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Kind of sex shown in this fic: f/f, anal, oral, toy

This is another story involving Fantomette. Now this one is from her first
female/female sexual experience, with her friend Ficelle (a thin large blonde
girl with a big dick-like nose). If you like good lesbian sex, hold on in
your pants and read it

Fantomette: Girlfriends
by Victor2K ([email protected])

After she had her first sexual relationship, Fran‡oise Dupont's life changed
completely. She finally found the love in the arms of her loyal boyfriend
Alexandre Charpantier (aka Eye-Of-Lynx), and found the pleasure that sex can
bring. She really likes to suck her boyfriend's dick, to taste his rod and
feel his cum in her mouth, also when he uses his tongue to eat and lick her
delicious pussy, but the best for her is when he puts his cock all the way
inside her honey pot. Ramming and pleasuring her. Giving her great orgasms
almost every night, the routine is the same, but today something will change
her life? Completely.

This night, Fran‡oise was at home. Boulotte and her mother (also mother of
Ficelle and Alexandre) went to see some relatives in the country and
Alexandre was working overtime at the newspaper. Therefore, the only people
in the house were Fran‡oise and Ficelle. To try to pass the time, they came
up with an idea to have their own slumber party, with just the two of them.
Fran‡oise came up with some movies that she rented (almost all were with Ben
Affleck and Brad Pitt) and Ficelle came with drinks and food. The party was
going well for a couple of hours, but a slumber party with only two people
can sometimes lead to boredom.

Some minutes before midnight, the two girls sat on the couch, trying to think
about something to do. They had watched all the movies, drank most of the
drinks (root beer and Coke), and ate all the snacks. The coffee table was
full of empty Coke cans and open Lay's wrappers.

"Man, this party sucks." Fran‡oise said, not hiding her boredom. "Who was the
idiot who thought up a 2-people slumber party?"

"Wasn't it us?" Ficelle asked back to her, teasing her friend.

"Oh, yeah.But this wasn't the kind of the thing that I thought, in first

"Me too." The pony tailed blonde girl agreed.

"So, what you want to do now? Watch all the movies again until we get

"No, Fran‡oise. If I see Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck once more, I'm going to
scream" Ficelle said, while she was looking for another Coke.

"So what should we do? We've been sitting on this couch awake all night
complaining about our lousy lives?" The redhead girl said, with a mix of
disappointment and boredom "If Alexandre were here.this night could be much
better, for me that is"

Ficelle agreed with Fran‡oise shaking her head, while she was drinking a rest
of Coke she found. Then she approached Fran‡oise and asked her:



"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what do you want to know?"

"I wanna know about you and Alexandre."

"Ah.yes, what do you want to know about us?" Fran‡oise asked her, finding
it strange that Ficelle was curious about her relationship with the blonde
girl's brother.

"Well, I want to do you do that?" She asked, afraid of
Fran‡oise's reaction to the question.

"You mean, sex?"

"Yes! I always wanted to know how you two get it... on the bed"

Fran‡oise looked at Ficelle's eyes, trying to think why Ficelle asked a thing
like this * Why did she want to know about me and Eye-Of-Lynx? What does she
want? Oh, well Fran‡oise, if this will bring more fun to this party, why
waste it. *

"So, wanna talk about it or it isn't any of my business?" Ficelle tried to
persuade Fran‡oise to tell her about her sexual life.

"Ok. I'll tell ya. But only with a condition."


"That everything that I say here doesn't leave, for any reason, this room,

"Ok, I promise" Ficelle agreed with the condition that Fran‡oise said.

"Right, let's start it. What do you want to know really?" Fran‡oise asked

"Everything" Ficelle told, excited and apprehensive with what Fran‡oise is
about to tell her.

"Ok. Here it goes. He told me we are at it like bunnies. First, he always
asks me if I want to suck his dick" Fran‡oise started to tell her story, with
all the details, acting like a teacher.

"Suck his dick? How?" asked Ficelle, wanted to know.

"Oh, it's easy. I just put his cock inside my mouth and suck it. He loves
when I put my tongue below the cock and use it to swallow it. I suck it until
he splurts his cum all over my face."

