The story below has sex in it. Sex of the graphic nature. If you are offended then don't read on.

Family Matters (The Double Play)
by Sexual Kiwi

Laura Winslow was excited. Steve Urkel had promised her for her birthday he would alter his genetic makeup once
more and bring back Stephon. Last time Steve became Stephon Laura lost her virginity she couldn't wait for a
return. Laura waited eagerly on Steve couch down in his basement lab.

Finally Stephon emerged from the chamber. Laura ran up and kissed him. Stephon was also happy to return.
Quickly he moved Laura over to the couch and slowly slid Laura's blouse off. Though her breast weren't hug by
any standards he like to suck on them. He gentle rub his tongue around the dark nipples.

Laura liked the attention she was getting but she wanted Stephon's cock. She slid her hands down his pants and
found the throbbing hard nine inches she remembered. She pulled his pants down and slid her mouth over the
head. Stephon groaned and pushed it in deeper. More and more the cock slid into her mouth and down her throat.
Laura took he free hand and reached back and began to rub her clit through her panties. Stephon pulled out of
her mouth and turned her around. he pulled off her skirt and basically ripped her panties off her. Laura loved it.
Stephon shoved his nine inches into Laura who was soaking wet at this point. She took it all at once.

Up stairs at the Winslow's house Eddie and his best friend Waldo were sitting around the kitchen table talking
about basketball when a knock at the door took their attention. Steve Urkel's girlfriend Myra was at the door. She
walked in and said she must see Steve now. Eddie told her that Steve had turned into Stephon for Laura's
birthday. Myra began to tremble. Eddie put his arm around her to comfort her. Myra looked up and caught Eddie
staring down her blouse at her huge tits. Myra asked him if he liked what he saw? Eddie pulled his arm back and
was a little embarrassed at being caught looking. Myra said well since Steve's alter ego was busy pleasing Laura
she would please Eddie and Waldo.

Myra reached down and grabbed Eddie by the cock and pushed him back onto the kitchen counter. Waldo moved
in and reached around and began to play with Myra's mammoth breast.

Downstairs Laura had reached her second orgasm as Stephon was finally about to come. Laura turn quickly so as
to catch it all in her mouth. Stephon shot his cum for what seemed like a minute and Laura swallowed it all.
Suddenly that familiar voice came form the chamber. LAURA WINSLOW! Laura looked up quickly to see Steve Urkel
standing there stroking his huge cock. Laura just looked a stuttered SSSSteve?

Urkel explain to her he had now split his genetics and both he and Stephon could exist. Laura still hadn't taken her
eyes off his fifteen inches in his hand. Steve noticed that and told her well I made a few changes to him with a
smile. Laura told Steve his dream was about to come true and told him to bring his cock to her and let her have it.

Steve ran over and aimed at Laura's open mouth and shoved it in. Laura slowly started working the cock down her
throat. Taking as much as she could. She had ten inches in when she felt something poking at her ass. She then
realized Stephon was back in business. Before she could say anything she felt three inches of cock in her ass. It
hurt. But it hurt in a good way. He thrust forward and added another four inches into her. This pushed her forward
to take more of Steve's cock. Now thirteen inches were down her throat and she was about to gag. Stephon
buried all his nine inches in her ass and this pushed the rest down her throat. Laura was amazed she took that
much down her throat.

Waldo and Eddie were both licking on Myra's breast while she was alternating between each of their cocks with
her tongue. She liked having two ten inch cocks pleasing her. She told Eddie she wanted one in her pussy now.
Eddie moved around and started to lick on her clit and then shoved his tongue in as far as it would go. Myra had
an orgasm and filled Eddie's mouth full. Eddie moved in for the penetration now. He shoved his cock in hard and
thrust as hard as he could. Myra almost bit into Waldo as it felt so good. Myra was rather loose Eddie thought.
She must have been serviced by someone other than Steve he thought. Myra wanted a change in positions. She
told Waldo to lay down and she straddled him and began riding him as hard as she could. Eddie thought for a
second and pushed Myra forward. Myra screamed back and said do it. With that Eddie shoved his cock along side
Waldo's in her pussy. Now she was tight. Both boys were now working there cocks in and out of Myra as she
came over and over. Eddie and Waldo both tighten up and let loose at the same time. Myra screamed to fill her

Steve began to empty his load into Laura's mouth. Laura tried to take all she could, but it was a massive about of
cum. Eventually is began to dribble down her chin. Laura now gave her attention to her ass. She leaned back and
began riding Stephon as hard as she could. Then she realized Steve was still rock hard. She had heard about
double penetration and was always fantasizing about it. She told Steve to put his cock in her pussy. Steve slid it
in carefully. She said to bury it. Steve thrust forwards and it was the most amazing things she ever felt. She
could feel two cocks inside her. Both Stephon and Steve felt it also as Laura became so tight they could hardly
move. Then Laura began to have orgasm after orgasm. This allowed Steve to began to move in and out of her.
Laura's ass also loosen up and Stephon returned to thrusting upward into it. Laura passed out just as Stephon
shot into her. Steve wasn't far behind.

Myra was done. As soon as one of the cocks got hard she was ready. Eddie was first and she sank her ass onto
his cock with a scream. Then she told Waldo to give her his now hard cock in the pussy. Waldo sunk it into her
with a thrust. She reached multiple orgasm once again. Steve heard the moaning upstairs and climbed up the
steps to find his girlfriend being serviced by two of his best friends. Steve walked over and stuck his cock out for
Myra to lick on. Then Myra saw another cock and looked up and saw Stephon standing next to her. She laid back
and told Stephon to give it to her mouth and Steve moved into one of his favorite positions and began to hump
her tits. Myra was in heaven. Then she had a thought. She ordered Steve to stick his huge cock into her pussy.
Waldo began to pull out and she screamed NO. She wanted three cocks in her. Waldo slid back in. Steve moved
into position and stuck his cock in between Eddie's and Waldo's and filled Myra with as much as he could push in.
Myra screamed out. She told Stephon to hump her tits. He moved down and began humping away. Laura stood at
the doorway with her eyes wide open. She thought she was a horny little bitch by taking two cocks. Now she saw
Myra with three in her and one her chest. She was amazed. Myra saw Laura standing there rubbing her pussy.
Myra screamed hey bitch get over here. Myra was a sex machine. She told Laura to straddle her and she began
licking away at Laura's pussy. Laura had never had another girl eat her, but she realized she would from now on.
She came quickly. All three boys inside Myra were ready to blow. They all pulled out one at a time and told the
girls to lay down and Stephon also joined them as the four boys shot cum all over the black beauties before them.

Laura then began to lick some of the cum off Myra's chest. The boys were done for a while leaving Myra and
Laura a chance to perfect their bisexual experiences.


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