Fantasy Island: Tattoo Takes Over (FF,M+F,F-best,voy,cons,ncon)
by Spyder

An unknown island is a pleasant local for dreams to become reality and for
two men to help those fantasies along. The usual flight from the states lands
in the cove near this island and as usual the diminutive assistant yells as
he rings the bell: The plane, The plane and with that Mr. Rourke steps out
of the huge Victorian style home and walks to the landing area with Tattoo.
Emerging from the airplane are three beautiful women from Hollywood and there
are no men to be seen.

Mr. Rourke begins to explain the fantasies of the three ladies. He looks at
Tattoo and says that the middle lady with the blonde hair is Singer Mariah
Carey, her fantasy is to experience a lesbian relationship while a man is
watching them.

Our second guest is actress Courtney Cox-Arquette, she is here to feel the
brute force of a woman who has faltered with men and escaped from prison.

Finally the third lady is Leeza Gibbons, she wishes to blow five men and fuck
a midget. We weren't able to achieve the last part of her fantasy.

Tattoo looks at his boss and says that he has a fantasy to live out. Rourke
asks him what is his fantasy and Tattoo says that it is to run the fantasies
of a group for one weekend and he is volunteering for Leeza's sex partner.
Rourke agrees since he has to be in the states for the next few days due to
a family crisis. With that he says Welcome to Fantasy Island.

Mariah is showed to her villa near the cove and then she awaits her lover.
Her pussy is getting wet as she thinks of whom Mr. Rourke has sent her way
and who the man might be. She doesn't wait all that long as Tattoo knocks
on the door to introduce her to her lover. The lady to whom Mariah is to
spend some sexual time with is Samantha Fox, whom is smiling broadly at the
thought of eating Miss Carey's hot cunt. Next Tattoo tells the ladies that
he is the one to watch the sexual deviation of two of the sexiest ladies in
music. Tattoo tells them to relax as he has other fantasies to conduct.

Upon his arrival outside the place where Courtney Cox Arquette is to live
out her wildest dream, Tattoo tells her in order to experience the sex she
wants, he has set them up in a hide out the escaped prisoner found her way
too. He introduces the escapee as Marge Thomas and she is in need of deep
sexual pleasure of another kind. Tattoo tells them that their fantasy begins
at precisely six bells this evening.

Finally, Tattoo walks to the villa that Leeza Gibbons is awaiting the fantasy
she asked for. He informs her that five well-hung men await her lips to
surround their dicks for the next few days. Also that the only midget they
could come up with is himself and that he will be around on Sunday morning to
have her cunt cover his dick. Leeza heads in doors to begin her five male
blowjob fantasy and Tattoo walks to Mariah's villa to enjoy the hot steamy
passion of the velvet voiced singer.

Knocking on the door, he waits for Mariah to answer, hearing her tell him to
enter Tattoo walks in and waits for his show. Sam and Mariah enter the living
room to where the tiny man waits, they have not undressed, as they wanted to
have Tattoo watch as they undress each other. Mariah begins by removing her
lover's tight leather skirt and is somewhat surprised that Miss Fox does not
wear any panties. Tattoo licks his lips as he sees the blonde hair of Sam's
pussy, thinking to himself that she has one hairy cunt. Sam reciprocates by
also removing the skirt that Mariah wears and finds a pair of Link lace
panties barely covering the shaven pussy of the American singer. She then
will remove Mariah's shirt to reveal a pair of large tits and knowing full
well that her lover has had breast augmentation surgery and looks heavenly.
Mariah also reveals Sam's chest and sees that her tits are as large as ever.
Finally Sam removes the panties that Mariah wears, licking her inner thighs
as she moves them down thos e sexy legs.

Tattoo is fully erect at the sight of these two vixens' nude bodies standing
in front of him and there isn't thing one he can do. Sam has found the moist
hole of Miss Carey's and drives her tongue inside while her fingers have
found her ass. She squeezes the cheeks and then finger fucks Miss Carey's
tight asshole. Mariah shrieks as her cum is about to explode, as it occurs
she thinks that this is more exciting than having her short dicked boyfriend
rear end her. Sam turns Mariah around and decides to lick in her hole, but
Mariah isn't sure about his idea. Sam backs off to get a bottle of wine and
also brings some bananas and whipped cream. She shakes the can and sprays the
white sticky topping all over Mariah's butt. Sam licks the cream from the
tender ass and then licks the inside of Miss Carey's ass. Once again she
turns the singer over, but on her back and this time she takes a banana to
shove it peeled inside her pussy and ass. Attempting to use it as a dildo,
Sam finds it breaking in the two holes she has wanted to slam it in. Mariah
screams at her to find a way to remove the banana, to which Sam uses her
tongue to dig the fruit form her pussy, eating the banana as she goes. Then
she goes toward Mariah's ass and tongue washes the banana from Miss Carey's
asshole, tasting a little shit on the sweet fruit. Mariah has cum many times
as Sam swallows every ounce that is produced.

