This is a make believe story about make believe characters. The backstory is
loosely based on the movies and comics.

Fantastic Four: A Family Affair (MF, anal, inc)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

With a cocky grin on his face Johnny stepped from the shower and dried off
putting on his robe. He smiled briefly at himself in the mirror before
heading towards his bedroom. After the accident in space Reed, Susan, Ben,
and Johnny had taken up residence in Reed's top floor apartment while they
tried to get a handle on their symptoms and find a cure for them.

After they had defeated Dr. Doom and saved the city they were heralded as
heroes and given substantial grant money to continue their research. Once
Reed and Ben returned from their trip the four of them would move into the
Baxter Building of which Reed had purchased the top five floors with some of
the grant money. The two elder males were currently in the United Kingdom
visiting an old colleague who after examining the tests and charts of the
group thought that perhaps he had a starting place that would one day allow
Ben to control his power and be able to turn it on and off similar to the
way the rest of them could.

None of that mattered to Johnny at the moment though. All that was on his
mind as he finished dressing was the hot date he had with a girl he had met
earlier in the day named Nikki. Sue meanwhile was on the couch thumbing
through some catalogs taking notes and getting ideas for her and Reed's
wedding. She only briefly looked up as Johnny walked across the room
grabbing his coat before he headed for the door.

"I know Reed and Ben are out of town, but don't bring your date home tonight.
I really don't want to wake up again to someone screaming your name while
you're having sex."

"Once the bedroom doors are shut you can't hear a thing. I had to take a piss
and I didn't completely shut the door. I'm sorry, what more do you want me to

"I don't want you to say anything. I just don't want anymore girls coming
here. You know you wouldn't be doing this if Reed and Ben were here."

"You really need to get out more Sue. All you've got is your work and Reed.
You haven't even been out since he's left. The rest of you, you especially,
need to loosen up more and enjoy things. Not everyone has it as good as we

"And by that you mean walking down the street having your choice of a date
from girls throwing themselves at you, not having to pay for dinner with
your date, and driving a hundred miles an hour down a road in a sports car
you got a steep discount on because of who you are?"

"What exactly is your problem? You spend all of your time with Reed either
doing research or doing something business related and do I bust your ass
about it? I helped save the town from your former boss, the same guy you
were going to marry before the accident if I'm not mistaken, and whenever
some group related function comes up I show up and do my part. Try pulling
the stick from your ass and having some fun."

"Yeah Johnny if all of us were as reliable as you then Doom would be taking
over other cities now."

"If this kind of crap is going to continue at the Baxter Building then I'm
going to have to find some other place to live. This ludicrous conversation
of yours has made me late so I'm leaving. Oh and don't wait up for me."

"I wouldn't worry too much Jonathan. I'm pretty sure she'll still sleep with
you even if you are half an hour late."

"Go to hell Susan," Johnny grumbled slamming the door behind him.

"God damn it Johnny, why do you have to be such a bastard?" Sue mumbled
underneath her breath as she threw the catalog in her hand onto the coffee
in front of her. She stood up walking towards one of the windows and looked.
Sue spotted the black BMW Z4 that Johnny drove flying down the street. "Fine
you want me to have some fun? Alright then."

* * *

Handing his car keys off to the valet Johnny walked into Park Side where he
was eagerly met by the restaurant's manager.

"Good to see you again Mr. Storm," the manager said delighted vigorously
shaking Johnny's hand. "It's been too long since you've last been in."

"Good to be back, Charlie. Nikki wanted the best Italian food in the city,
and there's only one place to go."

"Thank you for your kind words. We've prepared the same table from the last
time you were here, unless of course the two of you would like to sit in a
different spot."

"The table you have ready is fine."

"Right this way then."

"Thank you."

Unseen by everyone Sue leaned against the wall of the restaurant near the
front door. While agreements and rules had been made about Sue using her
power of invisibility she was sure Reed and Ben wouldn't mind what she was
doing at the moment if they ever found out her brother was using the
apartment as a whorehouse.

Careful not to bump into anyone she made her way towards the table Johnny
and his date were sitting at and did a double take when she noticed, Silvio
Nicodemo, a local low level mob flunky having dinner with a woman. Sue's
thoughts returned to her brother and his date and she sat in an unused chair
sitting against a wall. She was fascinated to hear what Johnny could possibly
be talking with the most-likely easy fangirl.

"You okay Johnny?" Nikki asked.

"I'm fine."

"You're a great guy and this is a restaurant I'd probably would never come
to if it weren't for you, but you just seemed distracted and quiet in the

"Look Nikki I'm sorry about that. It's just that I had a really ignorant
conversation with someone before I left tonight which was why I was late
picking you up."

"Oh really? Was it with someone from the group? What was it about?"

"Come on Johnny just skip dinner and take the girl back to her place so you
can sleep with her. You don't need to go through the motions with this slut,"
Sue thought.

"It wasn't anything important. It's just... You ever get into an argument
with someone where you get to a point when you realize the whole thing is
completely inane and silly? As happy go luck and rah rah team as everyone
wants to make us out to be we have our issues and fights like everyone else.
Disagreements aren't too uncommon for us especially since one of the members
can be quite a bitch at times."

At hearing Johnny call her a bitch Sue got up ready to deck him, but stopped
herself and in the process knocked the chair she was in into the wall the
noise it made catching Johnny's attention. He turned and looked in Sue's
direction for a few seconds then turned back around to face his date.

"Oh I know exactly what you mean," Nikki started. "Like last week I got into
this huge argument with my parents about college..."

As Nikki proceeded to tell Johnny about her argument with her parents Sue's
attention was turned elsewhere as two reputed thugs walked through the front
door and sat down at Silvio Nicodemo's table. The three men talked before
getting up and heading towards the back most likely to the bathroom. Sue
was getting an uneasy feeling about the situation and followed them.

Meanwhile unaware of what was going on Johnny excused himself a few minutes
later and headed for the bathroom as well. As he neared the restroom door he
heard a commotion and quickly went in.

