Family Matters: Steve And Eddie Trick Laura (mm/f,ncon)
by Sickman Fiend ([email protected])

Laura awoke from her dream to find her panties drenched with her own juices.
She could not believe the dream she had. She dreamt she walked in on Eddie
in the shower with Steve, both massaging each others penises. Eddie was an
amazing 10", while Steve stood at attention at a whopping 14". As they
noticed her looking at them, they motioned for her to join. She tore off her
tank top and tight shorts she had been wearing while working out at the gym.
Her body glistened with sweat, waiting to be taken by her brother, and the
neighbor she never had feeling for before. Just as she was about to wrap her
lips around Steve's cock she woke up. The thought remained with her as she
changed into a pair on new underwear.

When she got downstairs to the kitchen Eddie and Steve came in from playing
basketball. Steve had on a pair of red shorts held up by suspenders, with a
multi colored shirt. Typical. Eddie had no shirt on, showing his ripped
muscles, and some Adidas shorts. She looked for a large bulge in the pants
of both, only to find nothing. Feeling sickened by the thought, she left the
room in a hurry.

"What's the matter Laura?" Eddie yelled as she left.

Steve and Eddie got sandwich supplies out of the fridge and sat at the table.

"See Eddo, I told you my dream machine would work." Steve exclaimed as soon
as he knew Laura wasn't around.

"I can't believe one of your inventions actually worked Steve, did you see
her looking at our dicks?" Eddie said with a mouth full of tuna.

"You bet I did. Tonight we are gonna give her another dream, what should it
be about?" Steve asked Eddie.

"I have a better idea Steve, why don't we make her think she's having a
dream." Eddie said sinisterly.

"I don't get what your saying, explain." said with a befuddle look on his

"We could sneak into Laura's room tonight, my parents are not gonna be home,
we will be all alone. We could tell her it's a dream and we could fuck her."
Eddie said full of delight.

Steve said almost about to cum in his pants.

"Alright be here by 10:00," Eddie said, as he put his dish in the sink.

As 10:00 rolled around, Laura was just getting into bed. Her parents had went
to a policeman's ball, and would not be home until the next morning. Grandma
Winslow was out with Stedman, her boyfriend. As soon as Laura fell asleep,
Steve and Eddie's plan came into action.

Eddie and Steve came into Laura's room and moved her things around so she
would think she was dreaming. They also changed he clock to read 12:00 the
whole time they were in the room. That was Eddie's idea, he believed it would
add to the dream atmosphere.

As they crept towards Laura's bed, Eddie's foot hit her wet panties. They
took turns breathing deeply the aroma being omitted from the cotton thong.
Steve put them in his pocket, planing on using them for masturbation
material. Eddie was going to keep them, but Steve convinced him he could get
them anytime.

At that moment, Steve got an idea. He excused himself and went into Harriet's
clothes hamper. He removed the strongest smelling pair of underwear he could
find. When he came back, Eddie's dick was already out and hard. The sight
instantly made himself fully engorged.

Steve threw his pants off and stood on the left side of Laura's bed, Eddie
was on the right. They took turns slapping their huge johnson's on her face.
She woke up to find the black rods sliding into her mouth. Thinking it was a
dream she used her saliva to wet the tips. She never had two cocks in her
mouth at once, come to think of it, the only time she ever had a cock in her
mouth was the time Waldo got her drunk and force fed her.

Eddie ripped the covers off her only to find no panties and a dildo between
her snatch. He instantly removed it and inserted his fingers, first one, then
adding two more. All the dildo use made her loose over the years.

Eddie and Steve planned out what each were to do before they even entered the
room. Steve removed his honking cock from Laura's mouth and rolled her over.
Eddie licked his fingers, and rubbed it on the tip of his cock before ramming
it down her throat. Steve scooted down and licked between the crack of her
ass, just to lube it up before he shoved his huge boner up there. The tearing
instantly made Laura burst into tears.

After the first five minutes of pain came the pleasure. The feeling of
Steve's dick moving in and out made her pussy wet. Steve and Eddie were both
about to cum. They rolled her on her back and tilted her head. Each shot a
huge wad of warm cum down the throat of Laura, leaving a nice white coat on
her tongue.

Steve then dropped a pill into her mouth which made her fall asleep. Next
Steve sprayed Laura's ass with his healing spray he invented to repair the
rip. They put her room back in order, and set the clock. They left the room
fulfilled and proud of themselves.

When Laura woke up the next morning she had a funny taste in her mouth, a
taste she kind if enjoyed. As she went to remove her dildo, it wasn't there!
Her mind raced with the though of what happened to it. Did her parents find
it in there and take it out? Did it get stuck up there? Or did Steve and


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