Disclaimer: This story is intended as parody. All characters and situations
contained herein are their respective owners. This story contains adult
content and not intended to be read by persons under the age of 18. The
story contains non consensual sex, rape, oral, anal, mind control, slavery,
gangbang, alien sex. This story is strictly fantasy and readers should not
attempt to duplicate, mimic or otherwise take inspiration from this story
for real like application. This story is intended as parody.

Note to reader: this story is a continuation of the Mojo: Sex = Ratings
series started by Hamster. I appreciate his work and ideas and wrote this as
an episode of the proposed series. I am a big fan of the sexy Invisible Woman
and have a huge story which I plan on sending to the Grey Archive in the near
future (hopefully). If you enjoy this story, please keep your eyes open; I'm
working as hard as I can on it. Thank you.

Fantastic Four/Star Wars: Mojo - Sex = Ratings Part 2
by Cholager

Click, click, click, click, click, click. Surrounded by a plethora of
blinking flashing television screens, a multitude of entertainment options,
broadcasting the shows of the Mojoverse. The fact of the matter was, with all
these tired banal retreads, Mojo was getting quite bored with television. His
hand continued clicking aimlessly, hoping beyond hope that he would find
something of worth on the boob tube. Those pesky X-men were always good for
some amusement, ripping them from their universe and plopping them into the
latest Mojo concoction, messing with their mental and physical selves to suit
the wants and desires of the Mojoverse viewership. But, alas, the X-men had
lost their allure; too many bizarre adventures had run the well dry and their
escapades were now more than a little stale. Banal might be a better word.
The (mis)adventures of the X-men had been exhausted of possibilities. Mojo
would have to find more suitable subjects elsewhere, but where?

One of the screens was a direct feed from one of the security cameras in the
Baxter Building, home of the illustrious superteam, the Fantastic Four. Mojo
watched with interest as Reed Richards dismissed his wife's pleas for
affection. On another screen, a rerun of Return of the Jedi.

Hmmm Mojo mused, the gears in his twisted mind turning. Eureka! The Fantastic
Four would do quite nicely; they were classic heroes, ageless and timeless
and no amount of tinkering and futzing and bad storytelling would ever cause
them to lose their luster. Well, perhaps the period when the Invisible Woman
ran around dressed in nothing more than a slutty peekaboo that showcased her
ample bosom and cleavage had caused some of their luster to be diminished,
but now they had restored their status as the premier superteam. Susan
Richards would serve quite nicely in Mojo's latest feature...

One moment Sue was seated at her computer, chatting girl talk over the
Internet with the Wasp, complaining about Reed's lack of attentiveness, and
the next she was transported as if by magic to a dank dungeon surrounded by
hordes of motley aliens, all grotesque, monstrous and barbaric. She felt a
roomful of leering eyes on her body. In front of her was a gigantic slug of
a creature, slimy and disgusting, with evil thin slits for eyes, and a gaping
maw, out of which, a glistening tongue. It's stubby arms and fingers grasped
at the air eagerly at the presence of it's new prize. It was none other than
Jabba the hutt. Sue couldn't begin to contemplate how she had been thrust
into such a bizarre situation, being the distaff member of the Fantastic
Four she had gotten used to these kinds of things. She looked down at herself
and saw what all the aliens and Jabba had been staring at; she was clad in
skimpy slave wear: a revealing bronze bikini and a chain hung loosely around
her waist that held a swishy red drape between her legs in front and back.
Her long sexy gams were showcased in all their gorgeous glory. Sue had to
be careful when she moved, lest her flowing skirt allow a glimpse of her
pantyless crotch, her bare bottom, her blonde bush. Her midriff was
completely bare, her flat washboard tummy exposed, her sexy belly button a
cock stimulating sight. There was a metal collar tight around her neck
attached to a chain, the other end of which was clutched in Jabba's toying
grip. She recognized the garb as Princess Leia's slave outfit. Was this what
she was: Jabba's love slave? Sue was sickened and repulsed at the thought.
Strangely enough she had retained her wedding band.

"What have you done to me!" Sue barked. "Return me to my universe

She was treated with a chorus of laughter, boos and jeers.