"What the fuck?" One of the thugs grumbled as the two of them fired their
silencer enhanced guns at Silvio who was cowering on the floor. Johnny could
see the forcefield around the two gunmen that was deflecting the bullets
onto the floor.

"What the hell are you doing here Sue?" Johnny demanded.

"Have someone call the police," Susan replied making herself visible while
keeping the shield up.

"You know what? Fuck you. I don't care how much space we'll have at the new
place. There's no way in hell I'm going to live there," Johnny snarled before
blowing out the bathroom.

He walked back to the table where his date sat. "Look Nikki I'm sorry. We're
going to have to do this another time. I have too much shit going on to give
you the attention you deserve."

"Is everything alright sir?" Charlie asked rushing over to Johnny's table
after Silvio had come out of the bathroom and spoke to him.

"Don't worry this has nothing to do with you or your restaurant. We'll be
back another time. There's a situation in the bathroom that requires the
police that needs to be taken care of right away."

"They've been called already. We'll have your car pulled up right away sir."

"Thank you."

* * *

"Thank you again Ms. Storm," Charlie said relieved at the incident that never

"You're welcome. Glad I could be of some help," Sue replied.

Once she was done answering questions and the police were gone Susan found
herself back outside. She hailed a cab and got in. As it took off Sue found
herself getting frustrated with the situation involving Johnny and wanting
to give up. All his life Johnny had always been a charismatic ladies man and
as he got older he started becoming more and more of a playboy. Once he
became the Human Torch and part of the Fantastic Four he became nearly

Johnny had always been a bit cocky and arrogant and whenever the two of them
were around each other it irritated the hell out of Ben. Reed wasn't too
bothered by it relegating Johnny's actions and attitude to his age. After
the group's battle with Doom and Johnny's actions therein Reed and Ben seemed
to not mind Johnny at all as long as he wasn't too outrageous.

Even if they couldn't see it Sue could. She could see his personality start
to get worse. Johnny started to drive faster cars and motorcycles and the
women he dated only got sleazier. He could do much better. She just couldn't
figure out why he was behaving the way he was.

* * *

As Susan entered Reed's top-floor apartment Johnny was busy picking up
various things and stuffing them into a duffel bag. He went into the room he
had been staying in and returned a few minutes later with a second bag.

"Where are you going Johnny?"

"I'm not waiting until Reed and Ben come back. I'm moving out now."

"What are you talking about? You can't do this!"

"I said I'm moving out now. We're all grown adults here. I don't need you
acting like a mother and telling me what I can and can't do and who I can
date. That shit you pulled at the restaurant was the last straw."

"Hey! Silvio would have been dead and so would have you if it wasn't for me!"

"And why exactly were you there? Why were you invisible following me on my
date? There are rules you agreed to about using your power!"

"I don't think Reed or Ben would much care if they knew you were using the
apartment as a whorehouse!"

"God damn it Susan! What are you going to do? Tell on me?"

"No Johnny I just think you can do better than what you are."

"Do better with what?"

"The girls you date and being a cocky bastard for starters."

"Where the hell is all of this coming from? Did you purposely wait until Reed
and Ben were gone before you turned in a complete bitch?!?"

Johnny found himself momentarily stunned when Sue slapped him with all her
force. He couldn't believe what she had just done, and neither could she.
This is nothing close to what Sue wanted to do to get through to him. Her
mouth opened though nothing came out as Johnny stared at her with a very
angry look in his eyes. He started to move his mouth to say something, but
stopped. Instead he shook his head a few times, picked up his bags, and
headed towards the door.

"Johnny I'm sorry..."

"Sue don't start. Look you, Reed, and Ben are the scientific bunch of the
group. I'm just the cocky pilot into fast cars and extreme sports so research
wise you don't need me and Ben's a pretty good pilot as well. So before this
gets any worse than it has too..."

"Johnny don't say it," Sue blubbered. "I'm so sorry for slapping you and for
what I said."

"I don't get you Sue, I really don't," Johnny said looking back and seeing
tears starting to form in his sister's eyes. "Who knows how long you've had
this low of an opinion of me. Anyway, if the three of you ever truly need my
help look me up. I quit. I'll be back for the rest of my stuff in a few

With those last two words Johnny quit the group and disappeared into the
hall. Sue just stood there dumbstruck even as the door slammed shut.

"What the hell did I just do?" She muttered slowly turning around again
trying to figure out what just happened. "I'm such an idiot! I was too hard
on him!" Sue said now in a bit of a daze. "I just wanted what was best for
him." After a few minutes Sue started for the kitchen. "I'm so glad you like
to drink Ben," She said opening the fridge and finding an open twelve pack
of Bud Light and a closed one. Sue took the unopened pack and sat on the
couch turning the tv on as she started on the first beer.

* * *

Susan was wakened by someone muttering to themself as they walked around the
apartment. Sue opened her mouth to see if it was Johnny, but stopped being
struck hard by a massive hangover. Slowly she struggled from bed and made her
way towards the bedroom door.

"Johnny is that you?" She moaned as the bright morning sunlight glared
through the window wrecking havoc with her senses.

"I'm only going to be here long enough to give you back my apartment key and
look for one of my credit cards. So don't try and bother-" Johnny stopped
mid-sentence when he turned to look at his sister and found her standing nude
in her bedroom doorway leaning against the frame and shielding her face from
the sunlight with her hands. "Oh god Sue will you go put some clothes on?"
Johnny asked turning away.

"Oh... sorry..." Susan muttered noticing now that she was nude and returning
to her room. A few minutes later she returned wearing a bathrobe.

"I said clothes, not a robe."

"Shut up I'm going to take a shower in a minute," Sue replied walking over to
the couch, knocking some empty beer bottles onto the floor, then laying down
on it.

Hearing the clanking of the bottles Johnny stopped what he was doing and
walked over to where Susan was laying. He raised an eyebrow when he saw the
empty beer bottles on the floor next to the empty case.

"How much did you drink last night?" Johnny asked sitting down on a recliner
near the couch.

