Family Ties: The Lost Episodes Part 5 - The Seduction Of Daddy
by Leper Messiah

The final "episode" in the series. After being seduced several times by
Jennifer, Steven needs some help to keep up with his other demands. After
the Viagra works too well, Elyse summons help from Mallory.

* * *

Chapter 1

"Daddy sure has a nice dick," said Jennifer, "I'd let him fuck me anytime."

"Me too," said Mallory, "but mom won't let us."

Mallory and Jennifer were sitting in Mallory's room watching the latest fuck
video given to Mallory by Elyse. Elyse was hoping that giving her daughter
videos would temper her unholy lust for her father and keep her from going
after him for real. All it was doing, though, was making Mallory more and
more hungry for her dad's stiff dick.

Jennifer was sitting cross legged at the foot of Mallory's bed, wearing a
nightgown and panties. She had a hand down her panties, playing with herself
as she watched her dad fuck her mom up the ass on videotape. Mallory was
reclined with her back against the headboard. She wore only a long, black
t-shirt. She was not wearing any underwear.

"Well, that's no fair," said Jennifer. "She gets to fuck Alex. Can't we even
give daddy just a blow job?"

"Nope. She thinks he'd freak out if we tried anything sexual with him. She
thinks he wouldn't be able to handle it."

"I think he'd handle it fine," said Jennifer. "I can give him a hard on, you
know, sometimes when I sit in his my nightgown or in tight shorts. I
can feel his dick getting hard when I wiggle my butt around. I bet he'd fuck
me anytime."

"Thinking about it's one thing, doing it's another," said Mallory.

"He'd do it," said Jennifer.

On the videotape Elyse was taking Steven's spurting dick into her mouth.

"No fair," said Jennifer. "Mom gets all that sperm to herself. I want to
drink some too."

The video was over. Jennifer lay back flat on the bed with her nightgown
hiked up to her waist. She was rubbing herself through her panties.

"My pussy's all wet," said Jennifer. "My panties are wet. I wonder if daddy
would notice how wet I was if I went and jumped in his lap right now. I
wonder if he would be able to smell it. I bet he'd get really hard. I bet if
I wiggled my butt around enough I could make him come."

"He's sitting up in the living room right now," said Mallory. "He's in his
armchair in his pajamas and his robe, watching the late news and sipping a

"Where's mom?"

"She went to bed already. She won't disturb you.."

"Mmm..." said Jennifer, slipping her hand into her panties, "I can always
feel his dick really good through his pajamas. I bet I can make him squirt
his stuff in his pajama bottoms."

"I bet not," said Mallory. "I bet he makes you get off his lap before he

"Maybe I should take off my panties," said Jennifer. "Then I can let my gown
hike up and rub my bare bottom against his lap. That would get him off, I

"Gee, that wouldn't be too obvious," said Mallory, "why don't you just take
out his dick and suck it?"

"Sounds good to me," Jennifer smirked.

"No," said Mallory. "You can't be too forward or he'll freak out before you
get anywhere. He'll send you back to your room if you show him your pussy
right off the bat."

"But I WANT to," sulked Jennifer.

"I know. Me too, but leave your panties on... for now..."

"Ok... for now... but I'm still going to make him come."

"Ok, let's make it a bet," said Mallory, "but how will I know if he comes?"

"It'll make a mess in his pajamas," said Jennifer. "You've seen him in those
videos, he shoots out a gallon of sperm when he comes. It's bound to leak out
of his pj's. I'll make sure I get some on me for proof."

"Ok, it's a deal... wait a minute, what are we betting?"

"Loser has to eat the winner's pussy out," said Jennifer.

* * *

Steven Keaton was sipping scotch in his armchair, flipping through the
channels with the remote when his daughter, Jennifer came downstairs. She was
dressed for bed in her nightgown and Steven wondered if it might be a little
to small for her. It seemed rather short and it barely contained her breasts,
which bounced unencumbered by a bra as she trotted down the stairs. The gown
was too thin as well. He could see her thick, ruddy nipples through the

"Hi, daddy," said Jennifer, padding into the living room.

"Hi, Jen."

"Whatcha watchin?"

"Oh, nothing, just flipping around."

Jennifer climbed up into his lap and kissed him on the cheek. She took the
remote from him and started flipping randomly through the channels.

"Maybe something good is on." she said.

She stopped at a channel which was showing some sort of a soft-core porn
movie. Two topless women were making out on a beach.

"Showtime," said Steven. "They show adult movies at night. Change the

"But I like this," said Jennifer. "And I've seen movies like this before. I'm
not a child, you know."

"Well, ok. I guess you're right."

"They don't really show any good stuff, do they," said Jennifer. "They're
just kissing and rubbing each other. They don't even show their pussies."

"It's only Showtime. They can't show the really hardcore stuff...and watch
your language, young lady."

"Alex left a porno in the VCR," said Jennifer. "He was watching it this
afternoon, I caught him. He turned it off really quick when he saw me. Then
he pretended he had to go do something in his room. He didn't take the tape
out yet. Let's watch it."

