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Warnings: Strong language, graphic violence, male/female sex

Rating: NC-17

Date: 2005

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Other Notes: This story deals with just how dangerous the world of comic-book
superheroes would really be.

Guest Cast:
Jennifer Love Hewitt -- Bonnie-Jo Beckett/Dwarfstar
Christina Applegate -- Veronica Goodwin/Lady Dash
Sarah Michelle Geller -- Kathryn Robinson/Jacqueline The Ripper
Jamie Lee Curtis -- Detective Nora Coleman,City of Madigan Police
Scott Wolf -- Jake McCain/Powerboss
Will Ferrell -- Major Jack Corrigan

Summary: A young woman goes to the island to live out her fantasy of being a
part of a world of comic-book superheroes and tricks her friend into coming

Dedications: None so far.

Fantasy Island: A True Hero
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It was a day that had started like any other day on a mysterious mas of
land known as Fantasy Island, just before the plane has started to arrive
by flying overhead and caused the island's mysterious host, Mister Roarke
to open the drapes of his office window, spot the plane flying towards the
landing site and allowed a warm smile to appear on his own lips.

It had also caused Mister Roarke's dwarf-sized helper, Tattoo to run up to
the hotel's very own bell tower, ring the bell and yell out these words,
"THE PLANE! THE PLANE!" in order to let the other resort employees know that
another planeload of guests was arriving to have their fantasies come true.

And while everyone else was running towards the dock to meet the landing
sea-plane, a smiling Tattoo has walked up to Mister Roarke and said, "Good
morning, Boss."

"Good morning, Tattoo," said a smiling Mister Roarke, just before he and his
little friend had gotten themselves into one of the resort cars and allowed
the driver to drive them to the sea-plane's landing dock, where everyone
else was waiting for their employer to arrive and say to them these words,
"Smiles, everyone! Smiles!"

And after those words have been said and the music had started to play, the
pilot of the sea-plane had opened the door and helped the passagers to step
out of the plane and on to the dock.

Just then, after he had spotted two young women walking towards him and his
boss, while looking at the wonderous island scenery with a sense of awe in
their eyes, a curious Tattoo had looked at Mister Roarke and asked, "Boss,
who are those lovely ladies walking towards us?"

"It's quite simple, Tattoo. Their names are Miss Bonnie-Jo Beckett and Miss
Veronica Goodwin. Now, one of them has told the other that they're only here
for a few weeks rest," answered Mister Roarke, while he was looking at the
two young women with concern in his eyes. "However, that's not the actual
case. You see, what Miss Goodwin doesn't know is that Miss Beckett's fantasy
is to enter the world of comic-book superheroes and she wishes to take her
friend along for the ride."

"But, Boss. What would happen if she wants to stay in the world of her
fantasy, instead of returning to reality? What would happen to their
friendship, if that ever happens?" asked a concerned Tattoo, just before

Mister Roarke had taken a deep breath and answered, "Actually, Tattoo. I'm
more concerned about what would happen during their fantasy?"

Just then, after all of the passagers had gotten themselves off the plane and
walked over to a certain spot next to the dock, where they had each recieved
their complementary drink, Mister Roarke had raised-up his glass in front of
his newly-arrived guests, allowed a friendly smile to appear on his lips and
said, "My friends, I'm Mister Roarke... your host. Welcome to Fantasy

And while all of the guests had started gulping down their drinks, Mister
Roarke had suddenly realized that even though he would have no other choice,
but to grant Bonnie-Jo's fantasy, he was still unable to shake the fact that
something bad might happen and cause her safety and her friendship with
Veronica to crash and burn completely.

* * *

After they had arrived at a certain part of the island and discovered Mister
Roarke standing on a boulder, Veronica had let out a smile and said, "Hi,
Mister Roarke. I just want to thank you for making our stay here the most
enjoyable so far."

"Well, Miss Goodwin. I'm afraid that what the both of you were experiencing
was only the beginning," said Mister Roarke, just before he had looked at
Bonnie-Jo and asked, "Now, are you certain that you really don't wish to back
out, Miss Beckett?"

