Fantasy Island: Sex Slave Camp For Girls (Fg, Fgg, bond, reluc, anal)
by Hamster ([email protected])


"The plane! The plane!" shouted the midget as the plane carrying Fantasy
Island's guests touched down.

Mr. Roarke and his hot little assistant Bunny were both waiting by the little
dock. A woman exited the plane, dressed in a white shirt and khaki shorts.
She was blonde and around 35. She was fit and attractive and had very large

"Who are our guests?" Bunny asked.

"That is Sarah Woods. Sarah runs a summer camp for girls ages 12-13. She has
found herself lusting after her charges. Her fantasy is to have sex with the
girls at her camp," Mr Roarke explained. "And most especially to turn them
into her personal harem."

The last man was a tall skinny man with glasses. Mr. Roarke, Bunny and Tatoo
greeted the guests and then various staff took their things to their rooms.


It is a well-known fact that the island had EVERYTHING. No Matter what a
guest wanted, the island had it. The dimensions of the island seemed to
shift in order to meet the demands of a guests In this case, there was a
summer camp, complete with lake. A bus pulled up to the camp and Mr.
Roarke stepped out of the bus then helped Sarah Woods get out.

"Well Miss Woods. For the duration of your stay here the camp is yours to
run. There are 12 girls of 12-13 and two 16-year-old camp counselors to
assist you. Please do not forget the mission and purpose of the camp as it
is very important." Mr. Roarke explained.

"Thank you Mr. Roarke I'll do my best." She said.

"I'm very certain you will." Roarke said.

Sarah went to her new office. This was her dream. The camp would be her own
personal harem while she trained the campers to be sex slaves!!! Roarke
wasn't just allowing it, he was depending on it. She unlocked the office door
and stepped inside she looked over the activities sheet and the camp charter.
Then got on the P.A.

"Attention will the camp counselors please come to the headmasters office."
Sarah said.

A few minutes later a blonde and a brunette came to the door. Both were
dressed in khaki shorts and had on tight blue t-shirts that had the word
'counselor' written across it in simple black letters. Both had very nice
tits and asses.

"Hello girls." Said Sarah.

"Hello." Said the girls at once.

"Britney and Gina." Said Sarah as she first pointed to the blonde and then
the brunette.

"Yes ma'am." They both said at once.

"I want you to get all of the campers together so that I can see what we have
to work with." Said Sarah.

A few minutes later...

The sweet delicious young girls of the camp lined up next to their counselor
and Sarah stepped forward to examine them. Five were white blondes. Made
sense. There were two latinas, a Japanese girl a Chinese girl and a Filipina.
Lastly there was a girl who seemed to be half-black. She had lovely brown
skin and alot of curly hair. The last girl was a cute little brunette.

"Hello young ladies and welcome to sex slave camp. Over the course of the
next couple of weeks you will learn to be perfect little sex slaves who are
willing to do anything that their master's desire. Achievements will be
rewarded and misbehavior will be punished. I want to jump right into things.
We are going to start by popping some cherries. Britney and Gina will do most
of the work there but I feel the need to help out. You and you. What are your
names?" Asked Sarah.

"Keiko." Said the Japanese girl

"Amy." said the brunette girl.

"Both of you please follow me to my office." Said Sarah. "The rest of you
will be deflowered by you counselors."

Sarah smiled and could see the out of the corner of her eye the girls
disrobing. Keiko and Amy were her primary concern though. Sarah led them back
her office and to her sleeping quarters where she had a bed waiting.

"All right, off with your cloths." Ordered Sarah.

The two girls quickly took their shoes and socks off and then took off their
shirts. Sarah stood and admired their naked bodies. Amy had a nicer set of
breasts but Keiko was undeniably adorable. Approached them and grabbed them
each by the waist and bent down to kiss one then the other. They were a
little stiff but returned the kisses.

"Now sit on the bed and kiss each other so that I can get ready." Ordered
Sarah. Keiko and Amy started to make out slowly as their mistress began to
attach a strap-on. It had two heads. A large one she inserted in her pussy
and small end protruded from the front. With this type of strap-on Sarah
would be able to feel everything she was doing.

"Ok that is enough." Said Sarah. "Keiko I want you to get on your hands and
knees, and Amy I want you to watch very closely."

Both girls nodded. Keiko got on her hands and knees. Sarah stalked her way
over to the bed. She put her hands on Keiko's butt and felt silky smooth flesh
beneath her fingers. She grabbed the girl's hips and then smashed the rubber
cock deep into her pussy. Keiko cried out. As she did Sarah was spurred on to
greater and greater heights of lust. Amy's eyes were wide as saucers as she
watched the very thorough fucking that her fellow camper was receiving. Soon
Keiko was cuming like mad. Eventually Sarah stopped and pulled out as Keiko
collapsed on the bed. A mess of panting sweat. Amy was a bit scared.

"Put your butt on the edge of the bed." Said Sarah.

"I'm scared. That looked kind of rough." Amy said nervously.

Sarah bent down and kissed her lips. "Don't worry sweetie, trust me you'll
love it. Besides if you don't do what I say you will learn the TRUE meaning
of rough."

Amy hurried to obey. Sarah spread Amy's thighs and then grabbed her tits. Amy
bit her lower lip as she anticipated what was supposed to happen. With an
agonizing slowness Sarah pushed into Amy while kneading her peach-sized tits.
The girl whimpered while her cherry was popped. Once the girl's virginity was
relieved Sarah began to pound her pussy harder and harder. Amy was crying out
with each of Sarah's thrusts until finally she was coming too. Sarah pumped
her a few more times before cuming herself. The two girls where laying next
to each other and feeling very exhausted.

