Family Ties: The Lost Episodes Part 3 - Jennifer Finds Out
by Leper Messiah

In this, the third episode, Jennifer accidentally discovers her brother
slipping it to their mom. Mallory finds her spying and invites her up to her
room to "discuss" things. Then Alex finds them together.

* * *

Elyse leaned low across the kitchen table and pushed her round, bare bottom
back against her son as his chubby cock pistoned in and out of her fuzzy
cooze. Her shorts and panties were around her ankles; Alex's pants were down
around his own. His hands were up her tank top, groping her heavy breasts
from behind as he fucked her. Her nipples were long and dark and swollen.
Rubbing against the Formica tabletop in rhythm with her son's pounding tool.
Her pussy was sloppy and wet and Alex's dick made squishy sounds as he
slammed it inside and out.

Elyse came quickly, shuddering and clenching his cock with her quivering cunt
muscles. Alex relaxed his pace, waiting patiently for his mom's climax to
pass before he resumed his previous rhythm. Elyse looked back at him over her

"Put it in my ass," she panted, "but you need to hurry. Jennifer will be home
from school soon. You need to finish up before she gets here.

Alex withdrew his slimy, rigid pole from his mom's wet pussy and she opened
her legs wider to allow him access to the puckered, pink hole between her
buttocks. Alex knelt behind her and ran his tongue up and down her crack. He
sucked briefly at her swollen, fur-lined vulva and then licked his way up to
her asshole. He pushed his tongue into her anus and she produced a low groan.

"Honey, that feels great but we don't have a lot of time. You need to get off
before your sister gets here. Now stop messing around and....oh,
least let me suck you off while you do that..."

* * *

Jennifer came in the front door and dropped her books on the couch. She had
gotten out of school a half-hour early after quickly completing a geometry
test in her last class of the day. She though about turning on the television
but decided to fix herself a snack instead. She made her way towards the
kitchen and then froze in the doorway.

She saw her mom and her brother. Her mom was lying on her back on the kitchen
table, wearing nothing but a tank top. Her head was hanging off of the edge
of the table and she was sucking Alex's cock. Alex was leaning over between
Elyse's splayed legs and he was licking her vagina.

Jennifer watched, mesmerized. She knew about stuff like this, of course. She
even knew what "69ing" was but she had never actually seen it, and she had
no idea how to process the fact that she was witnessing her own mother and
brother in such an act.

Alex's fat cock moved slowly in and out of their mom's hungry mouth, his face
buried in her furry, blonde muff. Jennifer could see his tongue lapping at
the swollen, pink lips of their mom's glistening vulva. Then she was shocked
to see his tongue dart down between Elyse's rounded buttocks. He separated
the cheeks of her ass with his hands and licked around the edge of her
sphincter. Jennifer noted that her mom had some downy, blonde tendrils of
pubic hair all the way down into her butt crack. This made Jennifer feel a
little better about her own enormous bush. She had grown quite a jungle down
there and had been worried it wasn't normal.

Alex wormed his tongue in their mom's butthole. And Elyse started squirming
on the table. Jennifer guessed that her mom was about to come. Jennifer had
learned to make herself come by playing with herself and she squirmed that
way too.

Elyse had one hand wrapped around Alex's plunging cock, angling it into her
mouth. Her other hand caressed his heavy, hairy balls. Elyse raised herself
up on her heels, humping her naked ass in the air. Jennifer could tell that
she was coming. Alex squeezed his mom's taught buttocks in his hands and
continued to tongue fuck her asshole.

Jennifer saw her brother's cock plunge into their mother's mouth, all the way
up to his balls. Then Elyse was gulping and swallowing as Alex blew his load.
Jennifer saw her brother's creamy ejaculate leaking from her mom's gobbling

Alex stood up when he was done and removed his dick from Elyse's mouth. It
was still stiff and stood straight up in the air. Elyse smiled up at him.
Her legs were spread apart, her engorged, pink vulva was open and slick with
moisture. She rubbed herself down there with one hand.