[Quiet!] Jabba ordered in the language of the Hutts. [You exist to serve me
and please me! I will not suffer insolence.] With that, Jabba tugged on the
chain roughly pulling Sue off her feet and up against his wormy body. Her
tits were smashed against his girth and the back of her skirt had blown aside
offering the gallery of minions an unadulterated look at her sweet white ass.
Sue squirmed against Jabba, held down by his grip, trying to use her powers
to no avail, it was as if they had been stripped from her, all the while the
hordes of the dungeon cheered and delighted at her waggling ass.

It's no good, Sue thought, my powers are gone.

Jabba nudged Sue's chin with his greasy hand. [My, you are a beautiful
specimen. I shall enjoy you greatly.]

"You're a pig," Sue spat.

SLAP! Jabba backhanded her with a surprising quickness. He pulled Sue up
close to his face. [You'll soon learn to appreciate me, slut.] His tongue
came rolling out of his fat mouth, sliming Sue's face, degrading her in
front of his peons. Jabba licked her face all over, coating Sue's soft
skin with his gooey translucent spit.

Jabba tossed Sue unceremoniously onto the floor. She landed in a heap and
flashed a defiant look back at her monstrous captor. Jabba reveled in her
spunky strength. [She is a feisty one. I will enjoy making her mine.]

Out of the corner of her eyes Sue saw Reed and Ben in shackles being led
away, no doubt to one of the lower dungeon cells. She wanted to call out to
her teammates but the din of the mob would have drowned out her screams.

[Dance], Jabba ordered, his tongue lolling lasciviously in anticipation. He
wanted to see this sexy hot busty blonde in sensual motion. Sue balked,
trembling in fear and the ugliness of her situation. She couldn't stand the
thought of all these grotesque aliens, Jabba in particular, ogling her hot
body as she performed an exotic dance for them, their minds filled with
delicious visions of fucking her and using her. Sue didn't want to degrade
herself by being the exotic human plaything of their fuck fantasies. [If you
care for your friends, you will obey me with all your heart.]

Sue knew she had no choice. Jabba was a merciless cutthroat and he wouldn't
hesitate to kill Reed and Ben if she failed to comply. Jabba cued up the Max
Rebo band and the lights of his palace were turned center stage to Sue. Sue
took a deep breath and summoned her concentration; she had to survive this
nightmare somehow.

She closed her eyes and thrust her chest forward, her firm full tits
straining against the dancer bra, brazenly prominent. The aliens whooped and
cheered at the marvelous sight. Sue brought her shoulders close, forming a
fantastic cleavage and the shouts of acclaim only increased in volume.

The bizarre alien music started, and Sue shook her hips sensually, rolling
them from side to side in a swooning, undulating motion, as if inviting cocks
to enter her woman sheath with a mating dance borne out of fertility rites.
She began moving to the music, pushing her pelvis forward in lewd sexual
gestures, shaking her chest so her boobs jiggled enticingly. Sue danced with
wild abandon, tossing her head back and forth as if in ecstasy, shaking her
hips side to side, bending over and wagging her tail and rocking her
shoulders back and forth. She was giving it all she had, and she could have
been putting on the best floor show anyone had ever seen, spreading her legs
wide in iron horse stance and moving side to side, undulating all around,
using her body in a wild way that could only by the dance embodiment of hot,
rough, animal sex.

Sue shook and swayed her body around like she was in complete command of her
sensuality; she seemed to Jabba and the rest of his palace court that she was
an angel of lust and innocence come to Tatooine in shimmering real form. The
whole hall was transfixed at Sue's body poetry; she was putting on a cock
stiffening performance for the ages. Watching her long legs move, her pillowy
jumblies heaving as she danced, her tight ass moving so invitingly, gave all
onlookers rock hard erections. You will never find a more wretched hive of
scum and villany than Jabba's palace, filled with intergalactic criminals
with the death sentence on twelve systems. Murderers, rapists, madmen,
ganglards, bounty hunters, they were all here, eyes on Sue and licking their
lips, mentally undressing her, fondling her, raping her. They all wanted a
piece of the angelic superheroine turned slave.

