Family Guy: Lois & Meg on Spring Break (M+Ff,inter,inc,reluc,ncon)
by Wilcox

Meg Griffin was devastated to find out that she was the only person in her
class not going on Spring Break during the weeklong spring school shutdown.
She arrived home humiliated and teary eyed and rushed straight up to her
room. Having observed her daughter's entrance, her mother went up to Meg's
room to find out what was wrong. It took some coaxing but Meg finally
blurted it all out.

"Oh honey," her mom told her. "Don't let it get to you. Why don't we go to
the spa instead? Just the two of us ... it'll be so much fun. What do you

Meg reluctantly agreed but as disappointed as she was in not going on Spring
Break, she wasn't enjoying herself. Neither was her mother who found Meg's
wet blanket attitude difficult to deal with and enjoy herself at the same
time. The straw that broke the camel's back came while the two of them were
soaking in a mud bath. The TV was on and the constant references and video
feeds of young people on Spring Break set Meg off on a crying fit.

"I want to go home, Mom," she told her disappointed mother.

Knowing that it would only get worse, Lois gave in and they started the drive
for home. Meg had nodded off to sleep when Lois spotted a sign advertising a
huge Spring Break happening at the beachfront town up ahead. She looked over
at Meg and made a quick decision.

"If you really want to go on Spring Break, I'll take you," she said softly
to her sleeping daughter. Lois had always loved Spring Break when she was
younger. It was so much fun to feel free and uninhibited, though to be
honest she had to admit that she never remembered very much of what she did
the next day. 'There was so much booze and she had a fairly low tolerance ...
but that's neither here nor there,' she thought. "Stop your crying Meg, you
and I are going on Spring Break."

Meg woke just as they arrived in town. A car pulled up beside them and Meg
saw a group of kids from her school.

"Oh look," one girl called. "It's Meg ... and she's with her Mommy." They all
laughed as them pulled away and Meg sank down as deeply into her seat as she
could. She glanced around nervously as her mother parked and got out of the
car. She was horrified as her mother pulled her blouse from her tight shorts
and tied it off just below her breasts. Lois then undid the top buttons so
that her impressive cleavage was exposed more that Meg had ever seen before.

"Mom... what are you doing," she asked.

"Oh ... lighten up Meg," she was told. "We're here to have fun. So get with
the program." Lois then began dancing in the street as she joined the surging
flow of half-naked young bodies moving along the beachfront. Meg reluctantly
followed her and soon found that her mother was the center of attention.

"Come on sweetie," Lois said. "Start dancing and have some fun. You've got to
loosen up Meg."

Lois's sexy gyrations soon had the drunken mass of revelers shouting her
name. "Lois, Lois, Lois," filled Meg's ears as she stared wide-eyed at her
sensually swaying mother. In the heat of the moment Lois unconsciously did
what she'd seen girls on Spring Break do on the TV ads for 'Girls Gone Wild'.
She opened her top, exposing her breasts and shaking them rhythmically as
the chant got louder.

"Come on honey," she said as she pulled her top closed. "I need a drink and
there's a bar right over there." As they approached Lois saw how closely the
door staff was checking for ID's. "You wait here Meg. I'll go in and find a
girl who looks like you and borrow her ID for you to use to get in. We used
to do it all the time in the old days."

Once inside Lois moved through the tightly packed crowd and soon found
herself surrounded by a group of horny drunken college boys. "Well, well look
what we have here," one said. "Have a brewski with us sexy lady."

Lois felt trapped and realized that she had to accept the offer. One beer led
to two, which led to three and she forgot all about Meg and her mission to
scam an ID for her daughter. It didn't take much to affect her and she was
soon drunk and out of control with the boys fondling her tits and ass as they
stood in a circle around her.

