Note: Every dog as its day, thus goes the saying. What about the nerds and geeks of the world? Do they ever get the hot chick? I would certainly like to think so. Family Matters has always been one of my favorite television shows. Along with Martin and Hanging With Mr. Cooper. Family comedies with style and taste. The Golden Era of American TV shows. I always wanted Steve Urkel, America's most lovable African-American nerd to hook up with Laura Winslow, the sexy black cheerleader he dreamed of being with for years and years. So I decided to make it happen. It turned out to be one of the hottest erotic tales I've ever written. Enjoy!

Family Matters: Sweet Dreams (mff,mf,anal)
by The Fan

The Winslow Household, one steamy mid-1990s Friday night.

The tall, slim and bespectacled young African-American nerd known as Steve Urkel sat on the living room couch of the Winslow family. And he was having the time of his life. For you see, he was with cheerleader Laura Winslow and the foxy Myra. The two gorgeous black women of his dreams. And finally, they were getting busy. Laura had Steve's pants around his ankles and sucked his cock like cock sucking was going out of style. Myra, the feisty, cute-faced, light-skinned African-American beauty queen who loved Steve also made herself useful. She sucked his big Black balls as if they were sugar cubes. She and Laura worked in perfect harmony to please their favorite guy. Now that's teamwork, ladies!

Nearby, Steve's buddy Waldo, a stocky, dark-skinned young African-American male was getting busy with his dream woman, Laura's light-skinned black girlfriend and longtime classmate Maxine. The lovely Maxine knelt before the lovable goof known as Waldo and sucked on his long and thick, uncircumcised black cock. Waldo sighed in pleasure as Maxine worked her magic on him. The woman had skills. Laura fingered Steve's asshole while sucking his dick, causing the young nerd's dick to get even harder. When he came, she drank his seed. Laura as it turns out loved sucking cock. Especially long and thick, uncircumcised black rods like Steve's.

Once Laura got done sucking Steve's cock, the cheerleader asked the nerd for some pussy licking. And Steve was happy to oblige. He spread Laura's thick thighs and breathed in the scent of her womanhood. He looked at her hairy pussy and licked his lips. Slowly, he slid one finger into her, then two. Laura moaned as Steve began to stimulate her snatch with his fingers. She urged him to continue. Meanwhile, Myra sucked on Steve's cock and fingered his asshole. Knowing how much Steve liked that, Myra slid two fingers into his ass. Steve loved anal stimulation. Both giving and receiving. He licked Laura's pussy eagerly, fingering and probing her snatch like there was no tomorrow. Laura was gushing, dazed by Steve's awesome pussy-licking skills. In no time he had her squealing in delight as she squirted hot girly cum all over his face and hands.

Meanwhile, Waldo and Maxine were doing their thing. Waldo had Maxine on all fours, face down and ass up as he slammed his cock into the sexy young Black woman's tight pussy from behind. Maxine squealed as Waldo fucked her hard. Waldo was a goofy guy but he could lay some serious pipe, as Maxine was finding out. He laid his hands upon her hips and thrust his cock deep into her snatch. Maxine was getting buck-wild. The light-skinned black chick had always fantasized about getting fucked by the stocky, dark-skinned black dude and now her fantasy was coming true. Waldo gripped her hair and yanked her head back while fucking her. Maxine screamed loudly, cursing like a sailor and begging Waldo to fuck her like he was paying for it. The stocky young black man did just that. He drilled his cock into her hard, fucking her like a cheap prostitute.

Looking Laura in the eye, Steve eased his long and thick Black cock into the sexy Black cheerleader's hot snatch. Laura gritted her lips closed as her favorite nerd rammed his dick into her. She wrapped her arms around him, wanting him to fuck her harder. Not that Steve needed any encouragement. He began to fuck Laura hard, owning her pussy. Behind him, Myra wasn't inactive. She was strapping on her favorite dildo and decided to let Steve know exactly how kinky she was. After greasing her dildo with plenty of lubricant, she spread his ass cheeks wide open and eased the dildo into his butt. The young Black man gasped in surprise. He turned around and saw what Myra was doing to him. Myra smiled naughtily, and told Steve she'd often fantasized about his ass. Sighing, he resumed fucking Laura, plowing his cock into her pussy.

Laura Winslow squealed in delight as Steve's cock invaded her tunnel of love. She'd secretly fancied him for years. The real Steve Urkel, rather than his smooth-talking, well-dressed and charming alter ego Stefan Urkelle. She surprised everyone when she chose Steve over Stefan but everyone knows the heart wants what the heart wants. He fucked her hard, just the way she liked it. He absolutely rocked her world. He drilled his cock into her until he came, then squeezed his cock out of her. He didn't get any respite, though. Myra bent him over as she savagely rammed the dildo up his ass. She went in deeper than ever before. Steve squealed as Myra sodomized him with the strap-on dildo.

Myra put Steve on his back in order to look into his eyes while ramming the strap-on dildo deep into the young Black man's asshole. Although she loved him dearly, she hated the fact that he was so into Laura Winslow that he occasionally didn't pay enough attention to her. So she was getting some payback by stretching his ass. While pounding him in the butt, she stroked his cock. Laura bent down and sucked Steve's dick while Myra sodomized his ass with her dildo. Steve screamed as he got some extreme treatment from his favorite Black ladies.

Nearby, Waldo and Maxine were getting down and dirty. Maxine's ass cheeks were spread wide open as Waldo thrust his cock deep into her butt hole. Waldo loved anal sex and Maxine was an uptight Black chick who needed some butt-fucking to adjust her attitude problem. Waldo slammed his dick up Maxine's ass, stretching her asshole from a tight end to a wide receiver. Maxine even farted while getting fucked in the butt by Waldo and the young Black man laughed his ass off while his girlfriend went red from embarrassment. He smacked her big Black ass, watching it bounce under his palm. Now that's what he calls booty!

Myra eased the dildo out of Steve's ass, and told him to fuck her. He didn't need to be told twice. Especially since he wanted some payback for what she did to his ass. He spread Myra's ass cheeks wide open and shoved his cock up her butt hole. Myra gasped as Steve penetrated her asshole. Laura grabbed Myra's face and buried it between her legs, forcing the light-skinned young Black woman to lick her pussy. Steve slammed his cock into Myra's asshole, and the young Black woman howled like a woman possessed. Laughing, Steve drilled his cock deep into Myra's asshole. He called her a bitch and a slut while sodomizing her. Myra squealed as Steve basically began tearing her narrow ass apart as he rammed his cock into her butt hole. It hurt, but also felt kind of good. Because Myra loved having a big Black dick up her ass and if loving it was wrong she didn't want to be right.

Laura tossed her girlfriend Maxine the strap-on dildo Myra discarded so she could give Waldo a taste of his own medicine. Maxine put the strap-on dildo to good use. She bent him over, spread his ass cheeks and shoved the dildo up his butt. Waldo screamed as Maxine began slamming the dildo up his ass. This was payback time, and she was absolutely loving it. Fucking a Black man in the ass with a strap-on dildo. A kinky young Black woman's dream. She grabbed his hips and rammed the dildo up his butt, her way of paying him back for sliding his big Black dick in and out of her ass earlier. What goes around comes around, as they say.

And that's how the evening went, folks. A good time was had by all. Steve proved to both Laura and Myra that his pipe-laying skills were definitely on par. Just like Maxine showed Waldo that anal sex was for everyone. If women could take it up the ass, then why shouldn't men? When morning came, it found the fine young Black people fast asleep in a heap of naked bodies on the Winslow living room couch. An evening well spent.


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