Fastlane: Billie Meets Kelly (Ff)
by CuzinTiny

Billie was kissing a beautiful dark haired girl and rubbing her breasts
through her top. "You're so beautiful." She said to the girl as she slipped
her hand under her top and squeezed her small teenage breast.

"OH Billie, you make me feel so good." The girl replied as she rubbed
Billie's much larger breast. She could feel the nipple poking her palm even
through Billie's shirt and bra.

Three Hours Earlier:

Lieutenant Wilhelmina (Billie) Chambers was sitting in her office, known as
the Candy Store, when Capt. Bob Parish walked in. He had a beautiful young
girl with him and she immediately caught Billie's attention. The girl looked
about 14-15 years old, about 5'3" tall and maybe 95 lbs. She had long dark
hair haunting blue eyes small perky breasts and an ass that would make
anybody drool. It was well known that Billie was bisexual and this girl
really turned her on.

"Billie we have a small problem. This girl witnessed a major drug deal and
we need you to protect her for a few days."

"I'd love to watch her Captain, but that's not what we do here. We are in the
middle of a major case and are stretched pretty thin right now."

"I know about your case. What she witnessed is a big part of it. She saw your
suspect making a payoff to a high ranking police officer. So I need to leave
her with somebody I know I can trust."

"Ok Captain I'll take care of her." She walked over to the girl and said.
"What's your name?"

"Uh, I'm Kelly, Kelly Kapowski. It's nice to meet you." The girl said
reaching out to shake Billie's hand.

"Well Kelly hopefully we won't have to keep you here to long." Billie said
returning the handshake.

The captain left and Billie continued her work on the computer while Kelly
looked around the Candy Store. She was amazed at all the fancy cars and
jewelry they had. As she was looking around two men came walking in, it was
Deaq and Van, the two detectives that worked for Billie. Kelly was impressed
with both of them. They were both good looking, Van was a fairly tall white
man with a nice build and Deaq was a much taller black man with a very nice
body as well. She looked them over paying close attention to their crotches.
She thought "I wonder if it's true what they say about black men."

"Hey Billie, Who's the little cutie?" Deaq asked

"Yeah, we could use her in that child porn case we have." Van added. They
both laughed and Billie said. "Don't worry about her I'll take care of her."

"I bet you will." Van said causing him and Deaq to laugh even harder.

She gave them a `go to hell' look and they got down to business discussing
the case. When they were finished talking Deaq and Van left. Billie walked up
to Kelly and said "come on honey, we're going to my place." They got into her
Tahoe and left.

They walked into Billie's apartment carrying Chinese food they had picked up
on the way. Kelly said "you have a very nice place here."

"Thank you it's comfortable. Tell me about yourself."

"Well I'm fourteen and a half years old, I go to bayside high school and I'm
the head cheerleader."

"That sounds interesting." Billie said opening a bottle of wine and pouring
two glasses. She handed Kelly a glass and said "This will make you feel

"I probably shouldn't drink this. I've never drank anything before. I mean I
am only fourteen."

"Fourteen and a half," Billie laughed "and besides I am a cop."

They both laughed and took a sip of the wine. They made small talk as they
ate dinner and finished the bottle of wine. "Do you have a boyfriend?" Billie

"Yes his name is Zack."

"What does he look like?"

"He's about 5'9" tall; he has blonde hair, hazel eyes and the cutest smile."

"He sounds great. How long have you been dating?"

"Four months twenty-one days six hours and twelve minutes." Kelly said
looking at her watch.

They both laughed and Kelly fell over on the couch her head landing in
Billie's lap. She began stroking Kelly's hair brushing it out of her face.
They stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like forever. Finally
Billie asked. "Have you and Zack fooled around?"

"I can't believe I'm telling you this but I feel I can tell you anything."
Kelly paused for a moment then looked Billie in the eye, smiled and said.
"Yes we've had sex several times. I know I shouldn't say this but I love it
when we make love."

"I'm glad you feel you can talk to me and never be ashamed that you enjoy
sex. You're a very beautiful girl and anybody would be thrilled to have sex
with you." Billie said leaning down and kissing her on the forehead.

Kelly sat up and slowly leaned in and kissed Billie on the lips. Billie
pulled back and looked at Kelly; she could see the lust in her eyes. She
cupped Kelly's face with her hands and pulled her in and kissed her
passionately. She felt Kelly's tongue on her lips and parted them allowing
their tongues to wrestle back and forth. She moaned as they kissed then she
slid her hand up Kelly's side and cupped her small breast gently squeezing
it and feeling her nipple harden against her palm. "You're so beautiful."
She said as she slid her hand under Kelly's top squeezing her small teenage

"Oh Billie, you make me feel so good." She replied as she rubbed Billie's
much larger breast. She could feel the nipple poking her palm even through
her shirt and bra. "I've never done anything with a girl before, but I
really want to be with you tonight."