"I bet you suck cock real good," one said as he fondled her. "Why don't you
give us a demonstration of your oral abilities Lois? Take my dick out and
suck it!" he told her as he pushed her down to her knees in front of him.
She was drunk and when she got drunk her natural horny natured emerged. She
unzipped the boy's jeans, reached in and pulled out his long, thick cock.
Lois's eyes widened and she gasped at the size of his penis. It dangled
toward her pretty face, and he slapped it teasingly across her full, red

Lois moistened her lips and drunkenly pressed them to his thick tip. Her
tongue slowly slipped out and licked the bottom of his rod. Lois looked up
at the horny college boy, as she slid the full length of his hard-on into
her mouth and down her throat. He held her head as she took him all the way
in with her cute little nose pressed firmly into his thick pubic hair. The
young stud began pumping his cock into the drunken wife and mother's pretty
face, using her hair to pull her head into him.

"Man this bitch can suck cock real good," he told his friends, many of whom
were jerking off to the sight of Lois giving their friend head. Lois found
her rhythm as her head bobbed furiously, and she easily took him deep down
her throat. Suddenly, he held the back of her head and shoved his cock as
far as it could go. His big balls pressed against Lois's chin, as she gasped
for air. Her cheeks puffed out as the boy's sperm flooded her mouth. A small
stream of his cum dribbled down her chin as she was forced to swallow his

"She's all yours guys ... who's next?" he said with a smile, sliding his
shrinking cock from her swollen lips. Lois tried to catch her breath for a
moment before she was under attack again. Two boys pointed their dicks at her
face and they took turns fucking her mouth as she jerked them off, moving her
mouth between them. They didn't last long as the boy in her mouth pulled her
head into his groin so that his dick was stuffed down her throat as he
unloaded. The guy she was stroking waited for his buddy to finish then pulled
her face to him and drove his dick down Lois's throat to the hilt. A few more
pumps and she had another heavy load of boy cream in her stomach.

She did the other three in quick succession as she knelt on the floor of the
crowed bar, trapped in a circle of virile young dicks. She swallowed each
load and when the last guy pulled out of her throat he used his dick to smear
his cum into her skin. Lois moaned softly and licked his sticky cock clean.
Then they helped her up and thanked her for the blowjobs as she slowly
staggered towards the front door.

She finally made it back outside only to pass out at her daughter's feet.
Another group of drunken guys coming down the street offered to help Meg
carry her mother back to her motel room. Meg couldn't do it herself so she
took them up on their offer, only they wouldn't leave once they placed Lois
on the couch. "Lets party," they shouted out in unison.

Lois came around and they drank and talked. Then one of the guys brought
out a stash of weed. Meg had never tried marijuana, but her drunken mother
insisted that they were on Spring Break and that she had to give it a try.
Meg took a hit and nothing happened at first. Then the room began to spin.
Lois leaned over Meg and tilted her head back. Their lips met. Lois blew
smoke into Meg's mouth. Unable to breathe out, Meg inhaled.

The shot of potent smoke was like a punch to the head. Her brain was spinning
out of control. Lois held her lips to her teenaged daughter's and shoved her
tongue into her mouth. Meg had never kissed another girl, but she found
herself responding to her mother and wondered at the strange musky taste in
her mother's mouth. Everything was upside down and backwards. A hand touched
her breast. Her blouse was pulled opened.

Lois was no longer kissing her lips. She was sucking Meg's nipple. Someone
else reached under her skirt and slid off her panties. Lois sat down and
pulled off her own blouse. She guided Meg's mouth to her nipple. Meg found
herself sucking it between her lips as if another person was controlling her

A cock slid between Lois's lips while Meg sucked her nipple. At the same
time two fingers pushed into Meg's pussy. She knew this was all wrong but
it didn't occur to her that she could stop it. It was like it her body was

Grabbing onto the cock that she had been sucking, Lois slid down and kissed
Meg on the lips. She guided the swollen head in between their open mouths.
They continued to kiss while licking and sucking on the smooth skin of the
knob pressed against their lips. Lois fed the hard meat into Meg's mouth and
watched as the swollen shaft slowly disappeared through her open lips.

Meg felt the hard flesh press against her tongue and push against the back of
her mouth. She wasn't sure whose cock she was sucking, but it didn't seem to
matter. Lois moved down her body until she was between Meg's legs. She felt
shivers run up her body when her mother's eager tongue flicked across the wet
folds of her pussy and over her hard clit.

