Family Matters: An Erotic Story (f/f,inc)
by Neuromancer

It was sometime in the evening. Laura Winslow had just gotten home from a
long busy day of working at Rachel's Place. She walked into the kitchen and
sat down at the table and rubbed her eyes.

Myra walked in the back door and sat down at the table directly across from
her. "Hi Laura!", she said in an annoying tone.

Laura looked up at her and grinned, "Hi Myra. Steve isn't here."

"Oh that's okay. Actually I came to see you," Myra replied.

"Me?" Laura asked surprised.

"Yep," Myra said.

"Well,... What do you want Myra? I'm kinda tired, and was gonna go take a
quick nap before my parents got home.", Laura said as she stood up and headed
for the door.

Myra quickly got up and ran ahead of her and blocked the door. Her eyes
looking deeply into Laura's.

"Myra... I don't have time for silly games. Now please move out of my way,
tell me what you want, and go home.", Laura ordered.

"Laura.... Have you ever...."

"Have I ever what?", Laura demanded as she stopped and looked at her for a

"Have you ever.... Kissed another woman?" Myra asked, her face quickly
turning red from the embarrassment of her abrupt question.

"Of course. I kiss my mother every night before I go to bed," Laura said

"That's not what I meant," Myra said softly. "I mean, have you ever kissed
another woman.... Intimately."

"No!" Laura's face quickly turning to a disgusted look as she tried to push
her way passed Myra who was still blocking the door.

Without saying a word, Myra released her hands from the door frame and slowly
wrapped them around Laura's waste and pulled herself close to her.

"Myra! What are you doing?" Laura protested as she stopped and looked at her.

"Shhhh.... Don't talk," Myra said softly to Laura as she pulled Laura's body
tightly against hers and placed her lips upon hers and began a soft gentle
deep lingering passionate kiss.

Laura started to pull herself away from Myra, but quickly lost herself in the
pleasure of Myra's sweet wet lips, and relaxed and placed her hands on Myra's
hips and began to moan softly, letting Myra kiss her.

Myra slowly pulled away and looked deep into Laura's eyes and saw that she
was enjoying herself. Myra smiled sexily at her and took her by the hand and
lead her to the kitchen table.

Myra hopped up on the table and scooted back so that her ankles were hanging
over the edge. She then laid down and placed her arms at her sides and stared
at Laura for a moment.

"I want you to undress me Laura," Myra said softly to her.

Laura smiled at her and stepped back for a moment so she could take a look at
the beautiful outfit Myra had on. A beautiful yellow sun dress. On her feet,
flip-flops with yellow straps to match her dress.

"Well, come on Laura. This is what you've always wanted isn't it?" Myra said,
getting impatient.

Laura suddenly got a defensive attitude and said, "How did you know that!"

"Oh come now Laura. I know you've been watching me ever since you first met
me. And I know you've been spying on me through my bedroom window late at
night," Myra smiled at her.

"Oh NO!" Laura said, her face turning red from extreme embarrassment.

"You knew about that?"

"Of course Laura. Why do you think it took me so long to take off all my
clothes? I usually just drop my clothes and hop into bed," Myra said softly.

The redness cleared from Laura's face and she swallowed. Myra knew about all
those nights she use to sneak out of her bedroom window just to go next door
and catch Myra getting ready for bed. This excited Laura very much to know
that Myra actually knew about that, and didn't care.

Laura cleared her mind and slowly stepped closer to Myra's right side. She
faced her and put out her hands and let them rest softly on Myra's stomach.
Myra began breathing heavily at the feeling of Laura's hands caressing her
body. Laura looked at her and noticed she was quickly getting hot & bothered
by what she was about to do.

Laura wasted no time and began unbuttoning Myra's sun dress. From the collar
all the way down to just below her waste. Couple minutes passed, and she had
all Myra's buttons on her dress undone.

She then placed her hands on both Myra's shoulders and slowly pulled the
shoulder straps down. Myra arched her back so Laura could pull the dress down
to her waste. As Laura did so, she began staring at the white bra with pink
poka-dots that Myra was wearing. And pulling the dress down to Myra's waste,
she noticed the pretty matching panties. Myra kicked her flip-flops onto the
floor and put her feet flat on the table and lifted her ass and Laura pulled
the dress the rest of the way off.

Myra looked up at Laura and smiled and said, "I wore this just for you."
Laura smiled back and unhooked her bra (a front hook bra) and Myra propped
herself up on her elbows and let the bra fall onto the table. Laura removed
the bra straps from her arms and threw it onto the floor next to Myra's

Laura was about to lean down and start sucking on Myra's breasts but Myra
pushed her face away and said, "Ah ah ah! You haven't finished yet."

Laura sighed. Myra put her feet flat on the table again and arched her butt
up again, and Laura placed her index fingers in between Myra's panty line and
pulled her panties off and threw them on the floor with the rest of her

"Very good," Myra said. "Now you may proceed."