"Don't worry Kelly, I'll teach you everything you need to know." She said as
she lifted Kelly's shirt over her head. She unhooked Kelly's bra and pulled
it away from her body revealing her small breasts. Kelly was very tan from
spending time at the beach and her creamy white breasts looked absolutely
delicious capped by her small pink nipples. Billie took a nipple in her mouth
and sucked it twirling her tongue around it. She slid her hand down Kelly's
flat stomach and rubbed her pussy through her shorts. Kelly moaned loudly
spreading her legs wider to give Billie better access.

"Oh Billie, my pussy feels like it's on fire." Kelly said humping her crotch
harder against Billie's hand. "You've got me so hot I feel like I'm going to

Billie pulled her mouth off of Kelly's breast and said. "You've got me pretty
worked up as well. Now let's get the rest of your clothes off. I can't wait
to see your little pussy."

Kelly blushed as she stood up and slid her shorts and panties down to her
ankles then stepped out of them kicking them across the room. Billie just
stared as she stripped she thought "this is the most beautiful girl I've
ever seen," Kelly was standing in front of her the small patch of dark
brown pubic hair highlighted her white tan lines. Billie slid her finger
along Kelly's hairless slit feeling how wet she was. She rubbed her hard
little clit causing Kelly to moan. "Oh Billie that feels so good, your
touch is so much softer than Zack's."

Billie leaned forward and slid her tongue along her slit getting her first
taste of Kelly's teenage pussy. She grabbed Kelly's ass with both hands
pulling her tighter against her mouth driving her tongue deep into her pussy.
She could feel Kelly's legs quivering so she picked her up and carried her to
the bedroom laying her on the king-size bed. Billie looked down at the vision
of loveliness lying on her bed as she began removing her clothes. Kelly
stared as Billie removed her top then her bra revealing her large breasts.
She slipped a finger into her pussy as Billie slid her jeans down her firm
legs and stepped out of them leaving her wearing only a white lace thong. "I
guess you like what you see." Billie said turning around giving Kelly a look
at her luscious ass.

"You're beautiful Billie." Kelly moaned working her finger slowly in her
pussy. "Take off your panties I want to see your pussy." Billie slid her
thong down her legs and Kelly gasped when she saw her perfectly smooth
pussy. "You don't have any hair on your pussy."

"I shave it. Do you like it?" Billie said sliding a finger into her own slit.

"It's the sexiest thing I've ever seen. I've heard of girls doing that but
I've never seen it." Kelly paused for a moment then said. "Does it hurt when
you I mean don't you worry about cutting your self?"

"You just have to be careful. Would you like to shave yours?"

"I'd be afraid to; my hand would be shaking too much."

"I'll help you if you want."

"That would be great."

Billie led Kelly to the bathroom and sat her on the vanity. She lathered her
pussy then took her razor and with a steady hand removed every hair from
Kelly's pussy. "There you go, as smooth as the day you were born." Billie
said leaning down and licking Kelly's smooth slit. Billie licked her from
bottom to top driving her tongue deep inside Kelly's freshly shaved pussy,
then sliding up and circling her clit. Kelly moaned loudly grabbing Billie's
head and humping her crotch into her face.

"Oh my god, I've never felt anything like this before. Eat me Billie."

Billie licked her clit faster causing Kelly to moan louder. She could feel
Kelly's legs tensing and she knew she was close to cumming. She licked faster
then sucked hard on her clit sending Kelly over the edge.

screamed lifting her ass off the counter then going limp.

Billie raised her head from Kelly's crotch licking her lips trying to get
every drop of Kelly's delicious juices. "You taste fabulous. I guess you
liked your first experience with a woman."

"It was great, but now it's my turn. I want to taste you and see if I can
make you scream."

