Family Guy: Brian's Lucky Day (F-best, nc-cons)
by Juggercock

Brian woke up that morning, this was the same as any other morning in the
Griffin household. Brian was bored he needed to do something new and
exciting. He had already fucked all the female dogs in town and it just
wasn't exciting any more. That morning it was just Brian and Lois in the
house because Peter had taken the kids for breakfast and Lois didn't feel
like going.

Lois came down the stairs wearing nothing but her bathrobe, she was naked
underneath. Her big tits bounced as she walked down the stairs and she was
showing ample clevage. When Brian saw her his big doggy cock sprang to
attention. Lois saw this and thought he must be horny for some doggy ass.
After seeing Lois like this Brian vowed to fuck her. Lois petted Brian and
fed him, Brian took this oppurtunity to look down her robe and lick her
clevage. Lois giggled as he did this. "Silly dog," she said.

But Brian was no silly dog when she bent to give him his water he bit on to
her robe and pulled the whole thing off. Lois was shocked as stood there
naked, the cool air hardening her nipples. Lois reached for her robe but
Brian would not give to her. Brian jumped on top of the naked Lois and
forced her on the ground. She was powerless against him despite being much
bigger. He licked her tits and face. Then he licked her feet. Then he moved
on to the main course Lois's hot pussy covered in a thin layer of rich dark
brown pubic hair. He licked her pussy all over and she got extremely hot
and wet. She had an orgasm and came all over Brian's face.

Lois was really starting to like this. She got on all fours and told Brian
to do it doggy style. Brian came up behind her and stuck his 10 inch doggy
cock striaght up her beautiful pussy. She screamed in both pleasure and pain.
Brian and Lois were haivng the time of their lives. Brian finally came inside
of her, his doggy sperm running up her cunt. Lois also came 8 more times.

Then Lois said, "I'm the one having all the fun now its your turn." She took
Brian's huge cock in her hand and stroked it gently. She then put it in her
mouth and gave Brian the blowjob of a life time.

Just then Peter and the kids walked and Peter did a double take. He screamed,
"Lois, what the fuck are you doing!"

Right after that they got a divorce and Lois spent the rest of her days
having hot sex with Brian and other dogs.


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