Family Ties/Home Improvement: The Lost Episodes Part 4 - Just This Once
by Leper Messiah

The fourth episode is a crossover with "Home Improvements." Mallory and Elyse
pay a visit to Jill Taylor and help her to deal with her wayward son, Randy.

* * *

"He's got such a cute little cock," said Jill with a giggle. "Isn't it

"It's not that little," said Elyse, staring with amazement at the television

"It sure isn't," said Mallory, stroking her bare pussy with her hand.

The three of them were sitting nude in Jill Taylor's living room. Mallory had
talked her mom into letting her tag along on one of her "girls' days" with
Mrs. Taylor, which set aside once or twice a month for the purpose of
drinking some wine (or maybe smoking a little weed) and watching porn videos.

The tradition had started for Jill and Elyse about a year before when, on
a whim, they had popped in a videotape which had been left on top of the
entertainment center by Jill's husband, Tim. It was called Taboo 3 and it
was all about mothers fucking their sons. Jill and Elyse had been shocked
at first but ended up getting really turned on by it. A couple of weeks
later, they had watched it again, had a little more wine and joked about
"sharing a son" like the moms in the video. They had ended up masturbating
together on the couch.

They continued in this manner for a couple of months, watching more videos
from Tim's porn stash. They began to make it a habit to watch them in the
nude, and after a while, Jill began to answer the door already naked. Their
video sessions always ended in mutual masturbation and it was only a matter
of time before Jill suggested that they videotape themselves and watch it
back to see how they looked... They had smoked a big joint and then Jill had
set up the camera to frame the couch. Jill had "dressed" for the occasion in
some knee-high leather boots, a brown leather mini-skirt and nothing else.
Elyse was wearing only some high-heeled shoes, white gloves, her make-up and
her jewelry.

Jill had propped her booted feet on the coffee table and opened her legs to
show her brown, furry beaver to the camera. Elyse was already playing with
herself; her own long legs spread wide, her gloved fingers working at her
honey-colored muff and the wet, pink lips of her snatch.

"I like the way your pussy looks on camera," Elyse had said, studying her
friend's fuzzy box on the TV monitor.

"Thanks, I like yours too," said Jill, running some fingers across her own
thick labia.

"We should make this little recording really hot," Elyse said coyly...

"What have you got in mind?" Jill smiled conspiratorially.

Elyse had then leaned over and cupped one of Jill's heavy breasts in her

"It always turns us on when we watch the girl-on-girl stuff," she said gently
massaging Jill's left tit. "Why don't we try it for ourselves? It'll be fun
to watch it back."

"Ooh, that's so naughty," said Jill. "Do you want me to go down on you?
Please? I've always wanted to go down on a girl."

"By all means," Elyse had said as Jill crawled down between her legs, "but I
go next."

That had been their first time fucking. They both still had copies of that
adventure stashed away in their respective houses. Not too long ago Mallory
had stumbled into her parents' bedroom and discovered Elyse lying naked in
her bed and watching it. Mallory had closed the door and asked her mom to
rewind it.

Mallory had quickly shucked her own clothes and joined her mom nude on the
bed. The tape had made them both really horny and they had ended up in a
heavy 69 on Elyse's bed... After that, Mallory had asked her mom to include
her in the next fuck session at Mrs. Taylor's house.

Now here they were, naked on Jill Taylor's living room floor, watching some
homemade video tapes. Jill and Elyse had each agreed to tape themselves with
their husbands and show them to each other today. Jill had begun by showing
them a fuck and suck session between her and her husband Tim but then there
was more after that. For some reason, Tim had rigged the camcorder to start
automatically when the bedroom door opened and Jill's son Randy had been
caught unawares when he sneaked into their room the next day.

Now they watched back the tape of Randy furtively opening a dresser drawer
and pawing through his mother's underwear. They had watched, stunned, as he
picked up a pair of blue silk panties and held them to his face, inhaling.

Then he had paused, spotting something in the drawer. He reached in and
pulled out a large brown envelope.

"Naked pictures of me," Jill had said simply.

On tape Randy had taken out the photographs and his eyes had widened as he
flipped through them. He had then looked wildly around the room, run and
closed the door and gone over to the bed. He had lain the pictures out on
the comforter and then unfastened his trousers. He pushed his pants down
and his stiffening prong sprang free. It was huge.

Now they were watching him stroke his fat pink cock with his mom's silk
panties. He was staring intently at the naked photographs of his mom.

"Let me know if you ever need a babysitter," said Mallory, playing with
herself and staring riveted as Randy pumped his massive tool on screen.

"Mallory, don't be crude," admonished Elyse. "Oh, come off it, mom, you
can't tell me you're not thinking the same thing," said Mallory.

The three of them were sitting together on a plush white rug in front of the
television. Mallory was in the middle with Jill on her right and Elyse on her
left. Mallory put her left hand between her mom's legs and felt her warm,
damp muff. "You're just as wet as I am," said Mallory. "My mom wants to fuck
your son, Mrs. Taylor."

