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Fear Effect 2: Heaven And Hell Down Under (MF,FF,anal,reluc,ncon,viol)
bt Mugetsu G ([email protected])

The fixer droned to life as Hana placed the battery inside it. It proceeded
to repair the broken door before breaking down once more.

Upon reaching the other side of the door, Hana noticed another worker covered
in blood cowering in the corner and a ladder leading to a lower level. With
her finger on the pistol's trigger Hana was about to shoot the scared worker
when she heard screams below.

"HANA! Help me!"

"Shit!" Hana thought as she recognized Rain's voice.

Hana quickly recorded her current status on her phone and climbed down the
ladder drawing her uzi's when she reached the bottom. Creeping across the
dimly lit floor, Hana came on a disturbing sight. Hooked up to some creepy
machine Rain's arms and legs were bound with a tentacle pulsating from the
it's base pentrating her slit.

"What the hell is this ?!?" Hana screamed. "Hold on Rain, I'll get you

"No Hana watch out!" Rain screamed at her.

Hana only caught a glimpse of Scanner as his wrench made impact with the side
of her head.

* * *

"Ugh... Ooh... My head..." Hana moaned as she regained consciousness. She
could feel the floor below her and it felt cooler than before. Hana panicked
as she realized that she had been cleaned of her clothes and weapons.

"HANAAAAAAA!" Rain yelled at the top of her lugs.

Hana turned around and saw something truly disgusting that horrified her.
No longer bound to the creepy contraption, Rain was now laying spread eagle
on the floor. Scanner had her arms pinned to the floor and her legs over
his shoulders as he continously penetrated her moist pussy.

"HANA HELP ME! PLEASE!" Rain screamed again.

"You bastard!" Hana screamed as she jumped onto Scanner's back wrapping her
arms around this throat choking him and then wrestling him off of Rain.

Scanner reached back, grabbed hold of Hana, flung her across the room.

"Please kitty kitty, place nice," the still nude Scanner hissed as he
advanced towards Hana. "Don't be angry kitty."

"Fuck you asshole!" Hana belted back as she got up and threw a right-cross
making contact with his face.

Scanner was only stunned temporarily before he backhanded Hana knocking her
back to the ground.

"PLAY NICE KITTY!" He growled.

"Go to hell!" Hana yelled as she kicked him in the crotch.

"Damn it kitty! I said play nice!" Scanner screamed after stumbling a bit.

Scanner grabbed Hana's leg as she stumbled trying to get up. Hana tried
punching him in the face, but the close quarters hampered the attempts.

Scanner grabbed hold of Hana's throat and said, "Don't make me kill you

"Motherfucker, you're going to pay for this," Hana growled as Scanner slowly
penetrated her pussy.

"Be a nice kitty like Rain was," he said grinning as he quickened his pace a
bit and then kissed Hana's lips.

"Asshole!" she scowled after she spit at him.

"Stop that," Scanner calmly said as she tightened his grip on her throat.

With the lack of air Hana coughed a bit and started gasping for air.

"Now be good!" Scanner said as she removed his hand from her throat and
used both of them to pin her arms to the ground.

He kissed her on the lips again, this time forcing his tongue into her mouth.
Scanner then continued his way down Hana's body running his tongue over it
stopping at her breasts.

Scanner began by licking her left nipple then her right. He bit down lightly
on her right nipple then began to grind his teeth on it.

"Shit that hurts! Asshole!" Hana belted as she squirmed trying to break
hold of his grasp.

Scanner continued to run his tongue up and down Hana's body stopping at her
dark bush. He shoved his tongue inside her cunt to explore her insides.

"Oh my god this is gross!" Hana muttered as a feeling of queasiness overcame
her. The feeling soon left as Scanner removed his tongue. "Thank god..."
she muttered.

"Time to play some more kitty!" Scanner squealed with delight as he flipped
her on her stomach and began to lick her asshole.

"I swear to god I'm gonna kill you if you do..." Hana warned him.