But Jabba wanted her most of all. He rubbed his stiff cock in anticipation.
Sue was really getting into the exotic dance; she was practically making
love to herself on the middle of the floor, rubbing her breasts enticingly,
grabbing her crotch, sucking her fingers, running her hands up and down her
legs, hips, ass, and side. Jabba had to have her now; she was in a state of
frenzied arousal and there would never be a better time for Jabba to break
her in as his fuckslut slave. He reeled Sue in, her writhing, dancing body
against his massive corpulence.

[Leave me!] Jabba ordered his minions. [I wish to be alone with my new pet.]

The room quickly emptied, as the crowd knew well Jabba's quick temper and
furious rage. More than one unlucky soul had suffered the fate of the Rancor
due to Jabba's tempestuous temperament.

[Forget your husband] Jabba slithered, caressing Sue's breasts. [He is
nothing more than a memory to you now. He may be your husband but Jabba is
your master. I own your body, your tits, your pussy, your sweet ass. You can
forget your husband, there is no hope of ever being reunited. Susan, you
belong to Jabba now!!]

Sue tried to dismiss the fat blob's words from her mind but they repeated
themselves over and over internally. Jabba did own her, she had no powers,
she had no way of escaping. She wondered if she should just give in to the
evil worm's dominance. Tears ran down her face as she contemplated her
horrible fate: to be raped by the foul, repugnant Hutt.

Jabba began molesting her and fondling her and Sue went limp and numb, unable
to fully believe what was happening. Sue gave in to Jabba's groping, allowing
him to have his way with her pliant bod. Jabba popped her skimpy bronze
bikini off, tossing it off to the side nonchalantly and squeezed her full
juicy boobs, toying with them as if they were his own personal playthings,
which all things considered, they were.

Jabba reveled in fucking other being's wives; as a ganglord on Tatooine,
he had the power to fuck the females he chose, whether through bribery,
intimidation or extortion. Many a man unable to pay his gambling debts was
forced to watch in horror as his wife was savagely porked by Jabba as
restitution. Smugglers who dumped cargo in fear of Imperial trouble had
their wives banged by Jabba's fat stubby cock until their pussies were so
stretched out they couldn't handle anybody but Jabba. Jabba had his share
of hot slutty wives but Sue was the hottest slutwife of them all.

[Salacious Crumb] Jabba called. [Loosen the dancer up.]

Sue was fingered by the filthy goblin jester, Salacious Crumb. The beast
took great delight in jamming it's long slender fingers into Sue's pussy.
He sucked on her tats and laughed in a high shrilly voice. The defilement
of her pussy was coming soon, Sue realized, even as Salacious molested her
and jerked his stringy cock off onto her back, laughing maliciously as he

Sue's cunt was nicely loosened up, the wetness coming involuntarily, Sue
wondering why her body was betraying her. Jabba's eyes nearly popped out of
their sockets when he saw Sue's pussy, glistening pink and looking fresh
fine and fuckable. Jabba's cock was easily a foot long, a stubby slimy thing
that seemed to almost resemble him in a miniature sort of way. Sue couldn't
even comprehend that monstrous tool entering her.

[HARLOT! I will enjoy you greatly] Jabba chuckled, picking Sue up like she
was no more than a doll and maneuvering her to his gigantic prick.

"no please," Sue whimpered. "don't do this, please..."

Jabba giggled at her pathetic pleas and violently planted Sue on his cock,
so that they were facing each other, impaling himself deep into her pussy.
Sue groaned as she was roughly penetrated and used. His grubby hands squashed
themselves around her thin waist and he began forcing Sue up and down on his
thick slimy cock. Sue tossed her head in torment, as she was defiled by the
disgusting mound of corpulence known as Jabba the hutt. Jabba worked his
cock in and out of her tight lovetunnel, slamming his dong into Sue's sweet
velvety pussy, lifting her up the length of his shaft and then slamming her
all the way down the massive stalk. Jabba's slimy hands held Sue surprisingly
tight and he continued using her as he pleased, bouncing her up and down on
his impaling cock. Sue tried scrambling away but Jabba would not allow it,
grabbing her shoulders and plopping her back onto his pussy-slimed cock. Sue
had gotten all her pussy juices and wetness over Jabba's naturally greasy
cock, so that she was fucked smoothly, riding a lubricated dong.

[You're not going anywhere STRUMPET!!!] Jabba laughed.