The cock in her mouth slid in and out faster and faster. She felt a pair of
hands grab her head and move it back and forth on the protrusion that was
fucking her face. Lois pushed two fingers up Meg's cunt as she continued to
lick her pussy. Meg was confused from everything that was happening to her,
but her body craved it.

The cock fucking her mouth pulled out. Her head was turned in the other
direction and a second cock slid between her lips. Out of the corner of
her eye Meg watched a tall black boy get behind her mother and plow his
impossibly large cock into her pussy. Lois rubbed a finger across Meg's
rosebud and continued pressing until it slipped inside her tight passage.
Meg tensed at the sudden but not unpleasant intrusion into forbidden

Meg's entire body tingled with desire. The feel of hard flesh sliding across
her tongue only added to the exotic sensation surging through her loins. Her
body tensed. She could not hold back the rush of pleasure that exploded from
her pussy. The scream was muffled against the cock in her mouth.

Lois licked up the juices from her gushing cunt. Her finger continued to dig
around inside Meg's ass. A secondary explosion gripped Meg expelling even
more pussy juice into Lois's mouth. The cock fell from her mouth as she
gasped for air. Her body slowly recovered, but her mind was still in a fog
from the mixture of marijuana and sexual intoxication.

Meg felt her body being turned until she was on her knees facing the back of
the couch. Someone stepped up behind her and slipped a cock into her dripping
pussy, driving it deep into her belly. She had no idea who was fucking her.
It didn't seem to matter anymore. She was overcome with reckless and
uncontrollable lust.

A guy stepped in front of her and dangled his huge black cock in her face.
She looked up at him briefly with glazed eyes before wrapping her lips around
his thickness. A strong taste of her mother's freshly fucked pussy filled
Meg's mouth.

The cock fucking Meg pounded up into her body again and again. The hard meat
in her mouth added to the pleasure. It was the first time Meg had two cocks
inside her at the same time. Breaking another taboo made her feel sensual and
excited. Another explosion was slowly building in her loins.

Across the room a naked Lois was on a bed with her legs pulled up and her
head bent back over the side. A cock pounded into her cunt on one side. Two
cocks dangled in her face from the other side and took turns fucking her
mouth. Their owners squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples as they slipped
her their meat.

The black guy switched places with the person fucking Meg. His long thick
black dick stretched her wider than she'd ever felt before. She quickly
sucked the hard meat dripping with her juices into her mouth and, for the
first time, tasted her own pussy. Another orgasm rocked her body. A
piercing scream filled the air.

Meg looked up and saw that the cock that had been in her mother's pussy was
now pressed in against her asshole. It slowly stretched open until the head
popped inside. Meg watched in amazement as it slowly disappeared into her
mother's dark passage. While Lois was getting ass fucked, cum began to pour
out from the corners of her cock filled mouth and run down her face. A third
cock sprayed hot cream all over her tits.

The black guy slammed his big cock into Meg's cunt hard, driving it deeper
than she'd ever been penetrated before. The first jet of hot cum sprayed
into her belly. He pulled out and slammed into her again filling her pussy
with another flood of his creamy seed. Meg's pussy quivered and gushed with
another orgasm. Cum and pussy juice leaked from her cunt and streamed down
her thighs.

She felt the cock in her mouth swell and her head forced down, driving it
into the entrance to her throat. A thick stream of cum almost choked her.
The cock fell from her mouth and sprayed up the side of her face and into
her hair. Another jet splashed across her nose and forehead. Meg coughed.
Cum oozed from her lips.

Meg sat back on the couch feeling temporarily satisfied. The buzz from the
weed was still spinning through her head. It hadn't really dawned on her
what she had done. She only knew that it felt good. She also felt an intense
tingling between her legs and knew she would want more when she regained
some energy.