"I can't say I blame her," said Jill. Her fingers working busily at her own
hairy gash. "If he wasn't my son, I'D want to fuck him too."

On screen, Randy was ejaculating, sending a geyser of sperm into the air.

"What a shame," sighed Jill, watching her son mopped up his own semen from
the carpet with her panties. "all that lovely cream going to waste."

"All that cream comes from looking at dirty pictures of his mom," said
Elyse, leaning back on her hands and spreading her legs to accommodate her
daughter's dancing fingers on her vulva.

"I know," said Jill, "and that totally turns me on. I know it's sick and
wrong but I can't help it. I've watched this tape ten times since I found it
and I've had to play with myself every time. Want to hear something really
sick? This morning I went to wake him up for school and I saw that he had a
big morning boner in his underwear. The head of his cock was poking out the
fly of his boxers. I must have stood there staring for about five minutes."

"Oh, the poor little guy," said Elyse, "You should have helped him tuck it
back in."

"Oh, I wanted to," said Jill. "You wouldn't believe all the nasty thoughts I

"I believe it." said Mallory. "I'm having them too."

"It gets better," said Jill. "As I was standing there gawking he started
playing with it."

"He was awake?" asked Elyse.

"No, he was still asleep. At least I think he was. His eyes were still
closed. Anyway, he started rubbing himself down there and then he pulled the
whole thing out through his fly and started jacking himself off."

"Aw, that's so cute," said Elyse. "I remember the first time I caught Alex
jerking off. I peeked at him while he was in the shower and there he was
whacking away."

"Did you give him a hand?" asked Mallory.

"No, not that time...but he came on me. Got me right in the neck. That's what
I get for peeking. He was really embarrassed, poor boy. I grabbed a washcloth
from the shower rack and cleaned off my neck. He just stood there with his
thing sticking out. Neither one of us said anything. I left the bathroom and
after that we just pretended like it never happened."

"Did Randy come on you, Mrs. Taylor?" asked Mallory.

"No. He opened his eyes and saw me before he blew his load. He was
embarrassed and tried to stuff his dick back into his shorts but I just
pretended not to notice. I went over to his dresser and started getting
clothes out. I was telling him it was time to go to school and he need to
get dressed. I was only wearing this really short and thin little nightie,
though. I bent over real low and let it ride up while I was looking through
the drawers. I made sure he got an eyeful. When I dumped the clothes on his
bed, I leaned way over so that he could see my breasts down the top of my
nightie. My nipples were so stiff he could see them right through the
material. His boner was still sticking up in his shorts. I don't know what's
more wrong, him having those thoughts about his mother or me getting so
turned on by it. I'm sure he finished his business after I left the room."

"Oh, the poor boy," said Elyse. "He's just all full of hormones. Maybe it
wouldn't have hurt to just give him a little hand."

"Elyse, he's my son! Besides. I wouldn't have trusted myself to stop with a

"I don't blame you," said Mallory. "What a beautiful cock. He can stick it
in me anytime he wants."

"Mallory!" said Elyse. "He's Jill's son. Don't torment her."

"That's ok," said Jill, "I understand. If he wasn't my son..."

"We still have one more video," said Elyse, quickly changing the subject.

Jill got up and changed the videos then sat back down. This time they watched
Steven and Elyse. It started with Elyse perched atop her husband's bearded
face, grinding her bushy blonde muff against his gobbling mouth. Elyse was
facing the camera and toying with his erection.

"Oooh, daddy," cooed Mallory at the sight of her father's towering cockstand.
She swiveled her hips and ground her wet pussy against Elyse's busy hand.

"You get way too excited by the sight of your father's penis," said Elyse,
gently squeezing Mallory's rigid clit between her thumb and forefinger.

"I can't help it if it looks so yummy," said Mallory. "I'm really horny. When
do we get to fuck?"

"We usually wait until after we watch he videos," said Elyse, "but since
you're so impatient..."

Elyse crawled down between her daughter's widespread legs. She gave Mallory's
glistening vagina a lick and then looked up at her.

"I'll give you some head while you watch. Just sit back and enjoy."

Elyse then buried her face in Mallory's damp, black triangle. Mallory leaned
back and enjoyed the cunnilingus while she watched. On the video, Elyse was
now getting it doggy-style from Steven. Mallory looked over at Jill who was
rubbing absently at her own wooly cunt as she watched. Mallory put a hand
between Jill's legs and Jill removed her own hand and spread her legs wide.
She leaned back on both hands as Mallory masturbated her pussy.

On the video, Steven had removed his long, slender dick from Elyse's drooling
vagina and was now inserting it into her anus. As Mallory watched her dad
ease the length of his tool into her mother's behind she began to hump her
pussy against Elyse's hungry mouth.

"Does daddy's cock feel good in your ass?" asked Mallory.

"Uh huh," mumbled Elyse around a mouthful of pussy.

Mallory toyed with Jill's fat pussy lips, gently rolling her swollen clit.

"Doesn't my dad have a nice dick, Mrs. Taylor?"

"He sure does," said Jill.