Tattoo has begun to jerk off as the ladies switch places. He watches as
Mariah proceeds to do the same to Sam, but with a little twist, she binds
Sam's hands to the table legs and lifts her legs on her shoulders to eat the
pussy that is so fuzzy and wet. She also will use a banana to create some fun
with Sam, but takes the can of whipped cream, sprays it on the fruit after
she has plunges it into the same two holes that Sam used. Once she has Sam
having orgasm after orgasm, Mariah finally eats the banana and whipped cream
from the ass and pussy of her now well spent lover. Tattoo leaves them alone
to continue fucking or whatever, as he knows that he will have to see to the
other fantasies. As he walks out the door, he sees that the ladies are pussy
fucking each other and smells the juices of love flowing from them.

Next on the agenda, Tattoo makes his way to the villa which houses the
escapee Marge Thomas and hopes that things are underway. He enters as he
sees the door is ajar and walks in to see that Courtney is crying. Asking
what is gong on, she says that Marge has hit her and wonders what is next.
Marge storms in from another room leading a horse into the room.

Meanwhile Leeza has drained the cock of one of the men she has asked for and
is working on the second while stroking the cock of her third.

Marge angered that Courtney is a fink, she stands in front of the sobbing
Mrs. Arquette and tears the silk blouse that is being worn by the TV star.
Seeing that this little raven-haired slut has a fine pair of tits, she
slaps them around while with a free hand she yanks the jeans from the
ladies quivering body. A smirk crosses the lips of the escapee, as she is
now closer to a shaven or hairy cunt. Marge laughs, as the panties that
Courtney wears are soaked with pee, which she mistakes for a sign of
weakness, that Mrs. Arquette is about to back down form her fantasy. No
such luck as Courtney begs for more and is obliged as Marge strikes the
white cheeks of Courtney's ass. Marge licks the pussy of the star and slaps
the open cunt until it is a bright red. Screams fill the room as Tattoo
again finds himself jerking off at the sight of what is going on.

Back at the villa where Leeza Gibbons gives third man a blowjob, she prepares
to handle the fourth man. Almost three loads of cum have been swallowed by
the sexy blonde star and she knows that there are two men waiting for the
same excitement that Tattoo is her diminutive lover for the next day.

Courtney cries as she feels Marge slam her fingers into her pussy, pain racks
her body as the fantasy is now reality. Marge yells at Courtney to suck the
cock of the horse, while she eats her pussy. Not wanting to anger the
prisoner, Courtney takes hold of the animal's prick, licks it all over the
length of it and then sucks for all she's worth. Marge has decided not to eat
the pussy of her shocked lover, but instead she will drive a broom handle in
her ass. This treatment goes on for nearly an hour as Courtney has made the
animal cum. Marge has completed her end of the deal and tells Courtney to
fuck the horse. Again shocked, Courtney knows there is no choice and slips
under the animal to fuck it. She grabs the stiff cock of the horse and
shimmies her pussy into place, then she goes up and down as she fucks the

At Leeza's villa, she has made the third man cum and has begun to blow the
fourth man.

Marge is pleased at the rape and sexual deeds that she has made Courtney
become involved with. Again she takes the broomstick, strikes the floor with
it, and tells Courtney to lie on the floor. She waits for this to happen and
then uses the broomstick to bring pain to Mrs. Arquette's cunt. Courtney
winces in pain at the entrance of a wooden implement in her pussy. Seeing a
little bit of blood trickle from the slut's hole, Marge tells her to rub it
on her stomach. Doing as she is told, Courtney realizes that this is the only
wild fantasy she will ever have. The tired and sore Mrs. Arquette slithers on
to the couch and falls asleep.

Leeza has almost blown the fourth man as she readies the last one before she
can fuck Tattoo. Tattoo enters the villa with a hard on from watching the
other fantasies unfold. He knows that his dream is near and wets his lips in
anticipation. At ten on Sunday morning, Tattoo looks on as Leeza swallows the
fifth man's load of jism and she is so ready for the last part of her dream
that she quickly undresses. Her small lover has undressed as well; she then
saunters over to where he awaits her and slowly lowers herself onto his
waiting cock. Her mouth being somewhat sore from all the blowjobs and the
length of time she took to achieve it, Leeza takes a full three hours to
enjoy this part of the fantasy. Tattoo finally cums as she lifts off her
small perch and licks his cream. The two lovers lie until they say their
good-byes the next day.

Mr. Rourke has returned in time to see smiles on the faces of his guests and
knows that Tattoo has taken good care of them. Tattoo also wears a smile as
he had fucked one of his favorite ladies of TV. The plane lifts off as Rourke
and his tiny friend head back to the estate they live in.

The End


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