"I don't think so, Jen. For one thing that tape is your brother's property,
for another, I don't think you need to be watching pornography."

"Oh, save it, daddy. I've seen porno before. Besides, we can laugh at it."

Jennifer hit play on the remote and the VCR began to whir. The video was
Taboo II. The tape was in the middle of a scene which showed Junior McBride
fucking his mother.

"Alex likes to watch some twisted stuff," laughed Jennifer.

They continued to watch, with Jennifer laughing and offering commentary.
Steven was embarrassed and disturbed by the movie but was also uncomfortably
aware of his daughter's bottom squirming in his lap. Against his will, the
movie and Jennifer's shifting behind worked to give him an erection. In a
scene that was way too close to comfort, the daughter in the movie tried to
seduce her own father by sitting in his lap and grinding her bottom against
his cock. Jennifer laughed and mashed her own rear end against Steven's lap.
She spoke in a high pitched mock-imitation of the girl in the movie, "ooh,
daddy, I know you want it, I can feel it."

Jennifer's nightgown had ridden up so that only his pajama bottoms were
between his building erection and her barely pantied ass, and if he didn't
know better, he could have sworn she was doing it on purpose. He had felt the
soft flesh of her cunt grinding deliberately against his hard cock. At least
he thought it was deliberate. And she was wet. Her panties were wet, and he
could smell her musky scent. The movie must be getting her excited. Well,
that was to be expected at her age. Maybe she wasn't really conscious of what
she was doing to her dad.

In the movie, the dad had pushed his daughter off of his lap at first but
then later on, while the mother slept, the daughter snuck into their room and
seduced him. Jennifer was delighted, laughing and bouncing in his lap, joking
about the "depravity" of the scene, Steven was simultaneously appalled by the
scene and unbelievably turned on by it.

To His dismay, he realized the head of his cock was now peeking out from
the fly of his pajama bottoms and was rubbing directly against Jennifer's
bouncing, panty-clad behind. Accidentally or on purpose, Jennifer managed
to squirm and pull in such a way as to expose more and more of his stiff
penis until it was poking out almost entirely from his fly. His prick was
pressed flat against his stomach, the shaft squeezed in between her
buttocks. She was definitely wet.

Looking down, he could see that her panties were soaked through and
translucent at the crotch. He could see her thick, swollen vulva where
it stuck to her panties. Jennifer continued to move her ass around, not
seeming to notice when the head of his exposed prick was jabbing between
her buttocks.

When the video was over, Jennifer stopped the tape and then turned around
in his lap to face him. There was no way he could hide the rigid prong
protruding from his fly.

"Daddy!" Jennifer exclaimed with a conspiratorial smile. "You have a boner,
just like the daddy in the porno movie."

She straddled his lap, planting one knee on either side of his hips and
shifted forward to rub her crotch against the shaft of his cock.

"I thought I felt something poking me in the bottom," she said, "but I didn't

Steven felt the soft, fleshy mound of her cunt through her sodden panties,
rubbing up and down on his dick. He knew he should stop her but he didn't.
The knob of his prick sank into the cleft of her cunt and stopped, frustrated
by the cotton barrier of her underwear. She pushed hard against it, twisting
and grinding.

"That movie made me horny too," said Jennifer, breathing heavily. "I feel all
warm and wet... down there. I like how it feels to rub it against your cock."

"Jen, watch your... language..." Steven said weakly as he found his hands
cupping his daughter's humping buttocks. Her breasts were level with his
face, heavy and braless, straining against the inadequate material of her
nightgown. Her thick nipples were clearly visible and erect

"Are you going to squirt stuff out of your cock like the daddy in the movie?"
asked Jennifer.

"Now, Jen..."

"Want me to take my panties off?" asked Jennifer. "They're sort of getting in
the way."

"Jen, that's not nec..."

But Jennifer had already gotten up on her knees and begun to push her
underwear down. She lifted one leg, then the other and got them off, dropping
them on the floor next to the chair. Steven stared at the thick blonde bush
beneath her navel and the meaty, wet crease of her cunt beneath that.

"You should take these off, daddy," said Jennifer, tugging at his pajama
bottoms, pulling them down, springing free his long, hard cock in all its
glory, "You don't want to mess them up when you squirt."

She got them down to his knees and down to his ankles where he kicked them
free. She scooted forward again to straddle his lap. She settled her warm,
damp muff directly onto the shaft of his cock.

"Doesn't that feel better, daddy?" she said, lifting her nightgown up and off
over her head.

Now completely nude, Jennifer began to slowly rub herself against her
father's throbbing erection, sliding the wet, swollen lips of her pussy up
and down the shaft of his dork. Her naked tits brushed against his face as
she moved, her nipples long and stiff. Steven found his hands on her
undulating ass once again, squeezing and kneading her plump, rounded
buttocks, knowing it was wrong, doing it anyway.

"Do you like me rubbing my pussy against your cock like this?"

"Yes, but it's wrong."