Mallory squirmed and moved her ass against the carpet while she watched her
daddy buttfuck her mom. She had already orgasmed by the time Steven pulled
his stiff dork out of Elyse's asshole and she turned to take his ejaculating
organ into her mouth and the video was over.

"Would you like to sit on my face, Mrs. Taylor?" asked Mallory flopping down
onto her back.

"Don't mind if I do," said Jill, throwing a leg over Mallory's head and
settling her furry box onto her face.

Mallory went to town on Jill's hot, sopping cunt, sucking her swollen labia,
sucking her thick clit, pushing her tongue inside her creamy fuck tunnel.
Elyse continued to gobble her daughter's hairy gash. Mallory licked her way
up Jill's wooly ass crack and pushed her tongue into her asshole, feeling
her mother's tongue probe her own willing anus.

Mallory came twice more before Jill reached a shuddering climax of her own.

"Whew," said Jill. "That was nice...but your poor mom still needs some

"That's right, I do," said Elyse, lying back and splaying her legs.

Just then the phone rang.

"Damn," said Jill, "I'll be right back."

She got up and padded bare-assed into the kitchen to answer the phone while
Mallory crawled over to her mom and burrowed between her legs. Mallory was
still munching on Elyse's blonde muff when Jill returned from the kitchen.

"Hey, Jill," said Elyse, "let's make a daisy chain."

"I can't," said Jill. "That was Randy's school. He's in trouble. I have to
go get him."

"Oh no, what did he do?"

"I don't know, they didn't say. They'll explain it when I get there. I'm
sorry to have to interrupt the party...but please, don't leave. I'll bring
Randy home and settle this, then send him to his room. After that we can...
continue where we left off."

Jill scrambled around looking for her clothes. She stepped into a skirt and
found a top. She grabbed some boots to put on underwear," said Mallory,
looking up from between Elyse's thighs.

"Oh well," said Elyse. "Well, I guess we better get dressed before Jill gets
back with the kid."

"Aw, do we have to? I don't mind if he watches...or even joins in. I wouldn't
say no to that big cock."

"Mallory, don't be so crude. If you really want some dick you can get some
later from your brother...or maybe we could even call Skippy again."

"Or maybe daddy," said Mallory lewdly.

"Mallory, that's nasty!"

* * *

When Jill returned with her sheepish son in tow, Elyse and Mallory were both
fully dressed and drinking tea on the couch. Jill shoved Randy into the
living room and told him to sit in a chair. Jill sat on the arm of the couch
with her arms folded.

"They found him looking at this in study hall," Jill said, passing a
photograph to Elyse and Mallory.

It was a naked picture of Jill. He must have swiped it from the envelope in
her dresser drawer. In the photo, Jill was on all fours. The picture had been
shot from behind with Jill looking back over her shoulder, proffering her
plump ass and cunt to the camera.

"Where did you get this?" asked Jill

Randy shrugged, "From your dresser."

"You were snooping in my room?"

"I guess."

"Why did you take it?"

"I was just...curious...I guess."

"Uh huh...why did you take it to school?"

"I hid it in my math book last night and I forgot it was in there. It fell
out during math class."

"These are private pictures, Randy."

"I know."

"It isn't nice to snoop and it REALLY isn't nice to swipe your mom's naked

"I'm sorry."

"Are you really?"


"Mrs. you believe he's sorry?"

"I don't believe he's a bit sorry," said Mallory. "I think he needs a

"Really?" said Jill with a quizzical smile. "What kind of lesson?"

"Well look at what he did to you," said Mallory. He invaded your privacy and
he exposed those very private pictures to the whole school."

"Not the whole school," said Randy. The only ones who saw it were Mrs. Griggs
and the principal...Mr. Sanders.

"Mr. Sanders looked at that picture?" asked Jill. "I bet he did, that

"He scanned it into his computer," said Randy. "He said he needed it for the

"What a crock of shit," said Jill.

"See," said Mallory, "now the principal of your school knows what your mom
looks like naked. How do you think that makes her feel? How would you like it
if you had to strip naked in front of strangers?"

"I dunno."

"You don't know?" said Mallory, sharply. "Well let's find out. Take off your
clothes right now. Right here in front of us."

"Ok," said Randy, "I get the point."

"I wasn't kidding. Take off your clothes."


"You heard Mallory," said Jill with a smile. "Do what she says."

Randy stared at his mom, disbelieving.

"Now!" she ordered.

Randy began to slowly pull up his shirt. The women watched wordlessly while
he removed his T-shirt.

"Now the rest," said Jill. "Take off your pants."

Randy kicked off his shoes and undid his jeans. He hesitated again and then
pushed them down and stepped out of them. He was now wearing only his socks
and his briefs.

"Underwear too," said Jill.

He peeled down his briefs and stepped out of them. Now he was nude except for
his socks. His cock hung heavily over his balls.

"Are we done now?" he asked.

"I don't know," said Mallory. "What else did you see in those naughty

"He saw a lot," said Jill. I was playing with myself in some of them.

"Really?" said Mallory. "Ok then, let's see him do it too."

"W..what?" asked Randy.