"That thing is still standing up," she said coyly.

"I know. I can go beat off in my room...or maybe Mallory will let me fuck her
later...I know we don't have much time..."

"We have about fifteen minutes before Jen gets home," said Elyse. "You still
have time to fuck me in the ass if you hurry."

Elyse got up on her elbows and turned herself around on her butt to face her
son. She lay down on her back with her butt at the edge of the table and Alex
stepped between her upraised legs.

She hooked her knees over his shoulders and he entered her bushy, blonde
cooze, lubing up his cock with her cunt. Then he withdrew his dick again and
pushed it down between her mother's buns. He pressed the mushroom head of his
cock against her anus and slowly pushed it in.

Jennifer could not take her eyes off the sight of her brother's swollen dork
sliding in and out of her mother's behind. Elyse was masturbating herself as
she got buggered, scrubbing her furry, blonde beaver with her fingers and
grunting as she got close to another orgasm.

Jennifer suddenly became aware of the warm sensation between her own legs.
She was wearing a black, thigh-length skirt with matching boots and a white
blouse. She now put a tentative hand under the hem of her skirt and slid it
up between her thighs. Her panties were soaked at the crotch. She touched
the sodden mound of her vulva through her underwear realized she wanted to
masturbate badly.

Suddenly there was a hand on her shoulder.

Jennifer inhaled sharply and dropped her hand from her crotch. She turned to
see who it was.

It was Mallory.

Before Jennifer could say anything, Mallory put a finger to her lips to
signal her to stay silent. She motioned for Jennifer to follow her and
tiptoed quietly away from the kitchen and up the stairs. Jennifer trailed
her big sister up the stairs and then into Mallory's bedroom. Mallory
closed the door.

"I didn't want them to see you," said Mallory. "Mom would freak out if you
caught her."

"What were they doing? asked Jennifer, breathlessly.

"It looked like Alex was butt fucking mom," said Mallory.

"Yeah...I know WHAT they were doing, but WHY were they doing it?"

"They're horny," shrugged Mallory. "They like to fuck."

"Yeah but...when.... how long...?

"Not that long," said Mallory. "A couple of weeks, maybe. We caught Alex
spying on us while we were sunbathing in the back yard. He was in the tree
house taking pictures. He didn't know we saw him so we took off our bathing
suits to mess with him. It made us really horny to be lying there naked
while he watched us, so...we made him come down and take care of us."

"Take care of you how?"

"How do you think? The same way he's taking care of mom right now."

"You mean both of you..."

"Yeah, we both fucked his brains out. It was fun. It was no big deal. Me and
Alex had messed around before. He likes to take naked pictures of me."


"Yeah. He's a horny little bastard."


"Mom too."

"I see..."

Mallory smiled, "I know it's kind of freaky to find this stuff out. Does it
gross you out?"

"No, not really, it actually sort of made ME horny too, when I was watching

"I'm not surprised," said Mallory. "We're all just peas in a pod, I guess."

"Does dad know?"

"I don't think so. Mom doesn't want him to know. She says it would freak him

"I bet."

"Want to smoke a joint?" asked Mallory. It might chill you out and help you
process this shit."


"Have a seat on the bed, there," said Mallory. "I'm going to get more
comfortable then roll us up a doobie."

Jennifer sat on the bed and watched as Mallory began to get undressed.

"These are really tight," said Mallory as she unzipped her blue jeans.
"I've been dying to get these off. She pushed down her jeans and stepped out
of them, leaving them in a heap on the floor. Her shirt followed, then her
bra and panties. When Mallory was completely nude, she went to her dresser
and got out a baggie of marijuana and some rolling papers. She sat down
cross-legged on the bed next to Jennifer.

I hope you don't mind," said Mallory, I like to relax in the nude when I get
high. If it bugs you I can put something on."