Lois walked over and kissed Meg. They shared the residual taste of cum still
clinging to their tongues and lips. Lois pushed her back on the couch and
climbed on top. With her face just above Meg's drenched pussy, Lois swung
her leg over Meg's head. She clamped her lips around Meg's swollen plum and
plunged her tongue into her creamy chamber.

Meg stared at Lois's sweet pussy poised just above her face. It was neatly
trimmed with a small strip of curls just above her slit. The moist petals of
her pink folds peeked out from the gash down the middle of her swollen mound.
She was intoxicated by the strong smell emanating from Lois's sexual plum.

The tongue and fingers probing Meg's body filled her with an insatiable
desire to do the same to her partner. She moved her mouth towards the object
of her lust. Her tongue licked the pink folds and swollen clit. Meg pressed
her lips to Lois's puffy mound and kissed her first pussy. Her tongue pushed
into the juicy opening.

Lois pressed down on Meg's mouth and squirmed against her probing tongue. She
shoved two fingers into Meg's steamy chamber and sucked on her clit. After
digging them around inside her, Lois pulled her juicy fingers from Meg's cunt
and rubbed them across her asshole. The tip of her middle finger pressed
against Meg's tight opening until it wielded to the pressure.

Meg gasped from the invasion of her private area. The pressure from her
mother's finger was incredible. It felt so good pushing up her ass, but she
couldn't imagine something the size of a man's penis in there. She spread
Lois's rounded cheeks and stared at the tiny rosebud that had recently
swallowed a hard cock. It just didn't seem possible.

Meg tensed when she felt a second finger enter her asshole. Slowly Meg
stretched and adjusted until the pressure turned to pleasure. Lost in a sea
of lust, Meg didn't consider it at all strange when a hard cock pressed
against her lips at the entrance to Lois's pussy. She swirled her tongue
around the swollen knob just before it disappeared between her mother's juicy
pink folds.

Only inches in front of her face, Meg watched the swollen cock slide in and
out of her mother's steamy fuck hole. The swollen flesh of young manhood
glistened with pussy juice. This image, combined with the smell and taste of
sex, added to the already raging lust that had kidnapped Meg's senses and
turned her body into a playground of passion.

The cock fucking Lois's pussy pulled out and pressed against Meg's lips. She
opened her mouth and felt it slide over her tongue. She licked and swallowed
the juices coating the hard flesh before guiding it back between the open
petals at the entrance to her mother's juicy chamber, and watched it slowly

Lois pounded her two fingers in and out of Meg's asshole, going faster and
faster and digging them around inside her tight opening. Her other hand
frantically rubbed two fingers across Meg's swollen clit. The sensations
flowing through her body were more than Meg could stand. She arched her
back and cried out. Lois clamped her lips around Meg's mound and sucked the
flood of cunt juice that poured into her mouth.

Before she could recover her senses, something hard and warm pressed against
the opening to Meg's asshole. It stretched her tight orifice until the large
bulb penetrated her forbidden passage. The pressure was almost unbearable and
quickly snapped Meg back to reality. "No... please... oh god... it's too
big..." she pleaded.

Her plea was ignored. The hard shaft of flesh pushed deeper into her bowels
causing Meg's entire body to tense. Just when she began to adjust to the
pressure, the cock in her ass would sink even deeper. This continued until
the entire length was buried up her dark tunnel. After several seconds it
began to move.

Slowly and miraculously the unbearable pressure turned into a pleasant and
sensual throb. The hard cock up her ass moved faster and deeper. Trapped in
a stream of passion, Meg lifted her face and licked her mother's clit. The
tip of her tongue touched the hard meat that was pounding in and out of her
mother's cunt. The taste of pussy coated her lips and filled her mouth.

She could see the veins bulging from the swollen flesh that was fucking
her mother. She watched the shaft grow thicker and drive deep into her hot
chamber. A loud grunt from its owner signaled the first explosion of cum
into her mother's belly. The spewing cock pulled out and slammed back in
again and again until it was coated with a thick cream that trickled down
into Meg's mouth.