"Believe me, Mister Roarke. I'm very much certain," answered Bonnie-Jo, just
before she had turned her head towards Veronica and said, "You see, Ronnie.
I'm actually here to experience my fantasy and I want you to join me in doing

And even though she had looked at her friend with wide-eyes as if to ask her,
"Have you gone freaking nuts?" Bonnie-Jo had taken Veronica by the hand and
said, "Okay, Mister Roarke. We're ready."

But just as a shocked Veronica was about to object to the whole idea,
Mister Roarke had raised up his hand and caused a flash of blinding light
to transport both Bonnie-Jo and her reluctant friend to the fictional city
of Madigan, a city that was being protected by one of Bonnie-Jo's favorite
superhero teams, the Justice Squad.

And after they had arrived in the heart of the fictional city, a small
smiling Bonnie-Jo had taken a deep breath and said, "Okay. So far, so good."

"So far, so good?Are you so fucking brain-dead?" asked an upset Veronica,
after she had turned her head towards Bonnie-Jo. "You've told me that we were
only going to the island only for some peace and quiet!You didn't mention
anything about wanting to live out your fantasy!"

But then, just as she was about to explain herself to her friend, both
Bonnie-Jo and Veronica had suddenly heard some yelling coming from another
section of the city, causing Bonnie-Jo to grab Veronica by the hand and
said, "There's someone in need of help! Come on, Ronnie! Let's go help!"

"Oooohhhh, no! We're not going anywhere, except back to our hotel on the
island!" said a reluctant Veronica, just before she had looked up into the

But suddenly, after she had turned towards Bonnie-Jo and discovered that she
was no longer with her, Veronica had closed her eyes and said to herself,
"Ah, shit! Please, God! Tell me that she's not going to do something stupid!"

And then, after she had ran over to the same site that her friend had ran to,
Veronica had suddenly discovered that Bonnie-Jo staring at a super-powered
criminal known as Jacqueline the Ripper and yelling, "OKAY, YOU FUCKING

And while Veronica was looking at her friend like she was about to ask, "Have
you really gone out of your freaking mind?" a sinister-smiling Jacqueline had
turned towards Bonnie-Jo with her metallic claws ready for battle and hissed,
"Okay then, you stupid cow! Let's rock!"

But just as Veronica was about to grab hold of Bonnie-Jo and pull her away
from the charging Jacqueline, Bonnie-Jo was suddenly able to shrink herself
down to the height of six inches, causing Jacqueline to slam her claws into
a brick wall and get herself stuck.

And while she was trying to get herself unstuck, Veronica had looked at the
perdiciment that the super-villianess had placed herself in, let out a small
chuckle and said, "Well, that's one way of having a smashing good time!"

TOWARDS YOU, FUCKING BITCH!" yelled an angry Jacqueline, just before
she kicking her foot towards Veronica, only to have her zip away from
Jacqueline's foot really fast.

And then, just as she was about to give hitting Veronica with her foot
another try, a miniturized Bonnie-Jo had leaped herself up to the back of
Jacqueline's head and shoved it right at the wall, causing her to become

And after she had returned to her normal size, a smiling Bonnie-Jo had looked
at an awestruck Veronica and asked, "Whoa! Was that a really wild trip or

And just as she was about to answer that question, a mysterious voice had
came from out of nowhere and said, "Actually, Ladies. If you were to ask me,
you had performed a truly fantastic job."

Those words had caused the two friends to turn towards the source of the
voice and discover that it had belonged to the heroic leader of the Justice
Squad, Powerboss, who had landed in front of them and asked, "Say, after we
drop Jacqueline off at the police station, why don't you come with me to
check out the Justice Squad HQ?"

And even though her first instinct was to get herself and her friend out of
that particular fantasy, Veronica had given what she and Bonnie-Jo had gone
through and Powerboss' invitation some thought and said, "I just don't see
why not."

* * *

After they had arrived at the Justice Squad HQ and noticed the other team
members waiting for their leader to return, a smiling Powerboss had raised-up
his hands and said, "Hey, everybody! I want you guys to know that Jacqueline
the Ripper is back behind bars where she belongs and thanks to two new
friends!Step on up, Ladies! Tell them who you are and what you want your
Justice Squad codenames to be!"