"If you can sneak around and look at pictures of your mom doing that then
it's only fair that she gets to watch you can see what it feels

"But I can't."

"Oh? And why can't you?"

"I'm the mood."

"And what would put you in the mood?" Elyse spoke up. "How about those dirty
pictures? They seem to work for you...or maybe you want some panties."


"Oh, come on, Randy, I know all about the panties," said Jill. "You got your
junk all over them. You think I didn't notice them in the laundry?"


"Here," said Elyse, "if you like panties, I'll give you some panties."

She suddenly reached under her short, black, cotton skirt and slipped off her
underwear. She threw them at Randy.

"There you go. Now let's see some action."

Randy half-heartedly wrapped the pink undies around his flaccid cock and
tried to stroke it.

"It isn't working," he complained.

"I'll give you my panties too," said Mallory, hiking up her own brown,
spandex mini-skirt. "Oops, I'm not wearing any. What do you know?"

Randy stared at Mallory's triangular black bush and his dork suddenly began
to respond.

"Well look at that," said Mallory, leaning back and leaving her beaver
exposed. "It's starting to get hard."

She opened her legs to let him see the shaggy crease of her vulva.

"You like this, boy? Your cock sure does. Show him your pussy mom, this is

Mallory reached over to hike up Elyse's skirt and show Randy her
honey-colored muff.

"Whose is better?," asked Mallory. "Whose would you rather stick your dick

Randy's cock had now become almost completely erect and continued to swell in
his hand.

"See, mom, it's working," said Mallory. "It's getting really big."

"So it is," said Elyse, opening her thighs and running her fingers down over
her pink, fur-lined labia. "You didn't answer Mallory's question, Randy. Who
would you rather stick it into?"

"Well, I don't know," said Randy, growing more confident. His dick was now
completely stiff and standing up like a pole, "I think I'd have to say both
of you."

Jill chuckled at her son. "You're awfully bold all of a sudden. Do you think
you could really handle both of them?"

"Sure," said Randy recklessly. "I'd fuck ‘em both silly."

Elyse giggled. "Is that a fact, now?"

"That's a fact, Mrs. Keaton. I'd fuck every hole you've got."

Randy was now stroking his towering boner with abandon, leering between the
legs of the women on the couch.

"My dear boy," said Elyse, "you wouldn't last two seconds. You'd blow your
load the second one of us touched your dick."

"I'm not a boy...and I can last a long I can do it lots of times.
You'd have no complaints, believe me."

"Would you even know what to do with a woman?" asked Jill. There's more to it
than just sticking it in you know."

"I've seen porno. I know what to do."

"What's the first thing you would do to us?" said Mallory.

"I'd stick this in your mouth," said Randy. "Then I'd stick in your mom's
mouth. Then I'd fuck the both of you...and I'd eat your pussies out...and I'd
fuck you both in the ass."

"In the ass, you say?" said Elyse, "that's a pretty big tool you've got
there. Do you think it would fit in our little, tiny buttholes? "

"I'd make it fit...and I'd make you like it. I'd make you come good."

"You'd shoot your junk the second I put my mouth on it," said Mallory. "You
wouldn't last long enough to stick that thing anywhere else."

"Why don't you try it and find out?" said Randy. He walked up directly in
front of Mallory and proffered his protruding organ just inches from her
face. "Give it a good suck. See how long I last."

"Oh dear, is this a challenge?" asked Mallory. She reached up and squeezed
his pulsing dork in her hand. "Mrs. Taylor, should I teach Randy a lesson
about boastfulness?"

"By all means," said Jill. "Let's see if he can back up his words. I'll bet
he doesn't last ten seconds."

Mallory stroked Randy's fat cock with her hand, "Are you going to squirt a
bunch of gunk in my mouth, little man?"

"Not unless you want me to."

"I'll make sure you do. I give really good head, you know. I'm betting I
can get you to come in less than a minute. If you can last a minute...well mom and I might just have to let you try some other holes."

With that, Mallory took his swollen organ into her mouth. Randy groaned at
the feel of her hot mouth on his cock. She sucked him hard, aggressively and
deep. She used her swirling tongue. She deep throated him. She ate his crank
until her lips were against his pubic hair.

"That's thirty seconds," said Jill. "That's my boy."

Randy leisurely fucked his long, hard rod in and out of Mallory's mouth, and
smiled over at his mom.

"Forty-five seconds," said Jill. "Atta boy."

Mallory kept going, past one minute, past two, past three. Elyse turned to
unbutton her daughter's blouse. She reached into Mallory's shirt and fondled
her breasts, feeling her nipples stiffen against the palm of her hand. Randy
quickened his pace just a little. Elyse then moved her hand down to Mallory's
hairy crotch and stroked the dark lips of her pussy with her fingers.

"She's really wet," said Elyse, "She likes having your dick in her mouth."

Randy now began to pump his hips much more quickly, driving his big, fat cock
against the back of her throat. He grunted and came. Mallory gagged slightly
as he filled her mouth with his sperm. She swallowed what she could but there
was too much. Large globs of creamy semen boiled out of her mouth and
dribbled down her chin. When she had milked him dry, he withdrew his saliva
slickened dick from between her lips. It was still hard. Mallory wiped the
excess from her chin with her fingers and then put her fingers in her mouth
to suck them clean.