She reached down between her thighs and took his cock in her hands. She
massaged it with both hands, stroking it up and down.

"How about this?" she asked, "Do you like me to play with your dick?"

"Yes... Christ yes!"

"Is it wrong?"


"Do you want me to stop?"

"No... yes... no."

"Your cock is really hard, daddy."

"I know."

A large, clear drop of pre-come oozed out from the slit of his swollen knob.
Jennifer wiped it off with her forefinger and put her finger in her mouth to
taste it.

"Oh, good lord," said Steven.

"Do you like seeing me taste your come?" asked Jennifer.


"You can fuck me if you want to."

"Jennifer, that would be really, really, really wrong."

"I know," said Jennifer with a dirty smile, "but do you want to?"

"Oh, Christ... yes. But that would be incest."

"What if you only did it in my ass? Would it still be incest?"

"Yes, Jen."

"Oh well," said Jennifer with a shrug. "Let's fuck anyway."

She scooted forward and raised up on her knees. She pushed the head of her
father's cock into the nest of blonde pubic hair between her legs and fiddled
with it until it was pressing against the wet entrance to her vagina.

"Aren't we nasty?" said Jennifer. "We're going to fuck, just like in the

She lowered her self down and his long, stiff dick glided easily up into her
tight, moist cunt.

"I knew you wanted to fuck me," said Jennifer, moving slowly up and down on
his cock. "You always get a boner when I sit in your lap. Your penis feels
good in my pussy, daddy. Incest is fun."

Her tits brushed up and down against his face with her movements and she
pushed a giant pink nipple into his mouth. She bounced a little more briskly
and began to breathe heavily. Her naked ass smacked against his balls. His
long, rigid prong sluiced in and out of her plunging, wet pussy. Steven
mauled her ass with both hands, digging his fingers between her buttocks. The
crack of her ass was wet from her pussy. He found the tight, puckered ring of
her asshole. It was slippery with her own pussy oil. He inserted his middle
finger into her anus and elicited a squeal.

"Ooh, daddy, you're being naughty."

"I know."

Jennifer's bouncing became more urgent, more hurried, more forceful. She
drove her daddy's fuck pole deep into her snug little snatch.

"You're fucking me so good, daddy, I'm gonna come on your cock."

"Go right ahead, Jen. Come for me, baby."

"I'm gonna come, daddy. I'm... gonna... unghh!"

She let out a guttural moan and ground herself mercilessly on her father's
big cock. Her cunt clenched and squeezed with her orgasm. After several
seconds, she finally relaxed and let out a contented sigh.

"You didn't squirt yet, daddy."

"No, honey, it's not safe for me to come in your vagina. We're not using any

"That's ok, daddy. I'll take care of you."

Jennifer raised herself up and his slimy dick slipped out of her pussy. She
slid down to the foot of the chair and knelt between his legs. His prong
stood up like a flagpole. Jennifer took hold of it with her hands and smiled
up at her father.

"You have a beautiful penis, daddy."

"Thank you."

She went down on him. Her hot mouth engulfed his raging prick. Her tongued
swirled electrically around it. She sucked, she gobbled, she nibbled. To his
amazement, she deep throated him. He knew he had a good sized tool - nine
inches long when it was hard - but his daughter was eating it up like he had
never felt before. Even Elyse couldn't suck a cock this good.

Jennifer's head was bobbing swiftly up and down, taking his schlong in long
deep strokes. He couldn't take it anymore. He buried his fingers in her blond
hair and slammed his desperate organ as deep as it would go. He exploded in
her mouth, blasting the back of her throat with spurt after spurt of hot,
thick semen. He waited for her to choke but she didn't. She waited calmly
for him to finish, letting her mouth fill with his come, swallowing, letting
it fill again, swallowing again. She milked him in this way until he was
drained. It was the single greatest blow job he had ever received..

As he leaned back exhausted, his eyes closed, gasping for breath, he was
vaguely aware that she was still lightly licking his dick, gently, letting
him recover. He felt her lips and tongue on his balls, his inner thigh, back
to his dick which was starting to respond now. Then her mouth was on it
again, working patiently until she had completely revived his erection.

"Look, daddy, it's nice and hard again. We can do it some more."

"I guess we can, Jen, if that's what you want."

"Would you lick my pussy first, Daddy?"

"Well of course, Jen."

"Come on, daddy."

She tugged on his dork and playfully pulled him up from the chair. She then
pushed him down onto the floor and climbed astraddle his face.

"I hope my pussy tastes good, daddy, I'll suck your dick some more while you
lick me. We can 69. Just don't come yet until we can fuck some more."

With that, she settled her sloppy, blonde cunt down onto his face. She leaned
forward and he felt her hot mouth on his cock once again. He ate her pussy
out. He licked up and down her furry gash. He sucked her fat cunt lips. He
sucked at the succulent, pink tissue within. He sucked her large, swollen
clit. She mashed her snatch aggressively against his gobbling mouth. She was
incredibly wet, and she was incredibly orgasmic. She came again and again as
he ate her but still seemed insatiable.

