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Codes: MFFF, oral, anal, inc

Family Ties: Part 2 - Elyse Wants Some
by Spyder

Upon successfully blocking Jennifer and Mallory from leaving the bedroom,
Elyse smiles broadly and informs them that they will continue to enjoy each
other. Mallory kisses her mom's ruby lips as Jennifer undoes the belt of her
skirt, which falls to the floor. Seeing that their mom has no panties on her
tight ass, Alex wonders how much she has heard in regards to his admission
of not being a blood Keaton. Alex continues to lounge on the bed, as Mallory
has removed Elyse's blouse and bra, whistling at his mom, Alex insists that
the three use the bed a romp for a while.

Elyse stops the proceedings long enough to let everyone know that Alex is
indeed a Keaton and she is his mom. Not totally shocked Alex strokes his cock
as Mallory eats Jennifer, while Elyse devours the pussy of Jenn. Moans and
the smell of sweat fill the room as Alex wants it bad and then stands up to
have Jenn stroke his already stiff prick. Places are switched when Alex lies
down once more to have Elyse sit on his face to have him eat her pussy, while
Mal and Jenn give head to their brother. Shooting a massive load on their
faces, Alex asks Elyse to have some and she obliges as the sisters squeeze
one another breasts. Alex thinks quietly that there is not one man in the
world who has three large breasted women as a mother and sisters. Also no one
would think that this family does to one another what is happening now.

Knowing that he may get Mal pregnant, having not use a condom while fucking
her hot hole, Alex wonders if his load will also be a part of Jenn's needs as
well as Elyse. Soon all three ladies are lying on the bed with their legs
spread as wide as possible waiting to have Alex inside, but before this
happens, Elyse tells Alex to give some of his load in her, it has been months
since they last fucked.

Alex saunters between Jenn's thighs first, eating and fingering her pussy
while finger fucking her asshole. She moans, Elyse gently slaps her nipples
as Mal licks her mother's asshole. More moans of delight and soon Alex drives
his point home, by slamming his hard dick inside of his younger sister. Mal
watches as her brother pounds out a rhythm while he fucks the youngest Keaton
girl. She yelps as Alex rears back a few times and drives home one last time.
This time as he pulls out, he holds his cock as he slides it in Jenn's tight
asshole, fucking her wildly for a half hour or so. A load lies on her ass
cheeks as Alex moves on to Mallory.

Mal whispers, "Alex you have already fucked me today, why do you need more?"

Alex just smiles at her and drives his cock in her gaping ass, fucking her
one more time as a way to have Elyse want it longer and harder. Mal moans,
tells Alex that is she is pregnant not to tell her boyfriend, to which Jenn
says you mean your girlfriend. Alex knew that his sister is living with
another lady and that her sexual tendencies are towards women, even though
she loves a hard cock now and then. Alex feels the need to cum once more, he
rears back to unload on her ass, but once is spent pounds her pussy once
more. Elyse is getting wet very rapidly; she waits as her son fucks Mal over
and over until he cums inside her box.

Saving the best for his mom, Alex finally looks her way, smiles and asks his
sisters to leave the room for he has wanted this since mom fondled his cock
in the kitchen when he was 15. Mal and Jenn leave, but not before Alex
retells the story of the day Elyse saw him walking in from swimming and
groped his cock. Elyse gives head as Alex tells what she has wanted to hide
for years, but knew would be told some time and she also knew that Steven
knew about the little escapade in the kitchen.

While Alex grabs the banana that Mal left, his sisters leave the bedroom
totally naked and wanting more of Alex than they are leaving with. Peeling
the fruit, Alex slips it inside the burning love box of his mother, watching
her wink her eyes as he eats not only the banana, but her sweet pussy as
well. Finally he gets to devour the hairy cunt of his mom and finally has the
opportunity to fuck her. Not worried about getting her pregnant, Alex is
going to give her load after load of his jism. He hopes he has a long time
before his dad is home, because his idea is to begin to make up for lost
sexual time.

Having eaten the banana and tasting Elyse's juices, Alex slowly slides his
long cock in her hot pussy. She moans and is loud as she feels her eldest son
enter her under fucked cunt as of late. Usually having time on the road she
takes a man to her room to be laid overnight, but this last trip was short
and she came home extremely horny. Alex is slow and deliberate when it comes
to ravaging his mom's well-used twat, which he enjoys the idea of making her
cum slowly and many times before dinner. About one hour later, a few loads of
cum has flowed into his mom's pussy as she tells Alex that she wants to take
Andrew on before deciding which man gets her when Steven isn't at home. Alex
smiles as he plunges his dick up her ass, while he massages her heaving tits.
Once more the urge to cum overwhelms him and instead of shooting her cheeks
he lets the sticky load enter her asshole. She gurgles that no man has cum in
her ass and only he will be allowed to do so from now on. Alex smiles as he
rests from the family fuckfest. Elyse gathers her clothes and leaves the
room, but not before blowing a kiss Alex's way and telling him that dinner
is at 7.

To be continued...


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