"Whatever is on the floor. Twelve I think." Susan adjusted a couch pillow
underneath her head and closed her eyes.

"You drank a twelve pack of beer last night? You hardly drink on the weekends
let alone during the week. What the hell were you thinking?"

"Johnny please shouting and stop trying to be a mother. We're both grown
adults here. Besides you told me to have some fun last night," Susan replied
with her eyes still closed.

"I didn't mean for you to go out and get shitfaced. You remember what
happened on your twenty-first birthday? I still occasionally hear stories
from people I run into that I haven't met before that were at that party."

"I was alone last night. That wasn't going to happen. Besides why do you
care? You quit the group last night, remember?"

"Give me a little credit Sue. I may hate you right now, but you're still my

"And that's why I give you shit about the girls you date."

"I still have control of my bodily functions when I'm on a date though."

"Yeah one night of getting drunk is so much worse than living the rest of
your life with HIV or Herpes," Susan replied opening her eyes and sitting up.

"Now you're just talking paranoid."

"So are you."

"Anyway, why were you drinking last night?"

"None of your business"

"Alright fine. I couldn't find the card I came to get so I'm going to have
to call and cancel it. If anything comes up and you need to get into contact
with me for some reason I'm staying at the Hilton New York for the next few
days. In case you do need something I'm going to leave you a key at the
front desk."

"I'll be fine. I've got a million things to do today so I won't be drinking."

"I didn't say you would be. Just--- Ah forget it," Johnny threw his key to
Reed's apartment onto the coffee table and got up to leave.

"Johnny wait."

"Yes?" He replied not bothering to turn and face his sister.

"You were right. There was some truth to what you said yesterday and I'm
sorry. We're both adults and how you live your life is up to you. I'll stay
out of your personal life."

"Thank you, but I want to know one thing. Why the little boozefest last
night?" Johnny asked turning to face Sue.

"I don't know. It was something stupid having to deal with our fight last
night. I'll be fine though, once this hangover is gone."

"That's good to hear. I've got some things I need to do myself so I'm gonna

"Just one more thing. Are you going to tell Reed and Ben that you quit the
group or should I?"

"I really haven't thought about it since our argument yesterday. Let me think
about things first and I'll get back to you ok?"


"Take care of that hangover okay?" Johnny said before leaving the apartment
and heading down the hall towards the elevator.

Relieved Sue smiled briefly to herself before walking to the front door and
peering out into the hallway. She caught a brief glimpse of Johnny as he
stepped onto the elevator and disappeared. The smile never leaving her face
Sue returned inside the apartment and shut the door.

* * *

Sue's hangover had taken most of the day to dissipate. Being the light
drinker that she was it was no big surprise to her that it had taken so long
and shortly after Johnny left early in the morning Sue realized how dumb
drinking the twelve pack the night before was.

Susan decided she would stay in again, though this time she wouldn't be
drinking. She was just going to stop by the rental store and pick up a few
movies. Before she did that though Sue needed to stop by the Baxter Building
to drop off a check for the security deposit.

As she sat in her car idling by at a red light Sue happened to glance to her
right into the parking lot of a bank. For some unknown reason a black s.u.v.
caught her eye and she watched. A few minutes later as her light was turning
green two men in long coats climbed out of the vehicle and walked inside the
bank. Susan quickly turned into the parking lot. She got out of her car and
cautiously walked up to the double-doors. Just then she heard shots being
fire and people start screaming.

With the briefest of thoughts to her own safety Sue went inside with a plan
in mind. The bank's customers and all of it's employees except for one were
laying on the floor in front of the teller windows. There were two dead
security guards and the gunmen had their weapons pointed to the heads of two
different people as a lone employee emptied money from drawers and threw it
into a bag.

"Come on guys that's no way to treat fellow citizens is it?" Sue asked.

"Lookie what we have here," one of the gunmen said as they both turned to
face Susan.

She slightly nodded her head to the two hostages who quickly crawled away.
In the same fashion as she had done in the restaurant the night before Susan
quickly enclosed the two criminals inside a forcefield. Furious they fired
several shots at her, but they only fell to the floor harmlessly. With safety
suddenly at hand everyone in the bank started cheering for Susan.

"It's not over yet people. Everyone outside and someone notify the police."

"I don't think so," a gruff voice said from behind Susan as a gun muzzle was
pushed into the back of her head. "Let them go." People started screaming and
panicking at the appearance of the third gunmen.

"Everyone get into an office now! And lock the doors!" Sue screamed. Within
minutes everyone was in an office with the doors locked. In the middle of the
bank stood Sue with the three gunmen

"Let them go now or I'll break into one of the offices and started killing
people. Now's not the time to play hero," the third man said.

Sue momentarily considered her options then acted. She quickly kicked her leg
back striking the man in the groin. Sue dropped the shield and dashed across
the lobby towards a desk. "Kill the bitch!" She heard one of the men scream
as she leapt over the desk and shots started to ring. Sue crashed to the
floor and the shots stopped. She could hear the mean scowling and walking
towards her so she quickly turned invisible. It was then that a new problem

Not expecting to have to use her powers today Sue left her suit at the
apartment and was dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a white long-sleeved
button up shirt and they were still visible. She might be able to trap two
unexpected gunmen, but three that had guns were and were out to kill her was
a bit trickier. Needing to survive long enough for the police to arrive and
rectify situation Sue saw no other option than to strip off the clothes she
was wearing and hide.

"Come here girl!" One of the men snarled jumping on top of the desk and
pointing his gun down where Sue should have been. "What the?"

"What's the matter? Can't find a little girl like me?" Sue mocked. "The
police are on the way. Why don't you leave now while you can and try to run?"

"I don't mind going to jail if it means I'm famous for killing the Invisible
Girl and making your group the Fantastic Three."

"You've got to find me first."

"That won't be a problem. Ghost go lock the doors so nobody can come in and
bring a trashcan full of paper. Ranger turn all the desks over. As for you
girl this is a one time offer. Make yourself visible again and let's work out
our differences. I won't let the guys get too rough with you."