"Gee, isn't disgusting?" Ficelle asks, while she pictures Fran‡oise sucking a

"No, no. In the beginning it may be disgusting, but after some time, you get
used to it."

"Hm, ok. And after" Ficelle continued to feed her curiosity, while she feels
her crotch get a little wet.

"Ah, after I blow him, he takes my shirt off and play with my titties"
Fran‡oise continues to explain, touching her right breast through her pajama

"Does he do with your tits?" Ficelle asked, picturing in her brain
Fran‡oise's naked bosom.

"He touches a little, plays with my nipples using his fingers, and he licks
and sucks them."

"Oh, sounds good to me" Ficelle asked, now picturing the image of HER playing
with Fran‡oise's tits.

"And it does. It feels great to have tender hands and a warm mouth caressing
your breast to get you into the mood," She says, handing her a Coke.

"Ah" Ficelle said, while the wetness in her pants getting bigger. "So,
Fran‡oise, what's the next step?"

"The next step is when he takes off my panties, and starts to work on my

"What does he do with your pussy?" Ficelle asked.

"Hmm. First, he uses his finger to play with my labia and clit. Then
sometimes he inserts his finger inside me to make me scream a bit. But then
there's the best part." Fran‡oise explains with gestures about what Alexandre
does with her vagina, as Ficelle pictures Fran‡oise's naked crotch, and also
she pictures herself doing her friend.

"What? What does he do?" The tall blond girl really wanted to know.

"He eats my pussy."

"Oh" Ficelle makes a surprised face, followed by an apprehensive one. "Tell
me more about it."

"Ok, he uses his sweet tongue to lick and suck my labia and my inner vaginal
walls. I love it and it gives me much pleasure. But what gives me more
pleasure is when he puts it on my clit. Ficelle, you have to try it by
herself, it's one of the best things that I've felt in my entire life. I love
when I cum in his mouth, and he loves it too."

"Hm, it sounds good from what you're telling me" The blonde girl said, in her
mind she pictures the image of Fran‡oise pussy been eaten by her, making her
crotch get wetter than ever. "So, when does he bang you?"

"It comes right after. After he's done eating me, he opens my legs and gently
puts his cock inside me and start to fuck me" Fran‡oise explained, making
gestures like she was being stroked. Ficelle now pictures a cock entering
into Fran‡oise's sweet hole.

"Ah. Hey, tell me: His cock, is it big?" Ficelle breaks the explanation with
a pertinent question at the time.

"No, he isn't exceptionally big. In fact, he has the average size. But he
works it on me that I feel like a total hunk is doing me" Fran‡oise answered,
then continues to explain her sexual acts "Then he starts to fuck me. First,
he does it slow and gently to not hurt me. His slow moves, his kisses and
caresses give me a lot of pleasure. When he feels that I'm ready to go
harder, he increases his tempo and fucks me faster and harder. Sometimes I
tell him to go harder and he makes it harder. Our thighs beating each other
give it a strict rhythm to the action."

"And what happens later? When does he cum?" Ficelle asks, picturing Alexandre
fucking Fran‡oise, and feeling her crotch get even wetter still.

"Well, he fucks me harder and deeper, this makes he get closer to the orgasm.
We tell each other when we are one-step from to the climax. So he, depending
on the time, he increases or reduces the stroking."

"So who cums first?"

"Depends. Sometimes I cum first. Others he cums before I do. But I really
love it when we cum together. It's an unforgettable feeling. I feel much
better when he does that and he feels it too. It's like a fusion of two
bodies united by the orgasm."

"Where he shoots his cum?" Ficelle asks, just letting her mind go with
naughty thoughts.

"Mostly he jacks it off on my ass. Or he puts it on my face and other times
on my tits."

"Wow, that sounds great. I wish to have sex like you one day" Ficelle getting
pretty excited.

"I believe you are going to have sex much sooner that you expect, my friend"
Fran‡oise tells her, before looking down at her and notice that her underwear
is wet.

"Look, all the talk about me and Alexandre has left me all horny."

"More horny that I'm now?" Ficelle asks with a seductive voice, putting her
hand on her friend's leg.

