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Codes: MF, oral, anal, inc, reluc

Family Ties: Part 1 - Jennifer's Shock
by Spyder

The Keaton household was always a busy one with the children running around,
interrupting Steven and Elyse's sex time and just plain being a bother
sometimes. As they grew up things got quieter as Mallory And Jennifer started
to bring home boyfriends. As the relationships developed the need to have
and enjoy sex was enormous sometimes. Mallory would go to her mother to
understand her inner feelings. Alex and Andrew would go to Steven, but had
interesting talks with Elyse, because she would show herself to them as an
explanation for the young men at the time. Steven had a different way if the
girls asked for show how men are built.

On a quick return home Alex happened upon a nude Mallory masturbating in the
kitchen with a banana and wondered about her body to the point he wanted her
so bad he stripped.

Mallory sees the now naked Alex and says, "Alex I never knew you and dad
where so big. You both have such huge dicks."

Alex, who is now stroking his cock smile and says, "What you see is all real.
(Ending close to where she lies. Alex continues.) You can find out how big if
you want to, just reach out and grab some."

A surprised Mallory is compelled by the request, takes hold of her brother's
cock, pulls back and says, "Let's go to my bedroom, just in case someone
walks in."

Alex and Mallory go to the room, which Mallory slept in, probably after
turning 17, wondering if Alex was well hung and hoping to enjoy his rod.
Mallory strokes his massive prick, look in his eyes and tell him she wants
his fingers in her cunt and ass and this moment. Alex obliges his sister
until she cries out, "But you are my brother, this can't go on."

Alex, who is very hard by now, smiles and says, "Not to worry, Mal, I am not
your real brother. I recently found out that I was left on the doorstep and
never adopted by Elyse and Steven, who are your parents by birth and not

Mallory is puzzled, but somewhat relieved, as she sort of wanted his cock to
ravage her for the last ten years. She kneels in front of Alex, licks his
throbbing manhood and prepares to give head to the only man she has had
feelings for lately. Alex smiles devilishly as his sister sucks his cock, or
inside her knows he was lying and that was the only way he could enjoy her
lips on his cock. Continuing the blowjob, Mallory sees a birthmark on his
left thigh, but knows she doesn't want this to end. Shooting his load on her
face, Alex gently lifts her to the bed, opens her athletic thighs and drives
two fingers in her ass while he eats her pussy. He moans as the hair tickles
his tongue that surrounds her awesome cunt. Mallory moans as his tongue
grazes her hot well-fucked ass, what he doesn't know is that since she was
19, she has been a porn star under the name Tiffany Angel.

Having made her cum, Alex drives his uncovered cock in her pussy, while she
wants to stop being his sister, the hot lady begs him to drive her harder.
While he fucks the raven-haired woman, another surprise is in the offing as
Jennifer walks in the door downstairs and hears a muffled moan from another
part of the house. Alex by this time has removed his still throbbing penis
and entered the ass of his sexy sister.

Jennifer walks into the room, her jaw drops as she sees her brother and
sister fucking in Mallory's old bedroom. As she gets closer, seeing Alex's
big cock sliding in and out of Mallory's ass, demands to know, "What the
fuck is happening? Don't you realize that what your doing is incest?"

Alex between moans retorts, "Damn it Jenn, haven't you wondered what it would
be like to have a huge dick inside you as to what you are getting now?"

Jenn sits beside the prone Mallory, squeezes her left breast and says, "Yeah,
I have, but dad got to me first. We have fucked on occasion while mom was
away on business and probably getting the business."

Alex again relates the story that he might not be a Keaton. Telling of how
he might be not even adopted, but just living as one of the family. Jenn is
surprised at the revelation and insists that mom and dad give the truth when
they get home.

Mallory smiles and tells her that she has witnessed mom's sexual misdemeanors
on her trips and to keep quiet has had some of the men fuck her ass. Alex
pulls back, squirts his load on Mallory's back and watches as Jenn licks the
cum from his dick and Mal's back. Jenn leaves the room as she thinks she has
heard something, but returns to the room as Mallory is straddling Alex. She
removes her mini skirt and tube top, sits on the easy chair and masturbates
while Mallory gets another load in her twat.

Mallory ends her tryst with Alex, Jenn kisses her sister's tits and want
some, being a lady who goes both ways, decides to wait until later, as she
will with Alex. Jenn winks at Alex, pats Mallory's ass and whispers (this
time someone has entered the house.) I want you later as well bro. Alex
smiles and blows a kiss her way. Each attempt to leave the room, but it
stopped short of doing so by Elyse.

To Be Continued...


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