Family Ties: The Lost Episodes Part 2 - Man Enough (mFf,inc,anal,voy)
by Leper Messiah

Multi-"episode" parody of the 80's sit-com "Family Ties." In this, the 2nd
episode, Alex is caught spying on his mom and his sister, Mallory. They
decide to test his "manhood..."

* * *

"I think he's up there now," said Mallory, "he's probably taking pictures and
playing with himself."

"Aw, what the hell, let the little pervert look," said Elise. "We're just in

It was a few days after the incident in the basement. Mallory and Elise were
lying on beach towels in the back yard. It was a sunny day and they were
trying to tan. After Skippy and Elise's session of marathon fucking they had
fallen asleep on the air mattress and they had been forced to scramble back
into their clothes when they heard the rest of the family come in the front

They had all had a laugh after Skippy and Elise were rescued from the
basement. The rescuees story was simply that they had played Go Fish the
whole time. Skippy had not been over since then. Elise thought he was
probably embarrassed. He would have to come back soon, though. Elise's
paper was due on Friday. Surely he would come to claim his hand job.

Now Elise and Mallory were gazing up at the treehouse in the back yard,
noting with amusement the furtive movements of Alex P. Keaton, spying on
them, he thought, unaware from the window.

"I want to take my suit off, though," said Mallory. "I don't want any tan

"So take it off," said Elise. "It's not like he hasn't seen it before."


"Oh, come on, Mal, I know all about your little photo sessions. I've seen
the pictures. I know where he hides them."

"Oh my God, you know?"

"Sure I know, but don't worry about it. I won't tell your dad. I want you to
tell me something, though, and I want you to tell me the truth."


"Have you done anything with your brother besides take pictures?"

"Um..well...he usually just beats off."


"Well...sometimes I do it for him..with my hand or...with my mouth...and
maybe a few times I let him fuck me...with a condom...only if it's a really
important paper."

"Well. I'm glad you use a condom," said Elise, "do you like it?"

"Like what?"

"When he fucks you enjoy it?"

Mallory shrugged, embarrassed, "I guess so. I always have an orgasm if that's
what you mean. He's pretty good at it."

"Good," said Elise, "As long as you enjoy it and you're being responsible."

"He wants to put it in my butt, said Mallory, "I'm nervous about that. Does
it hurt?"

"Use a lot of lube and make him go slow. You'll like it OK. Just make sure
you get something big in return."

"I intend to."

"Good, now why don't we give him something to really take pictures of," said
Elise, sitting up and unfastening her bikini top.

"Ok," said Mallory, "if you do it with me.

They shucked off the rest of their bikinis and lay nude on their stomachs.

"He's staring at our butts right now," said Mallory. I can feel it."

"It's kind of a turn-on, isn't it?" said Elise.

"Yeah, it kind of is," smiled Mallory.

"Let's turn over and show him the good stuff," Elise said conspiratorially.


They rolled onto their backs, fully aware that the spy in treehouse was
probably furiously snapping pictures of their totally exposed bodies. Mallory
was slightly more slender than her mother, and her body was different. Where
Elise was fair and blonde, Mallory was dark and brunette. Elise had large
pink nipples and areolae.

Mallory had brown areolas. Her nipples were long and stiff, as were Elise's.
Her breasts were not as large as her mother's but they were perky enough and
nicely shaped. Elise had blonde pubic hair bisected by the visible crease of
her pink labia majora. Mallory had a thick, tangled crop of black pubic hair
which all but obscured her vulva and grew right down the crack of her ass.

"Wow, that's some bush you've got down there," said Elise.

"Alex loves it," said Mallory. "He says he loves the natural look."

"He's just like your dad," said Elise. "Why don't we open up our legs a bit
and show your brother a little pink. I know where he keeps his pictures. I
can steal them back later and we can see how we look."

"Mom, you're so dirty," said Mallory, spreading her legs and slightly raising
her knees.

"So how big is it?" asked Elise, casually splaying her own legs, giving her
hidden son an unobstructed view of her vulva.

"How big is what?"

"Your brother, how big is it?"

"Oh, that. Well it's not that long but it's big around...and he knows how to
use it."

"Hmmm...that's just the opposite of your dad. His is long and skinny."

"Does he know how to use it?"

"Mallory! We're talking about your own father."

"I know," said Mallory, "but does he know how to fuck?"

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that," said Elise. "Now show off your
pussy to your brother like a good girl."

"I have an idea," said Mallory with a sly grin, "let's play with ourselves.
I bet he'll fall right out of the tree."

"Well aren't you naughty." said Elise as Mallory began to openly rub her
hairy cunt with one hand.

Elise slipped a hand between her own legs and found her moist vagina.

"Wow, I'm really horny," said Elise. Maybe we should have your brother come
down here and fuck the both of us. Is he good at eating pussy?"

"So-so," shrugged Mallory. He's getting better at it, and he takes direction
well. I sure wouldn't mind getting my pussy licked, to tell you the truth."

Mallory snuggled up closer to her mom as they both continued to masturbate.

