Family Guy. Season 8.

Inspired by the episode script written by Alex Carter & Andrew Goldberg.

I don't own Family Guy or its characters. This is just an erotic parody. I make nothing from the writing of this story.

Mm-oral, sexting, Mf-teen, oral, anal, toys, f-solo.

N.B.: The character Richard 'Duke' Belluxi I stole from the horror novel 'Succubi' by Edward Lee.

Family Guy: Dial Meg For Murder
by Nickamano.

The tiny, cramped prison cell was a waking nightmare for Luke and had already been that way for over two years of his five year sentence.

Faded white-washed plain brick walls you could touch with outstretched arms if you were standing in the middle of the low ceilinged room. A dank, mildewed, steel toilet and sink with no hot running water took up the rear of the cell. A steel framed, wire bunk bed with the thinnest mattress and even thinner sheets, filled the right hand space. And with a forth wall made of bars there was no privacy whatsoever. All that and a cell-mate who was twice Luke's size, strength and aggression, who demanded his balls emptying twice a day was the icing on the hell-cake.

Therefore, the little teenage jail-bait temptress, Megan Griffin was his only escape from the harsh unrelenting reality of Rhode Island's John Moran Medium Security Correctional facility.

* * *

Luke, lying on his bunk after lights out, gazed with throbbing, wanton desire at the portrait filling the five inch HD display of his contraband cell phone. The essentially unremarkable looking teenager filling the screen was smiling widely in the candid shot. The sexy, even dirty, glint in her eyes was plain behind the round rimmed glasses. Her pretty (in his, admittedly desperate, view), pale round face with cheeks flushed, full overly rouged lips and small dainty nose, was framed alluringly by slightly dull brown bob-cut hair, its style was a little dishevelled and unkempt and half concealed under the seemingly ubiquitous pink woollen beanie-cap. She was topless in the picture, her palms covering her nipples while lifting and pushing the orbs of her medium size breasts together, high up on her chest. It was an unadulterated promise of sexiness, all the while keeping back something of herself. It was a great shot, all the more sexy for what it promised but kept hidden.

Of course, he had many other photos and video clips of her that were far less suggestive, most of them outright obscene, showing everything she had to offer in glorious well lit and well defined HD. But the candid topless smiling image held something unquantifiably special for him.

As people, they were really polar opposites as far as Luke recognised. He was handsome on the outside but inside he was corrupt, selfish, manipulative and deceitful. Whereas Meg came across as the pretty girl-next-door type, not model material by any stretch of the imagination but real-world pretty. Her body somewhere between curvaceous and overweight, but something about her oozed sexuality and it wasn't just in his mind's eye.

However, inside he felt she was innocent and pure, sweet and kind... And infinitely corruptible. And that was why he liked her so much. That was what turned him on about her the most. That was why he put so much hope into her and into their relationship. Now if only he could find a way of cancelling out the distance between them, the prison bars keeping them apart, both figuratively and literally.

* * *

He had met Meg through a prison/high school pen-pal program and had detected a sense of something sexually dirty and desperate about her which had interested and excited him, so he had asked to carry on the exchange of letters beyond the usually allotted duration. She had ecstatically agreed and they had been writing to each other for months now.

At his behest she had smuggled a cell phone to him inside a jar of KY jelly, though he had been surprised she had made no mention of the need for the lubricant. Since the arrival of the cell phone their communication had blossomed in both regularity and, much to Luke's reassurance, blatant eroticism.

They Skyped often though how he could always manage to get such a strong wi-fi signal from seemingly anywhere in the prison he was unable to comprehend. And best of all she was always open to his every desire.

From the very start he had played on her vulnerabilities, her self-loathing, her loneliness. He 'counselled' her, befriended her, sympathised and listened to her complaining and whining, especially about her abusive family and being bullied by all the other school kids. She told him of her likes and dislikes, her hobbies, her favourites. He made lists between chats, of music and occasionally poetry, that he knew would speak to her and suggested his choices to her when he deemed the time right, baiting the hook.

He used his artistic choices to narrow down the extent of her problems. He loved introducing her to new bands that would speak to her psyche and used his artistic choices to focus on the kinds of issues she struggled with, to better understand and manipulate her.

Learning of her love of Cold Play gave him an easy opening. Joy Division and The Smiths were a step too far for her, but on listening to some of his other suggestions, Luke was gratified that she liked The Cure and Evanescence... But he really reeled her in with a James song called 'Getting away with it'... She loved that track and they talked about it often, the 'truth' in the lyrics, the building pleasure of the music, the way it spoke to her and her own feelings. That was always the kicker. She said she played that particular track over and over again, while she reread their text and Skype exchanges and looked at the photos of Luke that he had sent to her.

* * *

Unfortunately, it wasn't long before his cell-mate, Richard 'Duke' Belluxi, discovered the cell phone and the existence of Meg and from that moment things started getting difficult and more and more risky.

Luke was forced at first to share the cell phone and then the pics and text exchanges of Meg with Duke who used them to enjoy himself. And soon Duke had his own demands for specific photos from Meg. Fortunately, the teenage girl didn't seem to have much of a moral compass or sense of embarrassment or lack of trust when it came to Luke and he knew that she would do whatever he (or Duke, through him) would ask of her.

There were always opportunities for him to request gifts of amateur pornography from Meg, even when her mood was very negative to start with. She was often upset and needed to off-load onto him at the beginning of their Skype dates, but afterwards she always felt guilty at her constant state of whinging to him and liked to make it up for him by offering sexual favours, she would always grant him his every desire for photos, video clips and texting fantasies. Those were always his favourite moments and what made enduring all the incessant moaning and complaining worth it.

Before the cell phone, their letters too had very quickly become flirtatious in nature and he often got her to share past sexual exploits with him. But it really blossomed when he received the cell phone and the photos started to arrive.

He had started carefully, with 'safe' requests for pretty portraits. Quickly finding himself offering her make-up tips to improve her look, glasses off, ruffled hair, sexy pout, wet lips etc. Then he got her to start to dress a little more risque for him, tighter more clingy clothing, short skirts, v-neck tops, more and more cleavage, then topless though hiding her nipples as she had been in his favourite candid shot.

The first Skype date had been a throwing down of the gauntlet, as he had made request after request for poses. And Meg, with the bottle of alcopop to encourage her, had ended up naked with her legs spread showing off her naked pussy and anus, perky full breasts, with super stiff nipples, all in close up. After that it was nothing to get her to send well lit HD photos of all her goods in tight pristine close-up.

Since then he had received video clips of her finger banging herself to orgasm, while obviously and vocally fantasising about Luke himself.

Last week, Luke had asked her to buy herself a dildo as close to his own (already disclosed) erection dimensions as she could find and to show him just what she could do with it.

She sent him a video clip that night showing off her purchase - a deep-pink soft latex dildo, eight inches long with a slight curve, a broad mushroom shaped crown and thick with moulded veins. And then she proceeded to slowly and deliberately push it all the way down her throat, until only her fingernails gripping the circumference of the cylindrical base stopped it from vanishing down her bulging throat altogether. She even kept her wide, tear-brimming, baby brown eyes glued to the camera as she swallowed the beast and drool splashed her full red lips and trailed down her chin as she withdrew it. All of which added another level of eroticism to the twenty second clip.

Afterwards she had ended their usual Skype date by masturbating herself vigorously with the pink latex dildo (which she now called baby Luke) in extreme close up, wearing a cosplay school uniform. She was so turned on that when she climaxed, biting her knuckles to keep from crying out, she gushed her cum all over the camera. She ended the date by giving Luke a smear-imaged eyeful of her deep throating the dildo again and sucking her own cum from the veined, ridged length of the big plastic phallus.

* * *

The previous night Duke had taken over. However, unlike every night thus far when Luke had been forced to suck Duke's big hard on and swallow his load, while Duke was reading through the sexting back and forths and watching Meg's video performances after the fact, that previous night Duke had taken over the Skyping date, blocking the cell phone's camera lens and texting instructions to the live feed of Meg on her bed, while Luke worked hard down at his bloated, flabby groin.

Duke, pretending to be Luke, had gone to town on both Meg and Luke, calling the teenager a whore, a slut, a dirty cum bucket and a filthy little cunt while instructing her to fuck her own ass with the dildo and simultaneously use a handy candle (that he had spotted on a shelf above her bed) in her soaked pussy. At the same time he had his free hand gripping Luke's short sandy blond hair and forcing his mouth up and down his hard cock over and over, harshly raping the younger man's throat while he simultaneously humiliated his girlfriend from afar.

Meg had blanched at first at the seeming change to Luke's usual horny but loving tone, but she soon accepted the new dominating, brutal language and contemptuous commands. She seemed to grow into the submissive role quickly, instinctively actualising what was demanded of her and she started to become more and more aroused, personifying the sluttish behaviour of a sexual slave until she was pounding her sore, bruised anus with the thick candle while pounding her throat with the dildo until once again she howled out her climax around the muffling plastic cock and sprayed her bedding and web-cam with her gushing liquid orgasm.

The Skype date had ended with Meg freaking out and hurriedly trying to tidy up, cut the connection and pull her pyjamas on, all at the same time, as someone pounded angrily on her bedroom door, complaining about the noise.

Duke laughing, shot his load down Luke's throat as Meg, almost crying in humiliation, waved a quick goodbye to the web-cam and then ended the date. And then Duke had made Luke suck him off a second time while he replayed the saved videos of the filthy little teenage piece of ass.

* * *

Mentally blanking out what he had been forced to do like always, Luke was relieved and then increasingly excited. Not only hadn't she seemed bothered by the master and slave role-play, Meg had appeared to have been excited by it. And in the early hours, once Duke was snoring away and Luke and Meg were swapping sneaky text messages, the teenage cutie had confessed that she would be happy to repeat it if he so desired. It encouraged him that she could be further manipulated and that maybe he had been playing it safe unnecessarily.

The following day she told him she had sent him a gift or two in the mail. It was an embarrassing parcel once it arrived but the officers passed it on with little more than smirks and the occasional 'weirdo' comment.

Inside were two pairs of Meg's panties, unwashed. And a baggie containing cuttings of both the smooth brown hair from her head and a clump of her curly, wiry pubic hair. The pubic sample was still sticky and sported the scent of her pussy juices. Luke spent a few hours with the pubic hair and panties pressed up against his nose, inhaling her sexual scents as much as he could.

* * *

"Let's see then, fairy. What's she sent you this time?"

Duke wouldn't call Luke anything but 'Fairy'. It infuriated him but he was powerless to do or say anything, in case of retribution.

"I'm just waiting for it to download..."

It was worth the wait. What arrived was a series of slutty shots of Meg in a skimpy black and red Halloween outfit that had faint hints of 'cat-girl'. She had cast off her beanie-hat and replaced it with furry black cat ears, painted on whiskers, thick black eye liner and crimson lip gloss. A black bow tie adorned her slender throat.