"That was exactly three minutes and twenty-seven seconds," said Jill.

"You did better than I thought," said Mallory. "Were you telling the truth
when you said that you could do it more than once?"

"Oh, he was telling truth, all right," said Jill. "He's still as hard as a

"Well, fair is fair," said Mallory. "You can fuck me if you want to."

Randy knelt in front of Mallory and pulled her skirt off. She slid her butt
forward on the couch and spread her legs. Randy moved in close and began to
jab the head of his dick against her hairy crease but his mother suddenly
stopped him.

"Randy, be a good boy and lick her vagina first before you have intercourse.
That's the polite thing to do."

"Ok, mom," said Randy.

He move back slightly and bent to go down on her. He ran his tongue up and
down her shaggy slit. He separated the dark lips of her cunt with his fingers
and lapped at the pinker flesh within. Elyse got herself out of her clothes.
When she was totally nude, her clothes in a heap on the floor, she began to
coach Randy on how to eat her daughter's pussy. She pointed out the hard,
slippery bud of Mallory's clit and urged him to lick around it in circles.

She told him to suck it, to push his tongue inside her daughter's musky
cunt. Mallory moved her ass rhythmically on the couch as Randy followed her
mother's instructions. Elyse was leaning close, toying with Mallory's hard
nipples as she supervised Randy's performance. When Mallory was getting close
to an orgasm, Elyse told Randy to lick her asshole.

"Put your tongue in it," she said, "Mal loves that."

Elyse diddled Mallory's clitoris with her fingers while Randy tongue fucked
her anus. Mallory orgasmed with a contented shudder.

"Let's get him on the floor," Mallory said to her mom with sleepy,
lust-filled eyes. "You can sit on his face while I fuck him."

They got off the couch and pushed Randy onto his back. Elyse knelt astraddle
his face and Randy pulled her ass down so that he could eat at her bushy,
blonde box. Elyse leaned forward to suck his cock while he ate her. It grew
even larger in her mouth and when she straightened back up, his prick was
standing up like a flag pole.

"I think he's ready," said Elyse to her daughter who knelt astride his legs.
Mallory moved forward so that the head of his dick was touching her hairy
gash and Elyse helped to guide it inside of her vulva. Mallory lowered
herself down and Randy's stiff pole sank easily into her cunt. Mallory began
to slowly fuck herself on his cock as he ate hungrily at Elyse's furry

Jill watched from the couch as Mallory's naked ass humped up and down, his
massive cock disappearing again and again into the mouth of her hairy vagina.
His balls were wet with pussy juice. His face was invisible beneath Elyse's
grinding bush. Elyse's nipples stood out long and pink and stiff from her
jiggling breasts.

Jill was incredibly horny. She longed to touch her cunt but she felt hesitant
to let her son see her do it. She was so turned on that the seat of her skirt
was damp but she didn't know how to get relief without her son seeing her.
Maybe she could take one of the girls into another room after they got done
with Randy.

Mallory started bouncing faster on Randy's rigid dick, her ass slapped
against his heavy balls.

"This is really nice, mom," said Mallory. "He's got a really nice cock. You
have to fuck him next."

"I fully intend to," said Elyse, mashing her cunt against his sucking,
gobbling mouth. She let out a low moan as Randy sucked on her engorged, pink
clitoris. Mallory's humping became more urgent and she finally ground herself
to a climax on Randy's raging boner. A few seconds later, Elyse came with
Randy's tongue burrowing deep into her snatch.

Mallory climbed off Randy and stood up. His prong, glistening wet from
Mallory's pussy, still towered as high and as stiff as ever. Elyse leaned
over to take it into her mouth, slurping it lean. Randy explored the crack
of her ass with his tongue, finding the wrinkled ring of her anus, eliciting
a shiver from Elyse when he plunged his tongue inside of it.

"Fuck my mom now," said Mallory. "Fuck her doggy style. Mom get up on all
fours, I want him to fuck you doggy style."

Elyse rolled out of her 69 position with Randy and got up on her hands and
knees. She wiggled her butt at Randy and looked back at him enticingly.

"Come fuck me, big boy," she said.

"Sock it to her, champ," said Jill.

Mallory knelt next to her mother and fingered her fuzzy vulva from behind.

"Come on," she said to Randy. I'll help you stick it in."

Randy crawled up behind Mrs. Keaton with his dork straight out in front of
him. Mallory grabbed it with her hand and positioned the mushroom head of his
cock against the florid mouth of Elyse's furry vagina. Elyse pushed her ass
back against him and his long dick glided easily into her cooze. He began to
slowly bone her from behind.

Mallory walked naked over to Jill on the couch and sat with her to watch as
Randy pounded away at Mrs. Keaton. Mallory sprawled with her legs wide apart
and played with her hairy, black box as she watched.