Sue grimaced as Jabba continued raping her, forcing her onto his cock over
and over and over and over, it felt like it would never end. Sue grunted as
Jabba took his fill of her cunt; he was using just like he used all the slave
girls, just like he used Princess Leia. He had a taste for human pussy, a
liking that he never stopped craving for.

Sue couldn't even make out intelligible words as she was being raped; she
wanted to scream out for Jabba to stop, but she was overcome with every
thrust of cock into her. She could only moan softly and grunt in discomfort
as she rode the loathsome slug in revulsion. Without her powers there was
nothing she could do to stop Jabba's cock assault.

Jabba grabbed her tits and started molesting them with his eager fingers,
squeezing them and having his way with them, feeling up her heaving funbags.
Sue had tits like milkjugs and Jabba was salivating to sample her succulent
melons. Jabba slathered his tongue across Sue's chest, covering her bosom
with nasty saliva. He sucked on her tasty tats, taking them whole into his
mouth and letting his tongue rub all over, teasing Sue's nipples, licking the
tops of her tits then undersides all around. He took each tit in turn into
his giant mouth, manipulating each in turn, then both of then, sucking with
all his might on her rock hard titties. Sue's breasts had never been fondled
and ladled attention in such a way before, certainly not by her conservative
husband, and it was driving her wild. An agonizing ecstasy ripped through her
body, and try as she might to control it, she had a full out, mindblowing
orgasm that sent ripples through her whole self, her pussy spasming madly on
Jabba's cock. Sue uttered a guttural cry as her body was wracked with throes
of pleasure and all of her pussy juice came streaming out and bathing Jabba's
cock inside her.

With her pussy clutching like a horny bitch onto his cock, Jabba could no
longer hold back the floodgates, he slammed Sue all the way down on his cock,
his towering prick boring into Sue and touching parts no normal human could
ever reach, and then he blew his white hot load into Sue, sending volley
after volley of Jabba's juice into the helpless human female. Sue's face
scrunched up in humiliated degradation as Jabba filled her womb with his
nasty sticky seed. Jabba kept pumping away, emptying his nutsac into Sue's
tight cooze. As he pumped away, he swathed his tongue all over Sue, her tits,
all over her face, in the Hutt gesture of adoration. Sue couldn't have been
more defiled and humiliated. The mighty superheroine brought low by being
raped by the odious, repulsive, disgustingly slimy, sickeningly fat worm
ganglord Jabba the Hutt.

[SLUT!!!] Jabba tossed Sue aside, having finished having his way with her.
She landed in a heap. Jabba tucked his cock back underneath his folds of fat
and slithered away.

* * *

That night, Susan Richards the Invisible Woman slept by Jabba's side- after
their hot sweaty union, she had earned the designation of his personal
fuckslave. She awoke to the revolting sight of Jabba slobbering down a
breakfast of chitinous insects. She turned her head away in disgust but
Jabba was feeling horny after his meal so he grabbed Sue's ass, insinuating
his desire for intercourse.

[COME HITHER WENCH] he croaked, jerking her leash, the collar choking her
each time he did so.

Sue sighed; she had to do her duty lest her teammates suffer harsh
consequences. This time she would be a little more willing, perhaps the sex
might even be bearable and she might be able to find the least little bit of
pleasure in it. Sue got down on her hands and knees for Jabba and spread her
legs as if inviting entry. She had adopted the posture of slave quite
quickly; Jabba's prick often had that effect on sluts. Jabba took her doggie
style rapidly, pummeling his meat into her hole.

"Unnnhhhh!!! Ohhh ohhh uhhhh..." Sue grunted, letting the ganglord slide his
meatstick into her woman sheath like it was just a hole. It was an incredible
sight, a mammoth ten ton slug porking a hot tight superheroine body
(34d-24-33) that could have weighed no more than 120 lbs.

[You are a SLUT!]

"No... I love my husband... Reed... I'm only doing this for him..." Sue
huffed as she moved her body in time to Jabba's strokes. Jabba increased the
pace of his fuck thrusts, using Sue in a more solicitous fashion.

[You lie slut, you love my big fat cock inside you]

"Nooo... It's not true... I'm a good wife... I would never do anything to
hurt Reed... oh goddddd..." cried Sue, her voice a mixture of whining denial
and reluctant ecstasy. Jabba began humping harder into her defenseless body.
Sue's warm wet pussy seemed to be enjoying the hard banging, accepting
Jabba's cock with intimate fervor.