There was a tight, shoulder-less cropped bustier with a super-assist d‚colletage that practically hefted her lush and creamy teenage breasts right up, almost under her chin. A skimpy crimson pleated mini-skirt that stopped an inch below her perky though generous ass cheeks. Her plump but toned legs were sheathed in hold up fishnets that vanished in three inch black patent leather stilettos. A black cat's tail curled upward from beneath the skirt's rear.

The rest were similar shots from different angles that grew more revealing and more deliberately erotic, image by image. They were close ups and details with Meg's cute but amateurish attempts at sexy pouts and poses. But the images sent jaws dropping as the convicts flipped through them, showing her without panties, that she was so turned on her pussy juices were trickling down her inner thighs. And best of all that the cat's tail was in fact an anal plug, a fat and deeply thrust anal plug.

"Fuck me! How did you get her to send you such dirty pictures. In my experience the little bitches're usually scared to lead us nasty convicts on too much, in case we go looking for them when we get out."

"She's lonely and alone. Shitty family that doesn't care about her. So she'll do anything for attention. Show her a bit of attention, tell her you like what she likes and she's putty in your hands.

"Plus last week I told her it was my birthday, so she went all out."


Their conversation was suddenly interrupted by increased shouting, banging and whooping noises from an adjoining cell block. Then the alarms started up and seconds later their whole cell block erupted into a cacophony of noise and anarchistic activity. Duke launched himself from his bunk and joined in the chorus.

"Fucking RIOT!!"

* * *

Luke's escape had been entirely fortuitous. He heard someone shouting about the electric controls to the doors having shorted. He grabbed the cell phone and Meg's letters and bolted along with a dozen others. He caught a glimpse of a twenty strong gang of prisoners who had captured three prison guards, one of them a woman.

He avoided looking as best he could but the sounds of her screaming and the tearing of the fabric of her uniform seemed deafening and clung to him afterwards. The rest of the escapee's turned right, into the grounds of the prison, so Luke turned left. He found a lucky and easy way of scaling the outer wall unseen, using a stout branch and electrical wires, shunting his weight forwards to traverse the space between the building and the outer wall and then threw himself into the upper branches of the closest tree, shimmied across and then down the trunk and finally sprinted away into the woods that surrounded the prison.

Luke knew the approximate layout of this part of the state having memorised the area with road maps on an App in the cell phone.

He preyed silently that the riot which was still in full swing, would take hours to break and then there would be the head count, the internal searches and only then would the manhunt begin. It might prove even better if there were a number of escapee's the authorities had to contend with, who would invariably split up and travel in different directions.

The cell phone maps had also allowed him to recognise which direction he needed to head in, in relation to the North-east corner of the prison facility and so he sprinted off through the thickly wooded environment with one place on his mind. It was a good three hours away on foot but he had nothing else to do and nowhere else to turn.

Quahog, Rhode Island. Spooner Street (which was west of down town), number 31.


It took him longer than expected to reach his destination. And then he had to hide out for a long time and it was mid afternoon before he found the house without being spotted by the neighbours or passers by on foot and in cars. They were all back to back houses, reasonable sized with good surrounding yards, five foot fences separating each rectangle of property then well kept lawns, hedges and trees.

He spent a lot of hours in the empty house across the street, or at least in the garage of the empty house across the street. There was a small rusted sliver of a gap in the edge of the garage door that he used to observe number thirty one. He saw people going about their business, cars passing on both sides, criss-crossing in front of him, people emerging from houses walking up or down the street left or right. Some of the same people reappearing after an hour or two.

The occupants of number thirty one were of the most interest to him, of course.

He saw the fat man go out first, the father he assumed. Peter. Then he saw Meg herself, stepping out of the front door. She was wearing white sneakers, figure hugging blue jeans, a bright pink t-shirt and her matching beanie-hat. She looked just the way she had when she had visited the prison. She was accompanied by her younger, overweight brother Chris. They both had school bags and both walked side by side down the street.

Luke felt butterflies in his chest and a definite tingling in his crotch. He watched her carefully, the slow but deliberate pace, the little shudder of her thigh muscles beneath the snug cinch of denim, an off beat quiver of her perky young breasts bouncing slightly under the t-shirt and the flex of generous though tight and pert buttocks. Seeing her live and in the flesh, and surreptitiously to boot, gave him a sudden raging eroticism and his cock stiffened and grew beneath his distinctive orange prison jumpsuit. An hour or so later Meg's mother appeared as well, with a baby and a dog. She was a hot piece of ass too, in a MILF porn-candidate way. Auburn hair cut similar to Meg's, and an hourglass figure, big tits, wide hips, toned ass.

Watching the playful bounce of the mother's full weighty breasts as she strolled down the street, Luke allowed himself a few seconds fantasising of a hot and frantic threesome with the mother and daughter, visualised the two Griffin women paying tribute to his erect cock with their slobbering mouths, hornily tonguing and kissing each other around his throbbing hard on. The tingles in his crotch turned to a vexatious throbbing and his cock hardened again.

He was desperately horny, he had been fighting a constant battle not to masturbate in prison, having to suck Duke's cock twice a day had been torturous enough but that had been the price to pay to keep his ass from getting raped by the freaks in the Correctional Facility. But he had been told, showing displays or yanking his pants down in front of anyone was practically an open invitation and Duke would wash his hands of his cell mate. Luke strongly suspected Duke had been toying with him, stopping him from tugging off and busting a nut, while swallowing Duke's nut's whenever he desired, it had been a power play and sadistic pleasure for the other inmate. Therefore he was head swimmingly turned on at the drop of a hat, his blue balls were backed up and needed emptying in a hurry. The only reason he hadn't blasted his spunk all over the interior of this empty garage a dozen times already was the close proximity of the promise of Meg Griffin's mouth, pussy and ass hole. All right across the street and waiting there for him. Once she got back from school that was. He had decided to save his spunk for her, she wouldn't really have any choice in the matter. Not that he suspected she would ever turn him down in the first place, not with the outright sexual flavour of their back and forth flirtations.

He waited and waited, hungry and horny and afraid, but his desperation for Meg and for the safety she offered him kept him patient and careful. She would hide him, feed him and fuck him, get him clothes and money, even get him out of the state if it proved necessary. He had no doubt of any of those things.

In the mid morning things seemed to come to a stand still. The passing cars disappeared, the pedestrians heading out to do their chorse, or returning from their completing their chores dried up. He watched and waited, seeing no one, hearing no one. He finally dug down deep, grabbed a hold of his strength and determination and then sneaked out of the back of number 30's garage, around the side of the house and then, taking in a deep breath, he ran across the street from the empty property over to a low hedge in the lower eastern corner of the Griffin house. Around the rear of the property he spotted a large tree with a tree house in it. He took another look around, listened, saw and heard nothing and no one and then ran across to the tree and clambered up into the tree house. Then, keeping back in the shadows, he scanned the rear facing windows of the back of the Griffin property.

He struck pay-dirt at once, the closest window to his new hiding place was the upper left bedroom at the back of the house and the quickest glance at the d‚cor and colour scheme confirmed it was Meg's bedroom. He recognised the pastel blue colouring of the walls and the pink or maybe lilac drapes, it was hard to tell through the reflections on the window glass and with the intensity of the afternoon sun. He could make out some of the familiar personal items from the backgrounds of the dozens of photos and video clips she had sent him, like the small fish tank on the low chest of drawers, the posters of Beyonce and some teen heartthrob, Robert Pattinson or Justin Timberlake or whoever.

He could also see that the quickest and easiest way of gaining entry was through the side window, The roof of the sun trap or conservatory or whatever it was was low enough for him to clamber up. Even better, there was a three foot water buttress in the corner that would make a perfect step to get him up onto the roof. And her window was easily accessible from that rooftop.

* * *

It was mid afternoon before he spotted her. She came running into her bedroom, visibly upset, slamming her door closed behind her and throwing herself face down onto the bed, obviously crying her eyes out.

Well he could cheer her up. He had what she needed. Having a good look around, he clambered down out of the tree house, ran across the back garden, staying low and away from the windows as best as he could and then stepped up off the water buttress onto the low roof and climbed quietly up to Meg's bedroom window.

* * *

Luke saw her still on her bed, face buried in her pink, flower patterned pillows, shoulders quivering. It stabbed an erotic thought into his mind, of her in the same position, naked with him on top of her, maybe his hand on the back of her head pressing her face first into that pillow while he ploughed her tight teenage backside with his cock. He was so fucking horny, it wasn't even funny.

"God help her!" He thought to himself with a little snigger. And then he reached up and rapped gently on the window.

Meg looked up and across at once, with surprise rather than shock. But then, wiping her eyes she saw the face and recognised it as Luke and then the shock was there. Disbelief, amazement and then her tearful distraught expression shifted to a sun-filled, aghast wonder and excitement as she hopped off the bed took the two hurried steps that closed the distance between them, then leaned over the window seat and lifted up the well oiled sash of her bedroom window.

"Luke! What are you doing here?" She cried.

Luke leaned in and smiled, keeping his reply subdued, hinting to Meg to do the same.

"I escaped, Meg. I escaped because I just couldn't bear another second away from you."

He fed her a line of course. Knowing she wouldn't question its authenticity. She was that easy to lead on, he had groomed her well and laid all the foundations carefully.

At the same time, it wasn't a complete lie. He did want to be with her, but it was more for protection from the law and to fuck, than because he loved her. But as with everyone, you feed them the line you know will get you what you need from them.

"My God, how did you get out?" She asked with a gasp and a lowered voice.

She was actually pretty cute, he'd seen her close up before but always behind the filthy smeared glass in the visitors area. And more than likely her appearance was tempered by his new found freedom and the promise of three holes to plunder as and when he desired. Which was right now and as often as he could manage.

Her skin was pretty clear for a sixteen or seventeen year old. Christ that in itself made him hornier than a devil. Her big brown eyes were lush and expressive and her love and desire for him reflected in them behind the round lenses of her spectacles. He flickered his eyes up and down her teenage figure, admiring the weighty curves above and below the hourglass inner curve of her waist. She didn't have the impressive bosom of her mother but it was still perkily noticeable and at her age she would still be developing. Of course, he had seen her naked plenty of times via the cell phone but there was something altogether different about her standing only a couple of feet away from him and for once with nothing keeping them apart.

He picked up on her question and hurried to answer it. Going for comedy to ingratiate himself and make her feel at ease. Despite her obvious pleasure at seeing him, she had to be shocked and maybe a little apprehensive. Comedy, and his warm easy personality were the best way to get her reassured and get him safely into her room.

"I filed down a toothbrush to a fine point and stabbed the guard with the most kids." He said, with a cocky grin.

"What!?" She gasped, her face visibly paling. It made Luke laugh.

"I'm just kidding."

"Oh, I'm still getting used to your sense of humour." The girl laughed, giddily, nervously.

