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Description: Tricia Takanawa fantasises about Ollie Williams as she enjoys a candy treat

Content Codes: MF, F-mast, cons, exhib, inter, oral, PWP

Family Guy: Tricia Treat
by JD ([email protected])

Quite which member of staff had organised the gag gift of a chocolate flavoured candy cock for Tricia Takanawa's birthday was never made clear to Quahog's favourite Asian Reporter. Secretly, she hoped it had come from the station's Weatherman, Ollie Williams. Long, thick, dark and high in calories, it went in Tricia's apartment fridge as soon as she got home from reporting live at the scene of the latest shenanigans of local 'special person' Peter Griffin. The popular correspondent rarely became excited about anything - a red carpet encounter with a faded singer being a notable example. Yet, as she set about preparing her meal for one, she couldn't shake a mental comparison of the candy cock to an occasional fantasy of a public encounter with Ollie Williams.

Ramen noodles and good fish formed the basis of the dish Tricia ate as she squirmed in her practical Ikea chair. Having a generally low sex drive, Tricia hadn't even thought about getting aroused since a disappointing anonymous encounter for a Channel 5 bulletin. In fact, the venereal disease she had picked up on that occasion had put her off sex until well after it was cured. Still, there was no doubt that Tricia's panties were getting moist as she ate with graceful movements of her chopsticks. She left the finished bowl and 'sticks on the table as soon as she finished, and went back to the fridge.

Tricia trembled as her fingers closed around the chocolate cock. She hardly realised as she slid her other hand down the waistband of her skirt, and rubbed the crotch of her damp panties. After a healthy meal it was time for a naughty dessert. The plastic wrapping fluttered to the floor as Tricia took the candy through to her minimalist styled bedroom.

"Oh, Ollie," she whispered, "everyone will watch as I taste you!"

The candy was sweet as Tricia kissed the crown, and flicked her tongue out in wet licks. Tricia put it down for long enough only to slip out of her blouse, skirt and panties, and unhook her bra. Recalling her window blind, she tugged it down too. There was a big difference in a sexual fantasy of exhibitionism, and giving her neighbours a show for real.

The chocolate-flavoured candy smeared brown across Tricia's puckered lips as she kissed and sucked upon it. She moaned softly as she used her free hand upon herself. It had been a good while since Tricia Takanawa masturbated, even about Ollie, but she never forgot the best way to rub through her thick bush. The Japanese woman had an American style double bed, and climbed eagerly onto it as she continued nibbling on the candy.

Tricia concentrated on the fantasy of getting on her knees before Ollie, in front of the entire Channel 5 staff, and slipping his cock into her mouth. At the same moment, she pushed the chewed candy cock deep over her tongue and sucked it hard. The crown of the candy cock broke off into Tricia's mouth as she slid a finger into herself. She felt tight inside, and the mental image of Ollie's large black rod stretching his way down her eager throat gave Tricia a pleasurable shudder.

Ollie was a big, chubby African-American man where Tricia was a petite Japanese woman who'd moved to America with her parents when a child. She managed to slide another finger into her warmth as she mentally beheld the erotic contrast of Ollie's heavy hairy scrotum resting on her chin; She had to chew the candy to swallow it, but Tricia felt sure she could pleasurably take Ollie's length with a little practice. The fantasy's added spice of her colleagues watching her achieve the feat sent little shocks of pleasure through the secretly exhibitionistic Tricia's body.

Candy-stained drool dribbled down Tricia's chin as she left the chewed cock sticking up from her mouth and used her sticky fingers to twist and rub a hard nipple. She had a good rhythm between her legs as she managed to rub herself and alternate slippery fingering. Tricia's small clitoris had grown swollen and erect. She moaned longingly around the melting candy cock.

In her fantasy the Channel 5 staff cheered her on as she pulled her face from Ollie's cock and let him paint her skin with his seemingly never ending torrent of hot spunk. In her mind he splashed in her face, short black hair and across her breasts to show his huge arousal at her expert oral skills. Tricia bit through another section of the candy cock as a pre-orgasmic jolt rippled through her. She chewed and swallowed quickly, leaving only a few inches of the erotic candy left. The thought of all her colleagues stood around as she sucked a well-hung man to a powerful orgasm was almost too much.

In the final act of her fantasy, Ollie pulled her up until she stood on the tips of her toes, and kissed her passionately on her sperm sticky lips. She imagined his wilting cock pressed up against her belly and dribbling; a few drop sliding down to her bush. Tricia spat the last of the candy cock out as she brought herself off. Just in time, as she opened her throat with a very appreciative cry as she came. The candy smeared wetly between her small breasts, and rolled off onto the bed. Tricia clutched stiffly at her twitching sntach until the wave of pleasure passed.

Sticky and dirty but very satisfied, Tricia Takanawa slid her fingers out from her oozing pussy. There was a very definite damp patch on her bed sheets. She picked up the last of the candy and pushed it into her mouth. Tricia licked smeared candy from her fingers along with her own rich tasting juices. At that moment, it seemed the greatest treat she had ever tasted. Panting softly on her bed, Tricia chewed the last of the candy and swallowed.

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