"Not a chance."

"Fine have it your way."

The leader picked up Sue's clothes and threw them into the trashcan Ghost
brought him. He then took several pieces of paper and crumpled them together
into a stick shape. He took a lighter out of his pocket lit the paper and
threw it into the trashcan.

"Oh shit," Susan muttered as the lead gunman placed the burning trashcan on
the ground underneath one of the sprinkler heads on the ceiling. It wasn't
long before all the sprinklers in the bank were pouring down water.

"There she is!" The leader shouted as a human form started to take shape
under the falling water.

Ghost fired several shots at Sue who quickly dove out of the way. With the
water giving away her position and nothing to hide under Sue was an animal
being chased after by hunters. All she could do at the moment was dodge
bullets and hope she could figure out something fast.

* * *

"Hey Johnny, good to see you again," a woman behind a Chinese restaurant
counter greeted him as he walked through the front.

"Looking as gorgeous as ever Cindy," Johnny replied with a smile. "My order
ready yet?"

"Yeah it is, but no date tonight? You only ordered for one."

"Nah, I'm staying in. I've got some stuff at home to take care."

"The girls are running you ragged huh? You need to settle down with someone.
Trust me, I've known plenty of guys who've tried to live the playboy life and
it can wear you down."

"That doesn't have anything to do with it," Johnny laughed.

"Right, let me go get your order," Cindy smiled disappearing behind a door.
A few minutes later a middle-aged man appeared with a bag in his hand.

"Hey Chan, what's going on? Still working sixty hour weeks here to avoid the

"Once you're married not much every happens. Anyway what are you doing here?"
Chan asked with a bit of confusion. "I was going to hold your order until
after you had everything taken care of and make you something fresh if you
still came by."

"What are you talking about? Why wouldn't I be getting my order now?"

"You haven't heard what's going at that bank?"

"What bank? What's going on?"

"Oh man I would've thought they would have told you before the news broadcast
it. A few minutes ago they said on tv that there was a robbery at First New
York Bank on seventh street. There are some customers and bank employees
trapped in offices and your sister was involved in some kind of altercation
with the bank robbers."

"Oh damn it! I'll be back later!"

Johnny ran to his car and raced through the city to get to the bank. When he
finally pulled up there were a number of cops cars and even S.W.A.T. outside
the bank, but nothing seemed to being going on. As Johnny got out and headed
towards the crime scene he was met by a police officer.

"Mr. Storm good to see you here."

"What's going on? Why's everyone sitting around and what's S.W.A.T. doing

"S.W.A.T.'s only here if we absolutely need them. From what we've been told
from someone inside with a cell phone two men came in with the intention to
rob the bank. Susan showed up and subdued them, but not before they killed
the security guards. A third gunmen who we suspect was the get away driver
saw your sister enter the bank and followed. There was a bit of a standoff
at which point the customers and bank employees locked themselves in offices,
then the sprinkler system came on and shots were fired and at this point
that's all we've heard. The glass is tinted so we can't see inside and the
doors are locked. We've been told to wait until we receive some kind of
communication from the inside before we act since Sue is in there."

"Get me inside and I'll do the rest."

"Here the keys to the door. We got lucky and found one of the off-duty bank

Johnny took the keys from officer and cautiously made his way to the door.
He managed to unlock and open the door wide enough so he could slip inside
unnoticed due mostly in part to the fact that the gunmen were all screaming
at each other paying little attention to much else. The inside of the bank
was soaked and everything was turned over.

"Where the fuck is she???" The leader screamed.

"The sprinkler's turned off and we can't see her anymore," Ghost feebly

"But she's wet! She's only invisible when she's fucking dry! God damn it!"

"The cops are here! We have no money and the Invisible Girl is invisible!
What're we going to do?" Ranger asked.

"You know what? This is simple. We'll blow the locks off the office door and
starting shooting people one by one," the leader replied.

"Now guys why would you want to do that? Just let the people do their
business and be on their way okay?" Johnny interrupted.

"Isn't this nice?" the leader mocked Johnny turning to face him. "Both
brother and sister are here now. Double the kill double the fame."

"Flame on!" Johnny screamed as the leader raised his gun to shoot him.
Johnny's body was engulfed in flames and he blasted a fireball striking the
leader's hands burning it. He dropped his gun falling to the floor in pain
as the skin on his hand started to bubble.

Ghost and Ranger both started firing at Johnny who easily dodged their
initial shots by flying up towards the ceiling. As Ghost raised his gun to
fire again he was suddenly struck in the back of the head. Ranger started
panic not knowing what to do as he had the Human Torch on one side and a
thick wooden desk leg floating in the air on the other side.

"It looks like you have two choices," Sue's voice told Ranger. "One you get
burned or two you get hit in the head." Ranger dropped his gun with a
defeated look.

"Good, now take off your coat and set it on the counter by the teller
windows." Ranger did as he was told and Johnny flew over to the coat landing
on the floor and flaming off.

"Damn," Sue said to herself catching a glimpse of her brother's backside
through his charred clothes as he quickly put on the long coat and closed it.

"Now go outside and let the police do their job," Johnny ordered.

"Wait a sec Johnny, I need a coat too."

"Where are you at?"

"Just put it on the counter."

"Help your friend outside and talk to the police," Johnny said as he pulled
the coat off an unconscious Ghost and set it on the counter where Ranger had
set his. "I'm going to tell everyone in the office it's over and they can
come out."

"Ok," Sue said as she purposely became visible again before putting on the

Looking back to make sure she was dressed before he knocked on the office
door Johnny caught a three-quarters angle view of his nude sister's front. He
caught himself staring for a few seconds more than he would have liked and
though he couldn't be sure since she wasn't looking directly at him Johnny
thought he caught a smile on Sue's face. He turned his head away and a second
later Sue let him know she was ready.

* * *

Once the police had done their jobs, the Storm siblings had talked to the
media, and everything at the bank was back in it's proper place Sue found
herself back at the apartment and Johnny back at the hotel.