"Ficelle, what are you doing?" Fran‡oise estranged Ficelle's act * what the
fuck does she want? *

"You know, Fran‡oise darling. While you were telling me about your sex, I got
excited. And it wasn't horny about you and him. I'm hot for YOU." Ficelle
tells, moving closer to Fran‡oise's body. Fran‡oise notices it and puts her
arms on her shoulder. "Funny your tell me that, Ficelle. Did you know that,
looking at you, I got the same feelings for you?"

"What do you mean?" Ficelle asked, seeing her best friend come closer to her

"This!" Fran‡oise shouted, just before she puts her lips on Ficelle's. At
first, she tried to move away, but after a few seconds, she pressed her lips
to Fran‡oise's. About 40 seconds later, Fran‡oise broke the kiss, and moved
closer to Ficelle "So, do you feel the same about me?"

"Let me show you Fran‡oise" Ficelle said, put her mouth on Fran‡oise's mouth.
Their lips pressing each other's with their tongues fighting made the two
girls more aroused than they were some minutes ago. Fran‡oise hugged Ficelle
and lied on the couch letting the feeling of love take charge of the two
girls in that moment. The passionate kiss is interrupted a moment later when
they decide to break it.

"Did you like it, honey?" Ficelle asked her, whispering.

"Hm, I didn't know you had feelings for me in that way, Ficelle" Fran‡oise
answers, stroking the blonde girl's long ponytail. With a small worried face
"I think I'm worried. I think I just turned myself into a lesbian."

"We're not lesbians, Fran‡oise. I think we are bisexual, because we like men
and I believe we like women too, that's nothing to worry about" Ficelle
explained to her, while she takes off her glasses and puts them on a table.

"Ah, ok. Now what should we do now?" Fran‡oise asked her.

"Well, we can have you take your off shirt" Ficelle suggests.

"Nice idea" Fran‡oise agreed, so after standing up on the couch, she removed
her pajama shirt, and then removed her bra, exposing her breasts and her
erects nipples.

"Like what you see?" The redhead girl asks Ficelle while she touches her own
small boobs.

"Yes, it's good." Ficelle says, touching and caressing her fingers on
Fran‡oise's tits. Then Ficelle unbuttoned her pajama shirt and opened it,
showing her breasts. Despite her thin body, her tits weren't much smaller
or made in the "omelet" style. They're aesthetically perfect for a girl
with her body. Fran‡oise got surprised to see such beautiful breasts on
an unattractive body.

"Gosh, your breasts look so beautiful" Fran‡oise admires the pair of boobs.

"Thanks, but yours are beautiful too" Ficelle thanked the compliment, before
she hugged the redhead girl and started to rub her breasts against Fran‡oise.
She liked the game and joined in on it, starting to rub hers against
Ficelle's. They moaned while the girls touch each other's nipples, while they
were kissing and tonguing each other. Then Ficelle stopped rubbing and sucked
Fran‡oise's right tit. The pleasure is instantaneous.

"Oh, Ficelle, that's so good. Suck my tits, please." Fran‡oise groans while
her friend put her tongue direct on her nipple. "Yes, please, y-yes, suck my
nipple. I love when someone does it. YES, it feels go-ood" She moaning from
Ficelle working on her nipple. After she finishes on right one, she does the
same on left tit of her friend, seeming to get her way to suck breasts.
Fran‡oise continues to get pleasure from sucking her tits until the blonde
girl removes her face from Fran‡oise's breasts.

"That was good" Fran‡oise told, whispering to recover herself.

"Yes, but nothing better than you returning the favor" Ficelle says when she
puts her breasts in front of the redhead girl's face. First, she squeezed and
pinched Ficelle's nipples, she didn't argue about that, with a "want more"
face. Then Fran‡oise got Ficelle's right tit and started to tongue-play with
it. She started licking the blonde girl's nipple using the front of her
tongue, and then she kissed and sometimes bites.

"Oh, Fran‡oise, honey. It's good, Keep doing it" Ficelle said, when she got
back to sitting position in the sofa, with Fran‡oise sucking her breasts. She
had her hands on Fran‡oise's back like she was hugging her. Fran‡oise looked
like a baby breastfeeding, sucking her tit and nipple. "Ficelle, I'm crazy
for your tits, they're so hot!" Fran‡oise told her while she changed breasts,
doing the same things to the left tit.