"Whooo." Said Sarah. "Thanks for the work out. Now both of you get dressed
and go find your counselors.

That day the counselor's and Sarah popped every available cherry, after that
they fucked the girls several more times to get them used to it. After a few
hours of that the girls were given some free time rushed to the chow hall
then sent to their cabins for the night. Except for Amy who spent the night
in Sarah's bed. She didn't get much sleep.

The next day was dedicated to pussy licking.

The following day the girls were lined up as usual. This time, after
completing her inspection of the girls, Sarah selected Kendra to be her
demo-girl. The half-black girl was looking fairly nervous.

"To day you will all be doing some anal. I will demonstrate to you all what
will be happening to you. Kendra dear please strip." Sarah ordered.

The girl began to take her cloths off just as Sarah took her own shorts off
and then strapped in her trusty double-headed dildo.

"Come along dear." Said Sarah as she took Kendra's hand.

Sarah guided her to a conveniently located tree-stump. She unceremoniously
bent the girl over the stump. The rest of the girls and their two counselors
all gathered around to watch. Sarah leaned closer and whispered into Kendra's

"I feel like being completely honest here, this is going to hurt." Sarah said
before she giving Kendra's ass a little slap.

With that Sarah pushed her way in deep and hard. Kendra cried out nice and
loud as the huge rubber monster plunger into her tight asshole. She was in
tears as she was pounded in the ass. Sarah felt every stroke vibrate through
her strap-on and the stimulation soon had her cumming. The rest of the
campers were all staring at Sarah and Kendra with looks of fear.

"Well that was lovely. Ah Britney and Gina, you're both already strapped in,
excellent. Go ahead and take turns fucking their asses. I'm going to take
Kendra here to my office." Sarah said as she pulled the strap-on out of
Kendra's tight asshole.

Sarah helped Kendra to her feet and the counselors lined up the reluctant
girls for the taking o their anal cherries. Kendra limped all the way to the
office. Once they got there Kendra sat nervously on the corner of the bed.
Sarah sat down next to her and put a hand on the girl's thigh. Sarah leaned
in and whispered into the girl's ear.

"Don't worry I'm going to make you feel all better." Sarah said right before
sucking on Kendra's earlobe.

Sarah spread Kendra's legs and started dining on fresh pussy. Kendra began
to moan and twist in Sarah's hands. Her breathing got heavier and soon she
was cumming. Sarah gently rubbed Kendra's body. Sarah hoped that the girl
got used to get getting fucked up the ass because she had the feeling that
Kendra's sweet little tush was destined for near constant pounding. Sarah
took a nap snuggled up with Kendra in her arms.

The next day the girls were all lined up as usual except that this time a
large bus drove up to the camp. Sarah walked up to the bus and as the door
opened she appraised each of the three men who stepped out of the bus. The
men were all filthy and wearing some of the most dirty and foul smelling
rags that the girls had ever seen.

"We are doing cock-sucking lessons today." Sarah announced. "So everyone
please line up in front of one of these gentlemen."

As instructed they all lined up in front of the three men. There was a rather
considerable lack of enthusiasm. Each of the men dropped their heads and
began to suck on the offered cocks when their respective turns came up. Here
and there Sarah offered words of encouragement or stroked a girl's hair as
she sucked off the man in front of her.

"That's it, good girl. Suck that cock." Sarah said encouragingly.

Each girl had to suck off each man at least once and by the end of the day
their bellies were full of cum. The girls were made to thank the homeless men
and then return to their normal duties/activities and... well... orgies. At
the end of the day Sarah selected one of the girls, a blonde named Molly and
took her to her cabin. Molly did an excellent job of pussy-eating that night.

When the last day of camp arrived the girls all noticed that by the lake a
large wooden stage had be erected. Across from this platform were several
benches. The girls had their breakfast as they usually did and then they were
made to line up at the stairs at one end of the platform. People ha begun to
drive up and fill the benches. As the benches finally filled Sarah walked up
to the center of the stage.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the camp's first ever sex-slave auction. I
can personally assure you that each slave is a well-trained and obedient
little hottie who well provide you with constant enjoyment. Let's bring out
the first of our little strumpets shall we." Molly was led onto the stage.
The two counselors ordered her undress. "Molly here is a tasty little slut
who loves to dance. We will start the bidding at 12 hundred dollars."

The girls watched as the men and women bid on Molly and the price went higher
and higher until finally somebody won. And her fate was sealed when she was
purchased for the sum of 25 grand. Her new owner was an older gentlemen.
Molly was led off of the stage and the next girl was brought up. One after
the other each girl was sold. Until none were left. Sarah watched as each of
the bidders drove away with one of her young campers. She sighed. She was
definitely going to miss them. After the auction Mr. Roarke approached.

"So miss Woods, did you enjoy your run as camp headmistress?" Asked Roarke.


"I'm quite pleased." Replied Mr. Roarke. "I have taken the liberty of bidding
on young miss Molly myself through an agent. I would like to present her to
you as a gift if you are so inclined to keep her."

"Of course I am Mr. Roarke, thank you so much." Sarah said as she through her
arms around him for a hug.

"No problem my dear. Her cost will be added to your bill." Roarke said.


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