"Well, my name is Bonnie-Jo Beckett and I want my codename to be Dwarfstar!"
said a smiling Bonnie-Jo, after she had stepped up next to Powerboss. "As for
my friend, her name is Veronica Goodwin and she wants her codename to be...!"

"...Lady Dash!" said Veronica, after she had placed herself next to Bonnie-Jo
and her gentle hand on her good friend's shoulder. "And just to let all of
you know, it was the combination of Dwarfstar's shrinking powers and my
super-speed that had kicked that crazed bitch right straight in the ass!"

And then, after the other Justice Squad members had stood up and gave the
two friends a really good round of applause, both Bonnie-Jo and Veronica had
given each other a big hug, for they were actually enjoying something on
their vacation.

* * *

About an hour or two later, after the Justice Squad's two new members had
gotten themselves settled into their rooms, Bonnie-Jo had taken all of her
clothes off and was about to put on her new uniform.

But after she had looked at her reflection in her new mirror, Bonnie-Jo had
walked over to the mirror and discovered what a fantastic body she has gotten
on her, just before an also-nude Powerboss had walked into the room and
placed his hands on her chest.

And after she had turned quickly around and just as she was about to ask
Powerboss what he was doing, he had placed the tips of his fingers on
Bonnie-Jo's lips and said, "Whoa! Take it easy, Bonnie-Jo. I really didn't
mean to scare you. It's just that as soon as I had gazed upon your eyes,
something inside my head has said to me, 'Mister Jake McCain, you're falling
in love with the most beautiful woman on the planet Earth. 'All I want you
to do now is just relax... and enjoy it."

And then, after they had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips,
Jake had placed Bonnie-Jo on the bed and started licking all her nude body --
all the way down to her hot, wet pussy and carressing her firm breasts.

"Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Jake!" said Bonnie-Jo, after she had
placed her hands on Jake's bare shoulders. "Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my
wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

Then, at that exact moment, Bonnie-Jo had suddenly realized that even though
she was only living out her fantasy, she was experiencing something that she
hadn't experienced within another city before, for she was experiencing pure
and untamed erotica... and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then, after he had placed his stiff cock inside her asshole and started
carressing both her tits and pussy, a sexually-energized Bonnie-Jo had placed
her hands on Jake's naked arms and yelled, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT,

And then, after they had started moving harder and faster and their
lovemaking has reached its final path to a local comic-book store, the two
newfound lovers had came and collapsed due to exhaustion.

After they were both finally able to catch their breath, Bonnie-Jo has placed
her head on Jake's chest, let out a sigh and said, "Oooohhhh, Jake. That was
ssssoooo wonderful. I just wish that I could stay here with you forever."

"Well then, Bonnie-Jo. Why don't you do so?", asked a smiling Jake, after he
had gently placed his hand on her head. "Besides, as long as you're a member
of this very super-team, you're also a member of a family... who would love
you no matter what."

And after they had looked at each other and let out a smile, both Jake and
Bonnie-Jo had snuggled-up to each other and fell asleep within their naked

* * *

Just then, after she had gotten her new uniform on and stepped out of her
room, a smiling Veronica has decided to go up to the rooftop garden and check
out the wonderful skyline of the City of Madigan.

But then, after she had reached the rooftop garden of the Justice Squad HQ,
Veronica's eyes had suddenly grown as wide as saucers, for standing right in
front of her was Mister Roarke, who had taken a deep breath and said, "I'm so
very sorry for surprising you like this, Miss Goodwin. It's just that I was
wondering how you're enjoying Miss Beckett's fantasy so far."

"Well, Mister Roarke. At first, I was reluctant about going through with
sharing Bonnie-Jo's fantasy," said a small-smiling Veronica, after she had
turned towards the skyline of the fictional city and noticed how wonderful
it was. "But after we were able to help put Jacqueline the Ripper behind
bars for good, I do believe that I'm enjoying her fantasy very much."

"Well, Miss Goodwin. Even though I'm so glad to hear you say that, I'm afraid
that what you're experiencing so far was only the beginning," said Mister
Roarke, while he was walking towards the rooftop garden door. "And if you
want to know what I'm talking about, the only thing I would suggest you do is
go talk to Detective Nora Coleman of the City of Madigan Police Force."