They laughed as they walked back to the bed. They lay there kissing for
several minutes and Kelly began squeezing one of Billie's large breasts.
She rolled the nipple between her fingers causing Billie to moan. Kelly
was enjoying bringing pleasure to another woman. She kissed her way down
Billie's neck then sucked her left nipple into her mouth teasing it with
her tongue making it as hard as a rock. She slid her right hand lower over
Billie's stomach until she felt the wetness of her slit. She slid first
one finger in then a second sliding them as deep as she could. Billie
moaned loving the feel of Kelly's slim fingers inside her soaking wet

"Oh Kelly, your fingers feel so good inside me, and I love the way you're
sucking my tit. But I'm going to die if I don't feel your tongue in my
pussy." Billie said as she pushed Kelly's head toward her pussy. Kelly
icked all around her pussy but stayed away from her slit. She was teasing
Billie by kissing her thighs and all along the inside of her legs. Billie
couldn't take anymore and pulled Kelly's face into her cunt and screamed.
"EAT ME! FOR GOD'S SAKE EAT MY PUSSY!" Kelly licked her slit savoring her
first taste of pussy. She licked her slowly concentrating on sliding her
tongue in as deep as possible and scooping out more of Billie's nectar.
Billie was going wild she looked down at the fourteen year old girl eating
her pussy and started squeezing her own breasts pinching and twisting her

"Eat me Kelly. Lick my pussy. It feels so good."

She humped her ass shoving her pussy into Kelly's mouth. Kelly licked faster
and started licking her clit. She slid two fingers back into Billie's pussy
and finger fucked her hard while she licked and sucked her clit. Billie
screamed as she felt her orgasm overwhelm her. "OH SHIT KELLY, I'M CUMMING!
EAT ME! FUCK ME! OH GOD KELLY, EAT MY PUSSY!" Kelly felt Billie's pussy grip
her fingers and spasm as she soaked Kelly's face with sweet pussy juice.
Billie's body shook and quivered as her orgasm went on for what seemed like

She pulled Kelly up to her face and kissed her saying. "That was fantastic.
You made me cum harder than I ever have before. Are you sure you've never
eaten pussy before?"

"Yes that was my first time but it won't be my last."

They lay there holding each other and kissing. Billie rubbed Kelly's slit
sliding two fingers up into her. Kelly jerked, she wasn't ready for the
sudden invasion but her pussy was so wet Billie's fingers slid in easily.
She kept fucking her fingers in and out then she looked at Kelly and asked.
"Would you like to get fucked?"

"I don't want anyone but you tonight."

"But wouldn't you like to feel a nice big dick sliding into your pussy?"

"Yeah that would be great but I only want you and you don't have a dick."
Kelly laughed.

"Just wait here." Billie said running to her huge closet.

Kelly was wondering what she had in mind when Billie walked out of the closet
with a huge dick sticking out from her crotch. "Oh my god what is that?"

"It's a dildo," Billie said rubbing lube all over it.

"What do you plan to do with it?"

"I'm going to fuck your little tight pussy till you scream."

"That won't take long. That thing will rip me in half."

"No it won't. You'll love it."

Kelly was nervous this thing looked twice as big as Zack's cock. It was
eleven inches long and as thick as her wrist. Billie walked over to the bed
her cock swinging with each step. She got in bed with Kelly and poured more
lube on her hand then rubbed Kelly's pussy sliding two then three fingers
into her cunt. Kelly moaned and reached out putting her hand around Billie's
cock. Her fingers didn't come close to reaching completely around it. Billie
poured some lube on Kelly's hands and she stroked her hands up and down
Billie's monster cock.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but, FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG DICK." Kelly said
laying back and spreading her legs as wide as possible.

Billie crawled between her thighs and placed the head of her monster cock at
the entrance of Kelly's pussy. She slowly pushed looking down watching it
stretch Kelly's bald pussy wider than anything had before. She pushed more
in until she had five inches inside then she pulled back making Kelly groan.
She fucked her like this only going half way until Kelly grabbed her ass
pulling her forward and yelled. "FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK! RAM IT ALL THE
WAY IN! I WANT TO FEEL IT ALL! FUCK ME!" Kelly humped her ass and pulled on
Billie trying to impale herself on Billie's cock. Billie fucked more and more
into Kelly until it was buried completely in her cunt.


Billie fucked Kelly hard pulling almost completely out then slamming all
eleven inches back into her. Kelly couldn't stop cumming she exploded with
every stroke. Billie kept fucking her knowing the great pleasure Kelly was
felling being completely filled. She knew Kelly would never be satisfied
with a normal dick again. She pounded her cock into Kelly until she screamed
and passed out. Billie rolled off of Kelly undid the straps on the dildo then
slammed it into her own pussy. She fucked herself to a mind blowing orgasm
then collapsed next to Kelly with the dildo still buried in her cunt.

On a movie set an actress is awaken by a knock on her dressing room door.
"They're ready for you on the set, Miss Thiessen." She shakes her head as she
walks to the door and thinks "that was the strangest dream."
_ _ _

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