Ficelle got more pleasured with the scene every time she felt her friend's
tongue on her nipple. She liked the sensation, seeing someone buried in her
breasts, especially because it was a girl who was sucking her. After 5
minutes of breast foreplay, Fran‡oise withdrew.

"Oh Fran‡oise, it was good. I wish for someone to do this to me."

"It's only the beginning, Ficelle my friend. Now the fun will start"
Fran‡oise tells her while licking her bellybutton, tracing between her
breasts and her pajama pants. Ficelle looked down and asked Fran‡oise.

"Do you wanna see my cunny?"

"Sure, Let me see it."

Ficelle then took off her pants, and Fran‡oise was very surprised with what
she saw. Ficelle didn't wear any underwear. "Ficelle, you don't use panties?"

"Not in the summer" Ficelle answered, looking the face of her friend "They
get sticky in my groin. I prefer to sleep naked."

"Ah" Fran‡oise said while she admired Ficelle's pussy, just below short
blonde pubic hair, She admired for a minute her lips and her clitoris, its
appearance looked delicious to Fran‡oise.

"It was the way that I figured. Nice cunt" Fran‡oise tells her.

"Thanks, now let me see yours Fran‡oise." Ficelle said, looking to her groin
covered by her pants.

Fran‡oise, then, pulled off her pants, and showed Ficelle her white cotton
panties, which were drenched from the things that happened before. Ficelle
touched Fran‡oise's pussy through her underwear, feeling the texture of the
material and the wetness of it. Fran‡oise moaned a bit when Ficelle did it,
then with a kinky face, licking her lips, she proposed to the blonde girl:
"Wanna see what's inside?"

"Sure I want!" Ficelle licking her lips seductively, when Fran‡oise took off
her panties and gave her a good view of her genitals. She saw her pulsating
clit waiting to be stimulated. For a minute or two, the two admired each
other's naked bodies.

Then Fran‡oise lay down again, getting Ficelle's arm, put her crotch in
contact with Ficelle's crotch. Ficelle didn't understand.

"So, what we are meant to do now?"

"Rub it!" Fran‡oise said before she started to rub her pussy against
Ficelle's. Ficelle started to moan, and then she also did it, rubbing her
pussy against the redhead girl's.

The screaming and moaning grew louder than before. Ficelle never felt
anything like this before. She received a lot of pleasure as her slender
pussy lips and her tingling clitoris touching and rubbing Fran‡oise's.
Fran‡oise was getting a different feeling about this moment, enjoying the
fact she was tasting new ways to have sex, and of course, loving being
with a girl, mainly because she was controlling the entire experience, so
she could dictate the tempo and movement in Ficelle.

While the clit-rubbing became faster and harder, and the pleasure becoming
stronger, Ficelle started to feel something really different for her. She
was getting close to her first orgasm.

"Fran‡oise-e-e-e. I'm fee-ee-llingg that I am close. Its soo good. Don't
stop, honey. Do mee... I'm going to..."

* Fuck, she's going to cum. I need to stop rubbing her * Fran‡oise thought,
noticing the climax almost reaching her friend's body. Also caught by the
close-cum feeling, Fran‡oise watched Ficelle scream to her, and then, in a
moment of distraction, she pushed Ficelle down on the couch, after having
enough forces to have a small orgasm.

"What the hell! Why Fran‡oise? It was so good. I was about to reach my first
cum" Ficelle asked her friend angrily.

"And finish the party so soon? I need to show you new stuff" Fran‡oise said,
whispering in Ficelle's ear and stroking her hair.

"Like what?" Ficelle asked with curiosity.

"Like this" Fran‡oise said before putting her face on Ficelle's crotch.
Ficelle watched in amazement, the scene, but after she started to moan when
her redheaded friend started to lick her pussy. Ficelle suddenly started
moan and groan, feeling the texture of Fran‡oise's tongue start to run on
her lips. Fran‡oise was giving slow and soft tongue baths in Ficelle's
pussy, making her get wetter then ever. She also started to suck Ficelle's
cunt, swallowing her vaginal juices. The blonde girl was loving seeing
herself getting eaten for the first time.