"It doesn't bother me," said Jennifer. "Go ahead."


Mallory expertly rolled a joint then lit it up with a lighter from her bed
table. She took a long hit and then handed it to Jennifer. She leaned in
close as they passed the joint back and forth. Jennifer could feel the heat
of her sister's naked body. One of Mallory's breasts pressed against
Jennifer's shoulder.

It was good pot. Jennifer started to feel warm and relaxed. She realized
she was still horny. She liked the feel of Mallory's body against her own.
Mallory had a nice body.

"So is that the first time you've seen anyone having sex?" asked Mallory,
blowing out a large cloud of smoke.

"Yes...well...I've seen magazines, but they didn't really show everything."

"Did it really make you horny?"

Jennifer shrugged, embarrassed, "yeah, I guess so."

"Me too," said Mallory. "Want to see something really dirty?"


Mallory slid back to the headboard of the bed and grabbed a remote control
from the bedside table. She pointed it at the TV/VCR setup in her room and a
video started to play.

"Mom gave this to me," said Mallory. "I kept asking her questions about her
and dad. I even asked her if I could watch. That's when she gave me this
tape. She hoped it would shut me up."

It was their mom and dad. Steven, their dad, was sitting on the edge of their
bed in a pair of boxer shorts. Their mom was kneeling naked in front of him,
sucking his cock through the fly of his boxers. It was long, slender and very

"Mom told me had a big dick," said Mallory, "and he does. Isn't it nice?"

Jennifer slid back to headboard next to her sister. "Are they going to fuck?"
she asked.

"Of course," said Mallory, "just keep watching."

The video continued with Elyse sliding Steven's shorts down and springing his
long dork free. Elyse sucked his heavy balls and then went back to gobbling
his dick. She was now playing with herself as she sucked him.

"I wouldn't mind giving that thing a suck, myself," whispered Mallory
conspiratorially into Jennifer's ear, eliciting a shocked giggle.

A few minutes later in the video, Elyse was pushing their dad down on his
back and climbing astraddle his face. They silently watched their father eat
their mother's furry blonde pussy. Elyse reached back to stroke his rigid
pole as she did so. Another few minutes and they were fucking. Elyse was on
top, bouncing up and down. Mallory and Jennifer could see their dad's big
dick sliding in and out of their mom's wooly cunt. Then he was coming. They
could see globs of semen seeping out of Elyse's cunt, sticky droplets in her
pubic hair. Elyse climbed off him and the tape ended.

"I bet you're REALLY horny now, huh," said Mallory. "Me too."

Jennifer shrugged, "maybe a little." She desperately wanted to go in her room
and masturbate. She was as wet as she had ever been.

"A little, huh..."

Mallory leaned over and slipped a hand up under Jennifer's skirt. She slid
her palm up Jennifer's thigh and found her crotch.

"It feels like more than a little," said Mallory, fondling her sister's
sodden mound through her panties. "You can play with yourself if you want. I
don't mind."

"Oh, I don't know. I'd be embarrassed."

"There's no reason to be embarrassed," said Mallory, slipping a finger into
the crotch band of Jennifer's panties and tugging them down. "I'll do it too.
I've done it with mom a bunch of times."

"Really?" said Jennifer, raising her butt so that Mallory could get her
underwear down.

"Really," said Mallory, pulling her sister's soaked undies over her boots.
"I'm wet too. Want to feel?"

Jennifer raised her knees and spread her legs as Mallory hiked her skirt up
to expose her bushy, blonde muff. She turned slightly towards her big sister
and reached down to her black, hairy beaver. Mallory was wet too...very
wet...and warm.

Mallory's hand was now working gently at Jennifer's heated snatch. One finger
softly traced circles around Jennifer's engorged clitoris.

"You have a nice, big clit," said Mallory. "Do you mind if I touch it?"


Jennifer found herself fascinated by Mallory's hairy pussy. She traced a
finger between the dark, musky lips of her cunt.