Ignoring her Scanner licked her asshole a few more times, before he began
probbing it with his cock.

* * *


Rain heard Hana scream as she promped herself up and composed herself.

She couldn't clearly see what was happening because of the dim light, but
Rain could see the motion of the silhoute of the bodies.

"Oh my god! I've got to help Hana!" Rain thought to herself in a panic.

She quickly looked around the room trying to find some weapons or just
anything to fight Scanner with. In a lit corner near where Scanner was
fucking Hana in the ass, Rain noticed Hana's clothes and weapons in a pile.
Rain darted to the corner and picked up Hana's uzi.

"Hey asshole!" Rain screamed at Scanner.

"Play nice kitty. I'm busy here."

"GET OFF HANA NOW!" Rain belted with authority.

"You made me angry kitty!" Scanner yelled as he got up and faced Rain.

"Go to hell asshole." Rain said coldly as she unloaded round after round in

"Ha Ha Ha! Foolish kitty! You can't kill me with your weak guns!" Scanner
cackled as he advanced toward Rain.

"Die, god damn it! Die!" Rain screamed as she continued to unload rounds of
ammo into Scanner.

"You should've played nice kitty!" Scanner bellowed as he clubbed Rain with
his fist knocking her to the ground.

Still hurting a bit, Hana could see the fight between her partner and the
madman, but couldn't muster enough strength to get up.

"Rain watch out!" Hana yelled as she saw Scanner raise his fist up in the
air for the death blow.

Rain barely rolled out of the way as Scanner's fist pounded the ground. She
began to unleash another round of bullets into Scanner, but to no avail as
he began to get back to his feet.

"What've I got to do to kill this bastard?!?!?" Rain screamed in

"Rain! The electrical walls! Knock him into those!" Hana yelled at her.

"This better work or we're screwed!" Rain thought to herself.

"I said play nice kitty! Now you die!" Scanner yelled as he chased after

"You're kitty is right here." Rain purred as she stopped in front of one of
the walls.

"We could have been friends kitty!" Scanner growled as charged at Rain.

Rain quickly side-stepped him, and Scanner plowed head-on into the electrical
wall. Scanner screamed in pain as he was flung across the room.

"That hurt kitty!" Scanner moaned as he staggered to his feet.

"No shit, now die!" Rain shouted as she pressed the uzi's trigger down and
a hail of bullets pounded into scanner pushing him across the room and into
the wall again.

"Aaaaaaaaah! Shiiiiit!" Scanner screamed as electricty pulsed through his
body then threw him to the ground.

Bloodied and haggard Scanner struggled once more to his feet.

"God damn it! What's it take to kill you?!?"

"He he he. Much more than bullets and electricty!" he yelled as charged
full speed at Rain.

Click, click. "OH SHIT!" Rain muttered as she realized the uzi was out of

"Rain move it!" Hana yelled as a stream of bullets left her automatic rifle
and pelted Scanner.

"Noooooooooo!" Scanner yelled as Rain jumped out of the way and the river of
bullets pushed him into the wall one last time.

* * *

"Hey Hana, you ok?" Rain asked as she found her clothes and started putting
them back on.

"Yeah yeah, I'm fine Rain."

"Let's get to the party," Rain said as she finished dressing and headed for
a nearby door.

"Hey wait up for a moment!" Hana called out as she too finished dressing and
caught up with Rain.

"Yeah Hana?"

"Thanks for saving my ass back there. Both figurative and literally."

"No problem. You saved me first though, and besides we're partners here,"
Rain replied and then started walking towards the door again.

"Hey Rain hold on for a sec."

"Something wrong Hana?"

"No everything's fine..." Hana whispered cooly as planted a kiss on Rain's

"Woah! Hana hold on," Rain stuttered as she broke the kiss and stepped

"What's wrong Rain?"

"No- nothing Hana. It's just that... I dunno... This is strange, I guess."

"Rain listen to me."

"Ye- yeah?"

"Look into my eyes and tell me this isn't right."