"Oh, Fran‡oise, eat me. Eat my pussy" Ficelle shouted, putting her hand on
Fran‡oise's head, to make sure that she wasn't getting away.

Fran‡oise traced her outer lips, sometimes pressing and licking her inner
walls, she reached Ficelle's clit. Fran‡oise started to play with her lips,
kissing the "small ball". Ficelle moans grew louder.

"Eat my clit, Fran‡oise. C'mon. Eat me, don't stop!" Ficelle demanded

The redhead girl obeyed and continued to lick Ficelle's tender clit,
sometimes leaving to lick her swollen lips and her inner walls. Fran‡oise
was watching Ficelle shaking, trying to hold the pleasure that the pussy
eating was giving to her. Fran‡oise swallowed every drop that Ficelle's
cunt was squirting.

As time passed and Fran‡oise licked her deeper, Ficelle was taking over by
the pleasure. The only thing that she could think of was her best friend
doing her. Suddenly she started to be taken by the "goddess of orgasms",
making her moan louder.

Fran‡oise got the picture and started to suck faster. She started to receive
Ficelle's yummy pre-cum.

"Fran‡ me...don't stop...I'm so me...I'm'" Ficelle said just before screaming
as loud as she could "CUM!"

Ficelle's first orgasm could be heard even from the street.

The feeling was so crazy and good at the same time, she couldn't hold
anymore. Fran‡oise watched the scene amazed with what she gave to her friend.
She even got excited from giving her best friend a moment like this.

Then, the redhead girl started to swallow the cum that Ficelle was squirting.
Fran‡oise savored the sweet taste of her friend's cunt, sucking her dry
trying not to miss any drop of the girl juice.

After leaving Ficelle's vagina bone dry, Fran‡oise removed her mouth from her
cunny and observed Ficelle. Her blonde and disheveled hair matched the sweat
she on her face. Fran‡oise giggled "So, liked your first orgasm?"

"Was cool, kinda strange, but I loved it" Ficelle answered, setting her hair

"Well, it's the first of many that you're going to feel, Ficelle. You only
need to get used to."

"Oh, Nice" Ficelle said, putting her hands on Fran‡oise's thigh. "So, want me
to return the favor?" she asked with a naughty voice.

"Would be nice" Fran‡oise agreed, opening her legs seductively to Ficelle.

Ficelle put her head down and started to lick Fran‡oise's slit. First she
wasn't at home with oral sex, so she messed up the things a bit, licking
wrongly. Fran‡oise decided to help her friend.

"Ficelle, stop. Let me guide you." Ficelle stopped and started to pay
attention to her best friend. "Lick and suck slowly, that's the tip."

Ficelle nodded and started, slowly, to lick Fran‡oise. "Ok, now, lick the
lips slowly, taste every part" Ficelle followed her leads correctly, licking
softly her labia.

"Hm, that it's so good" Fran‡oise says feeling for the first
time the pleasure of oral sex with another girl. She moved her hips, barely
touching Ficelle's head so she could give her a more comfortable position to
eat her. She was feeling very turned on by the whole scene.

Ficelle traced, with her tongue, her entire labia, sucking on Fran‡oise's
internal juices, tasting, for the first time the water from the love fountain
* Tasty, hmmm. I wonder why I didn't make this before * Ficelle thought. Then
she got back to licking, using her tongue to taste her friend's internal
walls, making Fran‡oise moans became louder. She continued going back to the
lips, where she licked up to find Fran‡oise's erect clitoris. She didn't
think twice as she started to lick tenderly the spot, making Fran‡oise scream
out in pleasure. The texture of Ficelle's soft tongue pressing her tender
clit was overwhelming for Fran‡oise.

"Oh yes, eat me. Lick my clit. Lick me cum."

Ficelle continued in Fran‡oise's cunt. She gave quick laps on her clit,
listening to the moans and screams of pleasure from Fran‡oise each time her
friend moved within. The blonde girl moved down to her sopping entrance to
suck her sweet juices. When she was satisfied she got back to work on
Fran‡oise's outer and internal walls.