[Your pussy tells me otherwise. Your pussy wants my cock, it responds so
nicely to the attention I give it, deep down you are nothing more than a
fuckstarved harlot, isn't that so...] Jabba gave her hard vicious pumps.

"Noooo... oh god... unhhhh... right there...oh you hit my spot it feels so

[Beg for it TROLLOP.]

"Please don't make me, oh god please don't make me... oh god so good..."

Jabba fucked her with a violent impaling thrust. Sue's body shuddered, her
juicy bongos flopping about with every pump.


[Beg for my cock wench or I might not give it to you.]

"No don't... please give it to me"

Jabba slapped her ass flanks, while banging her, holing her out [Let me hear
it SLUT!!!]

"Oh fuck me Jabba I need it so bad, Reed doesn't pay any attention to me, I
need to be fucked nasty so badly!!!! God, fuck me Jabba, fuck me!"

[That's right whore] Jabba grunted, a grin forming across his wide mouth.

"I need it so bad; I need your big bad cock inside meeee..."

Jabba pumped her hard and Sue was loving it, at least her body was, it was
writhing on his cock like it couldn't get enough.

[You are a nasty cockwhore slutwife.]

Tears streamed down Sue's face.

[Tell me] Jabba ordered.

"I am a nasty cockwhore slutwife... I live for other men's cocks... I live
for your cock, Jabba..." Sue admitted. Her heart sank as she uttered those
words; the thought of Reed seeing his lovely, adoring wife being banged by
the grotesque slimeball blew Sue's mind. She was a slut for Jabba, she was
enthralled at being his fucktoy, she loved his cock jamming into her. If
Reed knew of her slutty behavior he would cast her off, call her dirty names
and leave her, but the fact of the matter was Sue just didn't care anymore,
all she cared about was having as much of Jabba's cock inside her and fucking
her as long as possible.

[Your pussy belongs to me.]

"You own my pussy, Jabba!" Sue and Jabba were locked in hot embrace, engaged
in their hot nasty intercourse and each loving it.

[Who is your master?]

"Oh god!!!! You are my master Jabba"

[What is your role?]

"To serve as your everloving fuck slave and please you sexually in any way
possible..." Sue was ashamed to say those words, she was still Reed's wife,
she still wore his ring, but she was not his woman, she was Jabba's woman to
use as he pleased and it was a relief to her to get if off her chest.

[Beg me for my come]

"Please..." Sue pleaded. She did want his jism inside her, filling her up.

[Louder CUNT!!!]

"Fuck me Jabba, come into my tight pussy, fuck me so bad, shoot all your
nasty sputum into my hot cunt!!!"

Susan felt Jabba's cock bulge inside her with the promise of ejaculation.
Jabba pulled Sue's chain tight, keeping her on his cock, but Sue wouldn't
have it any other way. His tongue swathed her sexy back in slime.

[This is your purpose in life, COMEDUMP]

"I want it so bad!!!"

[Take it all, fantastic slut!!!]

Jabba pumped his load into her, filling her with his nasty gooey Jabba jism.
Sue, in turn, her pussy climaxing and spasming, contracting violently, milked
Jabba's cock for all it was worth, trying to squeeze every last drop of come
out of the worm's worm. Jabba shook Sue back and forth, rocking her around on
his cock as he rocked her world, dumping his come in her in pulsating ropes
of goo.

* * *

Bib Fortunata led the dark cloaked figure into the atrium of Jabba's Palace.
It was morning and Jabba and his minions were awoken to the presence of a
stranger in there midst. Susan was roused from her dream reverie by a heeding
tug on her collar chain. She perked up instantly like a pet dog coming to
attention, sitting up straight at Jabba's side.

The dark stranger lifted back the hood of his cloak to reveal a familiar

"Johnny!" Sue breathed. Upon hearing Sue's hopeful exclamation, Jabba eyed
the stranger jealously and pulled Sue's chain roughly to reinforce her

"I seek an audience with Jabba the Hutt." Johnny declared.