She showed amazing control in fellating him, using an expert touch, knowing
just how to keep him rock hard but not allowing him to blast his wad until
she wanted him to.

Then suddenly she was ready to fuck again. She rolled off of him and onto her
back with her legs wide apart.

"Come on, daddy, let's fuck now."

Steven lowered himself between her splayed legs and felt her hand on his
cock, stuffing it into her soft, slippery fuck tunnel. He fucked her until he
felt her cunt clench his cock with her orgasm. Then she whispered in his ear
that she wanted him to put it in her ass.

"Are you sure, Jen? That would be a pretty tight squeeze. I might not be able
to get it in there."

"I'm sure, daddy. I want you to stick it in my ass. Please? I promise it'll
make me come."

Steven removed his well slimed dick from his daughter's creamy cooze and she
pulled her knees back to hook them over his shoulders. Her hand went to his
organ and guided it between her chubby butt cheeks. She jammed it against her
sphincter. Her asshole was slippery with pussy juice and she was able to
screw the head of her father's cock into her anus with surprisingly little
trouble. Steven carefully inserted the rest of his crank into her butt until
he was up to the nuts in his daughter's round behind.

He cautiously began to bone her up the ass, going slowly at first, then
more quickly when he saw that she was enjoying it. She urged him on faster,
diddling her twat with her fingers while he buggered her. Her asshole was
almost excruciatingly tight. It seemed as though her rectum was completely
filled up with his dick.

Her climax was the most intense she had yet had. She stifled a yelp and
clawed his back, humping her butt desperately against his plunging tool.

"Take it out and come on my face, daddy. I want you to squirt all over me."

Steven did as she asked. He pulled his long, hard pole from her ass and
straddled her chest. Jennifer squeezed her daddy's wang between her breasts.
He titty-fucked his daughter and she flicked her tongue at the plunging head
of his prick as it repeatedly brushed her chin. Then he was blowing his load,
splattering her face with his junk, getting it in her hair, getting it on her
tits, and finally plunging his cock into her mouth where she milked the last
few dribbling drops of his semen from his knob.

"Thanks, daddy," she said stretching luxuriously when he finally got up.
"That was fun. I came A LOT."

"Um, you're welcome, Jen. But it was wrong."

"I know. Can we do it again sometime?"

"Jen, I don't..."

"Mallory wants to fuck you too, you know. She didn't believe you'd fuck us
but I bet her you would. I won. She has to lick my pussy now."

Steven listened stunned as he tried to put his pajama bottoms back on. He was
both shocked and excited by Jennifer's words. He tried to squelch the image
of Mallory going down on Jen... the image of Mallory riding his was

Jennifer got up and retrieved her panties from beside the floor. She used
them to wipe her father's semen from her face and tits.

"Evidence," she said.

She put her nightgown back on over nothing and trotted back up the stairs.
She hiked up the hem so that he could see her bare bottom as she went up the
stairs. Steven realized that he was going to have to shower before he went to
bed. He stank like pussy and Elyse would notice.

Jennifer pranced into Mallory's room and brandished her come - soiled panties
like a trophy. Mallory had been watching more porn videos and masturbating.
she was sitting with her back against the headboard of her bed. Her shirt was
raked up past her hips, her knees were raised, her legs open wide, her hand
on the hairy, black triangle between her legs.

Jennifer flung the spunked-on undies at her sister and crawled up between her
knees from the foot of the bed.

"You little whore," said Mallory with an admiring smile, prodding a glob of
semen on the panties. "You got him to fuck you, I don't believe it."

"I told you I would," said Jennifer, "Want some head?"

She went down between Mallory's legs and gave her shaggy gash a big wet lick.

"Sure...but you won the bet. I should be going down on you."

"You need it more," said Jennifer. "I'll get you off and then I'll sit on
your face and tell you all about daddy."

"Sounds good to me," said Mallory as her little sister resumed eating her

Chapter 2

Steven made a promise to himself that he wouldn't do it again. It had been a
mistake. It was wrong and he wouldn't repeat it. But Jennifer was making it
very more ways than one. She wore skimpier and skimpier clothing in
his presence, sometimes wearing nothing at all under a towel or a bathrobe.
She whispered dirty things in his ear, asking him when he was going to fuck
her again, telling him how wet her pussy was.

One night at dinner, she unzipped his fly under the table and fished out his
cock. She quietly jerked him off under the table while blithely carrying on
with the dinner conversation. After he came in her hand, she replaced his
cock in his pants, wiped his sticky goo on the napkin in her lap and
continued on like nothing had happened.

The following night, she took his own hand and slid it up between her legs,
under her skirt, and pressed it against her pantiless muff. He fingered the
moist, thick lips of her cunt under the table. He inserted two fingers into
her warm, sucking cooze, gently diddling her big, stiff clitoris until he
brought her to a climax.