After returning home Sue took a quick shower throwing on a black pair of
plain unassuming panties and a t-shirt one size too big for her. After the
events of today she was going to stay in and with Johnny staying at a hotel
she could wear whatever she wanted to wear or not. Being honest with herself
though Sue found the prospect of showing off and prancing around in as little
as possible for Johnny to be an exciting thought. After all she did purposely
materialize at the bank before putting on the coat and the smile she had then
was for seeing her brother check her out.

Susan sat down on the couch turning on the t.v. and channel surfed. She
stopped when she reached CNN and saw that they had picked up the bank story
and were running a recap of it. It was then that Susan realized why she had
her sudden outburst of her disapproval of Johnny's date selection and way of
life. She knew why her big fight with her brother led her to downing a twelve
pack of beer when she was the farthest thing from a regular drinker.

Sue loved Johnny. She loved him much more than just in a bloodlines family
type of way, though that factor certainly helped in intensifying her feelings
toward him. Sue felt a very deep heavy bond wanting to develop with him,
though she was concerned it would be one-sided. She couldn't help but smile
as Johnny's comments to the local news crew were replayed. Then the brief
glimpse she got of Johnny's ass replayed in her head.

"It was very nice," Sue thought as she closed her eyes and had visions of
nothing but his butt play in her head.

Susan leaned back on the couch and her hand made a slow trek down into her
panties. She slid her fingers through her bush and let them slowly rub back
and forth over her slit. Sue felt excitement creep into her body. She let
out a soft moan as two of her fingers pushed into her slit. As Sue began
pushing her fingers back and forth into her pussy she began to wonder what
Johnny's front side looked like. She wondered how thick and long his cock
was and how she'd feel as it was thrust into her vagina.

Sue began to really work her fingers in and out of her pussy her cream
starting to lather them up. She slid her other hand down into her panties
and began to finger her clit coaxing it out of the hood. Slowly, but surely
it started to emerge. Sue felt a small surge of excitement run through her
body as her fingers continually bottomed out in her wet pussy getting a
fresh coat of her cream and her index finger began to teasing her emerging
clit. Just as Sue felt she was getting close to an orgasm she was rudely
interrupted as the phone rang.

"Damn it, whoever's calling can leave a message," Susan mumbled as she
continued to finger herself.

After four rings the answering machine came on, played it's message, and
started recording somebody's message.

"Hey Sue it's me."

"Johnny!" Susan thought hearing his voice. She immediately stopped what she
was doing and ran into the kitchen to get the cordless phone. "Hey I'm here,"
Sue said answering the phone. "I was just busy with something when you
called. What's up?"

"Not much. I hard ordered some Chinese food before the thing at the bank
happened. When I finally got around to getting it Chan threw in enough extra
food to feed two people. After everything that's happened the last two days
I decided to stay in tonight and if you weren't doing anything I was going
to see if you wanted some."

"What did you get?"

"General Tso's chicken."

"Did you have them make it extra spicy?"

"Of course."

"Huh..." Sue said playing around like she was deciding whether or not she
was going to have dinner with Johnny.

"Look Sue, I know you're not a big fan of spicy food, but I kind of felt bad
about the argument and calling you a bitch so I just figured I'd offer. Just
say no if you don't want any. It's no big deal."

"No that's fine. I haven't had Chinese food in awhile and to be honest I've
been wanting to talk to you about yesterday."

"Alright then, I'll be over there in about half an hour. See you then."

"See you later Johnny," Sue said.

Susan brought the phone with her to the living room and set it down on the
coffee table as she returned to the couch. As Sue sat down her hand
inadvertently brushed against her panties. She smiled standing as she went
to change the wet piece of clothing.

* * *

Sue laid stretched out on the couch watching Paparazzi as HBO played it for
the hundredth time in the last two weeks. She perked up when she heard a
knock at the door. "Ok Sue just be calm and find out what Johnny's feelings
for you are," she said to herself as she unlocked the door and opened.

"Hey Sue can you give me a..." Johnny began as he looked as his sister
wearing a large t-shirt with her panties barely peeking out the bottom of
it. "Can you give me a hand here?" In both hands Johnny had one duffel bag
and one bag with Chinese food in it.

"You okay?" Susan asked taking the bags from his left hand.

"I'm fine," Johnny replied walking in and shutting the door behind him. "I
guess I was just dumb in expecting you to have more clothes on when I got

"You've seen me in less you know." Susan set the Chinese food on the table
and dropped the duffel bag to the floor.

"Yeah I was five and that was an accident," Johnny replied doing the same.

"No, I mean earlier today at the bank."

"About that, see I just found it kind of weird that you'd materialize before
putting the jacket on letting anyone in the immediate area see you nude."

"You're the only one who saw me and it wasn't like you quickly looked away.
It was a good three or four seconds before you did."

"Do you remember that day on the bridge when you were taking your clothes
off after becoming invisible and I mentioned needing therapy? We're about
five words and a shirt lift away from there."

"Well I take it by your bags that you're coming back?" Sue asked needlessly
bending over to pick up the duffel bags and take them into Johnny's old
makeshift room.

"Ye-Yeah I am," Johnny stuttered as Sue's shirt rode up on her as she was
bent over flashing her panty-clad butt. "After this afternoon I got to
thinking some things were said and done out of anger and though I still don't
understand your reasoning for any of the things you've done in the last few
days. Today with Reed and Ben gone I guess I realized that really we're all
we've got. When I found out what was happening at the bank I guess I was a
little more concerned about you than I normally would have been if everyone
was here."

"I knew there was more to you than just driving fast cars and being a
playboy," Sue smiled. "Let me take these to your room then let's eat."

As Sue was busy putting away his bags Johnny took out the two big styrofoam
containers holding the General Tso's chicken and retrieved some silverware
from the kitchen to use instead of the plastic utensils the restaurant
provided takeout with. He took one of Ben's few remaining beers and sat down
at the table. As he began to eat Susan reappeared.

"You know Ben's going to throw a shit fit when he gets back and all of his
beer is gone?" Sue said taking one as well before sitting at the table.