[I am Jabba the Hutt. Who are you to trespass upon my demesnes with such
brazenness? You are treading death, stranger.]

"My name is Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. I am a member of the Fantastic
Four and you have captured my friends and family. I demand that you return
them to me!" Johnny's eyes burned furiously when he glimpsed Sue clad in
sex slave attire, no doubt forced to perform degrading sexual acts to please
his master.

Jabba chuckled at the newcomer's insolence. [Do you truly expect me to part
company with my new pet? I have become quite accustomed to her sexual charms.
She has provided me with much erotic pleasure in her short time as my love
slave. She is quite adept at lovemaking, quite enthusiastic as well. It is
difficult to find such a satisfying slave in the galaxy; I won't let her go
so easily. Plus, I think she has taken a liking to my fucking as well.] Sue's
face blushed dark crimson, the shame of Jabba's words and Johnny's presence
humiliating her deeply.

"That's my sister!!!" Johnny seethed.

[Your sister is now my personal cunt. Why don't you show him your
appreciation of me, slave. Kiss me] Jabba ordered.

"no, please..." Sue whimpered. "Not in front of Johnny..."

Sue's chain was yanked roughly, bringing her face to his. Jerking her around
with the chain and collar was Jabba's way of reinforcing her submission. It
made her realize her degraded position as his slave while physically
commanding her. Once again, she had to submit. Sue kissed Jabba tenderly,
harkening to fairy tales about beautiful princess kissing ugly toads, but
the image soon turned grotesque as Jabba flicked his tongue out, stabbing at
Sue's mouth and Sue accepted eagerly, sucking lewdly on his tongue. Jabba
wrapped his stubby arms around Sue, his slimy skin against her bare ivory
skin, drawing her in to the twisted embrace. Jabba licked Sue's face all
over, bathing it in his gooey saliva and Sue accepted, nuzzling her face
against the molesting tongue. Jabba's mouth was huge, so Sue had to settle
for nipping at his upper lip, and she did, with a reckless sexualized
abandon. Jabba pushed her away, even as Sue seemed to yearn for more, but
his demonstration had been complete; he had shown Sue was his playslut.

Johnny hung his head in a defeated fashion; still, he did not come all this
way to go home emptyhanded. He would rescue his Sue and Ben and Reed.

[Feed him to the rancor] Jabba ordered.

The floor beneath Johnny's feet gave way and as he fell to an uncertain fate,
he realized his powers had left him. He could not flame on and fly to safety.

Sue watched with great concern as Johnny fell to his doom. She looked into
the pit to see what was to become of him but Jabba pulled her close to him
once again, caressing her beautiful face with his fingers.

[Let us adjourn, slave. His fate is of no matter to you. your only concern
now is to give me pleasure.]

Sue nodded obediently. She would not see how Johnny fared. She walked into
Jabba's private bedchambers with Jabba slithering behind, his hand clutching
her chain leash.

[Service me, SLATTERN] Jabba pushed Sue to her knees, indicating his desire
for fellatio. Sue acquiesced with out protest. Sue sucked Jabba's big fat
cock like she was smoking a gigantic cigar, or trying to win a contest for
swallowing the world's largest kielbasa. She was a fantastic cocksucker
despite having never sucked her husband's cock. She had earned her training
elsewhere. Her pretty blond head bobbed up and down, covering the shaft with
her saliva. Jabba held her head onto his cock while he prepared to blow his

Sue gagged on the come as it shot into her mouth and down her throat; she
hadn't realized Jabba was coming so soon. Jabba pulled out of her mouth and
shot all over her face, letting his creamy load smear all over her precious
face. Hutts had incredible sexual stamina not to mention they were capable
of orgasming multiple times within a short span of time. Jabba was ready to
violate her cunt now, his cock already stiffening up to it's former hardness.
Dollops of sperm coated her lips and chin.

[Spread your legs, Susan Richards.] Sue brushed aside the flowing red
drape and spread her long legs in a slutty pose, revealing a glimpse at her
wonderful snatch.

[Spread your pussy lips for me.]

Sue nodded and reached between her legs, pulling her lips back and revealing
fleshy pinkness. She was offering herself to Jabba. Jabba lined up his cock
to her pussy and entered Sue, her body accepting the cock and tingling all
over. Jabba the hutt began pumping his meat in and out of her slit, fucking
her hard and nasty and Sue voiced her approval.