Then she was unzipping his fly again, getting out his stiff erection,
masturbating him with her hand. Only this time, she stopped before he came.
She pretended to drop her fork under the table and crawled underneath to
retrieve it. Then her mouth engulfed his cock, sucking hard, swirling her
hot tongue around it. He came almost immediately and Jennifer efficiently
swallowed his load. She popped back up from under the table and drank from
her glass. His dribbling prick still hung loose from his fly. He had to
stuff it back into his pants himself this time.

She grew more bold as time went by. When he picked her up from soccer
practice one Saturday in a studio van, she removed her shorts and underwear
and masturbated for him as he drove, showing him her bushy, blonde cunt,
spreading her legs and separating the lips of her pussy with her fingers to
show him the succulent, pink flesh within.

When she saw the rise in his trousers, she unfastened his fly and squeezed
her daddy's stiff prick in her hand. She blew him as he drove, lying flat on
her stomach across the front seat. Steven caressed her bare bottom as she
sucked him off, digging his fingers into the crack of her ass, feeling her
furry, wet cunt, feeling her tight little asshole.

He came in her mouth but he still wasn't sated. He did not lose his erection.
He pulled off the road and into a local park. He drove to a wooded area of
the park he knew would be secluded and empty and stopped the car. Jennifer
smiled lewdly and moved into the back of the van. She removed her top and
splayed her naked body on the floor of the van. Steven got his clothes off
and knelt astraddle her head, facing her feet.

He crawled face first between her widespread legs and went down on her,
feeling his long, stiff cock slide into her mouth as he did so. They 69ed
with Steven on top. He ate her fragrant blonde cunt until she came and then
he ate it some more and then he ate her asshole, making her come once again
before he got up and asked her if she was ready to fuck.

Jennifer responded by spreading her legs wide and pulling him down between
them. He entered her easily, sliding his long erection all the way inside her
creamy cooze. She locked her legs around his waist and he began to fuck her
in earnest, pounding his rigid tool deep into her stinky, furry fuckhole.

Jennifer swiveled her hips and ground her naked ass against the carpeted
floor of the van humping herself hard against her father's plunging cock.
Her pussy was so wet it ran in rivulets down the crack of her ass and pooled
on the floor beneath. Her daddy's big dick pistoned in and out, making wet,
squishy noises, driving all the way up to his nut sack in her hungry, sloppy
snatch. His balls were slick with pussy juice. He squeezed and mauled her big
tits as he fucked her. He sucked her long stiff nipples.

Her cunt squeezed his cock as she climaxed, whimpering and panting. She told
him he could come inside her. It was ok, she was on the pill. She wanted to
feel her daddy's cream inside her pussy. Steven obliged her, thrusting hard
and blasting his hot ejaculation up her thirsty, sucking twat.

Afterwards, as Steven was lying on his back on the floor of the van,
recovering from his orgasm, he felt his daughter's hot mouth, lips and tongue
working earnestly at his cunt-slimed dick. Goddamn, she was incredible at
fellatio. He wouldn't have thought it was possible but she had soon created
another towering cock stand and he was ready for another round.

She told him she wanted it up her ass and got up on all fours to wiggle her
butt at him. Steven got behind her and entered her sopping vagina, giving her
a few strokes to lube up his tool. Her asshole was already wet with her own
pussy oil. Steven took his dick out her cunt and then carefully inserted the
head into her anus. She pushed her round, naked bottom back against him and
he stuffed the rest of his dork up her poop chute.

He began to slowly bone her up her ass and she told him to faster. He did as
she asked, plowing her dirty cornhole with abandon. His balls slapped her
pussy as he buggered his daughter's behind. He made sure that she came first
before he allowed himself to ejaculate. Jennifer squealed with delight when
she felt her daddy's hot semen spritzing copiously into her rectum.

Afterwards, as they were driving back home in the van, Steven promised
himself once more that it had been the last time and knowing he was lying to

Chapter 3

It was starting to take a toll. The more Steven fucked her, the more Jennifer
wanted it - up her bushy cunt, up her plump little butt, in her hungry,
greedy mouth, between her fat tits - she couldn't get enough. It was a
problem for Steven because he was worried he wouldn't have anything left for
his wife. She would get suspicious if he couldn't get it up for their usual
Saturday night fuck sessions. He decided to deal with the situation
preemptively by scheduling a weekday appointment with his doctor and getting
some Viagra.

When Saturday night came, he was prepared. He had already fucked his horny
daughter twice that day and blown three loads in the process, one in her
mouth as she sucked him off after stepping naked into his morning shower,
which had been immediately followed up by a standing fuck against the shower
wall. Steven leaning with his back against the tiles, Jennifer hoisted up
with her legs wrapped around his waist, his dick buried deep in her humping,
slippery cooze.

He had done her again that afternoon in the garage while he was changing the
oil in his car. She had quietly stepped out into the garage from the door
adjoining the house, dropped her shorts and bent down over the car hood.
Steven had fucked her from behind and the fucked her IN her behind. He must
have pumped a quart of jizz up her bouncy little ass.