"You're all by yourself over here, Mrs. Taylor. I thought you might like some

"Thank you."

Mallory moved her hand up under Jill's skirt and felt between her legs.

"My god, you're so wet," said Mallory, "and no one is paying attention to
you. Do you want me to give you some head?"

"Thank you, but no," said Jill, "at least not right now. Maybe later...when
my son isn't watching."

"I don't think he would mind."

"I know. That's the problem."

Across from them on the floor, Elyse was now breathing heavily as Randy
briskly hammered away at her fuck hole.

"She's coming already," said Mallory. "That son of yours is quite the little

Randy paused as Mrs. Keaton hit her climax, his cock rammed deep inside her
clenching, spasming cunt.

"In my ass." panted Elyse, "put it in my ass."

Randy withdrew his slimy dick from her cunt and slid it up between her ass
cheeks. She opened her legs wider and he pressed the knob of his cock against
her tight, puckered anus. She mashed her ass back against him and the head
of his cock flattened briefly, then squeezed its way into her asshole. He
stuffed the rest of his prick up her ass and waited a few seconds, letting
her relax her sphincter before he began to bugger her in earnest.

"What a lucky lady," sighed Jill. "If he wasn't my son..."

"Oh, pish posh," said Mallory, still stroking Jill's wooly snatch beneath her
skirt. "A big juicy cock is a big juicy cock."

"Come..." said Elyse, "Come in my ass. I want to feel you squirt your sperm
up my ass."

"Hey, no fair," said Mallory. "He didn't fuck MY ass yet."

"Too late," said Jill.

Randy had driven the length of his tool into Elyse's Keaton's asshole. He was
in up to the nuts and he was gasping with his orgasm.

"Ooh, yeah, baby, that's nice," said Elyse, "Fill up my ass with your nasty,
hot sperm."

Randy emptied his nuts into Mrs. Keaton's rectum. He finally pulled out his
cock and his semen drooled out of her bung hole.

"Mom," said Mallory, watching Randy's dribbling, shrinking dork with dismay.
"You used him all up. I wanted him to do me in the ass too."

"Oh, I'm sorry, honey, I got carried away," said Elyse. "Let's see what we
can do. I bet we can get it back up again."

She brought Randy over to the couch and Mallory got up to let him flop down.
Elyse knelt in front of him to take his cock in her mouth and Mallory knelt
beside her. They worked on his prick with their mouths and their tongues they
took turns sucking, they licked his balls. His dick revived a little but he
still did not achieve a full erection.

"I just need a little more time," said Randy

"I have an idea," said Jill. "Did you really like seeing those naughty
pictures, Randy?"

"Um... sure, mom."

"Would you like to see the real thing?"


Jill raised her butt from the couch and slid her skirt down and off. She sat
back again on the couch and ran her fingers through her curly, brown pubic
hair. "Do you want to watch me play with myself?" she asked. "Will that make
you hard again?

"It already is," said Elyse with amazement, watching Randy's cock tick
upwards before her eyes. She closed her lips around it again and felt it
swell in her mouth. Jill softly diddled her pussy for her son. He was
riveted by the sight of his mother's wooly cunt, her thick lipped vulva,
her clit the size of a pencil eraser. Elyse took her mouth off Randy's
dick and gave it a squeeze with her hand.

"I think he's ready," she said.

"Oh, goody," said Mallory.

She got up and bent over with her back to Randy, pushing her butt back
against his lap. She reached behind her and grabbed his cock, jabbing it up
between her buns.

"Help me, mom. Stick it in, stick it in."

"My god, I think it's bigger than it was the first time," said Elyse.
"Mallory, are you sure you can handle this in your ass?"

"Let's find out," said Mallory.

Elyse took hold of Randy's rigid dong and jammed it up between her daughter's
buttocks. She worked the knob against Mallory's eager asshole and told her to
sit down slowly. Mallory lowered her ass and Elyse carefully inserted Randy's
cock into her anus. Mallory continued pushing down and his tool disappeared
into her firm behind. Randy squeezed the cheeks of her ass in his hands as
she began to hump up and down, slowly buggering herself on his dick.

"Aw, aren't they cute?" said Jill, removing her top. She was now completely
naked except for her boots.

Mallory sat all the way back on Randy's lap and got her feet up on the couch
for leverage. She fingered her livid vulva as she moved up and down with
Randy's tool in her ass. He moved his hands up to fondle her tits. He looked
over at his mom who was masturbating as she watched. Elyse was leaning back
on her hands with her legs splayed out in front of her, observing with

"Unnghhh...this feels really good, Mrs. Taylor," said Mallory. "Your son has
a beautiful cock."

"Thank you, I noticed," said Jill.

"His come tastes good too," said Mallory.

"Is that right?"

"Oh, absolutely," said Mallory. "You should try it."

"I don't know..."

"Oh, pish posh," said Mallory. I bet Randy would love a nice blow job from
his mom, wouldn't you Randy?"

"Sure, mom," said Randy. "You can suck me off any time. I don't mind."

"I know you don't," said Jill. "You're a horny little teenager. Did you get
a nice look at my ass this morning?"