"I'll do you and you do me, ok?" said Mallory. "That's what me and mom do."

"Ok, that sounds like fun."

They began to diddle each other in earnest. Jennifer inserted a finger into
Mallory's warm cooze and rubbed her rigid clit with her thumb. She felt
Mallory's fingers in her own bushy hole and she squirmed her naked butt
against the bed. She turned her head and saw Mallory's bare breasts pressed
close to her face. She sucked a long, brown nipple between her lips and felt
it harden in her mouth.

'Ohh," shivered Mallory, "that feels nice.

She unbuttoned Jennifer's white blouse and opened it up.

"No bra?" said Mallory, "isn't that against school rules?"

"Yeah," said Jennifer. "But it's not like they check."

Mallory scooped out one of her sister's large heavy breasts with one hand and
fondled it. She gently rolled a big, pink nipple between two fingers. Her
areolas were huge.

Mallory whispered in her ear, "Want to try something REALLY fun?"


"You'll see. Just relax."

Mallory slid down and got between her sister's upraised knees. Jennifer's
pink vulva was open and fragrant in its nest of gauzy, blonde pubic hair.

"I love your big bush," said Mallory. "A big bush is really sexy on a woman."

"Thank you," said Jennifer. "I like yours too."

Mallory pushed her face between Jennifer's open thighs and licked the hollow
spots next to her pussy. Jennifer suppressed a squeal and moved her butt some
more. Mallory began to lick her pussy. Jennifer wrapped her legs around her
sister's waist. She dug the heels of her boots into Mallory's round, naked
buttocks and grabbed the back of her head with her hands.

Mallory ate her pussy like it was ice cream. Long, slow licks up and down
between her labia. Gentle nibbles at her engorged, hood clit. Fingernails
lightly scratching at her ass.

It was the best thing Jennifer had ever felt...way better than playing with
herself. Her breathing became heavier and heavier and she mashed her pussy
hard against her sister's burrowing face.

Mallory became more aggressive, sucking at her vulva, pushing her tongue
inside of her sister's musky hole. She traced a thumb down the downy crack
of her ass and pressed it against her tight, puckered anus. It was wet and
slippery with pussy juice and saliva and Mallory easily inserted her thumb
into her sister's snug little asshole as she continued to gobble her cunt.

"Ohhh, I like that," muttered Jennifer breathlessly. She pulled her knees
back up to her chest to give her sister better access to her ass.

"Then you're going to love this," said Mallory.

She removed her thumb from Jennifer's anus and replaced it with her tongue.
She pushed it in deep. She diddled her rigid clit with her fingers as she
tongue-fucked her asshole.

Jennifer came hard, rocked with a cluster of orgasms. Mallory held her
quivering ass cheeks in her hands and continued to tongue her pink, flaring
anus until she was done.

"That WAS fun," said Jennifer as Mallory crawled back from between her
splayed legs. "Can I do YOU now?"

"Of course," said Mallory, scooting back against the headboard and spreading
her legs wide apart.

* * *

Alex was temporarily sated now. His mom was pulling up her shorts. His
cooling deposit of semen was still leaking from her ass and into her panties,
prompting her to announce that she needed to take a shower before dinner.
Jennifer seemed to be late today. They had finished in plenty of time.

Alex had put his own trousers back on and was headed up the stairs to his
room. He wanted to do some studying before supper. He decided to detour in
Mallory's room on the way because he knew she had some pot and he wouldn't
mind a joint while he studied.

He turned the knob quietly. He didn't want his mom to know he was smoking
pot. She would tease him about it unmercifully if she knew her republican
son liked to get high.

He pushed open the door and saw them on the bed.

Jennifer was kneeling with her ass to the door. Alex saw the round, pink
cheeks just above the heels of her boots. Her skirt was hiked up high. Her
legs were open and he could see the bushy cunt between her legs. Her vulva
was open and juicy and pink, nestled in a thick bed of pubic hair. Her pubic
hair went all the way up her crack to her light brown anus. She had an even
bigger bush than their mom did.