Ordinarily, Steven would have been exhausted for the day but he knew that
Elyse would be expecting him to be horny so he took two blue pills about a
hour before bedtime. They worked a little too well.

Steven had a raging hard on by the time Elyse led him up the stairs to their
bedroom. She cooed with amusement when she pulled down his pants and his dong
soared free like a flagpole.

"Wow, it looks like you got started early tonight," she said as she pushed
him back on the bed and quickly removed her skirt and panties.

She climbed on top of him and scooted up is body until she was sitting
athwart his face. She wore only her blouse and her shoes.

"I need to catch up," she said, lowering her bushy, blonde vagina onto his
face. "How about a little tongue action. Get me nice and wet."

Steven cupped the cheeks of her bumping, grinding ass and ate her pussy
out. Elyse unbuttoned her blouse and played with her tits while her husband
gobbled her rapidly dampening box. The lips of her pussy swelled under his
tongue. Her clitoris became engorged, her slit became juicy and lubricated.
He turned his attention to her asshole and she was sopping wet by the time
she was ready to slide off his face and mount his enormous, twitching boner.

She fucked herself to orgasm on his dick and then fucked herself to another
one. She was mildly surprised that he hadn't come yet but she knew what would
get him off quickly. She lifted her ass to pull her sated pussy off his dick
and she inserted his cunt-slimed tool into her anus. She lowered herself and
let it slide up her ass. She buggered herself on his dong for twenty minutes
but he still didn't come. She pulled herself off his dork and sat
cross-legged at the foot of the bed, looking non-plussed at his still
vigorous cock-stand.

"That thing is being a little stubborn tonight," she said.

"Well... um, there might be a reason for that."

He told her, with some embarrassment about the Viagra. He told her that he
had just wanted to try it. He did not tell her the real reason he had taken
the pills.

Elyse laughed. "Well, it looks like I have my work cut out for me tonight,"
she said, "want me to dress up? How about the cheerleader outfit? Or maybe
the Catholic schoolgirl?"

Ten minutes later, Elyse emerged from the adjoining bathroom all dolled up as
a high school cheerleader. The blue skirt was too short to cover her bare ass
underneath it, the top barely contained her tits. She wore white lace-up
boots and had done her hair into jailbait pig tails. Steven was sitting on
the edge of the bed with his dick sticking up in the air.

They played "cheerleader and principal" with Steven playfully pretending to
be a stern, high school disciplinarian.

"That skirt does not comply with the dress code, young lady. It's much too

"I'm sorry Mr. Keaton."

"Sorry doesn't cut it, miss. Are you wearing a proper undergarment? Lift up
your skirt and let me see."

Elyse lifted her skirt to expose her furry, blonde bush.

"Gee, Mr. Keaton. It looks like I forgot to wear my underpants today."

"Well then, I have no choice but to suspend you and put this on your
permanent record."

"Please, Mr. Keaton, don't do that. There must be something I can do to make
up for my mistake."

"Don't try to sweet talk me, young lady. Rules are rules."

"Oh, please, Mr. Keaton. I'll do anything you want."

Elyse leaned in beseechingly and put a hand in his lap.

"Why, Mr. Keaton, you have a boner. Ooh, it's so big and hard. Is that from
seeing me without my underpants?"

She rose and lifted her skirt again, pulling his face into her muff with her
free hand.

"Are you sure there isn't something I can do?"

"Mmmm," said Steven, running his hands up to her ass and rubbing his face
against her furry, cleft mound, "maybe I could find some extra credit for you
to do."

At that moment, the bedroom door opened and Mallory stepped into the room.

"Oh my God," said Mallory. "Did I interrupt something?"

"What do you think?" said Elyse, who still had Steven's stiff dick in one

Steven turned his head from Elyse's muff and started to speak. Elyse turned
his head back and forced his face back between her legs.

"Don't you dare stop," said Elyse, putting one foot up on the bed. Mallory is
leaving right now, aren't you, Mallory.

"Oh, don't mind me," said Mallory. "I won't be a minute. I just wanted to
borrow some... uh... shoes..."

"Make it quick."

Mallory moved across the room to the closet and pretended to rummage around,
stalling for time and watching her parents on the bed. Steven was munching
away at Elyse's honey blonde box. Elyse was slowly moving her ass in rhythm.
One hand held the back of his burrowing head, the other hand caressed his
rigid dick.

"Are you finding those shoes?" asked Elyse, a little breathlessly?

"Um, yeah, but I also want to um... try on this dress."

"Hurry up."

Mallory carried a tiny white dress and a pair of high heeled shoes to a full
length mirror next to the bed. She put the dress down on a chair beside the
mirror and unzipped her jeans, watching her parents in the mirror while she
did so. Her jeans came off and then her t-shirt. She was not wearing a bra.
Elyse noticed Steven's eyes going sideways toward the mirror looking at
Mallory's semi-nude reflection. Elyse smirked. Steven sucked his wife's clit
and continued to watch with interest as Mallory slipped her panties off and
stood completely naked in front of the mirror. Elyse felt some generous drops
of pre-ejaculate oozing from his knob.