"I sure did," said Randy. "I could see your pussy too, when you bent over. I
thought about it when I jacked off. Did you get a good look at my dick?"

"It would have been pretty hard not to. It's the size of a baseball bat."

"I like watching you play with your pussy."

"I know you do," said Jill, opening the lips of her vagina with her fingers.
"You're a horny little teenager."

"Oh, fuck, I'm gonna come," said Mallory, now twisting her ass on Randy's
cock. She furiously frigged her hairy snatch with her fingers. She let out
a guttural moan as she was hit with a cluster of orgasms. She bucked and
twitched on Randy's dork, clenching it tightly with her buttocks.

"Whew, that was a good one," she said finally, climbing off his lap. His cock
pulled out of her asshole with a wet pop and she collapsed in a heap on the
floor. He still had an erection.

"He still has a boner," said Jill. "Is anyone going to finish the poor boy

"Why don't you do it?" said Mallory, slyly. "Just give him a little hand."

"Yeah, mom." said Randy. "You can do it. I don't mind. I want you to."

"I know you do," said Jill, tentatively reaching over on the couch to take
her son's erect penis in her hand. "You're a horny little teenager."

She slowly began to stroke his cock. Her hand was wet and slippery from
playing with her cunt.

"Don't expect this all the time," she said. "It's just this get it
out of your system."

"Thanks, mom," said Randy.

While Jill continued to jack him off, Randy slipped a hand between his
mother's legs and groped at her furry, cleft mound.

"Hey, did I say you could do that?" asked Jill with sardonic smile.

"No. I can stop if you want."

"That's ok. Have your fun. Just this once, though, ok."

"Ok," said Randy, exploring his mother's juicy twat with his fingers. He
slipped two fingers inside of her well-lubricated cunt and fucked them
in and out while she pumped his long penis with her hand. He removed his
fingers from her snatch and put them in his mouth, licking them clean.

"Mmmm...your pussy tastes good, mom"

"Well...thank you...I guess. You do have a very lovely penis, you know."

"Thanks, mom."

She stroked his swollen dong a few more times and then said, "You know,
when you start squirting your stuff all over the place you're going to make
a mess. You seem to come a lot, from what I've seen. I wouldn't want to get
it on the couch or on the carpet."

Randy shrugged, "Where should we point it?"

"Well, maybe the best thing...would be for you to come in my mouth."

"Sure, mom. That's a great idea. I'd like that a lot."

"I know you would, " said Jill, lowering her head. "Horny teenager. Don't
start expecting blow jobs all the time, though. It's just this we
don't make a mess."

Then she closed her warm mouth around his cock. As Randy felt his mother's
hot tongue swirling around his dick he reached down to squeeze her pendulous
breasts in his hand. He pinched and pulled at her long, pink nipples. His
cock slid deeper into her mouth, into her throat. Jill began to bob her head
up and down, throat fucking her son's grateful organ.

"Oh, shit, mom, that feels so good,. Oh God, here it comes. I'm gonna blow my
load! Get ready!!"

He drove his dick as deep as he could and exploded in her mouth, blasting
spurt after spurt of hot semen into the back of her throat. Jill patiently
drank her son's ejaculate until the spurts subsided. When he finally withdrew
his sated prick, she opened her mouth to let him see his creamy goo on her
tongue before she swallowed it.

"How was that?" asked Jill.

"That was great, mom, but what about you?"

"What do you mean?"

"You didn't get to come yet."

"Oh, that's ok, I can finish myself off."

"You shouldn't have to, mom. Let me do it."

Randy got down on the floor in front of his mom and pushed her knees apart
with his hands.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" asked Jill, opening her legs. "You don't
have to. You can watch me fuck the girls if you want to."

"I want to," said Randy, lowering his face between her legs.

He went down on his mother. He licked her wooly slit from the top of her
asshole to the top of her thick vulva. He sucked gently on her engorged,
hooded clitoris. He gobbled her cunt. He stuck his tongue in it. He munched
her furry outer lips, he sucked her slippery, pink inner lips. He licked the
crack of her ass. He licked the brown ring of her asshole. He fucked it with
his tongue.

Jill squirmed and swiveled her ass on the couch. Mallory and Elyse had crept
up on either side of Randy to watch.

"Look at his cock!" said Mallory with amazement. "It's getting stiff again."

"Really?" said Jill with a smile. "My poor, horny son. Well...he might as
well stick it in."

Randy looked up stunned. "You mean..?"

"Yes I do," said Jill. "Go ahead and fuck me...but just this once...and only
because I'm so damn horny."

Randy straightened up and poked the tip of his now refreshed boner into his
mother's thick, brown bush. She took hold of his cock and guided the head to
the opening of her wet, pink vulva. Randy pushed it in and then sank the
length of his dick into his mother's hairy cunt.

"Fuck her good, now," said Elyse. "Make her come good and hard."

"Ok," said Randy as he began to fuck his horny mom with long, easy strokes.

"Your pussy feels good, mom," said Randy. It's so warm and snug."

