Family Ties: Alex gets his way

An erotic adventure by Martin4Life ([email protected])


The following is a sexually explicit FICTIONAL story centering on characters
from the hit television series "Family Ties"

If you are under 18 do not read any further.

Keep in mind that my native language is not English when you read this
I would appreciate any constructive feed back or suggestions.

Feel free to re-post this story as long as the context is unaltered.

Copyright 1998


" I wish she would just go away, dam she's more annoying than Skippy and
that's saying something" Alex thought as the girl who was supposed to be his
sister kept nagging him.

"Please Alex why won't you introduce me to your friend Mike, he's a hunk"
Mallory said.

"Mallory he is not interested in you, he likes cerebral girls"

"Hey Alex I'm a cereal girl and you know it. I wish you would stop acting
like you are the greatest thing since sliced bread" She whined.

"I'm not acting I have a superior intellect, please drop the subject," Alex
said quickly tiring of the conversation with Mallory.

"You know you have gotten even more arrogant in the last few days than I
thought possible" Mallory said and ran out of the kitchen.

"Me arrogant" the Alex thought "don't be ridiculous, I should really put her
in her place. Hmm Mom and Dad have taken Jennifer and left for the week end,
I could not get another opportunity like this." Alex started to formulate a


Mallory was sitting in her room when Alex came in, "Listen Mallory I'm sorry
that I snapped at you"

"You know you could be so mean sometimes" Mallory said and looked angrily at
him "Alex you are such a creep sometimes, I can't believe that we are
brother and sister."

"I sorry Mallory, please forgive me" Alex said as he spread his arms out
inviting Mallory to hug him.

"Well that's alright guess" Mallory said and moved in to hug her older

Alex smelled her hair and decided to go for it, His hands slowly slid down
to her ass and he grabbed then quickly. "Alex what the hell are you doing"
Mallory cried out and tried to pry loose from his grabbing hands.

"Shut up you bitch" Alex said, he could see that Mallory was surprised by
his rude words, then he started to lift Mallory's skirt while he fondled her
long legs. Mallory struggled in his hands and then she managed to slap him
hard, Alex rubbed his chin and then he slapped her so hard that she fell
down on the floor.

Alex moved in while she was still stunned, he ripped her dress open and
exposed her medium sized teenage tits. He managed to tangle Mallory's arms
in her torn dress and then he yanked her bra off. Mallory shrieked in a
mixture of terror and surprise, she could not believe that her own brother
had ripped the top of her dress of and was beginning to suck on her tits.
Mallory struggled to get loose but it only turned Alex on more, he suddenly
bit her left nipple hard and Mallory screamed out in pain. "Lie still if you
don't want me to really hurt you" Alex whispered to the whimpering teenager,
she sobbed but did not struggle as much any more.

Alex started to slide his hands up the inside of her thighs closing in on
her pussy, he suddenly grabbed her cunt and pulled on her panties with such
a force that it slipped up her pussy slit. "This is gonna be great, I'm
gonna fuck you brains out and you can't stop me" Alex said as he neared his
head to her pussy. Alex saw Mallory's black haird cunt and knew that he had
to taste it and then he did. Alex ran his tongue over her dry pussy and
started to work it over.

"Alex please stop and think" Mallory pleaded while Alex was licking her
cunt; she almost puked as she felt his probing tongue at a place where few
men had been before.

"I don't want to think, I want to fuck" Alex said, "In fact I think I have
an idea on how to shut you up" Alex moved away from her cunt and then he sat
down on her chest pinning her arms with his knees.
"Now if you bite me or hurt me I'll kill you" Alex said and then he pulled
his cock out of his pants, "Now suck it and make it good" Alex said as he
put his cock on her lips. "Come on Nick told me that you loved to suck cock,
so suck mine" Alex told her and then he slapped her hard. Mallory felt her
right cheek explode in pain, "I better do what he says" she thought and then
she took Doc's cock in her mouth.

"Oh yes you slut, you love it don't you" Alex said as he felt her mouth
around his dick, Mallory did not want to suck his cock but was afraid that
he would hit her again if she did not do her best. And Mallory was one of
the best at cock sucking, Nick had said so and so had most of her class at
high school.

"You are a great cock sucker sis" Alex said as he pumped into her mouth,
"But let's use another part of you wonderful body as well. Alex moved back a
little and put his cock between her tits, "Press them together and let me
fuck your tits you slut" He said and started to pump between her mounds.
Mallory did as she was told but loathed every second, "If he cums maybe he
won't fuck me" Mallory thought as she worked her tits up and down his
pumping cock. Alex loved the feel of her tits around his cock but he wanted
something more. "Now we're ready" Alex said and pulled Mallory onto the bed,
"I'm gonna fuck your brains out" Alex said.

"NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO ALEX" Mallory yelled out as Alex spat on her pussy and
rubbed it in, then he slowly put his cock up her pussy. "Man she's tight"
Alex thought as he struggled to press his hard cock inside her, he soon felt
her juices starting to flow lightly.

"On no, I must be sick but my pussy is getting wet as he fucks me" Mallory
thought as Alex finally slipped all the way into her cunt, and then he
started to work in and out. Alex grabbed her hips and started to slam into
her with great joy, his hips slammed against her ass with loud thuds.
Mallory could not believe what was happening but she was too stunned to do
anything but lay there and let him fuck her.

Alex stood up and pulled Mallory over to her dresser and then bends her over
and then took her from behind. Alex slammed into her with vigor and their
pumping bodied scattered all her things all over the floor. Alex was
incredibly turned on by the image in the mirror of them fucking and he took
her harder and harder. Mallory started to scream as Alex took her so hard
that she felt like she was being spanked and tears started to roll down her
cheeks. Alex grabbed her tits and squeezed them very hard making Mallory
scream even louder; "Scream all you want, nobody can hear you" Alex said as
he started to kiss her up and down the back.

"Oh I have a great idea Mal" Alex said as he pulled his cock out and then he
pulled her into the bathroom. Alex grabbed a scarf and tied one of her hands
then he tied both her hands to the shower so she stood with both hands over
her head buck-naked. "Man you look hot, Alex said and then he stepped into
the shower with her. Alex grabbed her ass and lifted her slightly from the
floor then he positioned her legs around his hips and pushed into her once
again. He slammed against her with joy and squashed her against the wall and
she screamed out once again. Alex kissed her heaving tits and squeezed her
ass while he continued to fuck her wildly.

Alex continued to fuck the tied up teenager for another couple of minutes
until he felt that he was about to come, "If you beg me I won't cum inside
you" Alex said as he observed Mallory's pained expression.
"Please Alex don't cum inside me, don't shoot you load in me" Mallory
pleaded with tears in her eyes.

"If you insist" Alex said and then pulled his cock out and shot a couple of
long hard loads up her body some even landed on her face. "Lick it off your
lips Mallory or " Alex threatened and Mallory had no option but to comply
and she licked his jiz off her lips.

"Mallory if you ever tell anybody what I did I'll kill you" Alex said with
an insane look in his eyes. Mallory believed him and decided not to tell,
besides she would be to embarrassed to tell.

"By the way Mallory, there is more than 36 hours before mom and dad are back
so you better brace your self. I'll be back in about half an hour and then I
might let you down" Alex said and kissed her hard.

The End


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