"Why do you have to take your underwear off to try on a dress?" asked Elyse,
stroking her husband's throbbing cock in her tight hand.

"Um... panty lines..."


Mallory squeezed into the tight white dress and stepped into the heels. The
dress was too small for her. The skirt was too short. You could see the
cheeks of her ass. Her nipples were visible through thin white material. She
looked like a slut.

"You look like a slut,." said Elyse.

"Really. Well maybe you're right," said Mallory.

She stripped off the dress and dropped it on the chair. She turned towards
her parents in nothing but the high heeled shoes with a hand on her hip and
pretended to be lost in thought.

"Maybe the green dress," she said, staring openly at Steven's massive

"That thing sure is big," said Mallory.

Elyse smirked again and sighed, "Well as long as you're going to keep staring at it, you might as well give me
a hand with it."

"I thought you'd never ask," said Mallory.

She knelt in front of her father and took his long tool in her hand.

"It sure is hard," said Mallory.

"Well, your dad was a little foolish tonight and took some pills he didn't
need. It's going to take some work to make this thing go down. He'll probably
have to come more than once."

"Ok," said Mallory, masturbating his cock with her hand. "I'll do what I

She bent her head and took his organ into her mouth. She let it slide fully
back to her throat and then bobbed her head up and down, throat fucking his
cock, swirling her hot tongue.

She heard her mother moan in climax and looked up to see her quivering
ass, her hands clutching Steven's head between her thighs. At that moment,
Mallory's mouth was suddenly filled with her father's creamy ejaculate. She
held still and let him spritz his hot semen against the back of her throat,
swallowing slowly until he was done. She removed her mouth from his cock and
licked the excess jizz from her lips and from the shaft of his dick. It was
still as hard as a rock.

"Well, that's one down," said Mallory. "What should we do now?"

"Let's fuck him," said Elyse. "Me first."

She took her foot down from the bed and removed her sodden hair pie from her
husband's nuzzling face. She got up on the bed on all fours and rested her
head on her arms with her ass in the air, her skirt raked up to her waist.
Steven stood and got behind his wife. Mallory took his long stiff dong in her
hand and carefully placed the knob against the wooly entrance to her mother's
wet cunt. She inserted his dick and he plunged it deep inside Elyse's furry
fuck hole.

"What should I do now?" asked Mallory as Steven began pounding away at
Elyse's cunt from behind.

"Get up here on the bed next to me," said Elyse. "Spread your legs and let
him see your pussy."

Mallory was soon sitting on her bed next to her mom, resting back on her
hands, her legs open wide, displaying her shaggy beaver for her dad. Elyse
ran a hand up the inside of Mallory's leg and caressed her inner thigh. She
traced a finger along the hollow of Mallory's thigh, right next to her jet
black carpet of pubic hair.

She teased the finger into Mallory's pubes and found the soft flesh of her
vulva. She tickled the lips of Mallory's pussy until it became engorged and
open and florid, a succulent red gash in a nest of thick black hair. Elyse
gently toyed with Mallory's clit and Mallory's breathing became heavier.
Steven's eyes were riveted between Mallory's legs as he continued to doggy
fuck his wife. Elyse inserted her finger into her daughter's juicy pussy and
Steven started fucking her faster.

"Slide over," Elyse said to Mallory.

Mallory scooted her bare behind on the bed until her open legs were
positioned on either side of her mom's face. Elyse went down on her, licking
her shaggy slit with long easy strokes. Steven was pounding away like a
madman now and Elyse reached another shuddering climax.

When she was done with her orgasm, she told Steven to take his dick out her
cunt and told Mallory to scoot up to the edge of the bed.

"Want to fuck her?" she asked.

Steven nodded.

"Want to fuck your dad?" She asked Mallory.

"Yes, please," said Mallory, flopping on her back and rubbing herself between
her legs.

"Give her some head first," said Elyse.

Steven knelt between his daughter's splayed legs. Elyse got down from the bed
and squatted to suck her husband's cock while he gobbled Mallory's cunt. He
gave her his best oral sex, sucking her clit, licking all around her vulva,
fucking her fleshy tunnel with his tongue. Mallory pulled her knees back and
Steven ate her asshole. Mallory had already reached her first orgasm by the
time Elyse let him rise to stick his dick in her.

Mallory wrapped her legs around his waist as he entered her hungry hole with
his cock. He rammed his long dork all the way up her slippery twat until his
balls were resting on her upturned ass.

"Fuck me good, daddy," smiled Mallory.

As Steven began to rhythmically pump his pole in and out Mallory's warm, snug
pussy, Elyse crawled up onto the bed next to Mallory to watch. She played
with Mallory's tits, tweaking her long, brown nipples, leaning over to give
them a suck. Elyse removed the top from her cheerleader outfit then leaned
over to kiss Mallory on the mouth while they fondled each other's bare
breasts. Elyse got up on her knees, facing Steven, and straddled Mallory's
face. She lowered her cunt onto Mal's gobbling mouth.