"Thank you," said Jill smiling up at him. "Your cock feels wonderful too.
It's so big and firm. It fills my pussy right up."

"Am I fucking you good?"

"You're fucking me just fine, Can't you feel how wet I am?"

Randy quickened his pace just a little, driving harder now. Her cunt made
a wet, squishy sound as his cock pounded in and out. Jill began to breathe
heavier and she humped her hips in rhythm. Randy gradually picked up more
and more speed, becoming more and more forceful and Jill's heavy breathing
turned into panting and soft moans. He fucked her even faster, pounding his
dick in and out, smacking his balls against the cheeks of her ass.

Her pussy was drenched with juice. It ran down the crack of her ass and
dripped on the carpet. She began to whimper and arched her back as she neared
her climax. Randy slam fucked his mom and she orgasmed hard, crying out as
she did so. She wrapped her legs around his waist and dug her boots into his
back. Randy plunged into her cunt as far as he could go and waited balls deep
as her flushed body shuddered beneath him. Her cunt squeezed his cock like a
hand. After a series of orgasmic spasms, Jill finally relaxed and let out a
contented sigh.

"Wow," said Mallory. "You sure got her rocks off. I think she came like ten
times just now."

"That was terrific, honey," said Jill. "You fuck like a porn star."

"Thanks, mom. You fuck pretty good yourself."

"How nice of you to say so," said Jill, smiling slyly as she raised her
booted feet and hooked her knees over his shoulder. "Would you like to fuck
my ass now?"


"Why not? You deserve a reward after a fuck like that...just this once,
though, ok? As a reward because you fucked me so good.

"Ok," said Randy pulling his slimy dick from her pussy.

He ran the head of his cock up and down the crack of her ass until he found
the flaring button of her anus. Mallory and Elyse helped him to insert his
swollen knob into her asshole and he slowly eased his cunt-slimed dick into
her shitter. He leisurely buttfucked his mom, taking his time, enjoying it,
savoring the snugness of her rectum on his overworked tool. He diddled her
clit with his thumb while he cornholed her.

"Come on, baby." said Jill, "Come for me. Squirt all
that nasty stuff up my ass."

Randy plowed his mother's behind a little faster, getting close now.

"Mom," said Randy, "you know that little nighty you were wearing this morning
when you came to wake me up?"


"Could you wear it again tomorrow?"

"But that little thing barely covers anything. It'll get you all excited.
What if you see my bottom again, or even a little bush? What if my nipples
are showing? You'll get all excited and have to jack off. I'll feel
responsible. I'll have to do it for you. I'd feel guilty for getting you
into such a state. I'd have to give you a nice blow job to make up for it."

"But then you would get excited too, mom," said Randy. "Your pussy would get
all wet. I wouldn't feel right until I licked it and made you come."

"Maybe you could just sit on his face while you blow him," said Mallory,
fondling Jill's tits while Randy continued to plow his mom's plump behind.

"Mmm, that's a good idea," said Jill. "A nice little morning 69. I think I'd
like that."

"But will one orgasm be enough," asked Elyse. You both have some pretty big
libidos. Maybe you'll have to fuck a little too."

"Maybe," said Jill. "We'll see...I better be careful bending over at the
dresser afterwards. I might get something from behind."

"You just might," said Randy. "You know, I'm suspended from school tomorrow.
Maybe we should just make a day of me get some stuff out of my

"Well, maybe...just this once," said Jill. "Don't expect a bunch of all day
fuck and suck sessions every day. It'll just be a one time get it
out of your system.""

"Ok," said Randy.

"This talk is making me all horny again," said Elyse. "Would you like to give
me some head. Mrs. Taylor?"

"Don't mind if I do," said Jill as Elyse clambered onto the couch and
squatted over her face.

Randy continued to bone his mom forcefully up her ass as he watched her suck
and lick at Mrs. Keaton's dripping pussy lips.

"He likes watching you eat pussy," said Elyse, smiling with amusement down at

"You like watching me eat pussy?" asked Jill, after taking a long slurp at
Elyse's wet gash.

"Yes," said Randy, urgently pounding his meat into her round, bouncy bottom.
"Eat her asshole...let me see you... eat her asshole out."

"Ooh, so specific," said Jill. "How's this?"

She spread the cheeks of Elyse's ass with her hands and plunged her tongue
into Elyse's eager anus.

"Oh, fuck yeah," said Elyse. That's it, Jill tongue fuck my asshole."

"You like that?" asked Mallory? Is that going to make you come?"

"Yes," said Randy, "Yes. Here it comes, mom."

He rammed the length of his dick up her ass and blew his load.

"Ooh, that feels so warm," said Jill as her son's hot semen spurted into her

When Randy had drained his balls, he pulled his dork out of his mom's poop
chute and collapsed on his back on the floor. Mallory moved in between his
mom's splayed legs to lick her asshole clean of his oozing semen. Randy's
dick was as limp as a noodle. He was spent. He had nothing left. It took
twenty minutes of Mallory sucking his dick while he watched his mom 69 with
Mrs. Keaton before he was hard enough to fuck them all again.



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