Luke caught a glimpse of himself in the reflection of her glasses. His deceptively kind face, the eyes that had girl's swooning even before he got to high school. His hair wasn't bad considering, the brown paler than hers, neither long nor sort and brushed forward. And he had his cool stubble that Meg had more than once confessed turned her on, that she said made him seem older and a bit 'bad-boy-ish'. He had been amused by her describing a convicted armed robber, serving years in prison as looking bad-boy-ish because of a bit of stubble. But whatever she told herself and chose to ignore was perfectly fine by him.

The immediacy and blind acceptance of how she had believed the half truth of the story behind his conviction was another sign of how far she'd actively deceive herself in order to feel loved. It had bolstered his already buoyant confidence in his ability to seduce and corrupt her.

Sure he'd robbed a convenience store, but it had been with a stolen 9 mm Browning automatic, which he hadn't bothered to mention and it certainly hadn't been to buy drugs for his sick mother. But Meg had needed to believe he was a good guy underneath his conviction and so he had embellished the truth a little.

"Actually, there was a riot in the prison yard and I slipped over the fence."

"Well, well quick, get in here before somebody sees you." Meg replied, breathy and concerned.

She quickly reached out and took his hands in hers pulling him toward her. Luke leaned in and clambered in to her bedroom, enjoying the fragrant aromas of air freshener, perfume and shampoo. He quickly dragged down the sash window and then cast his eye around the room. Her bedroom door was shut and there was a closet door alongside it with one of her purses hanging from the door handle.

Her hands, soft and warm and small, clawed up his body from his forearms to his pectorals, reaching higher and with desire, reaching around his broad shoulders, pulling him to her, pressing her soft youthful body against his.

She lifted herself onto her tiptoes reached with her mouth, her eyes closing. Luke didn't hesitate, he lowered himself to meet her, his hands on her waist, pulling her more firmly against him as their lips came together, tentatively for a moment or two.

She was soft and warm against him, demure and giving, submissive from the start. She tasted great too, sweet and somehow fresh. Luke pulled away, playing it carefully still, not wanting to overwhelm her, instinctively knowing how and when to reel her in, to stop short of making her want to push away, even for a second.

"Oh Meg, I've wanted to do that for so long..." He groaned.

He squeezed her against him and let his smouldering eyes fix on her wide glistening ones. She was panting slightly and her still parted lips were wet. Enticingly erotic.

"...That tastes better than a guy's penis, I tell you." He added with a nonchalant laugh, breaking the tension.

A young woman feeling overwhelmed and out of control could be almost as bad for ruining the moment as getting cold feet or second thoughts.

"Ha, Ha! Now I know that was a joke, ha, ha." She laughed, blushing cutely at the image he had planted in her brain.

"Ha-ha-ha. Whatever." He muttered despite himself, though Meg seemed not to notice.

Hers was a pretty laugh too, hearty and warm and decidedly dirty to his ears. She lifted herself toward his lips for another kiss. Luke gave it to her.

He kissed her harder and, groaning a soft, breathy, youthful sound that hardened his already solid erection, she responded to his lead, like ballroom dancer's - the man leading, the woman following.

It grew very passionate in moments and Meg, surprisingly, kept up with him. Matched him. Their sensual waltz quickly igniting from flirtatious tango to full on horny mambo.

Their mutual passion was fiery, obviously led by Luke's pent up long restricted sexual needs but Meg was keeping up with him somehow, their tongues battling like two wildcats, abruptly released mutual lust fuelling them both. Meg panted loudly, an expression of her own feeling, but that was all but drowned out by the animalistic snarl that Luke came out with. He mashed his lips against hers, teeth clicking in their hunger, frantic tongues all over each other's mouths, seemingly everywhere at once.

Meg could feel the saliva trickling into her mouth, pooling and tickling the back of her throat, she gulped and swallowed but knew if she didn't pull away soon she would start to choke and that would spoil this remarkable, passionate kiss.

She caused the interruption despite herself. She gently, tentatively slipped a hand down the rough feeling orange fabric of his prison clothes until her small delicate fingers and palm found and moulded over the pronounced and shockingly hard and hot bulge of his erect cock. Luke lifted his slick mouth away from Meg's and let out a deep pressurised groan of solid horny pleasure.

The teenager, sensing she was doing the right thing, took the opportunity to clear her throat of clogged mingled saliva, and licked her lips while staring up into Luke's hot coal eyes while she squeezed and rubbed what felt essentially to be a very impressive hard on. Of course, he had sent her the photo of it before but there was a world of difference between an image on a cell phone screen and having that actual living thing pulsing and tensing in your hand, responding to your caresses and developing responses in Luke's facial expressions as well.

It was too much for Luke. It had been too long, too much expectation, too much waiting. Too much unfulfilled desire. His self control went out of the window.

His erection was raging, straining against the fly of his dirty orange jumpsuit and bulging with a savage sexual need. He had never felt as hard as this in his life before. And he hadn't emptied his balls in such a long time he knew the first time would be quick but huge. Better to have it sucked out than fucked out, he decided.

He grabbed Meg's hair in one aggressive fist and pushed her urgently down onto her knees before him, one hand fisting in her hair, her beanie-hat popping off her head in his hurry while his other hand snatched at the press stud fastenings of his jumpsuit.

Meg gasped, her eyes bulging and brimming with tears of shock, but her fingers, nails clicking, obediently snatched at the fastenings of his solid, heated crotch. She was obedient, sensing his need and somewhere semi-consciously the danger of not submitting to him. Besides, it was like he had an red hot iron rod stuffed down his trousers.

In less than a second Luke's jumpsuit was torn open then shrugged and yanked down to his hips. The big, solid erection swung out , slapping Meg across the forehead and smearing the lenses of her glasses. But she had no time to react or express the awe she might have felt at finally coming across Luke's physical testament of his desire for her. As Luke's fist in her hair urgently dragged her face first onto it.

She opened her mouth wide, sliding her lips and tongue over her teeth and then it was in, the solid, spongy heat sliding across her tongue, scraping against her palette and pushing right in deep. Luke grunted with a fevered, fervent animal desire, as he pushed his party size erection all the way into her young mouth, until it jammed into the entrance to her throat. But he still wasn't satisfied and with yet another growl, he jerked it onward, piercing her oesophagus and ploughing his length deep into her throat until her lips and nostrils were full of his sweaty, unwashed pubic hair and her neck snapped back, the muscles throbbing in painful protest.

Meg knew what was expected of her and she started to suck and flick her tongue over and around the impressive, choking, throat bruising erection. She gagged harshly, choking on it each time he dragged her head forward and thrust his meat down her throat, but she kept up with him all the same, sucking in long hard drags, licking ferociously, swishing back and forth, using the split second he allowed her to wash the fat, throbbing crown in fast all-over circles when she had the room. And all the while she kept her big glistening brown eyes locked onto his.

"Oh yes! Fuck Meg, fuck! You're so fucking good at this! Suck! Suck it...! Harder...! Yeah! Suck! Suck me! Suck!"

His grip on her hair tightened and his thrusts became frantic. Meg focussed on her breathing, sucking and licking rhythms. He was rough and frantic and demanding, but Meg just told herself over and over again that it was the effect of having been in prison, that it was his feeling of freedom of being released from incarceration that was the reason for his lack of concern and control. And she told herself that once he had got used to it, once he'd spent time with her in the real world he would go back to the loving and tender Luke she had found the connection with, the Luke she had fallen in love with. This was a test nothing more. She just had to surf the wave of his long unsatisfied lust until he was calmer and himself again. However long it took.

She knew enough about men that if Luke had been keeping off satisfying himself in prison, a dangerous pastime she envisioned, there was little chance of him lasting more than a couple of minutes. And she was a good little cock sucker. She had been told so by more than one man in the past. This was going to end very soon.

Besides, she was so ecstatic that she had a proper, loving and steady long term boyfriend now, that even if she had to tolerate lots of constant rough, nasty sex, it would be a small price to pay for that happiness. And when she thought back through all the very short term past relationships she had managed, every guy who had ever elected to fuck her had done her pretty much the same way. Rough. Domineering. Nasty. Hard and selfish. "So what?" Meg convinced herself. A small price to pay.

She couldn't hold his gaze any longer as, as if on cue, his thrusts went into over drive. She squeezed her eyes shut, feeling the hot tears pushed out to splash and trickle down her cheeks. The drool was raked back and forth and each long, fast out-stroke drew the warm, bubbly saliva out over her lips and down her chin, almost like a plunger unblocking a drain.

Luke's thrusts grew erratic some painfully deep, crushing her nose, others were hardly thrusts at all, little pelvic jerks that slipped a half inch of meat between her slick sucking lips.

"Jesus! I'm gonna... I'm... Meg! I'm there, Meg! I'm there! Oooohhh... That's it, you're making me cum! Swallow it! Swallow it all Meg! Swallow! FUCK!"

Spunk erupted with a long wheezing moan from Meg's boyfriend. She felt the initial fire-hose spray slap painfully, like a punch at the very back of her throat, almost making her gag. But even as the sensation and discomfort registered, Meg's mouth was instantly full to bursting with hot, salty fluid. She gulped at it, chugging like she was at a frat party but there wasn't room for all the backed up spunk and she wasn't emptying her mouth fast enough. She felt a pressure in her sinuses and her nasal cavities and again, even as it consciously registered, she felt a fast, full-on facet of pressurised spunk splatter out of her nostrils, bursting over her lips and his thrusting, rapidly pulsing cock.

She gagged, choking as she tried to swallow another mouthful, inhaling spunk as she tried to fill her lungs with much needed air.

Luke kept hold of her head while his balls spasmed their liquid fire into her gulping mouth but coughing fits took over and Meg had to pull away, hawking up spunk and spittle, while Luke let fly the last three uncontrolled ropes of his seed into the air. One splattered in a long ribbon across the top of her downcast head, the second across her momentarily upturned face when, with bad timing, she glanced up at him. And the last one arced down and showered her teenage tits through her already drool saturated t-shirt.

* * *

Afterwards, Meg took a shower while Luke made himself a little sleeping cot, from spare bedding and throw pillows, in the floor space of her closet. He planned on sharing Meg's bed during the nights but when she was out at school and/or he needed a quick place to hide, the little nest in the closet would suffice.

When Meg came back from her shower she brought with her some leftovers from the refrigerator for Luke and a couple of bottles of her dad's Patriot Ale.

He sat at the dresser and downed the beer and the leftovers and watched Meg, sitting on her bed in only a towel, one corner tucked into her cleavage with the length stretching barely far enough to cover her hips and ass, as she dried, brushed and straightened her hair.

She said her mom was downstairs making dinner but they wouldn't be disturbed for at least an hour. Her father wasn't home from work yet and younger brother Chris was out somewhere.

She put on a Beyonce CD to drown out any noise they might make, talking.

The towel was too much of a temptation for Luke, he wasn't particularly hungry and the refreshing, invigorating beer added to the tingles in his balls, his cock was already at half mast again and he wanted to fuck her now.

Luke stood up and stripped off his clothing while Meg had her head down, brushing her hair through.