Steven went nuts with the sight and quickened his pace considerably. His
horny fuck pole sluiced noisily in and out of his daughter's juicy pussy. A
wide damp spot began to spread beneath her ass on the bed spread.

"Are you ready to come again?" Elyse asked her husband.

He nodded his head yes.

"Wait until she gets off first and then pull it out. I want you to squirt it
in my mouth."

It didn't take long for Mallory to come, shuddering and making muffled noises
into Elyse's bushy cunt. She squeezed him like a vise with her legs. He
rested with the length of his cock up inside her hot, clenching vagina.

When Mallory was finished coming, Steven gave her a few more strokes and then
pulled his dick out. Elyse dove forward to take her husband's dick, already
spurting, into her mouth. Her mouth filled with his hot sperm. It dripped
down her chin and onto Mallory's pubic hair.

Elyse gulped down thick gouts of semen, milking his spritzing dick with her
hand until he was drained. She bent her head to lap up the globs of come from
Muff, still holding up her husband's cock in one fist. She felt Mallory's
tongue in the crack of her ass and then in her asshole. A nice little orgasm
moved through Elyse like a warm wave. Man, she loved getting her asshole
rimmed out. It brought her off every time.

She got off Mallory's face and sat cross-legged at the end of the bed to
inspect her husband's dick. It was still as hard as a baseball bat.

"No progress yet," said Elyse, reinserting her husband's stubborn boner into
Mallory's shaggy, wet pussy, "I guess we have some more work to do.

Steven resumed fucking his daughter with long, easy strokes.

"How about anal?" said Mallory. He can put it in my ass if he wants to."

She raised her legs high and hooked her knees over his shoulders. Her high
heeled shoes scratched against his back.

"Will you fuck my ass, daddy? Please?"

Steven drove his cock into her pussy a few more times, lubing it up, and
withdrew it, slimy and dripping, and pushed his mushroom knob down into the
crack of her buttocks. He pressed the head of his dick against her asshole
and pushed. He squeezed it into her anus and then slowly inserted the rest
of his long cock until he was up to his balls in his daughter's behind.

"This is so awesome," said Mallory.

Elyse put a hand between her legs and played with her clit as she watched
Steven begin to bugger Mallory's back door. Mallory was raking her fingers
at her own pussy as Steven's long dick pistoned in and out her asshole.

"Your dick feels really good in my asshole, daddy. I'm going to come really

Her rectum squeezed his cock like a sleeve, and she really seemed to like
it. She was vigorously humping her butt back against him, masturbating like
crazy. She came in no time and she came a ton, letting out a squeal and
arching her back. The bed spread was soaked with pussy juice.

He took it out of her ass and she sat up to grab his cock and engulf it with
her mouth. She gobbled his dick with abandon, sucking it hard, slurping and

"Now do mom," said Mallory. "In her ass, I mean."

"Yeah," said Elyse, Let's 69 while he does it."

"Ooh, that's a great idea," said Mallory, as they scrambled into position.
Soon Elyse was on all fours, straddling Mallory's head with her knees, her
bare ass proffered towards Steven.. She settled her honey blonde muff onto
Mallory's eager face, and looked back at her husband. "Now ram it up my ass
and don't take it out until you come in it."

She then went down on Mallory. He placed the head of his dick between his
wife's spread buttocks and worked his exhausted organ into her anus. Mallory
flicked her tongue at the shaft of his dick as he drove it into Elyse's tight
shitter. Steven butt-fucked his wife and Mallory alternated between sucking
at her mom's florid vulva and licking at his balls and plunging cock shaft.
Elyse was going to town on Mallory's cunt, determined to get her off again
before the night was through.

She succeeded. Mallory came first and then Elyse quickly followed. When
Steven was sure that they had both exhausted their climaxes, he let himself
go and blew a giant load into Elyse's snug rectum, the sensation of her
husband's hot cock snot shooting up her ass made Elyse come again, pushing
her rear end back against him.

When Steven withdrew his dork, still dribbling, from Elyse's behind, Mallory
took it quickly into her mouth. Sucking it for the last few drops of jizz,
licking it clean.

His boner finally went down.

As they all lay together, naked and panting on the bed, their hands still
lightly fondling each other's genitals, Elyse laughed and said, "Just take
one of those pills next time. I know Jennifer's keeping you busy, but one
boner pill works fine."

"You... know... about Jennifer?" said Steven, stunned.

"Of course I know about Jennifer, she's such a little whore," said Elyse. You
know I caught her in her room last week with Alex AND Skippy. She was getting
it in two different holes. Skippy in her pussy and her brother up her ass.
Little slut. Anyway, I waited until the boys finished up and had a talk with
her in the living room. She told me everything. She's such a little horndog,
it's unbelievable. But she can eat pussy like you wouldn't believe."

"Hey, mom," said Mallory. "Daddy's getting a hard on again."

"Go get Jennifer," said Elyse.



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