Jennifer's head was down between Mallory's widespread legs. Alex could see
her blonde head bobbing up and down as she munched her big sister's hairy
snatch. Mallory looked up and saw her brother in the doorway. Jennifer
wasn't aware that he was there yet.

Mallory smiled and winked at him. She motioned for him to come in and close
the door.

Then she tapped her sister on the shoulder.

"Psst... we have an unexpected guest."


Jennifer looked up from her sister's muff and turned her head behind her.


"Sorry, Jen," said Alex, "I didn't know anyone was in here. I didn't mean to

"That's ok," said Jennifer. "I don't mind if you watch."

She wiggled her bottom at him, smiling. "Do you like my pussy?"


"You can fuck it if you want to."

"Jennifer!" said Mallory, shocked.

"You and Mom get to fuck him. Why shouldn't I?" said Jennifer petulantly. "I
want some dick too."

"She has a good point, Mal," said Alex, dropping his trousers.

He had come twice already with his mom, but the sight of his little sister's
succulent little cunt had produced a brand new boner.

"Horny bastard," said Mallory as her brother approached the side of the bed
with his dong sticking out in front of him.

"Look whose talking." said Alex as Mallory turned to take his stiff dick into
her mouth.

She gave him some long, sloppy sucks on his cock then took it back out of her

"Just make sure you save some for me," she said, stroking his dork with one

"Don't I always?" said Alex as he was pulled onto the bed by his sisters.

They pushed him onto his back and got his trousers off. Jennifer dived on his
prong and squeezed it in both hands. She smiled at her brother.

"Should I suck it first?" She asked.

"By all means," said Alex.

Jennifer bent and put her mouth on his throbbing organ. She had never had a
cock in her mouth before and she was a little uncertain on how to proceed.

"Just go slow, and use your tongue, said Mallory, throwing a leg over Alex's

She settled her shaggy, wet pussy onto his face and continued to coach her
sister along as her brother grooved her split beaver with his tongue.
Jennifer followed instructions and swirled her hot tongue around the shaft
of her brother's pulsing tool. She squeezed his dick between her heavy tits
and licked the top of his knob. She pushed her mouth down further, taking
him as deep as she could. She moved her head up and down, trying to mouth
fuck him as she had seen her mother do, slurping loudly as she did so.

Alex gobbled hungrily at Mallory's sopping twat, sucking at her clit and
squeezing her buttocks in his hands. He separated the cheeks of her ass and
swabbed out her asshole with his tongue, making her shudder and come as he
did so.

Mallory climbed off his face and kissed him on the mouth, swirling her tongue
around his own, tasting her own pussy.

"You sit on his face now, Jen," she said to her sister. Make him eat it good
before you fuck him. I'm going to suck his cock and keep him hard."

"Ok," said Jennifer, throwing one booted foot across his body. She scooted
herself up until she was kneeling astraddle his face. He pulled her down and
buried his face in her plush, damp, aromatic muff.. He went to work with his
tongue, licking her slippery slit from clit to asshole. He felt Mallory's hot
mouth envelop his cock and deep throat him expertly as he gobbled his little
sister's wooly twat.

Jennifer was unbelievably wet. His face became glazed over as she mashed and
ground her pussy against his mouth. He fondled her behind and found her tight
little asshole with a finger, then his tongue.

Mallory had sucked him to an almost unprecedented rigidity and she lifted a
knee over his waist so that she straddled him.

"I can't wait," she said. "I'm going to fuck him first."

She lifted her ass and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her plush,
black patch. She pressed the knob against the fleshy split of her cunt and
his dick slid easily up inside her. She began to fuck herself on his cock,
bouncing briskly, smacking her naked ass against him, until she efficiently
got herself off. She leaned over to talk to her brother.