Fran‡oise felt every touch of Ficelle's mouth with pleasure, enjoying
every second. Her moans and screams became louder as Ficelle was lost in the
ecstasy of oral sex. From her face, it was sure that she was enjoying it.

"Hm.. yes, do it...make me cum."

Ficelle put her tongue back onto Fran‡oise's clit, licking faster. It didn't
take long for Fran‡oise to be possessed by the goddess of orgasms. Her moans
became screams, making the blonde girl picture the climax in her friend was
coming close.

"Oh, my God, Ficelle. I'm about to, it's close..I'm feeling
it. Oh...make me cum."

"Yes, Fran‡oise. I'll make you cum my love. I'll make you cum
HARD. Drench my face with your hot juice" increasing the tempo of her friends

The redhead girl held her orgasm just long enough to move her hips up,
putting her genitalia in front of Ficelle's face. Ficelle stood licking her
clit fast as she could, using her tongue also to tease her labia. But her
friend couldn't hold the orgasm goddess anymore and it was about to burst.

"Ficelle, oh,, uuh, I'm Close, I'm going to...tooo...I can't hold it...I'm" she wait for a second and screamed.

"CUUUUM" She screams it loudly, feeling all the pleasure the orgasm goddess
could give her. Ficelle enjoyed the scene, while she lapped up the female cum
jets that Fran‡oise's cunt provided. The blonde girl tried to eat all the
juices that Fran‡oise sprouted from her pussy. * Hmm, bitter but delicious *
She thought while she was eating her friend.

When she drank the last drop of cum Fran‡oise had shot into her mouth,
Ficelle removed her face from her friend's crotch, watching Fran‡oise recover
from the orgasm. Fran‡oise, still panting from the climax, kissed Ficelle
passionately, sharing their tastes with each other. Then Ficelle moved away
and asked. "How it was?"

"It was pretty good. In fact, it was one of the best orgasms that I have
experienced in my entire life, thank you Ficelle."

"Your welcome."

The redhead girl stood up from the couch and went upstairs naked. Ficelle
didn't understood what her friend was doing.

"Where are you going Fran‡oise? We will not continue the party?"

"We are" Ficelle shouted "I'll just pick up some stuff for the party."

"Right, but don't take long" the blonde girl shouted back, while she sat
on the couch, looking at her naked body. She caressed her body, feeling
the sweat all over her face, abdomen and legs. About three minutes later,
Fran‡oise came back carrying a white box.

"Here!" Fran‡oise said with a flourish.

"Why you are showing me this box Fran‡oise" The blonde girl asked, she did
not understanding her friends excitement.

"Open it and you will see" The redhead girl said with a giggle, giving the
box to Ficelle's. She opened it, and was surprised by what she saw inside.
Two dildos, a 6-inch green one, and a large 8-inch blue one, with a dick
head shape on the top.

"Is this what I think is it?" Ficelle asked, beginning to get the impression.

"It depends. What do you think that is it?" Fran‡oise asked back to Ficelle,
a bit surprised about her friend's reaction.

"I believe these things are dildos, aren't they?" Ficelle said, getting the
green dildo out.

"Yes. I got these from your mother's room. I really think that she needs a
man" the redhead girl says, giving her friend a wink, while she took the
other dildo out of the box.

"He he, it's true" Ficelle giggled, "You will use these things on me?"

"In fact, WE are gonna use these things on EACH other" Fran‡oise answered,
giving emphases to the words.

"How?" Ficelle asked, curiously.

"Like this" Fran‡oise hands the dildo to Ficelle and lays on top of her, with
Ficelle facing her mound, and Fran‡oise facing Ficelle's mound. "Hmm, a 69.
Pretty good" Ficelle said, while Fran‡oise used her tongue to lubricate the
toy, making sure that the penetration would not hurt Ficelle. Ficelle
repeated her friend's ritual, but using instead of her tongue, Fran‡oise's
own juices, she got using her hands on her cunny, massaging the toy.

"The thing is it. When I tell `3' we are going to put these dildos in each
other's pussies. Simple, just put this in like you're getting screwed.
Understood?" Fran‡oise explained to Ficelle.