"Unnnh hhh yes Jabba, do me, pound my pussy..."

Jabba's monstrous cock was pistoning in and out of Sue with sharp thrusts,
pulling all the way out slowly then drilling back in with the weight of
Jabba's girth behind it. She had truly become Jabba's lovetoy. She was a
sex slave pure and simple whose only purpose was to pleasure Jabba sexually.

"Oh use me Jabba, fuck me, use my pussy please!!!"

[You wanton whore! Have you forgotten your marriage vows? What about your
husband? Did you not promise him you fidelity and undying devotion? Answer
me SLUT!]

"ohhh fuck me... Reed means nothing to me now... all I care about is having
your cock inside me, Jabba... I want you fucking me and using me....ohhh

[What would your husband say if he saw you fucking another with such abandon,
and a Hutt such as myself at that? His own wife fucking desperately, unable
to get enough of Jabba's cock!!!]

"He'd... Unnhhh unnnh me a cheap slut..." Sue breathed, her
body wracked by the fucking she got.

[How does that make you feel?]

" a dirty whore... ashamed of breaking my marital vows... like the
sluttiest wife in the galaxy...oooo please fuck me... don't stop!!!"

Sue's hair was pulled roughly; Jabba wasn't using any restraint now, he was
giving it to the blonde superheroine wifeslut as hard and rough and nasty as
he could. Sue couldn't get enough of the rough stuff, she wanted to be used
like a pliant fuckdoll. The room shook as if from an earthquake from Jabba's
cataclysmic fuck gyrations.

"I'm your slut, for you to use and fuck for as long as you want. The pussy I
promised to Reed is yours now. I've needed someone, something, to tame me
for so long, now I have your cock in me I know that it is you. Blow your wad
inside me, Jabba!!!"

Jabba gargled as he unleashed a torrent of gushing spooge into Sue's hungry
snatch; the human bitch was an exquisite fuck indeed. Sue lay on her back
with a contented smile on her face, her pussy filled with Jabba's cream, her
hands rubbing her belly in self satisfaction.

[You are nothing more than a cheap tawdry slut.]

Sue nodded, recognizing the truth.

* * *

The rest of the Fantastic Four were in the shock of their lives. Shackled and
restrained by Jabba's guards, they were treated to the spectacle occurring in
the middle of Jabba's hall. Jabba had planned a very special event for his
prized pet, Sue, a way to satiate her now slutty desires, and he invited the
lowliest of dregs from Tatooine.

At the moment Sue was double penetrated by two Gamorrean guards, green hog
men warriors. They had her on her hands and knees, one taking her pussy from
behind doggie style, the other using her mouth as Sue sucked vigorously. They
both blew their loads inside Sue's holes.

All Reed, Ben and Johnny could do was watch as their beloved wife, sister,
friend was gangbanged by the motley assortment of Jabba's alien court.

"Omigod, SUZIE!!" the Thing cried. Suzie was energetically fucking away with
the denizens of Jabba's palace, shooting for the stature of princess slut of
Tatooine. She was no longer Sue Richards, loving wife and mother, but Suzie
the floozy, taking on all alien cocks, wifeslut alien slave and cunt
available for use.

There must have been a hundred grotesque aliens surrounding her waiting to
molest grope fuck her come all over her. Sue took them all in turn, she was
nothing more than a greedy cum guzzling cockwhore now. She spread her legs
and opened her mouth, accepting cock from all comers. As soon as a batch of
beasties was done using her, her holes were quickly refilled by more cock.
And Sue was loving the alien gangbang; it felt good to be used by the
grizzled, frustrated alien scumbuckets, to be filled to the brim with their
alien spunk. Sue was panting and groaning and moaning in heavenly lust, that
is, when her mouth wasn't filled with alien dickmeat.

Salacious Crumb took Sue from behind, humping her frantically, while Sue
oohed and aahed in base lust. Sue found her temporary respite when Salacious
Crumb and blew his wad of stringy come into her belly.