"I see we learned nothing from last night," Johnny smirked.

"Shut up, it's just one."

"Speaking of last night," Johnny began as the two of them started eating,
"What's going on? Yeah I know you don't like some of the things I do, but it
wasn't until Reed and Ben left last week that you decided to go apeshit on

"Before I get into that can I ask you something that might sound a little

Johnny stopped eating, his fork still in mid-air, and looked at Susan for a
second. "Okay."

"At the bank why didn't you quickly look away when you saw me?"

"Like I said I was a bit surprised you'd materialize before putting on the

"Can I ask you another question?"

"I can feel it," Johnny laughed shaking his head. "Therapy here I come. What

"What did you think?"

"What did I think of what?"

"How I looked?"

"I think you might look better as a dark brunette."

"Come on Johnny you were looking at me for more than a split second."

"I really didn't get a good look at you because your body was angled, though
the smile on your face was a bit disconcerting."

"So you did get a good look at me," Sue grinned.

"All right fine. If it'll make you happy you've got a great looking body and
if I wasn't your brother I'd be like every other guy who sees you."

"Uh huh. Are you just saying that to get me to be quiet or do you mean

"As creepy as this whole conversation is becoming I mean it."

"Thanks," Sue smiled

"Now can we just eat now and talk about something a little less weird?"

"You've got a cute ass you know what?" Johnny nearly choked on his food when
Sue said that.

"What do you want Susan?" Johnny asked after recovering. "Why are we having
this conversation?"

"I love you Johnny."

"And I love you too."

"That's not what I meant."

Johnny stopped eating and looked at Sue for a moment. With a small grin and
a certain look of disbelief he set his fork down. "You're kidding me right?
You're getting me back for the night I brought what's her face home and
didn't shut the door while we were having sex."

"That's not it. The reason I waited until Ben and Reed were gone to say
anything was I didn't know how this whole thing would play out or how you'd

"This can't happen Sue. Let's end this now and forget about it."

"Ok..." Sue said disappointed.

For the next few minutes Johnny and Sue ate in an awkward silence. Then
suddenly Johnny dropped his fork and nearly fell out of his chair trying to
get out of it. Sue was now rubbing his crotch with her foot.

"Geez Sue no."

"Why not?"

"Besides the obvious brother/sister thing you're also engaged to Reed!"

"The love I have for Reed is different from what I have for you. I'm still
going to marry him. This'll be something special between us when the others
aren't around."

"Sue I don't feel the same way about you that you do me."

"Yes you do. You just don't realize it yet. Why do you think you looked at
my naked body at the bank when I offered it to you? Why haven't you said
anything else about me wearing just a shirt and my panties since you've
gotten here?" Sue then stood up and removed her shirt exposing her breasts
to Johnny. "To put it in superficial terms you understand do you know how
many guys would kill to be with me? You said so yourself, I've got a great
looking body."

"I'm so not ready for this," Johnny stammered as he looked at his sister's
naked chest. "Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm sleeping at hotels
until Reed and Ben get back."

Nervous and uncomfortable Johnny quickly left the apartment and hopped into
the elevator before Sue could say anything else. The thought of his sister
having such affectionate and sexual feelings towards him creeped him out.
The fact he had an extreme hard-on after afterwards didn't sit well with him

* * *

Johnny tossed and turned as a rather vivid dream began to swirl in his head.
It took place at a bachelor party for an old friend, Rick. They were in a
strip-club and a gorgeous blond stripper caught Johnny's eye. He couldn't
quite see her face because of the lighting and distance between them, but
she had a killer body so he went up to the stage and laid out a few large
bills in front of him. The stripper then came over and began dancing just
for him getting up close and personal. One of the partygoers was hooting and
hollering and shouted Johnny's name. Johnny proceeded to look at the man who
gave him a thumbs up. When he turned back around and looked at the stripper
it was Sue. Johnny's eye bulged and his jaw dropped as his sister shook her
ass and flaunted her tits for him. Johnny quickly got up and walked outside.
A few minutes Rick joined him.

"Hey Johnny you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah I'm fine. I just needed some air. I thought I was hallucinating."

"If you don't mind me saying so I knew how hot Sue was, but damn I didn't
know she was smokin' like that! Why didn't you tell me she worked here? Go
in there and let her finish her dance and maybe if you get lucky the two of
you can head over to the motel next door."

"Are you out of your mind? That's my sister in there! If you want to watch
her shake her goodies then go ahead. I'm getting a cab and going home."

"Come on man don't be a party pooper. We'll be leaving here pretty soon
anyway. Just get a lapdance from someone else."

"...Okay, alright, I'll be inside in a minute."

"Cool man. See you inside."

As Rick disappeared back inside the club Johnny paced back and forth
outside. Was he really going to go back in he wondered? Granted from a purely
superficial guy perspective, taking out any notion that she was related to
him, Johnny could easily see how guys saw her as attractive. Sue's hotness
aside Johnny considered what Rick said and decided he didn't want to be a
downer so he went back inside.

Johnny looked around for a moment and taking Rick's advice found a new
stripper to watch. As he started towards her Johnny was tapped on the
shoulder by someone and he turned to see who it was.

"I want to talk to you," Sue said to him.

"Since when did you work here? It's a bit embarrassing to have a sister who
strips. Reed and Ben aren't going to be too happy."

"Nobody seems to mind and Reed and Ben already know. This is something I like
to do for fun and they don't care."

"Therapy won't even begin to fix this."

"Let's go into the break room to talk."

* * *

As Johnny slept in his hotel room, Sue was walking up to the front desk.
"Johnny Storm should have left a key for me down here. I'm his sister Sue."

"I know who you are Ms. Storm. Here you go," the receptionist smiled.

"Thanks. How long have you been here at the desk?"

"For a few hours. Is there something I can help you with?"

"Do you know if he's in his room or not?"

"I think so. I saw him come into the building, but I haven't see him leave.
I did leave the desk for about ten minutes though."

"Ok thanks."