"Yes. I got it"

"Ok, to the grand finale of the party. Get ready. Their goes the 1, there
goes the 2 and now goes the.3" Fran‡oise shouted when she put the dildo deep
inside Ficelle's entrance. Ficelle did the same on Fran‡oise. Then they
started to fuck each other using the dildos, both doing it slow and tender.
The moaning and screaming echoed around the room, both feeling the pleasure
of getting penetrated. Fran‡oise used her abilities to see a vision of how
to work on Ficelle's pussy, pushing gently the fake prick inside her and
using her tongue to stimulate her clitty, making Ficelle's genitals even
more relaxed while she was using the dildo.

Ficelle, first, was only introducing the toy into Fran‡oise's hot vagina, as
she licked Fran‡oise's juices off the dildo, appreciating her best friend's
cream while she was fucking her.

Then Fran‡oise increased her tempo, making Ficelle moan loudly. She returned
the favor ramming the green toy deep into Fran‡oise's cunt, sometimes
stopping to be fucked, holding herself back to feel the delight of the sex.
Little by little, the two teens were doing each other fast as bunnies. Both
girls didn't care if the dildo was coming or going, they only wanted to
please themselves, focused only on the feeling of fucking there friend and
been fucked. Added to this, oral stimulation, mostly by Fran‡oise, licking
as fast as she could Ficelle's tiny clit.

"OOOOH, fuck me Fran‡oise. Make me cum...hmmm. Fuck me."

"Yesss, fuck me too, Ficelle, I. I love you, make me cum.shove this thing in

The entire fucking brought both ladies to the verge of orgasm. They knew that
they can hold themselves, but not for much longer. Fran‡oise, in a last drop
of awareness, removed the dildo from Ficelle's pussy and began muff diving
her friend. Ficelle continued to use the dildo, fucking the redhead girl, but
feeling Fran‡oise's mouth invade again her girlhood. But it didn't take long
for Ficelle to remove the dildo from Fran‡oise's pussy and put it into her
friend's ass. Fran‡oise felt some pain and joy from the entrance of the toy
inside her butt hole, lubed by her vaginal juices. Ficelle used one hand to
fuck her friend's ass and another to hold Fran‡oise's thighs, as she was now
licking her friend's cunt. But both girls didn't take long sucking. The
couple was on the edge of an orgasm.

"OOOOHHHHH, Ficelle, I-m-m going!"

"Fran‡oise, make me cumm, cum on me...fuck me...Gonna...Gonna."

"CUM!" both girls screamed in unison, feeling their bodies taken by orgasm
after orgasm each stronger than the last.

Ficelle removed her hand from the dildo and put into Fran‡oise's butt. Both
girls were only licking and moaning, eating the cum that there friend was
squirting. The orgasms of the young females took well over 10min, the most
incredible minutes of their lives, bringing the girls together in feeling.
After the climax's had finished, both girls collapsed on the couch.

* * *

In the morning, Ficelle woke up on the couch, getting her head aware after
last night's action. When she opened her eyes and saw Fran‡oise stood up
wearing her pajamas in front of her.

"Good morning, Sleeping Beauty" Fran‡oise said, giggling at her and then
leaned over and kissed her on her nose.

"Good morning, sweetheart."

"How are you going now?" The redhead girl asked, bending herself to the couch

"Well, now that I'm getting all the last night's stuff right in my mind, It's
ok" Ficelle answered, still sitting in the couch.

"Good" Fran‡oise said, putting her hand on Ficelle's. "Do you know what last
night meant to us?"

"Yes, I think. We're lovers now, aren't we?" Ficelle says, looking directly
into Fran‡oise's eyes.

"Yes, we are" Fran‡oise said, returning her stare. Both girls are now holding

"Well, I guess we found something to do while Alexandre is out" Ficelle says,
smiling mischievously.

"Of course Ficelle my darling. But I think that we also need to find found
something to get Alexandre here" replying with a smile even more wicked.

"What do you mean?" Ficelle asks, not figuring what her friend was thinking.

"We discuss this later, now gimme a kiss" Fran‡oise says before she kisses
her passionately for some time.

"Hmmm, Fran‡oise.


The end. Possibly?
_ _ _

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