Then Sue sucked Bib Fortunata off while riding Hammerhead's stalk cock,
Hammerhead's slender fingers wrapped around her waist, Susan doing a slam
dance, lubing the calamari cock in her mouth. She was the galaxy's biggest

The Max Rebo Band had their turn porking Sue as well and they fucked her
like they were playing their instruments; Sue was their sex instrument and
her cries of fucklust were music to everybody's ears (those that had ears,
anyway). She had her tits groped, her pussy rammed hard, and her face
stuffed with cock. The alien band members took turns alternating their cocks
in her pussy, passing her back and forth. In return, Sue played a fantastic
skin flute for them. She smiled a glorious smile with gleaming white teeth
just as they blew their loads into her body cavities, onto her face, neck,
shoulders and tits. She lapped it all up eagerly.

Reed, Ben and Johnny had been driven mad seeing their lovely Sue abused and
used like a cheap fuckdoll. They had however sported raging erections from
watching the fuckfest and Jabba, in his own twisted perversity, had his other
slave dancers (now that Jabba had Sue the others were irrelevant to him)
perform fellatio on the shackled heroes while they watched Sue got rocked
like a slut over and over.

Boba Fett wanted a piece of her hot ass and what Boba Fett wanted he got. The
bounty hunter never failed to bring in his prey. He was the one, after all,
to nab Reed Richards and encase him in carbonite. Now he wanted to encase his
cock into Sue's ass. Boba Fett lined up his cock to her rosy asshole.

"The moment I laid eyes on you I figured you for a trollop. Looks like I was
right," whispered Boba Fett into Sue's ears as he rammed his cockspear home
into Sue's tight anus.

"OOOOHHHHH!!!!" Sue grimaced as her ass was rudely and roughly raped.

"I have now claimed the bounty on your asshole, my pretty!" Boba Fett reamed
her rectum out with absolutely no regard for her desires; it was fitting
given his merciless reputation as a bounty hunter. Sue could only stick her
ass in the air and take the vicious assfuck. She rolled her hips, grinding
it out, and losing herself in her degradation.

"Take it, you fucking Jabba-slut!!!" Boba Fett growled while slapping her
ass. He plunged in deep and shot his sticky wad into her insides. Sue issued
a sigh of orgasmic relief.

[Now, my turn] Jabba boomed. [I take you, my sweet blonde slut.]

Jabba saved himself for last. He gave Sue a fucking she would never forget.
Jabba lay on his back while Sue rode his cock. Jabba controlled her like a
sex puppet, using the chain attached to her collar to manipulate her up down
and around, pulling her up and down on his cock like she was a fuckdoll. Sue
was on the verge of choking to death, but the cock that rammed up into her,
filled her up physically and emotionally. The erotic asphyxiation made their
fucking ten times better.

[Such incredible tits] Jabba drooled as he toyed with her perky breasts.

"Yes..." Sue breathed. "Play with my tits. Knead them, use them..."

Jabba let the bitch ride him more, the slut enjoyed taking it from on top
of the worm. Sue, slugslut that she was, craved Jabba's cock more than ever,
even as she found him more detestable and repulsive than ever. It was a
twisted need for Sue to be fucked in the lowliest way possible, that caused
her to love being Jabba's sextoy.

Finally Jabba pushed her down, her back to the floor her legs pressed her
shoulders, her ankles above her ears, and spewed deep inside her.

The alien fuck orgy was over and Sue had been the comedump of over a hundred
alien scumbuckets. She had been fucked, raped, used by the vilest and most
disgusting beings to travel the stars. She lay in the center of Jabba's dance
floor, her entire body covered heat to toe in alien jizz, her pussy filled
with sperm gunk and dripping out down her legs. She must have swallowed a
gallon of various alien's spunk as well. Susan rolled over onto her back, her
pussy stretched out, her body limp and battered from all the fuck thrusting,
her tits practically mauled. Little did Sue know but growing inside her womb
were a plethora of embryonic huttspawn. As she drifted off into
unconsciousness a self-satisfied smile emerged on her face...

* * *

Watching his fantastic production on the giant MojoVision monitor, Mojo had
masturbated himself dry. Sue's starring role as Jabba's slave girl had been
a diverting and arousing experience if particularly nasty and bizarre. Still,
the production had been hot enough to cause Mojo to blow his load several
times. Mojo cleaned himself up and sighed in a self-gratified manner. He had
another hit on his hands.



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