Sue headed to the elevator and went up to the twelfth floor. She got off the
elevator and found his room 1215. This definitely wasn't a suite and Sue was
a bit surprised Johnny didn't get something more than just a regular room.
She slid the cardkey into the door and carefully opened it up. All the lights
in the room were off save for the lamp on the nightstand.

Johnny was wearing a Fantastic Four t-shirt that he bought from a street
vendor that had his Human Torch form on it and a pair of boxers. He was also
talking in his sleep so Sue sat down on the bed next to him to listen.

"Sue... stop that... Don't care... Reed said... You're my sister... Oooh..."

Sue smiled at the last part and heard all she needed to hear. She leaned over
and began to shake her brother. "Johnny wake up. Wake up."

"Hmm?" Johnny murmured as his eyes slowly opened. "Sue what are you doing
here?" He asked sitting up.

"You left a key for me at the front desk remember?"

"Right... So what do you want?"

"What were you dreaming about? I heard you talking in your sleep."

"It was nothing."

"I heard you mention my name."

"Sue it's two in the morning," Johnny said picking up his watch from the
nightstand then putting it back down. "I know I left you a key downstairs,
but it was meant more for emergencies like if the apartment got blown up or
something. Why are you here?"

"Johnny you know how I feel about you and though I got a bit of a laugh with
the way you reacted when I showed you my breasts at dinner I wasn't able to
get to sleep tonight, because I don't know how you feel."

"You know you could have just called."

"Yeah, but it would have been easier for you to dodge the issue and lie on
the phone than if I was here in person. Just tell me how you feel for real,
and after tonight I won't bring any of this up ever again."

"Sue I love you as a sister and that's it. Even if I wanted to get together
with you there are numerous other things to take into account like you're
engaged to Reed and Victor Von Doom isn't exactly dead. If he ever gets
mobile again or someone else decides to pick up where he left off and we're
too busy fighting with each other because your and my relationship came to
light then things can get ugly real fast."

"I see. This is a one-sided relationship and those can't work," Sue said
disappointed as she headed for the door. "I'll see you later."

As his sister disappeared into the hall Johnny turned off the lamp on the
nightstand and fell back to the bed. "Sue what are you trying to do to me?"
he thought.

* * *

Sue woke to sounds of someone working in the kitchen. She got out of bed and
carefully peaked out the bedroom door. It was Johnny and it looked like he
was getting ready to make breakfast. Sue grabbed her robe from off the door
hanger and left the room.

"Hey Johnny what're you doing here?" Sue asked.

"Looking good as always Sue," Johnny replied turning his head momentarily to
greet her. His sister was wearing the same basic outfit as the night before
when he came over for dinner, a t-shirt and panties. "I decided to make
myself some breakfast. I don't like the way the hotel I was at made breakfast
the other day. Want some?"

"Sure, just give me a few minutes to take a shower. And thanks for the

Susan smiled at Johnny's comment as she walked into the bathroom to shower.
This was the only time in the last few days when he's said anything nice to
her about her looks without also mentioning the compliment being gross or
weird. She might have to ask him about that she thought as she turned the
water on and stepped into the shower.

When Sue finished showering she slipped on her robe and returned to the
bedroom she and Reed shared. She dressed very casually putting on an old
pair of blue jeans and a navy blue t-shirt she bought at American Eagle that
said "All I Need Is Love" in gold lettering. Returning to the kitchen Sue
found Johnny already sitting at the table eating. The breakfast he made were
two giant omelets consisting of eggs, cheese, ham, and assorted other items
added for flavoring.

"Ugh, if I'd know you were making these I would have passed," Susan joked.

"Right, like you've ever turned down one of my omelets before. Nice shirt by
the way. Very subtle."

"Don't kid yourself Johnny. I didn't put this one for you," Sue replied
taking a bite from her breakfast.

"Uh huh. That's good to hear then. So you're done chasing me I assume?"


"Huh. Okay then, never mind."

Sue stopped eating for a moment. "Never mind what?"

"Just never mind. It's not important," Johnny grinned.

"Oh come on! Now you're being an ass!" Susan moaned.

"Yes I am," Johnny replied proudly. "Do you really want to know?"

"Not anymore no. I've lost interest," Sue said acting like she was blowing
him off.

"Alright then," Johnny said getting up. "I'll leave the dishes here for you
to do while I check out of the hotel."

"God Johnny I hate you," Susan replied getting up as well. "Just tell me or
leave will you?"

"Alright then. What I was going to say was that we're going to have to agree
on a few rules. First and foremost you will marry Reed. I'm not going to be
the reason you two fail."

"Rules for what? What are you," Susan said stopping in mid-sentence as she
thought for a moment. "Are you serious?" She asked with a huge smile
crossing her face.

"Second, obviously we make no mention of this to anyone and we don't have
any contact with each other beyond normal day to day and group stuff.

"Johnny you're killing the mood," Sue said walking up to him and kissing him
square on the lips. "If we just use common sense about this we'll be fine.
Can I ask what brought this change though?"

"A number of things did. Too many to list and too complicated to explain
without sitting down and taking some time to talk. I'm not completely a
hundred percent about all of this, but you're my sister and you seem
determined to follow this through so what the hell I figure."

Susan kissed Johnny again this time wrestling her tongue into his mouth to
meet with his. With a big smile on each of their faces their heads pulled

"Why so forward?"

"Just because," Sue said taking Johnny's hand and leading him towards her
bedroom. "Besides with Reed having been gone it's been too long for me."

"Please let's keep the sex life between you two to yourself."

"You know what's really great about him?" Sue asked as the two of them
stumbled into the bedroom and she pushed Johnny on the bed.

"What's that?" Her brother replied taking off his shirt.

"He can make his cock any shape and any size."

"Ok that was just a little too much info," Johnny said getting up, but Sue
just pushed him down and took off her shirt. She then took his hands and
pressed them against her breasts that were hiding behind a bra.