"What if we play with each other's pussies instead?" she said in a low,
nervous voice.

She reached between Elise's thighs and fondled her warm, damp crotch.

"Oh, Christ, that feels good," said Elise.

"We're both horny anyway," said Mallory, "Let's just get each other off and
really blow his mind."

"Your brother is going to have a heart attack," said Elise as she reached
between Mallory's widespread legs.

They masturbated each other, their movements growing more urgent, their
fingers growing slippery and wet from each other's juicy twats.



"This is nice but..."

"You'd still like some dick?" Said Elise. "Me too."

"Maybe we really should..."

"I was thinking the same thing."

Elise sat up and shouted at the treehouse, "Alex P. Keaton. You get down here right

No answer.

"Alex, give it up we know you're in there, just down!" Mallory yelled.

A few seconds later, Alex climbed down the ladder from the treehouse and
stood sheepishly in front of his mother and sister.

"Um...Hi, mom, Hi, Mal. I was at birds. I didn't notice
you guys were down here."

"Oh, put a lid on it Alex. We know what you were doing," said Elise. "Did you
get a lot of good pictures?"


"Oh, just can it, Alex," said Mallory.

"Take off your pants," said Elise.


"Take off your pants...and your underwear. If you're going to gawk at us,
we're going to gawk at you too."

"But, mom..."

"Alex, just do it."

Mallory, exasperated got up and crawled towards her brother. She knelt in
front of him and undid his slacks. She ripped them down, along with his
boxer shorts, and his chubby erection sprang free.

"Birds, huh?" Said Elise. "Do birds always give you a hard on?"

"Ok, I was watching you," said Alex, "I'm sorry. I learned my les...Mal!"

Mallory had taken her brother's stiff penis into her mouth and hungrily begun
to fellate him.

"So Mallory tells me you'd like to fuck her in the ass," said Elise. You
think you're man enough to buttfuck the both of us?"

"Oh, I'm man enough," said Alex, now pumping his hips in time to his sister's
blow job. "The question is, are you woman enough?"

Mallory snickered around a mouthful of her brother's plunging cock. Alex was
already ejaculating a copious amount of gooey semen into her mouth. Mallory
didn't try to swallow it. She just giggled and let her brother's jism dribble
down her chin.

"Don't worry mom," said Mallory. "He can last for ages...the second time."

"We'll see," said Elise, kneeling next to her daughter.

Mallory took her mouth from Alex's cock and turned towards her mother. They
kissed, swapping Alex's warm sperm between their mouths. Elise slurped the
excess from Mallory's chin, cleaning her up with her tongue.

"I wanna fuck him first," said Mallory. "Don't worry, I won't let him come
inside me...yet."

They pushed Alex down onto his back. His stiff prick stood straight up in the
air. Mallory squatted astraddle his hips and Elise guided his cock up to the
mouth of Mallory's hairy wet vagina. Mallory slowly settled down, and her
brother's rigid tool slid easily into her cunt. Mallory started to bounce up
and down, her naked ass slapping his balls as she fucked him. Elise crawled
on all fours over to Alex and let her tits dangle heavily in his face.

Alex sucked at one long nipple, then the other. Then Elise threw a leg over
his face and settled her damp, blonde muff onto his mouth. Alex gobbled
hungrily at his mom's musky cunt. Elise coached him along as he did so,
instructing on where to lick, and how, encouraging him to suckle on her
stiff, slippery clit. Mallory continued to hump herself silly on his dick.
She was about to come any second now.

When Elise felt herself near orgasm she scooted forward a little and
instructed Alex to lick the crack of her buttocks. Alex did as he was told,
and when she ordered him to put his tongue in her anus he did that too, and
Elise climaxed hard as he tongue fucked her butthole.

Mallory came now too, flushing and shuddering, clenching his cock with her
cunt. When she was done, she got up off her brother, his dick slid glistening
and slimy from his sister's bushy fuck hole. Elise got off his face and
crawled down to take her son's wet dick in her mouth. She gave him a long
slow suck and then said, "So, what's the current GOP position on fucking your
mother in the ass?"

"I don't know the official position," said Alex, "but personally I'm quite

"Well, what do you know, we have a point of agreement," said Elise."

She got down an all fours and wiggled her bare behind at her son.

"Fuck my pussy first," she said, "lube that thing up nice for me."

"I intend to," said Alex, crawling up behind her.

He positioned his dick against the wet, pink lips of her pussy and glided
easily into his mother's creamy cooze. Mallory played with herself as she
watched them, leaning back on one hand, her legs spread wide apart.

Mallory had been right when she said that Alex knew how to use his cock.
He fucked his mom doggy-style with long easy strokes, gradually picking up
speed, until he brought her to a butt-grinding climax.

Then it was time for the good stuff. He pulled his slimy dick from her pussy
and slid the swollen head up the crack of her ass to her anus. He pressed his
knob of his cock against her asshole and gradually sank it in. Then he was
pushing it deeper and Elise was moaning as he filled her quivering rectum
with his dick. He started off slow and then built some momentum. He reached
down between her legs and diddled his mom's wet pussy as he buggered her

Elise came three more times in quick succession, shoving her naked ass back
against him. Then Alex was coming too, blasting his hot, thick cock-snot up
her ass, much to his sister's chagrin when she saw him pull his dribbling,
shrinking dork from out of Elise's butthole.