He came up to her side, hard on at full stretch, jutting upwards at a forty-five degree angle. He knew he looked reasonably good. There was so little to do in prison that the gym equipment was the main source of entertainment available and the food, however awful, was always balanced, as long as you avoided the ground glass and pretended the spittle wasn't there. It had left Luke slender but toned. An impressive six pack, pronounced upper arms, thighs and calves. His pectorals might not be the thick slabs of steak that other prisoners had achieved but he was proud of his appearance all the same. And he loved Meg's reaction, once he reached down to un-tuck the towel from between her teenage breasts and caught her attention.

Her head came up suddenly, big baby browns full of surprise and then her attention was arrested by his naked body, her gaze caressed his muscle tone, shifting slowly from his hungry, horny eyes, down his chest and shoulders, his wiry, bulky arms, his perfect abdominals to the little oily nest of his pubic hair and the thrusting shaft of meat staring her in the face, pulsing visibly with its hard, solid desire.

Luke gently took the brush out of her hand and tossed it, then leaned over her, his intimidating naked musculature inexorably pushing her backward on the bed, flat onto her back with him following her down, his eyes all over her freshly revealed nakedness. As it had been for Meg, this was the first live showing of the teenage girl without clothes. He had seen everything she had to offer through the HD screen of the cellphone but this was an altogether new and exhilarating experience.

Her round face was flushed pink, her lush brown eyes partway between afraid and horny. He stared at her perky breasts, probably low cup, a B or C with a high inch measurement. They quivered, gelatinous, the nipples stiffened proud and flushed pink, as she lay herself out flat under him they shuddered upward and out across her chest. The rest of her torso stretched out straight too and the sweet teenage fat disappeared. Not that it bothered him anyway - soft, cushioning flesh that moved and was warm against him, was better than the gym toned taut and lean girls the modern times seemed to favour.

Her mahogany bush was freshly, neatly trimmed, still glistening with moisture and her vulva were swollen, her little garden pea clitoris clearly visible and dying to be caressed. She was already panting slightly and the flush in her cheeks had already crept down her throat and across her chest. She lifted a tentative palm and encircled his thumping hard erection in one small hand. The apprehension was as palpable as her desire and it was making Luke more and more excited. He wanted to pin her down and plough her into next week, but he would have to force down that aggression. At least for now.

She was shivering as he shifted on top of her, but she maintained the deliberate contact with his stone hard erection, stroking it with her delicate fingertips, squeezing it in her palm, as if testing its strength, as if the firmness was a reflection of his desire for her or his virility. Her other hand pressed against his chest, stroking the muscles, feeling the contours, the peaks and valleys of his abdominals, his ribs, his pectorals, his biceps and shoulders.

Luke went for her breasts and nipples, taking his upper body weight on one supporting arm while with his other hand he cupped a breast and squeezed its warm, soft, pliancy enjoying the gelatinous texture and elasticity under his compressing touch, he pinched her stiff nipple. It was as long and fat as a pencil eraser. He dipped his mouth and sucked at the other nipple, wetting it with his saliva, feasting on the heat and slightly salty taste of her nubile flesh, flicking, probing, pushing at it with his tongue.

Meg responded with a breathy groan, her back arched and her grip on his hard throbbing cock intensified deliciously.

"Do whatever you want, Luke." She panted. "I'm yours."

"I will." He grunted through her engorged nipple.

He could have happily stuck with her responsive young breasts for a half hour or more, but he didn't want to risk loosing his erection or waste the horniness of the moment, so he left them behind and instead kissed a trail down her soft, fleshy belly. He tongued her navel, which seemed to get her even hotter, before continuing downward toward her pussy. Mainly because he didn't want her letting go of his erect cock, he shuffled sideways on the bed, swinging his lower body around toward her face and his head closer to the crux of her thighs.

He wasn't expecting a sixty-nine exactly but Meg was sure ready for it, as he felt her pulling his cock toward her head and shifting her weight to bring herself closer to it and while he spread and kissed the insides of her thighs he felt her hot damp breath on his shaft, her gently pumping grasp shifting further and further back toward the root while her mouth reached for his crown.

Luke laid the loose 'o' of his open mouth right over her clitoral hood and breathed over her. He could smell shower gel on Meg's flesh, he could taste the salt of her sweat and the slight tang of the secretions oozing from her succulent pussy. She let out a long breathy moan at the caress of his hot breath against her clitoris and he in turn felt the breath of her moan wash over his tingling erection, tantalising him even as he teased her.

"Luke, oh! Luke... Oooohhhh..."

He touched her vulva with the tip of his tongue, using his saliva and her own pussy juices to ease the southern path down one side of her pussy lips and then back up and down the other side. At the same time and probably in response, he felt her angle his shaft downward and then envelop the swollen mushroom shaped crown in the damp heat of the inside of her mouth and then she stroked him with the soft, slightly rough texture of the surface of her talented, agile tongue. The touch caused a jolt in his groin, from the swollen crown along the shaft, through his balls and right through his core into the small of his back. Like a bolt of lightning.

Groaning himself, Luke dipped lower still and teased the already soaked entrance to her pussy with the tip of his tongue, probing her, tasting her.

"Luke! Ahhh! Yes Luke! Yes! Ah, ah, ah!"

She hummed her pleasure, which reverberated through his shaft and then again, in response she reached with her lips and tongue and gobbled the whole of his wide brimmed crown into her mouth, experience had her buffering her teeth with her upper lip and her tongue. Slowly this time, teasing him, Meg lathed the slick surface of her tongue across and around the sensitive underside of his crown, then swirled around the side and the top, anointing him, coating him. She switched to the tip and probed his eye, tasting pre-cum trying to slide her tongue inside, washing around and around it while, with two fingers and a thumb she massaged the root, masturbating the lower third of his shaft gently, almost idly. Her other hand was cupping and gently massaging his scrotum and the heavy cum-full testicles.

They played that way for a while, each teasing the other, each responding, trying to up the ante. Meg was the first to cum and she splashed her juices all over Luke's hard working face while he lapped at her clitoris with a take-no-prisoners technique. She squealed and moaned and quivering vibrations shook her soft young body but the cock filling her mouth and prodding at the entrance to her throat gagged her and muffled the vocal element of her climax.

Once she was done, Luke saw no point in carrying on with the sixty-nining. He had already cum in her mouth and she had swallowed his load. He wanted to fuck her now. Like he had been fantasising about for the last few months. Like they both had. It was time and he was ready and she was well lubricated to take it.

He pulled away and repositioned himself so they were face to face. Meg, obediently and excitedly, spread her thighs wide. She lifted her legs up toward her shoulders and grabbed hold of the backs of her knees, laying herself bare for him, inviting him. Giving herself to him. The flush in her cheeks and the glisten in her wide doe-like eyes was, for Luke, the epitome of eroticism, he reached down, grabbed his steel hard cock and pressed it into position.

She was lubricated enough and Luke rampant excitement choked any desire to tease or take his time. He leaned up so he could look down at the ripe young teenager and mashed her breasts in his hands then he thrust his shaft into her, all the way in one firm driving penetration.

"AHHH! Luke...! Ohhh! Jesus yesss!"

Meg arched back and squealed, moaning his name, tossing her head on the pillow even as his thrusts began.

Luke wasn't interested in making it last, or showing off his prowess or technique, he just wanted to fuck, to enjoy her body and the feelings she developed in him and to climax and to dump his load inside her. He had already made her orgasm as well so that wasn't an issue for him.

He pounded her as hard and fast as he could, slamming his hips against her inner thighs, enjoying the cushioning feel and warmth of her generous though fabulously perky young body. Her flesh shook and quivered all over the place, right in front of his eyes, like jello, but always came back to its natural position. He grinned to himself imagining how taut and ripe she would look in a few months when he had literally fucked the excess weight off her. He watched her pert tits shuddering and bouncing to his thrusts, the orbs performing repeated gelatinous waves forward and back beneath him. Sometimes when she lifted her hips or arched her back the waves would swing around to form wild circular motions, the ruddy, hard nipples tracing the ovular movements like tarnished spots on the wheels of a moving car.

Best of all though was the expression on her pretty face, her unkempt hair half falling across her face, the flush to her cheeks, the erotic heat in her big wide brown eyes that stared up at him, as though she were ogling her god. Her pretty eyes glinting in the light, glistening with tears of horny exertion. He wondered how well she could see him with her glasses over on the bedside table.

Her nostrils flared and and her eyebrows lifted into an expression somewhere between pleasure and pain whenever he increased the forcefulness of his inward thrusts, when his cock head bashed into her uterus. It was a sweet and sensual expression, full of youthful passion. Equally erotic to Luke was Meg's alternate look, eyes squeezed shut, the illumination highlighting the globular teardrops that had caught in her lashes, in the corners of her eyes. The way her sketchy eyebrows lifted and furrowed and creases formed in her forehead, the curl of her lips. And better yet, when she would occasionally be chewing on her bottom lip, or alternatively have her mouth slack and open, wet with saliva making silent, unspoken moans between all the panting exultations.

"Ohhh, Luke! Oh Jesus! Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhhhhh, God!!"

He leaned down to capture and suck at a nipple, enjoying the way the other orb slapped against his face with the power of his fucking. He reached up further and kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth, feeling hornily reassured when she did the same back, trying to match him in his lust for her.

"Mmmnnnn! Mmmnnnn! Mmnnnnnn!!"

He lost it. He buried his head into the crook of her neck, grabbed a clawing vice grip of her generous young buttocks and savaged her with his cock, rutting her, hammering the depths of her teenage pussy until his balls unloaded powefully.

He went off like a artillery cannon. His climax was not quite as plentiful as the previous one but it felt bigger, more explosive and to Luke even more pleasurable.

Meg reacted like someone had shoved a cattle prod inside her, as if each heavy spray of hot spunk electrocuted her. She shivered and stammered unintelligible sounds while her eyes rolled back in her head, her whole body writhed as if tortured by each thunderous blast jetted into her teenage pussy. Her stomach felt kneaded, battered, she was covered in sweat and her nipples were so hard they ached.

Afterwards he rolled off her and both of them were too exhausted to do anything beyond panting for air.

"Oh my God, Luke! That was amazing! You made me cum three times! Just with your fantastic cock thrusting into me!! Oh my God! I love you so much!" Meg panted eventually.

Luke's overflow of spunk dribbled slowly out of her swollen, glistening pussy, it pooled on the forgotten towel beneath her and was coating her inner thighs. And post-cum dribbles oozed out of the crown of Luke's slowly shrinking cock, as if the thing was salivating.

It was a good half hour before either of them had the energy to move.

Meg glanced over the the little clock on her bedside table, squinted at it, trying to bring her vision into focus, then grabbed her glasses and then cursed at the lateness of the time.

"Dinner will be ready any minute, I need to get dressed!" She gasped.

She wiped herself down with the towel, then got up to get dressed, but stopped to kiss Luke. The kiss was horny to start with and Luke fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples as they tongue fenced. He felt a stirring in his cock already and silently marvelled at the way she made him so insatiably horny.