Lois screamed. An orgasm ripped through her body. The cock that had been
fucking Lois pulled out from her cunt dripping cum and cunt juice across
Meg's face. In an act of shameless lust, Meg clamped her mouth over Lois's
quivering plum and sucked the cream dripping from her body.

A second cock quickly slid deep into Lois's drenched pussy. It pumped in
and out of her swollen peach until the hard flesh was covered with juices
still swirling around inside her cunt. Meg watched the long shaft pull out
of Lois's dripping chamber and press against the opening to her mother's
asshole. Lois's tight orifice easily swallowed the swollen knob and meaty
shaft until it had disappeared inside her body.

While she was getting her ass fucked, Lois pumped two fingers in and out
of Meg's cunt and sucked on her clit. The swollen protrusion up Meg's ass
continued to pound her body again and again. Everything was out of control,
but Meg just wanted more and more. Jets of warm semen pumped into her anal
orifice. Another explosion rocked her body. Seconds later she watched her
mother's ass get filled with hot cum.

The horny mother and daughter sat up on the couch and kissed like two lovers.
Meg's head was spinning out of control. She wanted to do all kinds of nasty
and forbidden things to her mother, but instead felt her body being pulled
into someone's lap. Her pussy was quickly filled with another hard cock. Next
to her, her mother climbed onto someone else and drove her pussy down onto
his hard meat.

They continued to kiss while riding the cocks stuffed up their cunts. Meg
felt her cheeks being spread. Another thick shaft pressed its large head
against her asshole. Before she could react it was inside her. She looked
over at her mother and saw the same thing happen to her as a heavily muscled
black guy powered an impossibly huge cock up her mother's asshole.

Two more cocks were shoved in their faces from the other side of the couch.
Meg and Lois opened their mouths and sucked the two fleshy protrusions
between their lips like babies being offered a pacifier. Meg now had her
body stuffed full of three cocks at the same time. She tried to concentrate
on the one in her mouth, but the pressure and pounding from the other two
fucking her pussy and ass made it hard to concentrate.

Lois seemed to be doing a better job of handling all three. The cock Lois was
sucking erupted and spilled a flood of hot cum into her mouth. Lois pulled
Meg's face to hers and kissed her, feeding cum into Meg's mouth with her
tongue. Sharing a mouthful of cum with her mother brought Meg to the limits
of sensuality and shamelessness.

With the pressure of two cocks pounding her pussy and ass, Meg's body jerked
and twisted in a powerful orgasm. Seconds later, the cock up her ass swelled
and exploded, filling her bowels with hot cum. Another orgasm gripped Meg and
sent her head spinning as she gasped for air.

Meg felt something warm splash against the side of her face. Still in the
throes of orgasm, Meg turned her head and received a second blast of hot
cream across her nose and forehead. She just managed to get her lips around
the spewing cock when the hard meat stuffed up her cunt drove deep into her
belly and erupted, filling her steamy chamber full of more thick cream.

Meg's orgasm peaked yet again. Her pussy quivered with one spasm after
another. Desperate gasps and moans were interspersed with screams of pleasure
as cum dripped from her lips. Her lifeless body finally flopped down on the
couch drained of energy and barely conscious. Through a fog she could feel
her mother's mouth between her legs licking her pussy clean of its creamy

When she had finished sucking the juicy mixture from Meg's cunt, Lois climbed
on top of Meg and kissed her. The creamy treat drooled from Lois's lips into
Meg's mouth. They continued to kiss and share while they fondled, stroked and
probed each other's body with their hands and fingers.

One of the guys lit a joint and passed it to Lois. She took a big hit and
handed it to Meg. There was something different about this one. It was much
stronger and went right to her head. The whole room became distorted. It was
like a dream only every nerve ending was alive. Her nipples felt like they
were going to explode, and her pussy throbbed with a desire to be filled.

Lois took Meg by the hand and led her back to the bedroom. Meg was
immediately sandwiched between two men. A hard slab of meat pressed against
her swollen pussy and split it open, slipping deep into her body. Behind her
Meg felt the large knob of a second cock probe her tight opening. She gasped
when it popped into her rosebud and buried its length up her ass.