With a bit of uncertainity Rain looked deep into Hana's eyes. After a few
minutes Hana spoke.

"What're you feeling Rain?"

A few more minutes of silence. Then...

"Hana..." Rain whispered as she put her arms around Hana and began to
passionately kiss her lips.

"Scanner treated us both rough. Let's do right what he did wrong," Hana
cooed as she began to unzip Rain's outfit.

"Hana... You sure? I mean we've got to get to the party soon don't we?"

"In a moment. We have a few minutes to spare hon..." Hana whispered as she
finished unzipping the outfit and threw it to the ground.

Hana kissed Rain again slipping in some tongue and waited patiently as Rain
undressed her.

"Over there hon," Hana said pointing at a table.

Rain climbed and sat on the table, her legs dangling over the edge.

Hana kissed Rain again and then began to work her way down her body. Slowly
and softly she kissed Rain's neck, then her shoulders, stopping at her
breasts. Hana kissed one, then the other. She began circling the nipple on
Rain's left breast with her tongue, stopping to gentle bite down.

"Hana..." Rain heavily breathed.

Hana then grabbed both of Rain's breasts and began to squeeze and massage
them before nibbling on her right nipple.

"Oh Hana..." Rain heavily breathed again.

Looking down Hana could see Rain getting wet. She slowly began to kiss her
way down Rain's body kissing her stomach and licking her belly button, before
stopping at the blond bush between her legs.

Hana ran her hand through the damp yellow forest before tracing the outline
of Rain's clit with her tongue.

"Jesus Hana... This feels good..." Rained began to moan.

"Then this will feel better," Hana gleefully said as her tongue quickly
darted inside Rain's moist hole.

"Oh god!" Rain screamed as a wave of excitement coursed through her body.

Hana continued to dart her tongue in and out Rain's cunt furthering her

"You like Rain?" Hana asked removing her tongue temporarily.

"Oh god yes!" Rain panted as she had reached up and began groping her own

"Good..." Hana whispered as she got up, leaned over Rain, started kissing her
again, and shoved two fingers inside her dripping pussy.

Squeals of delight could be heard emanating from Rain's body as her tongue
was currently occupied wrestling with Hana's blocking any sound from leaving
her mouth.

Hana dove her fingers deeper and farther in Rain exploring every which way
they could go.

"Harder Hana," Rain panted as their heads finally seperated for a bit.

"Like this?" Hana asked with a naughty look in her eyes as her fingers did
something inside of Rain to cause her body to jump up a bit and grind down
on them.

"HANAAAAAAAAAA!" Rain screamed as her body shook with mulitple orgasms and
her juices began to dripped all over the table and Hana's fingers.

* * *

"You taste good kitty," Hana said mocking Scanner's speech as she licked her
fingers clean.

"Oh don't you dare start with that!" Rain growled as she cleaned herself up
and dressed.

"I know I know. Sorry about that, but you did get wet even when he was
fucking you," Hana said smiling.

"Hmmph! I can't help it! I've always gotten wet when I've had sex with

"And now with girls too," Hana said with a wicked grin.

"Besides, you're the one who had anal sex with him!" Rain shot back.

"Hey he forced it on me!"

"He forced himself on me too Hana!"

Both females were now glaring at each other, neither speaking a word or even
batting an eyelash.

After a few moments Hana broke out in laughter.


"Listen to ourselves argue over Scanner!" Hana exclaimed with a smile on her

A smile then crossed Rain's face.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I still owe you though Hana."

"Owe me what?"

"You pleasured me and now it's my turn to do the same for you."

"Ah, don't worry about it yet. Let's just make our appearance at this shin
dig and get our bounty. After that... After that we can spend all the time
together that we want," Hana said as she took Rain's face in her hand and
traced her lips with her finger.

"Sure thing Hana," Rain smiled packing up her things and reloading the Uzi.

"Oh and Rain, I'm going to need some help getting into this party dress in a
moment if you want one last peek before we hit this party with a bang."

"You know I do!" Rain grinned devilishly.

* * *

To be continued...


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