"Hurry back, Meg. My dick needs a lot of attention. We've got a lot to do before morning." He said around her lasciviously flicking tongue.

"Whatever you want Luke. Like I said, you can do anything you want to me."

"I will, Meg. Count on it." He laughed.

But then she forced herself out of his embrace and hurriedly dressed.

* * *

After dinner, Meg went straight back to her room and the family didn't see her again until she got up for school the next morning. Which wasn't unusual. No one missed her.

Of course, Luke was waiting for her in her bed with a full blown, straining erection, brought on by his continual raging horn.

He proved his insatiability overnight and Meg only managed four hours of sleep, even knowing she had school in the morning. And trying to keep the two of them quiet, so as not to disturb the family and alert them to a boy in Meg's bedroom, was also hard work.

It was actually more difficult for Luke and Meg that Luke had anticipated. Meg reassured him that they wouldn't be disturbed. As far as the family were aware she was upset about being banned from seeing Luke any more and was grieving the loss of their relationship. Past experience had proved that the rest of them weren't interested in supporting Meg in her grief and depression, so they would be giving her a wide berth for a week or so.

However, Luke had not anticipated being forced to remain in one room all the time, or that they would have to keep the noise down.

He was lying there, half in her bed half on it, naked and looking deliciously tanned in the sunset glow of the bedside lamp. His erection was at full mast, his grin lopsided. Meg gave a little whoop, slammed her door shut, tore her clothes off and then threw herself onto the bed with him. Immediately, his mouth found hers and his hands felt their way onto her breasts and ass at once, while Meg's hands went for turgid his erection and the smooth musculature of his torso.

They whispered to each other as they made out, in between hungry tonguing kisses, sweet nothingnesses, intimacies, eroticisms. Meg sought reassurance often , but Luke was prepared for that, he balanced his responses between giving her what she needed to hear and manipulating her into offering him what he wanted.

They spooned and started fucking again. He tongued her ear and cupped her tits while he slow humped against her generous, cushioning bottom. This time he kept control and used his erection like a dildo, to get Meg off, so she'd feel like she owed him. Following her writhing, muffled, moaning orgasm he pulled out, spun her around and laid her out on the bed on her back with her head hanging over the side and took her glasses off so he could enjoy a long leisurely face fuck.

Meg followed his lead without question, letting him poisition her as he wanted and then opened her mouth wide to accept his pussy flavoured cock. This time he drove it all the way in until she had his weighty testicles covering her eyes then, to Luke's surprise, she started batting her eyelashed quickly tickling the sensitive flesh of his scrotum and increasing his pleasure to an orgasmic peak. And then, with a guttural snarl between gritted teeth, he let fly, seared her gulping, hard working oesophagus with another copious load of his hot spunk.

She needed a little time to recover then, so he dug his way under her bedsheets and between her plump thighs and went down on her for a while.

Once she was biting her knuckles to keep from crying out and he could feel the trembling muscles of her inner thighs creating minor earthquakes against his ears, Luke hurriedly clambered up Meg's teenage body and thrust his throbbing hard on all the way up inside her pussy again, she came at once, letting out a high pitched gasp and he had to slap a hand hard over her mouth to stifle the noise. She almost seemed to enjoy the orgasmic momentary lack of oxygen and he certainly got off on her panicked expression so, once she had a little volume control back, he put his hands to her throat and squeezed a little, choking her, while he pounded away between her legs, loving the bug eyes and 'drowning fish' aspect her pretty face took on.

After a while he released her, twisted her over onto her front and ploughed her from behind for a while, plundering her pussy and bashing the hell out of her lush, cushioning ass cheeks. Again, he didn't pull out when he eventually came, just emptied his balls right up into her, biting on her fleshy shoulder to keep his orgasmic groans subdued enough to remain inside the room.

Somewhere in the back of Meg's pleasure-fogged brain it occurred to her that Luke hadn't once mentioned contraception or asked if she was on the pill or anything. Not that it mattered, Mr Quagmire had plenty of morning after pills and getting a handful off him was nothing serious and nothing she hadn't had to do before.

And besides, according to every lover she'd ever been with, they had all made it very clear that it was her responsibility to deal with that side of things. And surely, if they all said the same thing it had to be correct, didn't it? She settled the issue in her mind. She'd pop by Mr Quagmire's on the way to school in the morning and find out what she would have to do to get her hands on a few morning after pills.

* * *

Meg was awoken in the early hours, when the town was as quiet as it ever got. They must have fallen asleep together as her bedside lamp was still on, but Luke was wide awake again with yet another brick-solid hard on. He was sliding it across her lips, prodding it gently against her eyelids, pushing it under her nose, so the aroma called to her, whispering her name over and over.

Finally awake enough to recognise his desire, she sleepily parted her lips. And then found herself wide awake when he thrust the whole shaft straight down her throat, grabbed the back of her neck to keep her from pulling away and started fucking her face ten to the dozen, groaning her name over and over.

His other hand roamed her nakedness, she hadn't even put her pyjamas on which was pretty much unheard of for Meg, and she was curled up almost in a foetal position. She felt his palm cupping her breasts, fingers pinching and pulling at her half erect nipples, stroking the warm and slightly sweat lubricated cleavage. Then he stroked her slightly bulbous stomach, walked his fingers through her pubic bush, tweaked her clitoris a little too firmly, so it caused an unpleasant jolt through her body which distracted her and made her gag on his thrusting meat. Unperturbed, he reached across her hip and around and down, then shoved two fingers up her bum.

Moments later he was emptying his balls down her throat all over again and both hands were in her hair clamping her mouth hard to his groin while she choked on his heavily pulsing erection as it sprayed rope after rope of his spunk into her already full stomach.

A second after he grunted his satisfaction in her sucking clean of his wilting cock, he reached over and flicked off the beside lamp. Meg felt herself drifting back off to sleep, her taste buds coated with the mingled taste of her own pussy juices and his salty spunk residue. Her final conscious wonderings were if his fingers that had been up her ass hole could have left poo stains in her hair. Ewww.

* * *

She awoke again with the distant first rays of dawn poking into the room from around her closed drapes. And again she was getting fucked. She was lying under Luke, on her back and he was humping away on her while feasting on her naked breasts, burying his face between them, pinching her nipples when he wasn't sucking and chewing on them.

He reached up and slid two fingers into her slack mouth, sliding them across her tongue and right to the entrance to her throat. Meg moaned and then sucked his fingers like they were his cock. Luke responded by groaning into her tit at the feel of her deep throating and sucking or his fingers. The lewdness and promise turning him on even more.

"Jeez this guy's insatiable!" She thought to herself, while she tried not to gag on his fingers. Undecided whether the reality of that was all it was cracked up to be. She was exhausted, sore and sweaty. Her nipples felt raw, chewed up, her breath no doubt smelled rank and he was quite heavy to be lying on top of her pinning her to the mattress, along with the feel of him trying to fuck her straight through it.

But after a while she convinced herself that it was worth it. She was complaining about being an unquestionably desired, sexualised young woman. And what exactly was there in that statement to complain about? She couldn't go moaning about her boyfriend simply showing her how sexually excited she made him. He was professing that to her. It was a symptom of his love and desire for her physically. She had to take it that way.

She reached up and wrapped her arms and legs around him, started shoving back on to his cock, matching his pace and his passion. All the while she whispering guttural, loving and slutty nonsense into his ear, encouraging him, goading him into treating her however he wanted to, to make her a freak in their bedroom. That she was all his, to do whatever he wanted to. It ended up with a whispered fake orgasm performance -

"Yes, Luke! Oh yes! Harder! Do me Luke, Do me hard! Hurt me, Luke! Break me in, I'm a naughty girl and I need to be punished with your dick! Fuck me! Luke! Yes!!"

With a barely withheld groan of fiery passion he abruptly pulled out and climbed up her body, not caring that one knee dug into her upper arm, or his toe nails scraped against her nipple on the way up. He aimed his tender looking, gleaming and almost purple cock head at her mouth and she took it between her lips obediently.

But Luke lay down flat on her face, full weight, groaning and grinding, bashing his hips downward. Meg's head was forced deep into the pillow by his weight and couldn't breathe or escape. Grabbing his hard, toned butt in both hands, she reminded herself of her earlier conclusion and sucked and licked as fast and well as she could. The sooner he came, the sooner she'd be able to breathe again.

After a few seconds, that Meg thought would maybe turn out to be her last, and with a deep wheezing groan that would have awakened the household had they not been used to Peter's loud and constant snoring shaking the walls, Luke emptied his balls straight down Meg's gulping throat for the umpteenth time since he had climbed in through her bedroom window.

"Oh fuck, Meg. I love... Fucking... Your... Mouth...!" Luke's oath came out as a wheezing groan.

He exhaustedly rolled away from her, dragging un-tucked blankets over him while inadvertently pressing the naked and uncovered Meg right over to the edge of her own bed, and fell almost instantly to sleep.
Meg took a while longer, trying to stifle a coughing fit to gulp down saliva overflow and residue spunk. While at the same time trying to give her lungs the supply of oxygen it had been deprived of kept her from dropping off to sleep.

She was awoken an hour and a half later by her alarm clock. It was time to get up, showered and ready for school.


For the first time in her life Meg wasn't interested in eating breakfast. She skipped it completely and went off to school as normal. The family teased her about it but they didn't know the reason for her lack of appetite was due to the amount of Luke's spunk she had swallowed the previous night. All that protein swilling about in her stomach would keep her happy right up to lunch time.

School dragged like never before and Luke made it worse with occassional text messages and photos, mostly of his hard cock and muscular, lean nakedness. But some times he would send her photos of items in her closet that he wanted her to wear for him when she came home. It kept her excitement and her love simmering over.

It got to the afternoon and Meg had had enough, the teasing photos from Luke combined with the bullying from that slut bitch Connie D'Amico and her cohorts pushed her into choosing to feign sickness and get permission to go home early. She was such a good, honest student that none of her teachers questioned her honesty for a minute.

Meg practically ran all the way home, her pussy swelling, her juices saturating the gusset of her panties with just the thought of the hot sexy man waiting for her in her bedroom.

* * *

Luke slept until the mid morning and then found himself bored and decided to root around Meg's room, sending dirty text messages and photos and looking over Meg's sluttiest clothing. It wasn't long before he found her diary. He took it into his nest in the closet, made himself comfortable and started reading through it.

The diary seemed to mainly be focussed on boys. There were names after names and different emotional and sexual experiences, both over and with guys.

She seemed to be a bit of a late starter, there was practically nothing before she turned sixteen but between then and the present there was a whole load of different boys and men, people she liked, people she dated, purely sexual partners etc.

Early on, there were multiple mentions of a Neil, who seemed to follow her around and perved on her, constantly asked her out. She seemed to be flattered by the attention and enjoyed him fawning over her, at least between the lines, but at the same time she couldn't stand him, apparently.

