband's hard blunt
cockhead push in against her tightly puckered anus. Lois's eyes widened as
Peter caved her tiny puckered anus inward and slipped in.

She was so hot and horny at the thought of the two men in her life fucking
her that a powerful orgasm rippled through her. After taking Chris's big cock
up the ass her anal canal was primed for anal sex now. There was no pain;
just a warm wonderful feeling of being stuffed full of hard thick cock as her
husband buried himself deeper and deeper.

She groaned and relaxed as Peter slipped in a few more inches as he pushed
her lush, big-titted body down onto Chris to give himself full access to her
tight little asshole! Groaning in pleasure she relaxed even more and Peter
drove forward up her tight asshole until he was buried to the hilt.

"God you're so tight!" her husband said gripping her flaring hips, holding
her tightly against his loins.

At the sound of his father's voice Chris froze in terror. Then realizing what
was happening and that everything was OK, he began to thrust up in his mom
once again. "Mom's a great fuck, huh Dad?" Chris said filling his hands with
her big jiggling tits once again.

"Yes son," Peter replied proudly. "The best. Now fuck her good, the way she
deserves and needs. She's a very horny woman and we're going to have to work
long and hard to keep her satisfied Chris."

"Don't worry dad," Chris smiled. "I'm up for it."

They worked up a rhythm, each feeling the other's thick cock through the thin
membrane separating them. She found herself trapped and loving it between her
husband and son as they sandwiched her, pounding their demanding dicks to the
hilt on every powerful thrust of their hips. She was in fuck heaven as
incredibly intense feelings of orgasmic rapture overwhelmed her, leaving her
awash on an orgasmic sea of lust. She milked their hard deeply embedded dicks
with complete abandon as she struggled to satisfy the horny need that had now
built itself into a firestorm.

What none of them noticed was that Meg was intently watching their lewd
performance from the doorway as she fingered her juicy young cunt. She'd
awoken early with the need to relieve her bladder and after leaving the
bathroom was drawn to the strange sounds coming from her brother's bedroom.
Peter had left the door open and Meg's eyes popped open in shock as she
watched her mother begging for her father and brother's long thick cocks
as they double-teamed her.

Meg watched her father and brother tense up as their fully embedded cocks
erupted simultaneously, flooding her mother's fuck holes with huge gushing
loads of thick creamy jism. The first orgasm of Meg's young life hit her
then as she watched her mother overtaken by a powerful orgasmic release.
Meg's eyes burned with glazed over sexual pleasure as she watch her mother
throw back her head, screaming for them to fuck her hard and deep!

The overwhelming orgasm smashed into her like a freight train, spreading
from Meg's pussy and coursing throughout her body, leaving her shaking and
convulsing in climatic ecstasy leaning against the doorway. Meg looked on
in disbelief while her mother seemed to love being fucked in her cunt and
ass at the same time! It was something she'd never even thought possible.
She knew about the birds and bees and where babies came from but this sexual
depravity was way beyond her tender years of understanding.

The three hot sweaty bodies on the bed fell apart and when Lois had a chance
to quiet down and regain her senses, she realized that her daughter had been
watching her wantonly fuck Chris and Peter. She noticed the unmistakable look
of sexual passion in her daughter's eyes and said, "Get over here young lady.
Spying on people is very naughty and since you now know what's going on, it's
time you joined in."

"Oh, mother," Meg said as she slowly approached the bed, "what are you going
to do?"

"I'm not going to do anything, right now," Lois smiled. "We'll save that for
later. Your father and brother are going to take care of your education at
the moment."

Taking Lois's lead Peter grabbed his young daughter and pulled off her
nightgown, leaving her naked! "Look at her nipples, Chris," Peter said,
"they're already hard!" Meg felt a shiver ran through her body as her
father pulled her onto the bed beside him.

Peter was too spent at the moment to actually fuck her the way he wanted too,
so he slipped down between her spread legs and utilized his oral skills on
her juicy young pussy. The intense feelings of her father's incredible tongue
action on her clit and cunt soon sent Meg soaring once again in screaming
orgasm. Lois smiled happily as she watched Peter indoctrinate her daughter
into the joys of incestuous sex then she noticed that Chris's mighty dick was
once again standing tall and proud.

"Let her suck your big prick honey," she instructed him. He moved up to his
knees, rubbed his dick against his sister's face and Meg turned to see the
big eye in the head of her brother's prick staring straight into her own.

"Open your mouth honey," Lois said. "Cocksucking is something your going to
love, trust me. Use your tongue baby ... that's it ... now work your lips
around your brother's big cock and suck it like a lollypop."

Lois watched happily as her loving family engaged in an incestuous threesome.
She had her attention locked onto Meg's performance when she felt a tongue
slide through her cum drenched slit. She snapped her head around to see
Brian, the family dog, lapping up her juices as naturally as if he were
drinking from his water bowl. His long rough tongue felt so good that she
spread her legs wider, giving him total access as he brought her to orgasm.

She was gasping in pleasure as he lifted and said, "You know dogs just love
eating a little pussy Lois. Now why don't you roll over and get on all fours
so I can show you what doggie style is really all about?"

She looked down and stared at the size of his massive dog dick. It was close
to Chris's in size and without any conscious thought she moved off the bed
and got onto her hands and knees beside it. Her full breasts were swaying and
jiggling, her naked buttocks waving high in the air. She tensed as Brian's
furry body crowded in behind her toward her nakedly trembling buttocks, his
forelegs grasping at her up thrusting hips!

She reached back between her full, widely spread thighs, grasping Brian's
slippery dog cock to spread her soft silken pubic hair with the tip and guide
its hotly pulsating head to the sopping wet mouth of her eagerly waiting

Immediately, Brian humped forward sending his long rod of hard, thick
animal-cock deep up into the hungrily squirming hole between her thighs! His
heavy, sperm-bloated balls swung down wildly and smacked flatly beneath her
reddish pussy-hair.

"Oh God!" she wailed, her wide blue eyes gaping unseeingly as Brian began
to fuck rhythmically into her from behind like the animal he was. Her head
jarring from his every fierce breast-quivering plunge, she began to move
rhythmically backward to meet his powerful, breathtaking strokes!

With whimpering moans, she lewdly rotated her rounded, hard-working buttocks
back at him with a lewd frenzy. She was grinding her hotly clinging cunt
walls back over the length of his hardened, piercing animal flesh with a cry
of wanton passion as her husband and son double teamed Meg on the bed beside
her bestial ravishment.

The Griffin's from this day forward was the standard for the picture perfect
close loving family to all their friends and neighbors. Only they never saw
what a truly close loving family they were behind closed doors.


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