"Thanks, big brother, are you ready to fuck your little sister now?"

"Absolutely," said Alex.

Mallory pulled herself off of his cunt-slickened cock and Jennifer scooted
back down until she was sitting athwart his waist. He felt the heat of her
damp, bushy vagina pressed against the shaft of his cock. Mallory put a hand
under her sister's round bottom, lifting her slightly, she took her brother's
rigid member in her other hand and positioned the swollen head against the
furry mouth of Jennifer's wet vulva. Jennifer eased back down and his cock
glided easily into her cunt.

"Mmmmmm...." she moaned blissfully, "this feels really nice."

She began to bounce up and down on his cock, smacking her naked ass against
his balls. Alex ran his hands down to her butt and squeezed an ample cheek in
each hand. She leaned over and dangled her heavy tits in his face. He suckled
one fat, pink nipple, then the other one.

"Why didn't you ever fuck me before?" she asked, grinding herself on his

"You never asked," said Alex.

"You should have asked," panted Jennifer, "I would have let you fuck me any

"Now you tell me."

We're all a bunch of horndogs," said Mallory, lightly stroking her sister's
humping ass with one hand and rubbing at her own hairy pussy with the other.

Jennifer began to quicken her pace, grunting and slapping her ass even harder
against his scrotum, moving faster and faster until she came with a long
guttural moan followed by a contented sigh.

She pulled herself off of his dick and rolled off of his body. She got up on
all fours and wiggled her butt at him.

"Now fuck my ass," she said.

"Are you sure?" asked Alex, easing up behind her.

"I'm sure," she said smiling lewdly back at him, "I'm a nasty little girl,
and I want it up my ass....but don't come inside my ass, I want to swallow

Alex pushed the head of his cock between the cheeks of Jennifer's ass and
jabbed it against her puckered anus. She pushed her ass back against him and
he penetrated her tight little shitter. He eased the length of his crank up
her ass and slowly began to pound her back door. Mallory positioned herself
in front of her little sister, laying back on her elbows and her legs open
wide. She scooted forward some and Jennifer went to work eating her pussy

Jennifer really got into having her brother's tool in her rectum and she
humped urgently back against him as he buggered her. She came, fiddling with
her own twat and munching on her sister's black muff.

Alex pulled his dick from her poop chute and Jennifer turned to take it
into her mouth. It only took a few sucks and her mouth was filled with her
brother's hot semen. She wasn't quite prepared for the explosiveness and
volume of Alex's ejaculation. She gamely tried to swallow it all but a
quantity of creamy sperm leaked down her chin and onto her tits.

Mallory cleaned up Jennifer's tits with her tongue and then kissed her on the
mouth They shared their brother's warm seed, swirling their tongues around
each other and stringing out his sticky spunk between their lips for his
amusement. They went down on their sides, kissing and entangling their legs,
rubbing their pussies together.

Alex sat back, stroking his cock and watching. When they turned and saw that
he still had a hard on they went down on him again, swapping his dick back
and forth. Mallory coached Jennifer on how to deep throat for a while and
then Jennifer said she wanted to see Mallory take it up her ass.

Mallory lay on her back, spread her legs wide and raised them in the air.

Alex went down on her first, sating his hungry mouth on her furry pussy
and tasting her musky asshole once again. He moved up so that his cock was
between her legs and entered her slimy cunt to lube it up. She hooked her
knees over his shoulders and said, "that's enough, put it in now. I want
it. I want to feel you come in my ass.

Jennifer crawled over to sit on Mallory's face while Alex carefully inserted
his dick into Mallory's waiting asshole.

He made sure that his Mallory came first, writhing with his tool plunged deep
in her ass, then after a few more strokes he filled his sister's rectum with
his own hot, thick cock snot.

After that he was spent. It took another joint and an hour of rest, sitting
between his naked sisters on the bed as they fondled his cock and balls,
before he could fuck them both again.

To be continued...


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