Mixed in were mentions of a Kevin, a neighbour's son who she had a crush on. She wrote about finger banging herself to thoughts of the older boy. She mentioned an occasion when she'd bought a revealing pink mini dress and spoke to this Kevin and he had noticed her for the first time and blatantly checked her out. Apparently it had turned her on no end, she had written short fantasies about him taking her hand, pulling her into an alley and making out with her, pressing his body against hers, copping a feel, pulling her tits out of the v-neck of her dress and sucking her nipples, before slipping an hand under the dress and finger banging her to orgasm. She never really made it clear if they had actually dated, but Luke didn't think so.

Then there was the incident of her first kiss, which, inexplicably, had been with this Neil boy she supposedly hated.

She had complained about how he had taken advantage of her expected imminent murder at the hands of a gun wielding psycho. She described the kiss in intimate and pretty poetic detail, though she lingered on the feel of his mouth against hers, the sensation of having a tongue in her mouth and the unpleasant metallic taste of his braces. And then went on about the public humiliation when he had, somehow, managed to get the kiss shown as a feature on their local news.

There was mention of a cool rebel kid called Craig Hoffman who Meg repeatedly described as 'gorgeous' and one time when she'd had a make-over, he took her out on a 'date' in the middle of school. She described how he had taken her down into the school basement, into the boiler room where there was an old couch and some gear he'd been hiding. He had got Meg to smoke pot with him and then took advantage of her being stoned. She mentioned a lot of French kissing, a lot of getting felt up, having her nipples sucked and her pussy fingered, then she had been pushed into giving Hoffman a blow job. Her first ever. In fact he had spent a half hour teaching her how to do it right, before he'd blown his load down her tender throat. But she had drawn the line at getting fucked and he had literally pushed her away and wouldn't speak to her again afterwards.

According to the diary, some short lived singing career took off straight after, so the Hoffman kid didn't seem to upset her too much. There were a couple of photos of her in different increasingly hot and skimpy outfits and she had looked great. There was even talk of albums with racy covers and titles and that the record company had put Meg in the forefront of the band, selling her image as hot and sexy, young white jail-bait.

She mentioned finally loosing her virginity at that time to none other than Jimmy Fallon, allegedly live on national television, as part of the opening sketch on the Saturday Night Live show. Luke decided he needed to look that up on the internet for himself.

Meg had written a blow by blow of what the presenter had done to her though. Her pink mini dress had done amazing things to her breasts (and the photographs of her in the dress showed Luke just what she meant) and Fallon thoroughly enjoyed demolishing them with his mouth and hands. Then he had got Meg to go down on him on a couch in his dressing room. She had been able to put into practice all the stuff that Craig Hoffman had taught her and apparently she had learned the techniques well as she had got Jimmy Fallon on the brink within five minutes.

Strangely, Fallon had always been positioning her very carefully, but it was only afterwards that Meg had realised it had been for the hidden cameras that were set up all over the place and that he was positioning her for the best angles, like some kind of porn director.

He had put her on her knees, bent over the couch and was preparing to sodomise her but then she inexplicably blurted out that she was still a virgin, so he quickly switched holes and mercilessly broke her in. She ended up taking his load flat on her back on the couch with her knees behind her ears. She definitely seemed to resent Fallon for cheating her with the live broadcast but she seemed a little relieved that she had lost her virginity.

After that there didn't seem to be any stopping her. There was something about a contract with Neil Goldman and he did all kinds of 'perverted sexual things' to her. But the diary didn't go into much detail.

She had also dated the local Major, a much older man, who met her in secret in hotels and supply closets in city hall to fuck, but it seemed to be an on-off thing. It seemed to Luke, reading the diary, that she was constantly looking for meaningful relationships and finding only sexual interest, then deciding it was better than nothing.

There was someone called Brian who agreed to be her junior prom date, but he got drunk and they ended up fooling around together. She didn't go into detail about Brian, but she seemed to be pretty obsessive with him at the time.

She even seemed to have experimented with girls in the past, especially a girl called Sarah, who seemed to have a thing going on with Meg, though, again, her diary entries were pretty vague about that whole episode. Maybe Luke should ask her to elaborate?

The main exception seemed to be another older man and medical student called Michael Milano who Meg had been dating and fucking regularly for a while and they seemed pretty serious, at one point Meg believed she was pregnant and they were going to get married, but when she found out it was a false alarm, he apparently left her at the altar.

According to the diary, the most recent and her most overtly sexual experience seemed to be with some other older man called Jerome. A very attractive, big and powerful African American, new to town, who had apparently stayed with them for a while. And he seemed to take every opportunity to get with Meg and fuck her every which way. Almost as if she was part of the deal about staying in the Griffin's home.

Luke got the impression that Meg hadn't been too impressed with Jerome's sexual tastes or his dominant streak, but she had gone along with it all the same because it had been the only male attention she had been getting - it was better than nothing and she learned a lot about herself sexually - what she could take, what she was good at, what she liked and didn't.

Even though she was still made to do things she didn't like, Jerome apparently had a way of talking her into anything, whether that was sweet talking, coercion, physical force and or for some kind of payment, she never made clear. They seemed to do pretty much everything though. And as far as this Jerome was concerned, the nastier the better. Meg just seemed to go along with it all and do what she was told. It half annoyed Luke and half excited him. She seemed quite prepared to demean herself for a bit of male attention. He would have to test that out himself.

* * *

Meg came into her room with the lusty grin widening her round face. Luke, sitting on her bed with her diary beside him, baulked at her sudden appearance. He watched her pretty face, saw her spot the diary, saw her shrug and then throw off her glasses and peel off her t-shirt and tug at the buttons of the fly of her jeans.

"I managed to get out of school early! Get your clothes off, quick." She gasped, as she was hopping on one leg, trying to peel her jeans and sneakers off.

"About your diary... I didn't mean to..."

"Doesn't matter. Hurry up, I want you!"

"They made you their slut, Meg..." He said, nodding to the diary. "...I'm not like... I don't want to..."

"Those other guys were all just using me and guess I just didn't know any better. But it's different with you, Luke. We love each other. I don't mind being a slut for you 'cause I know you aren't just using me. Besides, being a slut is fun! Now get your clothes off!!"

Luke tore at the press studs of his prison jumpsuit threw it to his ankles and then kicked it off. They met in the middle of the room, coming together with the passion of two tectonic plates.

Their lips clamped together then parted, allowing the invasion of hot frolicking tongues. Hands encircled bodies, Luke's grasping breasts and ass cheeks, Meg grabbed Luke's butt while her other hand slid around the nape of his neck, pressing him to kiss her harder still.

He did so, sliding his fingers into the length of her bob cut hair, pushing upwards, unseating her pink woollen cap like he had the first time. He clawed at her soft brown hair in his lust, the cap cast to the floor, her lips mashed harder than ever against his, their tongues doing battle from hot, damp mouth to hot, damp mouth.

He moaned his turgid, barely contained desire, while she matched him with soft teenage panting. Grasping a little self control, Luke lessened his grip of Meg's hair and allowed his hands to trail southward, onto her ample though pert ass cheeks.

Meg's panties were tugged down to mid thigh, both hands working quickly in unison. Then he sailed northward, following the smooth curves of her back. Her bra was unclasped and she shrugged it loose, untangled the straps from her shoulders then Luke prized out from between them and tossed the plain white garment aside. His hands quickly cupped and lifted her perky teenage breasts, thumbed the nipples to stiffness and then captured both between fingers and thumbs. He squeezed, tweaked and pinched at her stiff nipples until she was moaning and panting into his open mouth.

She groaned and sucked lewdly at his thrusting tongue. Luke pulled away and dropped his mouth to Meg's nipples while she blindly shuffled herself backwards towards her bed. He felt her fingers closing in the hair on the back of his skull, forming a fist and pulling, then pressing him harder against her soft, teenage bosom while he feasted on her flesh, sucking her nipples, chewing then licking the tender buds. While Meg moaned and whimpered and groaned at his oral assault, Luke's other hand was clawing at her soft, generous buttocks, the fingertips pressing into the warm, moist crevice of her ass cleavage.

"Oh Luke, I'm so horny! I have been all day! Please, I want to get fucked! Don't tease me! Please!"

Luke teased her. Detecting the bed directly behind them, he gave her a shove so she fell back across it and then tumbled down onto her, pressing his face against her shuddering breasts while he blindly felt down for her plump thighs. He hooked onto the back of her knees and using his weight and superior height he swung her legs up and back, until her knees framed her head then he kissed and licked a quick trail down her creamy abdomen across her pubic mound with its well trimmed patch and then delved face first between her swollen vulva, tasting her juiced up pussy and sucking the fluid from her hot, pulsing core. Meg had to jam a fist in her mouth to stifle the high gasping groan, then she remembered what time it was and that mom and Brian were out collecting Stewie from preschool and she and Luke had the house to themselves for at least another half hour.

She threw her head back and yelled as she felt her orgasm building to a quick and violent crescendo.

Afterwards she felt wrong somehow, guilty and selfish.

"Luke, wait... Just... Let me..." She panted, breathless and swooning in post orgasmic heat. "At least let me sixty-nine you!"

Luke paused looking up at her from between her quivering thighs and frowned with impatience.

"Remember Jerome from my diary?"

Luke's frown deepened but he nodded.

"There was this thing he used to do while he lay on top of me in a sixty-nine, he used to stick both middle fingers up my bum and use his index fingers to spread my pussy open and suck on my clit while he stretched my holes with his fingers. Can we try that, Luke?"

"Erm, okay..." Luke grunted.

Then he quickly leaned up off Meg, grabbed her ankles and spun her bodily around on her bed. It made a mess of her blankets and she hit the wall with her feet, but she spun around quickly enough and ended up in position, with her head hanging upside down off the side of the bed right in line with his throbbing hard on.

Luke wasted no time in crouching down and feeding Meg his erection , She stretched for it, gobbled the thick hot shaft deep and deeper into her mouth, swishing her sensual tongue all over the bulging tubular length of hard muscle with its throbbing heat and pulsing veins, until it thumped into the entrance to her throat. He managed to awkwardly plant both his knees onto the edge of the mattress, flanking her shoulders and lowered his weight, leaning across her body and hooking his hands under her pliant buttocks.

Meg relaxed and pressed her throat firmly against the swollen and bloated crown of the erection filling her oral orifice, just as Jerome had taught her and then plugged it into her oesophagus, feeling the saliva pool around and across the invading shaft. She swallowed around it, breathing through her nose and enjoying the noises Luke made in response. His cock throbbed against the insides of her cheeks. She could feel his hot blood pumping through the shaft against her constantly flicking and swishing tongue.

Then she felt his fingers pushing into her ass and pussy, they were slightly lubed, probably a combination of pussy juice and his own spit. Jerome had liked to go in dry, a domination thing, it had made her uncomfortable, but stayed shy of hurting her. And his fingers were much longer and thicker than Luke's. Of course, so was his cock. But she'd never admit that to her boyfriend. Not in a million years.