"Alex, you weren't supposed to come yet," she pouted, "you still have to
finish me too. I guess you really aren't man enough to buttfuck both of us
after all."

"Now, now, Mal, don't get upset just yet," said Elise, "I'm sure we can get
that rascal up one more time. I think I know just the ticket."

"Should we suck it some more? I've tried that before. He's never been able to
do it three times. He always falls asleep now."

"Well, let's open his eyes then, shall we?"

Elise got up and pulled her daughter to her feet. She kissed her on the
mouth swirling her tongue around Mallory's. She dropped her hands to fondle
Mallory's supple behind, squeezing her her firm young butt cheeks with both
hands. She felt Mallory's bushy muff pressed close against her own.

"Guys can't resist a little lesbo action," whispered Elise into her
daughter's ear. "Ever go down on a girl before?"

"No, but it sure sounds like fun," smiled Mallory. "Can I go first?"

"Of course," said Elise as she knelt back down to the ground.

She lay back on her elbows and splayed her legs wide.

"Oh, boy, this was a great idea," said Mallory, crawling between Elise's open
thighs, "I've always wanted to eat a girl's pussy. I hope I do a good job."

Mallory put her head down to Elise's fragrant, blonde muff and took a big
lick, the another one and another. Once Mallory started, she didn't want to
stop. She gobbled her mom's wet slit with gusto.

"This is really fun," she said, looking up at Elise. "It tastes really good.
Am I doing it right?"

"You're doing just great, Mal, would you like me to do you now?"

"Well, sure, but this is so much fun I don't want to stop."

"You don't have to. We can do each other at the same time."

A few minutes later, Alex was all but forgotten as Mallory and Elise rolled
around in a furious sixty-nine, first with Mallory on top, then Elise. Elise
munched hungrily at Mallory's hairy gash making her giggle and squirm. When
Elise pushed her tongue inside of Mallory's anus, Mallory started at first
and then got into it.

"Mmmm...that feels really good," said Mallory, "Can I try that too?"

"Be careful," said Elise, pausing in her rim job. "Your brother's come is
still leaking out of there."

"I guess I better clean it up then," said Mallory, and Elise felt a
reciprocating tongue slip into her own ass.

It took a while before they noticed Alex standing in front of them, holding
a club-like erection in his hand. It looked bigger than either of his
previous two boners.

"Wow, mom. Your idea really worked," said Mallory as she and Elise
disentangled themselves. "Holy shit, look how big it is. I've never seen it
that hard before."

She got up on her knees in front of her brother and gave his throbbing member
a great big suck.

"Are you ready to put that thing in my butt now, big brother?"

"Damn straight," said Alex.

"Oh, goody."

Mallory flopped down on her back and pulled her knees up to her tits. She
wrapped her arms around her thighs and raised her ass up high. Alex knelt
down and licked his sister's shaggy gash from top to bottom. He tongue
fucked her asshole until she screamed for him stick his dick in it. He put
it in her pussy first, fucking her gently, lubing up his tool.

"Don't come in her ass," said Elise, "I want you to get off in my mouth."

"I intend to," said Alex as he jammed his rigid fuck-pole up his sister's
tight little poop chute.

Mallory squirmed with pleasure as he fucked her up the ass. He took his time
and paused when she came, leaving his dick fully inserted in her snug and
grateful behind. When she was finished with her orgasm, he pulled it from her
ass and climbed astraddle her chest. He jacked off on her face, he splattered
her tits, then he stuffed his prick into her mouth, still squirting. Mallory
drained the remainder of her brother's ejaculate."

"That was really fun, Alex, that's the best you ever fucked me...but weren't
you supposed to let mom suck you off?"

"Yes he was," said Elise, glaring daggers at him.

"It's ok, mom," said Alex, standing up. "I can do it again. Look, it's still
hard, now get over here and suck my cock...if you're woman enough."

Elise obliged him gladly, blowing him on her knees while he stood. He came
again quickly and she expertly swallowed his load.

Incredibly, impossibly, he still wasn't done. When Elise crawled over to lap
up the semen from Mallory's tits, she felt him enter her cunt from behind.

"Lick her pussy some more while I fuck you," said Alex. "It really turns me

"Me too," said Mallory, spreading her legs.

Alex fucked his mother from behind while she went down on his sister. None
of them would have thought they could come any more, but all of them did.
Mallory first, with her mom's tongue probing her sloppy fuck tunnel, then
Elise with Alex's dick in her own cunt. Alex came last in his mom's warm

They were all three exhausted now. They lay on the ground in a heap for a
while, then Elise spoke up.

"Well, I guess you are man enough after all."

"Of course I am, woman."

"We'll have to do this again tomorrow."

"I intend to," said Alex.

To be continued....


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