And after Mister Roarke had opened the door and stepped into the building, a
curious Veronica had walked over to the door in order to ask him about his
suggestion, only to discover that there was no one in the hallway and Mister
Roarke has disappeared.

* * *

Meanwhile, after they had gotten their clothes back on and stepped out of
Bonnie-Jo's room, Jake has decided to give his newfound love a tour of the
headquarters of the world's most fantastic superhero team.

But suddenly, halfway through the tour, a strange beeping sound had started
to fill the air, causing a confused Bonnie-Jo to turn her head towards Jake
and ask him, "Jake, what the hell is that noise?"

"That sound means only one thing, Bonnie-Jo," answered Jake, after he had
placed his gentle hand on Bonnie-Jo's shoulder. "Major Jack Corrigan wants us
to meet him in the meeting room on the double."

* * *

Just then, at the City of Madigan Police Station, Detective Nora Coleman had
handed Veronica a file that she had on Jacqueline the Ripper and said, "Now,
I don't know who this Mister Roarke is, but I don't blame him for being
concerned about your safety, because this city really has its share of lethal
screwballs on its streets."

"Kathryn Robinson AKA Jacqueline the Ripper," said a curious Veronica, after
she had opened the file and started reading Jacqueline's bio.

"Now, if you were to ask me, that lady really is a canidate for the psycho of
the month award," said Nora, after she had lit a cigerette. "At age 18, just
after her own father had raped and abused her, something had snapped inside
the poor kid and caused her grab a kitchen steak-knife and plunge its sharp
blade into the son-of-a-bitch's back 26 times. After that, whatever was left
of Kathryn Robinson was gone and Jacqueline the Ripper was born."

* * *

Meanwhile, back at the Justice Squad HQ, Major Jack Corrigan has activated
the computer in order for the team to see the images on the screen and said,
"This is a photo of an unidentified flying object hovering over a small
fishing village within the state of Maine. About a few minutes after that,
the UFO has disappeared and the fishing village has been reduced to only
ash and burning ambers. Your new mission is to go find out whatever is
controlling that UFO and get those beings to stop their rampage on the Earth.
Now, unless there are any more questions, I hereby wish this entire team of
yours good luck and godspeed."

And then, after Jack has left the room and the rest of the team has started
getting themselves ready for the upcoming battle, Jake had suddenly looked
over at a slightly depressed Bonnie-Jo and asked, "Bonnie-Jo, are you okay?
You seem to be down about something."

And after she had taken a deep breath and turned her head towards her beloved
Jake, Bonnie-Jo has placed her gentle hand on his shoulder and answered,
"She's right, Jake. The both of us were only suppossed to go somewhere for
some peace and quiet, but instead, I've only made things worse."

* * *

Just then, after Veronica had stepped out of the Police Station and just as
she was about to figure out a way to talk Bonnie-Jo into giving-up her
fantasy, she had heard some rumbling coming from over the city, causing her
to look up and discover a massive spacecraft hovering over the entire city.

"Holy fucking shit!" a shocked Veronica had said to herself, for she had
suddenly realized what Mister Roarke was trying to tell her, causing her to
use her speed powers to get herself back to the Justice Squad HQ in order to
convince Bonnie-Jo to give up her fantasy before things start going from bad
to worse.

* * *

However, as soon as the newfound superheroine known as Lady Dash had finaly
arrived at the Justice Squad HQ and discovered each and every member of the
super-team standing-by on the roof and ready to do battle, the massive ship's
bottom hatch has opened and an orange-skinned male humanoid has stepped out
of the ship and said, "I'm known as Prince Zordar of the planet Tiero! I had
come to your planet in search for the one female to become my mate! And my
mental prowess informs me that the one known as Bonnie-Jo Beckett shall do
nicely!I demand that you hand her over to me right now!"

YOU'LL HAVE TO GO THROUGH US FIRST!" yelled an angry Jake, after he had
placed Bonnie-Jo behind him. "BECAUSE WE'RE NOT GIVING HER UP WITHOUT A

BY MY HAND!" yelled an upset Zordar, after he had used his mental powers to
create a Tieroian spiked energy mace from out of thin air. "FOR I SHALL NOW

But then, after the other Justice Squad members had started charging towards
the invader from space, someone had placed her hand on Bonnie-Jo's shoulder
and pulled her back into the building.