Meg started to suck and bob her head quickly back and forth, working the mushroom shaped crown with the muscles of her tight, constricting throat. Moaning and grunting at the immense sensations this dirty little minx was inflicting on his cock, Luke went to town on her pussy and ass. She really was good with her mouth. Her pussy was throbbing, pulsing and seeping juices the like of which he'd never felt before.

He pushed his fingers in deep, focussing on her ass hole pulling slowly and smoothly in opposite directions and watching the reactions that danced through her loins. He saw her pussy swelling further, the pinkness deepening, the juices changed texture slightly and went from a seep to a trickle. Luke grinned as he spotted trembles darting across her inner thighs, and then he lowered his face and took her clit between his puckered lips and started sucking.

Meg moaned deeply at the feel of her beloved sucking on her pussy, and lapping in deliberate sensual circles around her clit, while staying short of actual contact. She didn't need it really, she had long since learned that she could not only take but thoroughly enjoy full on clitoral contact. It was the quickest way to make her cum.

Jerome had often used her clit like a nipple, sucking, licking and nibbling on the little bud while she screamed around his muffling, throat stretching, foot long erection, before she would quickly go over the edge and squirt cum all over his face.

But Luke's oral attentions were more than enough to bring on her orgasm. And as she loved him - above and beyond anything she had ever felt for anyone before him - it made all the difference, countering Jerome's outright skill and his incredibly impressive physical attributes that Luke, unfortunately, couldn't measure up to. It didn't matter, her love made up the difference.

She could feel another orgasm bubbling, emanating in pulsing waves from her clitoris, through her pussy and ass, enveloping her whole crotch and stabbing like lightning bolts into her shuddering breasts. But Luke was getting close too and his self control was falling away like rocks in an avalanche. He had started to thrust his cock into her face, driving the whole shaft down her throat in powerful full force battering-ram thrusts. It was making her gag and forcing her overflowing saliva to spray out through her stretched lips, she felt it dribble from her lips and trickle into her nostrils and she had to shallow her carefully controlled breathing to stop herself inhaling the fluid.

Luckily for Meg, the trickle was slow and she risked one last deep breath and the last possible lungful proved to be the big moment for Luke. With a grunt that developed into a near howl, he buried his thrusting, hammering erection all the way down Meg's throat and ejaculated.

His orgasm was like a busted dam, pressurised jets of hot, thick fluid burst from his throat-stretching crown and jetted the length of the teenager's pulsating gullet. She could feel each gout spraying and splattering against the undulating muscle of her oesophagus, three, four of them. Long, hot ropes of thick fluid uncoiling from his cock and erupting along the length of her gulping throat. He groaned a deep, hoarse enunciation of pure erotic glee with each jet of his seed that Meg swallowed. He ground his abdomen against her face, felt his balls against her eyes, even felt her fluttering eyelashes deliberately tickling his scrotum again, adding an extra sliver of erotic sensation.

He withdrew until just the crown was between her lips and he bathed her flicking, caressing tongue with the oozing remains of his climax. She licked it with her tongue, cleaning, tasting. She sucked it from his erection, her cheeks hollowing with the intensity of her endeavours, until there was nothing left but her own saliva. He was softening in her mouth. And, though that sweet, hot orifice with the masterful tongue was heavenly, he eventually withdrew and staggered toward a corner of the bed that Meg wasn't occupying.

Instantly, she rolled over and wiped at her face and nose, coughing, clearing her throat and gulping in lungfuls of fresh air, before she collapsed back onto her bed, enjoying the afterglow of her own climaxes and how well she had done in giving Luke his.

He exhaustedly reached out and took her hand, then grinned as he felt Meg's other hand wrap around his cock and give it a gentle squeeze and tug. It stirred under her caress. Plenty of life in the young fella yet.

* * *

"Something that really surprised me babe," Luke said, lying naked on his side, face to face with Meg. "How we had such good reception all the time, when I was inside. All that instant photo swapping and your horny videos. It was amazing!"

"Oh... My brother Stewie builds these little cell towers and plants them all over town. He's a bit of a genius, to be honest. I er... Re-appropriated one of them, hid it in a street light near the prison on my way to see you one morning."

"Wow. He could make a fortune... Wait... Isn't Stewie the baby...?"

But she distracted him with her hands on his cock again. It had been five minutes, his shaft was in full on granite mode again and he was ready for more.

"This time I want you inside me. But we'll have to keep the noise down. My mom will be home by now."

"I want to put it in your ass, babe. You game?"

"Sure. Anything you want, honey."

"You got anything we can use for lube?"

"There's some face cream in a jar on my dresser."

"That'll do. Actually, how 'bout you kneel on your chair there and bend over your desk?" He said, looking back at the small dresser by the foot of her bed.


Meg got up off her bed and went over to the dresser. She picked up the plastic jar of moisturising cream and tossed it to Luke and then pulled her padded seat out from under her dresser and then knelt on it. She leaned forward, pushed her ass up and back into the air, and rested her head on her folded arms on the desk top.

Luke didn't need much lube, he greased up his throbbing shaft and slapped a fingertip dollop against Meg's anal mouth, using a finger to spread it into her entrance, then moved up against her backside and positioned his thick rounded crown, moaning at the oily heat emanating from her anus into the already warm, swollen crown. The fact that he could feel the heat of her ass through the heat of the head of his own shaft proved telling.

Meg knew exactly what she was doing, again due to Jerome. She held still, relaxed and pushed a little with her anal sphincter in perfect time to Luke initiating pressure on her anus with his blunt, fat cock head. She was still very tight but her preparations allowed for a quick and relatively smooth penetration.

She let out a whimpering moan as Luke, growling and digging both hands into her firm, generous and perky buttocks. Then he drove himself, balls deep, into the tight oily heat of her rectum.

"Oh fuck yeah, Meg! That feels fucking awesome, babe!"

He started to pull back, ready to begin fucking her ass in earnest but the teenage girl reached blindly behind her and grabbed his naked hip.

"Babe, just give me a second. I need to get used to being stretched by your big dick. Just give me a second, please, Luke. To get used to the hurt." Meg moaned, cleverly plying him with compliments, stroking his ego.

"I know once... Once I get used to the pain... I like it but... Oh God, but I need to get used to it first... It's always been like this for me..."

She groaned out her explanation, breathing deeply, panting, blowing calming breaths of air from her lungs, trying to focus on relaxing her burning, gripping anal muscles around the fat, solid invader.

"Okay, I think... God... Okay, Luke. I'm ready to get fucked, I think..."

Luke took her at her word and quickly withdrew his fist-gripped cock until just the ridge of his thick crown was gripped by the tight elastic ring of her sphincter. He paused for a second before pulling carefully backward another inch, feeling the girl's anus contracting, attempting to close up and push him out. And then he thrust fiercely inwards, driving his shaft all the way up her rectum and making her whinny desperately, like a fowl, as he bottomed out. He growled gutturally at the cinching, smouldering heat that gripped and caressed his solid shaft and found a good fast pace that sent throbbing pulses of hot pleasure along his cock and into his already tightening balls.

"Oh... Oh Luke! Ohhhh... Oh God! Oh, oh, oh, oh God...! Oh Luke...! Oh yes Luke! Sodomise me, Luke!"

The volume of her moans and whimpers started to increase and Meg had to bite her bottom lip to silence herself. Her boyfriend wasn't doing much better with his own self control.

"Oh fuck this ass feel great! I'm gonna do you like this on a daily fucking basis babe! Fuck! Yeah! Take my dick you teenage slut! Fuck yeah!"

"Ohh! Oh, do my ass, Luke! Hurt me, babe!" Meg gasped, high pitched and whiny. "It hurts... But it feels great...! Ooohh! ...All the same...!"

That was it for Luke, his thrusts went into overdrive, his balls slapping Meg's pussy lips, his hands digging into her ass cheeks as his hips hammered against them over and over, making them quiver and dance. And then his balls abruptly emptied themselves and his spunk burst along his driving cock.

To Meg, Luke's orgasm felt just like the last one, except it was at the opposite end and she didn't have to swallow. She felt the same trembling, pulsing and straining that rocked his erratic, thrusting shaft. And then came the heady jets of thick, boiling hot liquid. Rope after rope of it, shooting up into her guts, scalding her battered flesh. The pain of her stretched and tenderised rectum made her swoon with masochistic pleasure and she felt an orgasm of her own blossoming. She tried to reach back to finger fuck herself over the edge but the chair back was in the way. Luke's brutal, erratic thrusting came to an abrupt halt and with a little breathless whimper, she felt the hot lighting waves of her simmering climax immediately begin to recede, like a waning tide.

Luke pulled out, slapped her perky ass with his softening, slick, cock shaft, splattering the tops of her buttocks with the last couple of splurges and then stumbled away from her and fell back onto her messed up bed.

Meg was left panting. Her ass burning, the left over near-orgasm still making itself known like an insistent itch. She let out a long cat-like purring moan and dropped herself down next to Luke on her bed. She gave him a long, lingering kiss, stroked his flaccid cock a little, and then curled up alongside him, basking in her love and the post sexual warmth they shared.

* * *

They were woken by Lois shouting Meg from the bottom of the stairs that dinner was almost ready.

Meg leaped up, grabbed her jeans and t-shirt, not bothering with her discarded underwear, quickly dressed and raked her fingers through her collar length bob then pulled on her beanie hat.

"You'd better hide in the closet. Just in case. I'll try and bring you something to eat."

"Thanks babe." Luke muttered, getting up off the bed naked and snatching up his prison jumpsuit.

They kissed, hungrily, tongues frolicking, hands groping. And then Meg slipped out of her room and ran down the stairs.

* * *

Everyone else was already sitting around the dining table and Meg took her place next to Brian and opposite Chris. Stewie was sitting opposite Brian with her mom to Meg's right and the foot of the table and her dad to her right at the head of the table.

It was 'help yourself' meatloaf, mashed potatoes and garden peas. Meg loaded her plate and took a sip of her already poured glass of water, washing away the taste of Luke's spunk and allowing herself a little half smile at the reality of that.

The family were ignoring her as usual, avoiding looking at her but there was an actual atmosphere this time. Could they actually feel guilty?

Meg thought back to the last time anyone had spoken to her which had been yesterday afternoon when Brian had revealed to mom about Luke and herself and she had been forbidden to visit him again.

Seeing an opportunity, she focused on that, on what had been said, on the lack of understanding, the lack of trust, the unfairness and most of all the resulting heartbreak. She let it all wash over her, experienced those emotions again, felt the weight and tightness in her chest bite, felt the tears welling in her eyes.

"Mom, can I be excused? I wanna go eat the rest of my food up in my room."

"Sure, Meg, if you want."

Meg whipped out with her fork, hooking up a couple more slices of meatloaf and a couple of extra dollops of buttered mash potato and the grabbed her plate and shuffled her chair back from under the table and headed for the door.

"Eating disorder!" Stewie stabbed at her as she departed, in a singsong voice, but she either didn't understand his snipe or chose to ignore him.