"They seem nice," Johnny said giving Sue's tits a slight squeeze, "But this
damn thing is in the way." Johnny removed Sue's bra and dropped it to the
floor. He then placed his hands back on her breasts and gave them a slight
squeeze feeling them up for a moment. "You've got some great tits Sue."

"I know," She said kneeling down on her knees. She unzipped Johnny's pants
and pulled them down with his boxers. A semi-hard seven-inch penis came into
view and she smiled.

Johnny smiled too as Sue took his member into her hand and began stroking it
back and forth. As her soft gentle hands slowly slid back and forth across
his shaft both of the Storm's smiled as Johnny's dick started to harden in
Sue's hand.

"You like that don't you Johnny?" Sue teased.

"Absolutely," he smiled.

"What about this then?"

Sue flicked her tongue across the head of Johnny's cock. She watched it jump
several times as she licked it before she took him into her mouth.

"Mmm... This is nice," Johnny moaned as his sister started sucking him off.

Her lips were wrapped firmly around his dick and her tongue slithered along
the shaft as Sue began to bob her head back and forth sliding Johnny's cock
between her lips. Johnny could tell Sue was eagerly taking to the task at
hand and enjoying it as she started pushing her mouth all the way down on
his dick getting him to bottom and poke her in the back of the throat.

Several minutes later Sue brought her head back and stood up. "If you think
my tits are nice," Sue began as she climbed onto the bed and started pulling
down her pants, "Then check out this."

Sue got onto all fours wiggling her ass in the air for her brother to see.
With a smile he placed a hand on both buttchecks and began to squeeze them.
"Damn she's got a nice ass too," Johnny thought as he spread it apart and
went in.

He flicked his tongue along Sue's ass crack before zeroing in on her
asshole. Johnny eagerly began eating his sister's ass pushing his tongue
into her anus. She gasped as the wet appendage darted about her butthole
lubing it up with saliva. Sue gasped even louder as Johnny pushed his index
finger into her rectum.

"That's not what I mean Johnny," Sue thought moaning as Johnny began pumping
his finger in and out of her butt with a steady rhythm. "Johnny!" Sue gasped
out load as a second finger was pushed into her rectum and began working
it's way in and out as well.

There was a time many years ago in college when Sue let herself be talked
into assplay by her then boyfriend. It felt pretty nice, but just was
something she wasn't really interested in so she hadn't experimented with it
anymore until now.

Johnny now began to pump his fingers into Sue's backside several times
before pulling them out and lathering up her sphincter with his spit. He
slid his fingers back into his sister's ass and began finger fucking it for
several more minutes before tonguing it again. This went on several more
times before finally Sue felt Johnny pull his fingers out and push his
hardened cock in.

"Johnny!" Sue moaned as he started to push his prick into her backside
causing her to almost squirt herself right there on the spot.

She didn't come, but Susan's pussy was feeling very wet as she reached back
with her hand and rubbed her fingers over her opening. Sue slipped two
fingers into her slit wiggling them around to wipe up some of her cream. She
pulled them out and brought them to her lips licking her sweet wetness from

Johnny felt his cock twitch as he continued to thrust his manhood deep into
his sister's ass as he watched Sue continue to finger herself and eat her
own wetness. Having his dick fill her tight ass and get squeezed down on
felt great to Johnny, but he wanted some of what she was having. Johnny slid
himself out of Sue's ass and turned her over onto her back.

"About time," Susan teased. "I thought I was going to have to eat alone."

Johnny immediately buried his face between his sister's legs and began
eagerly to lick up her honey. Somehow one of them had coaxed Sue's clit to
rise from it's hood. He couldn't tell if Sue was coming or was just a very
wet girl when she got excited, but each time Johnny flicked his tongue
across her clit a new wave of wetness spilled from Sue's cunt and he got
more cream to eat up.

A bit later with his mouth wet and his sister's pussy on his breath Johnny
rose to his feet and climbed on the bed as Sue moved back a bit herself.
Johnny then pushed her legs up in the air and she held them there while he
took his cock in hand and pushed it towards her moist pussy. Susan groaned
as her brother's cockhead slowly pushed it's way inside followed by it's
shaft before bottoming inside with his balls pressed against her ass. Johnny
and Sue both sat in one place for a moment as they each looked at each

"I still don't exactly know why I'm giving in to your desires, but this
feels so fucking good right now," Johnny said with a smile.

"Don't try and figure anything out. Just be here with me, be inside me, just
fuck me. I love you Johnny."

"I love you too Sue," Johnny replied as he started pulling out.

Susan waited with baited breath as Johnny slowly worked up a nice pace and
rhythm. It wasn't much at first once he got some nice deep thrusting going
Sue felt her body start to charge up. Her legs were up in the air and her
brother's penis was pounding away at her pussy which welcomed it with more
and more of her cream.

With his member lubed up with her sister's cream Johnny got a quick hard
thrusting going. Sue's privates welcomed him in with each push and his balls
continued to pound against her curvy round ass. A short while later Johnny
was the first to come his seed squirting deep into Sue's body as he
literally laid on top of her with his dick holding it's place buried deep in
her cunt. Even as his orgasm slowed down several seconds later he remained
hard and continued fucking her. It wasn't Johnny hitting the g-spot or
doing any tricky moves that sent Sue over the edge several minutes later. It
was the dirty slurping sound of Johnny's cream and her own mixing and oozing
back out as he continued to ride her wet sticky cunt.

Perhaps it was due to a buildup within her body or maybe it was finally being
able to consummate her relationship with her brother, but Sue it turned out
was quite the gusher. As both of the Storm siblings laid in bed next to each
Johnny's penis finally started to go limp after several minutes of non-use a
large round wetspot began to form underneath Sue's privates.

"Looks like we'll both have to take showers," Johnny spoke after a few
minutes of silence. "And you'll have to wash the sheets on this bed."

"Not before I get this," Sue smiled seductively. She climbed back onto all
fours and taking Johnny's cock into her hand sucking on it licking his cum
and hers from it and swallowing. She then laid back on the bed and snuggled
close to him. "Before we shower and clean up why don't you tell me about
this dream you had about me?"


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