"No," Laura said.

"Wha----what?????" Myra said as if her most prized possession had been taken
away from her.

"Not yet," Laura said. "I'll be right back."

Myra sighed a sigh of relief as she watched Laura leave the kitchen. While
she waited, Myra began to daydream about Laura, and what she had just done.
Myra had been wanting Laura to undress her for a long time. And she was glad
that she finally got Laura to do it. Just the feeling of Laura's hands on her
body made her feel tingly all over. Myra placed her left hand between her
legs and pushed 2 fingers into her pussy and began to finger fuck herself as
she waited for Laura to return.

"Myra! Could you come up to my bedroom for a second please!", she heard Laura
calling down to her.

Myra got up from the table and gathered her clothes in her arms and ran up
the stairs to Laura's bedroom. Her jaw dropped to the floor as she look on
the bed. There was Laura laying on her bed in her cheerleader outfit. On her
feet, purple socks, little dirty from the inside of Laura's shoes, but Myra
didn't care. She had always dreamed of seeing Laura in her cheerleader
outfit, and just watching her now, was making Myra really hot. Myra dropped
her clothes in the door way of Laura's room and closed the door and locked

"My turn?" Myra asked as she walked over to Laura's right side and bent over
her and kissed her passionately on the lips.

"Mmmhmmm.", Laura said in a horny voice.

Laura placed her arms at her sides and relaxed. Myra sat there for a moment
and studied Laura's outfit trying to figure out where to start, when she
realized how easy it was going to be to take her clothes off of her. Laura's
cheerleader outfit was a one piece, held together by a zipper that went from
the collar down to her waste line. Myra grabbed the zipper and pulled it all
the way down until it wouldn't move anymore. Then she went down at Laura's
feet and grabbed the bottom of the skirt and slowly pulled. Laura raised her
arms a bit and within seconds, the outfit was completely off of her. After
Myra dropped the outfit on the floor at the foot of the bed, she was kinda
disappointed to see that Laura wasn't wearing a bra or panties. She was naked
under her cheerleader outfit.

"Laura! You cheated!" Myra shouted.

"I'm sorry Myra. I was just so horny, that I didn't want to waste any time,"
Laura said as she held out her arms.

"No biggy!" Myra shouted as she climbed on top of Laura straddling her, and
laying down on top of her.

Laura put her arms around Myra and they pressed their lips together for a
long passionate kiss. Laura moaned a bit as she felt Myra's tongue slip into
her mouth and start exploring. Laura did the same, and Myra screamed into her
mouth with pleasure. "Mmmmmmmmmm!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......"

Myra got up and turned around and straddled Laura's face and slowly brought
her pussy to Laura's mouth. Laura happily obliged by reaching up and grabbing
Myra's ass and literally shoving Myra's pussy into her mouth. As Myra felt
Laura's tongue enter her vagina, she screamed. "Ooooh! Oh! Oh! Oh yes Laura!!
Yes, Laura! Oh! Oh fuck me with your tongue! Fuck me! Harder! Harder! Mmmmmm!
Mmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm! Ohhhh! Ooooooh! Oh yes! Yes! Yes,!!!!!!
Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss!!!!!!!!!" With that Laura suddenly felt a salty tasting
creamy substance literally squirting into her mouth from Myra's pussy. She
swallowed every drop.

Myra returned the favor and buried her face into Laura's pussy. Licking
all around her clit with soft gentle slurps at first, but then as she felt
Laura's tongue go back into her pussy, she began wildly humping her face as
she shoved her tongue into Laura's pussy. Laura screamed.
"Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes!!!!! Mmmmhmmmm! Mmmhmmmmmm!!!!"
Myra was fucking Laura's pussy with her tongue so hard, that her jaw started
to hurt. To increase Laura's pleasure and decrease the pain in her jaw, Myra
pushed her tongue against Laura's clit hard and began quickly moving it back
and forth.

"Oh! Oh! Oh yes!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmhhhmmmmmmmmm!!!!! Oh Myra!! Oh yes!!!!!! I'm
gonna cum!!!!"

"Mmmmmmm you go right ahead baby!" Myra shouted as she continued.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!! OOooooh.............
Ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" Laura shouted as she
cummed all over Myra's face...

Myra licked up every drop of Laura's cum from her lips, from the bed, and
from her pussy, then she got off of her and laid down in the bed next to her.
They put their arms around each other. As Laura closed her eyes, she heard
Myra say, "Laura, I love you so much.... And I want us to do this more

"You know it will happen Myra darling! Oh man you are wonderful at doing
that. Where'd you learn that?" Laura asked.

"My Mom. We do this practically every night.", Myra said.

Laura put her arms around Myra and they held each other tight, and fell
asleep in each other's arms.

The End


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