* * *

Luke was waiting for her right by the door with the raging horn and no patience.

"I brought you some dinner, we can eat off the same plate. It'll be romantic..." She tried to explain.

But Luke wasn't hungry for food. Meg giggled as he kicked the door shut behind her, took the plate off her and dumped it on her dresser then peeled her t-shirt off her pale, silky body.

Happy to go along with his obvious need, she reached for the press-stud fastenings of his prison jumpsuit but his urgent hands at the waistband of her jeans were in the way and he was much more insistent in his movements, so she kept her arms out of the way while he stripped her and then all but threw her on the bed.

He yanked off his jumpsuit on the way to the bed, Meg had a momentary comedy image of Luke as a banana being peeled and erupting from it and landing right between her spread legs.

The reality wasn't far off. He stumbled free of the legs of the suit, knees up onto her mattress, hooking up her legs and lifting them over her as he hurriedly shuffled up between her readily spread thighs. He pinned her legs again with her knees beside her ears and Meg reached up and grabbed the backs of her knees to hold her legs where he wanted them. Luke grabbed his already solid hard on and shoved it straight into the teenage girl's already primed pussy.

He drove in hard, all the way and Meg let out a long, low groan as she felt herself instantly stretched and filled. Luke leaned over her, caught a stiff, shuddering nipple between his lips and sucked at it while he fucked her hard and fast.

There was no thought, no plan, no intent beyond sexual pleasure. It was pure lust, pure drive to achieve orgasm. The bed rocked, the headboard slamming against the wall with the force of Luke's thrusting.

Meg moaned and whimpered, muttering Luke's name between her throaty moans. She lifted her hips to get a better angle, to allow Luke's cock to fuck into her even more deeply and then she let go of the backs of her knees and reached back on either side of her head to grab hold of the vertical bars of her headboard.

Her head and shoulders, though bolstered and cushioned by her pillows, still banged back against the headboard with each driving thrust and his sucking of her nipples grew more and more forceful and Meg's face creased up, eyes squeezed shut, brows tightening, teeth gritted, a flicker of drool splashed from slack lips. She writhed under Luke, arching her back, thrusting her head back, her hair whipping across the battered pillow.

All of a sudden her eyes went wide, brows lifting and mouth spreading agape in a silent scream as a sudden and surprising orgasm ripped through her. She writhed again, electrocuted by her pleasure.

"Oh fuck! Meg!" Luke snarled through gritted teeth.

He had enough sense to keep his vocalisation subdued.

"I'm gonna fucking cum!" He grunted.

He pulled out at the last second and his cock worked like a plunger, suctioning out a flurry of Meg's juices.

"Look at it!" He groaned.

He dragged himself part way up Meg's quivering body and then, unable to hold back any further, let fly. His spunk erupted right into her face as, obediently, Meg stared down into the eye of the bloated, hosing crown.

It was a huge climax, much bigger that she expected, much more powerful and it struck her straight in the face. A long, hot, watery rope that hit her forehead and then splattered down in an almost straight line - into her eye, down the side of her nose, into her open mouth. It traced a line down her chin and laced an impressive vertical tattoo, from her throat and across the creamy orb of one pert teenage breast. A few drops even reached her plump navel. Then the second shot burst even as the stinging sensation from the first caused her to squeeze her eyes shut. The second rope struck higher, careening right over her face and splattering into her hair. The rest going the way of the first rope - down her face, clogging one nostril, connecting her parted lips and creating a little pool on her chest, that trickled southward and followed the side and under-curve of one breast. The third and forth ropes went higher and caught in her hair too, dripping down across her creased brow and dribbling into her squeezed shut eyes. The flow lessened and could only paint its creamy white streaks across her belly and pubic mound.

By the time he had squeezed out the last few drops and leaned back off her, the stuff was trickling down her pussy lips and coating her tight, winking anal mouth, inviting him, giving him ideas. His cock started to tingle at the thoughts running through his head.

Meg could only manage to crack open one eye and was trying to blow spunk out of her clogged up nostrils as she slid herself off her bed. She awkwardly shuffled across her bedroom toward the door.

"Sorry, 'bout that, babe." Luke laughed, apologetically.

"That's okay, Luke. " She giggled. "That was some cum shot!"

"It's what you do to me, Meg." He said with a wink and a lopsided grin.

"You safe to wash up naked like that?"

"No choice really," She shrugged. "But those guys'll be stuffing their faces for a while yet. Shouldn't be a problem. I'll be back in a minute."

"We'll chat on the bed while we eat cold meatloaf..." He grinned his sultry lopsided grin. "Romantic, eh?"

"Sounds great!" She said, then left her room to wash her face and body into the bathroom sink.

* * *

It was only a few minutes later - when they were back together in Meg's room, picking at the cold meal and chatting about random fun stuff between bouts of heavy flirtation and while Meg redressed and brushed her damp hair straight - that there was a knock on Meg's door.

"Hey, Meg, you okay in there?"

It was Brian's voice. They froze, staring at each other for a second. Then Meg, her face paling stark white, motioned Luke toward the closet, a finger unnecessarily over her lips. Luke crept quickly and quietly into the closet, which scarily, was right beside the bedroom door.

"Uh, yeah, come on in." Meg said, once she was settled on her bed and her heart rate was under control.

Brian opened the door and came in.

"Everything all right?" He asked, his large canine eyes full of concern and more than a suggestion of guilt.

"Yeah, yeah. Everything's fine." She replied, forcibly polite and smiling.

The white haired dog looked down cast, embarrassed.

"Listen, uh, I feel like I should explain myself a little bit here." He mumbled. "I'm sorry I had to tell Lois what was going on. You just... You gotta realise I was only thinking about your safety..."

A muffled sneeze from behind caught his attention and along with his suspicion his hackles rose. Brian spun on his hind legs and growled, baring his teeth and lubricating them with licks of his long tongue.

Meg's heart sank, the realisation that the game was up enveloped her like a storm cloud. Her shoulders drooping, she got up off the bed and called out to Luke.

"Ugh, Luke, you might as well come out now."

Brain reigned in his snarling, canine essence and looked up at Luke with surprise. His scent was new to Brian, though he had seen him in the Correctional Facility when he'd been following Meg, there had been so many different scents that he hadn't been able to single anything out other than Meg herself.

"Luke. They let you out of jail?" The surprised dog asked.

"Not exactly."

"He broke out to see me, Brian..." Meg asserted breathlessly, hoping without any real belief that she could convince Brian of the morality of their situation. "...We're in love."

"Meg, are you crazy? You can't harbour a fugitive. That's a felony!"

"Only if someone finds out."

Meg was getting annoyed, Brian's butting into her business had started this mess and now he was going to do it all over again and make everything a hundred times worse. She glared at him, hands on hips.

"Are you gonna do it? Are you gonna tell on me again?"

"Well, I, I..."
Peter walked straight into the room, his bulk making the floorboards quiver with each step. His gut shuddering to the same off-beat to his footfalls that made Meg's breasts quiver.

"Brian, if you don't come back downstairs," Peter announced, not really looking at anything, too busy thinking about pie to pay attention. "I'm eating the slice of pie that was designated for you... Wait a second, why is that guy wearing a prison jumpsuit?! ...Think, Peter. Think. Wait, hang on..."

He rushed out and then reappeared with the TV Guide, leafing through to the page he wanted.

"Sunday, Sunday... Here it is. Peter get's more than he bargains of when he joins the rodeo. Boy, do I." He muttered, thinking about the bestial rapes.

"And Meg dates a prison escapee!!"

It dawned on him, looking over the top of the magazine toward the young man with the ragged stubble and the orange jumpsuit.

"Oh, no. Luke, run!" Meg urged, shouting and desperate.

She knew without a doubt that the game was up now her dad understood what was going on. There was no happy ending here.

Luke turned and sprinted for the window that led to the side of the house. By the time he was out of sight clattering down the roof-tiles of the conservatory, and dropping down onto the front lawn, Peter had his cell phone out and was speed dialling Joe Swanson next door.

"Joe, it's Peter. Two things. First of all when I was over at you house the other day I forgot to tell you how much I liked the rearrangement you and Bonnie did with your living room furniture.

"Second of all, come outside! There's an escaped convict running across the street!"

Meg's heart dropped like a lead weight as she heard the tinny distant response through her father's phone speaker.

"Well, Peter, first off thank you I, I have to admit I was a little disappointed you didn't say anything about the living room rearrangement the other day.

"Second of all... Oh my God! I'm on my way!"

* * *

Luke dropped down off the lowest part of the Griffin's rooftop, glanced around for a second from their well maintained front lawn and then regretted it as, to his right, the neighbour's front door opened and a hugely muscular man in a wheelchair drove himself out from the porch onto the driveway. They exchanged silent looks and then Luke realised the disabled man was actually wearing a police officer's uniform, including hat, badge and utility belt.

The big man's eyes narrowed with a silent oath, daring Luke to run.

He did, in the opposite direction, across the Griffin's grass and their other neighbour's. He sprinted like never before. The thought of going back to that cell, with Duke Belluxi or someone worse still, an reeling agony in his mind. He ran out of lawns and found himself on a road turning right and curving abruptly down hill. His feet automatically led him in that direction.

"No, Luke!" He heard Meg shout him in the distance. "Don't run downhill!"

He heard her clearly enough but it made no sense to him. Then he heard the increasing clatter of wheelchair wheels on black top and even as he glanced desperately behind him, he saw the huge body of the police man, with the comically tiny, wasted legs right there in his face.

He had accelerated with the gradient of the hill and then launched himself wildly straight out of the wheelchair, adding his own momentum to that of the wheelchair to bridge the space between himself and his quarry.

He stuck Luke like a bowling ball tipping a pin, pancaked him to the road surface and then, using his weight to hold him in place, he expertly forced Luke's arms behind his back and handcuffed him.

"You're going to jail punk!" The officer cursed needlessly as the cuffs clicked securely around Luke's defeated wrists.

* * *

Two patrol cars had appeared in the time it took for the officer to struggle back into his overturned wheelchair and then lift Luke to his feet, keeping a tight hold on one elbow.

Meg ran over as Joe Swanson carefully seated the escaped convict into the back of the patrol car, followed by Peter and Lois.

"No, Mister Swanson! You can't take him." Meg cried, pleading.

"Yes I can, Meg. He's going back to jail." He replied.

"Well, if you're taking him to jail you have to take me too!"

"I know. That's the plan." He added, half sad half resigned. "You're under arrest for harbouring an escaped convict."

"Oh, well, that's only fair because after all I did hide him from the..." Then the reality hit home. Jail. "...WHAAAAT!?!?"

Joe wheeled over to the second patrol car and opened the rear door, while Meg just stood there, mouth agape, eyes like saucers. Her parents standing behind her with nothing to say.

The End.
N.B: This is as far as I intend to go with this retelling of "Dial Meg for Murder", But if someone else who enjoys writing female S&M, female on female prison sex, female domination etc. and fancies continuing the retelling of this episode - go for it!


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