Meg's feet lifted off the ground as the two cocks fucked her pussy and ass.
She wrapped her arms and legs around the person in front of her for support.
Two hands crushed her tits and pulled on her sensitive nipples. Another
orgasm ripped through Meg's pussy causing cunt juice to gush all over the
cock that was fucking her.

Meg was still trying to catch her breath when she felt an explosion of hot
cum shoot up into her ass. When the unknown guy pulled out, Meg got slammed
up against the wall still suspended in the air with her arms and legs wrapped
around her fuck partner. He pounded his cock into her hard and fast driving
her up the side of the wall. She screamed and dug her fingernails into his
shoulder when another orgasm exploded from her belly.

She was still screaming when a river of hot cream flooded her cunt. He pulled
out. Meg slid down the wall until she was sitting on the floor. She could
feel the fluids oozing from her body until she was sitting in a puddle of cum
and cunt juice. The cock that had been fucking her dangled in her face. She
licked and sucked it clean.

Over on the bed Lois was lying on her back with her legs pulled back. There
was a black guy underneath her with his cock up her ass. Another black guy
was on top fucking her pussy. Meg straddled her mother's face and lowered
her cunt. Lois pushed two fingers up Meg's ass while she licked and sucked
her pink fruit. Meg was pulled forward and the guy fucking her mother's cunt
frenched her, then pushed her head down to where his huge black horsecock
was pistoning in Lois's juicy slit. Meg took the hint and licked her mother's
clit, running her tongue over the wrist thick cock sliding in and out of
Lois's wide stretched pussy.

Lois pulled her fingers from Meg's ass and flicked her tongue across the
tight pink rosebud between her cheeks. This was another new sensation for
Meg. Her pussy quivered. Lois used her thumb to rub Meg's clit while she
continued to lick her asshole. It was more than Meg could take. Lois
clamped her lips around Meg's gushing cunt and swallowed the juices that
poured into her mouth.

Meg was trying to catch her breath when the cock fucking Lois swelled. She
could see the veins pulse as hot semen poured into her mother's body. When
it had run out of ammunition, the cock popped out of Lois's cunt trailing
a string of cum. Meg put her mouth on her mother's swollen sex and licked
the creamy treat from her steamy chamber.

Just below her face, Meg could see the massive black cock sliding in and out
of her mother's tight asshole. She dribbled cum and pussy juice from her lips
onto his hard meat and watched it spread into Lois's dark tunnel. The black
stud picked up the pace going faster and faster. At last he thrust his cock
deep into her bowels and grunted. Meg put her hand under his balls. She
could feel cum pulsing through his scrotum on the way to her mother's wide
stretched asshole.

Between the weed she had smoked and the intoxication of the sex, Meg had
become a shameless fuck machine just like her sexy mother. Over the next
several hours they were fucked repeatedly in the pussy ass and mouth by one
cock after another by an endless stream of horny college men until cum was
oozing from their bodies and splattered all over their face, hair and tits.
They licked each other clean and kissed like two lovers, sharing the fruits
of their passion.

They took another break and smoked more pot. One of the guys gave the cum
filled mother and daughter a pill, which sent them spinning into another
world. The rest of the night was a blur of cocks and pussy and cum filling
her body and splattering across their faces and tits. Drained of all energy,
Meg could feel the walls closing in and drifted off into darkness.

It was almost noon when Meg opened her eyes. She was in their motel room
lying naked in bed completely disoriented. The memory of the previous night
was hazy and surreal like it had been a dream, but when she sat on the side
of the bed she realized her ass was sore. So was her pussy for that matter,
and even her jaw. She looked over and saw that her mother was just waking up
in a similar condition.

"Um... Mom. About last night. I'm not sure I remember very much. I think I
got a little high. Did we, you know, do anything that... well... that we
might regret?"

"I don't remember either sweetie," her mother answered. "But from the
condition we're in ... maybe it's better to just let it go and not say
anything. You know the old saying. What happens at Spring Break ...
Stay's at Spring Break."


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