And after she had suddenly realized that it was Veronica who had pulled her
out of the danger zone, a relieved Bonnie-Jo had given her good friend a big
hug and said, "I'm so sorry about this, Ronnie. I really didn't mean for it
to be this bad."

"It's okay, Bonnie-Jo. You just didn't know, that all," said Veronica, after
she had placed her gentle hand on Bonnie-Jo's cheek and took a deep breath.
"The only thing that we need to do now is go find Mister Roarke and tell him
that you're willing to give up your fantasy."

But just as they were about to do so, the two friends had heard Zordar's
loud, booming voice say, "AS YOU COULD SEE, FOOLISH HUMAN! I WAS ABLE TO

"YOU BETTER BELIEVE I WILL, SHIT-HEAD!" answered an angry Jake with his
energy fists ready to deliver the final blow. "IT'S ABOUT TIME THAT SOMEONE

But after he had charged towards the invading alien, Zordar had swung his
spiked energy mace at Jake and caused him to get knocked right through a wall
and into the hallway.

"As you had just seen, Bonnie-Jo Beckett! Your protectors were nothing more
than just toys to me!" said Zordar, after he had caused his weapon to vanish
into thin air. "Now, you shall have no choice, but to surrender yourself to
me! Come to me now! I demand it!"

And after she had heard those very words, a tearry-eyed Bonnie-Jo had walked
over to her fallen lover, placed her hands on his bruised head and said, "I'm
so sorry about this, Jake. But I've got no other choice, but to go with him.
I'm sorry."

But then, after she had looked at Bonnie-Jo's face and noticed how sad she
actually was, Veronica had stepped out of the building, walked towards the
waiting Zordar and said, "I'm here to ask you not to take my friend for your
mate, because I happen to know someone who would make a better one for you!"

"And who would that be, Earthling Female?", asked a curious Zordar, just
before Veronica had removed all of her clothes, exposed her nude body to the
alien prince and answered, "Me! I wish to give myself to you for your mate!"

And after he had looked Veronica over and allowed a smile to appear on his
lips, Zordar had raised his hand towards Veronica and said, "Yes, Veronica
Goodwin! I do agree! You shall indeed make for me a much better mate! Come
with me!"

And then, after she had looked towards the hall in the wall for the last
time, both Veronica and Zordar had stepped into the massive starship, just
before the bottom hatch had closed bewhind them and the alien vessel had
zoomed its way back into the darkest reaches of outer space, causing a
wide-eyed Bonnie-Jo to step out of her hiding place, look up into the sky
and softly said, "Goodbye, Ronnie. I'm going to miss you."

Just then, after she had kneeled herself down to the floor of the roof
and placed her hands over her eyes, a sudden flash of blinding light has
transported Bonnie-Jo back to the exact spot on the island before her
fantasy had began.

And after she had looked up and saw Mister Roarke standing in front of her,
he had held his hand out to a saddened Bonnie-Jo and said, "I'm sorry, Miss
Beckett. But I'm afraid that your fantasy... and Miss Goodwin's life on
Earth... are over."

And then, after he had helped her get back on her feet, a tearry-eyed
Bonnie-Jo had let out a small smile and gave Mister Roarke a big hug.

* * *

Just then, on the very next day, one of the guest cars had pulled up to the
seaplane's landing dock and Bonnie-Jo had gotten out of the car and walked
over to Mister Roarke and Tattoo.

"Well goodbye, Miss Beckett. I hope that you had enjoyed your stay and
realized just how seriously dangerous the world of comic-book superheroes
might've been," said a smiling Mister Roarke, while he was shaking
Bonnie-Jo's friendly hand.

"Believe me, Mister Roarke. I really had realized that for a fact," said a
relieved Bonnie-Jo. "And from now on, I'm going to stick to the real world
for a change. Goodbye, Mister Roarke. Goodbye, Tattoo."

"Goodbye, Miss Beckett," said Tattoo, just before he had given Bonnie-Jo a
gentle kiss on the hand and she had walked towards the seaplane.



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