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Fear Effect 2: Party Crashers (MF,FF,fist)
by Mugetsu G ([email protected])

With just the crickets chirping and a slight breeze blowing in the garden,
the bored guard stopped for a moment to light a cigarette.

"Damn it, I should be patrolling the party not an empty garden," he muttered
as began his walk again.

Blam! A shot rang out and the guard fell to the ground with a sea of red
oozing from a hole in his head.

"We can't always get what we want," Rain said nonchalantly as she took the
clips from his gun.

After reloading Rain ran across the courtyard and up the ramp. At the top
there was only one guard she could see. He was an easy kill as he was facing
the other direction. She took the ammunition from his gun also and continued
down the path until she reached a corner. Rain slowly crept to the corner to
peek around and when she saw nothing she started to turn the corner.

"Hold it!" She heard a gruff voice command her as she could here a round

"Shit!" Rain grumbled to herself.

"Drop the guns and turn around slowly," the voice then demanded.

Rain did so and as she turned she could see it was just another security
guard. An easy marks if she just got the chance.

"A pretty young thing, just too bad I have to kill you now," the guard said

"Oh come now, you don't want to kill me do you?" Rain said playfully as she
swaggered towards the guard swaying her chest and hips like only a woman

"As cute as you are if I don't kill you now, we'll both be soon dead," he
said as pointed his gun straight between Rain's eyes.

"No, no, no, you don't want to kill me sweet thing," Rain purred as she
unzipped and lowered the top of wet suit and breasts popped out.

The right eyebrow of the guard raised at the sight of Rain's tits glistening
in the moonlight.

"I see I turn you on," Rain said coyly as she finished unzipping the rest of
her wetsuit and dropped it to the ground.

The guard's arm lowered a bit.

"As much as I may or may not want you, I've got to kill you now. I've got no
choice here," the guard stammered out.

"Ah no you don't," Rain whispered as she kissed him on the lips while at the
same time squeezed the developing bulge in his pants.

"Ah... Wait a sec..."

"Tell me you still have to kill me now," Rain said as she squeezed her breast
with one hand and rubbed her pussy with the other.

"Oh Damn," the guard moaned before taking Rain's head into his hands and
kissing her on the lips.

Rain pulled away and spoke quietly, "The ground's a bit hard, you have
somewhere softer we can go?"

"There's nothing on my walk, except maybe the grassy area surrounding the

"That'll do fine sweetie," Rain told the guard as she planted another kiss on
his lips then picked her things up.

* * *

"You sure no one else will see us here?" Rain asked as they reached the
grassy area and she dropped her stuff again.

"No, the way the garden is built this area is a bit secluded and nobody can
hear anything."

"Good, because after all if someone did find us we'll both end up dead," Rain
said devilishly.

"Ha ha. Eh... Right. If you weren't such a fine looking bitch, then you'd be
dead right now. Anyways, don't try anything funny and we'll both walk away
with our life," the guard said as he stripped his clothes off with his stiff
cock blowing in the wind. He failed to see the twinge of agitation develop
in Rain's eyes.

"Shush. All talk and no play makes a grumpy guard," Rain said slyly as she
lowered herself in front of him and took his cock in her hands.


"Your dick is so big," Rain said as she massaged and rubbed it up and down.

"Would you like me to suck it?" She asked evilly as she licked at the cock's

"You know I do sweet thing," the guard replied grinning.

"Like this?" Rain asked as she took his whole dick in her mouth running her
tongue up and down the shaft.

"Mmmmmmmmm... nice..."

Rain continued to suck on his dick as she began to massage his scrotum.

"Oh god very nice...." the guard groaned as she started thrusting his stiff
member into her mouth.

Rain continued to bob her head up and down on the guard's dick slapping the
shaft with her tongue as he continued to shove his dick deep into her mouth.

"Oh god... I'm gonna cum soon babe..." the guard groaned.

"Mmmm... Not yet sweetie," Rain purred back as she moved her head back.

"Fuck me like a bitch," Rain toyed with the guard as she got on all fours and
stuck her ass into the air.

"Veeeeery nice," the guard sneered as he probed Rain's now wetting hole with
the tip of his rod.

"Oh come on... Don't toy with me like that..." Rain whined as she waved her
rear in the air.

"No more playing," the guard said as he pierced Rain's insides with his cock.

"Oh..... Very nice...." Rain moaned as she started to push back towards the

The guard grabbed hold of her hips and started pump his throbbing dick in and
out of Rain's pussy.

"Fuck me harder..." Rain groaned.

"Ooooooooh... You're a sweet little thing..." the guard panted as he
quickened his thrusting.

"Harder..." Rain squealed as she contracted her vaginal muscles and they
squeezed down on the guard's member.

"Shiiiiiit... I'm gonna cum..." the guard screamed as he slammed down hard
one last time before washing the walls of Rain's insides with his cum.

"Uuuuuuuuh.... Aaaaaaaaaaah!" Rain cried in ecstasy as she orgasmed multiple
times and her juices started to flow almost in waves.

Both Rain and the guard lay on the ground in exhaustion for a few moments
before the guard sat up.

"You're a great fuck hon," the guard said as he stood up and started to

"I know, Hana has said so on many times," Rain replied grinning.

"Who the hell is Hana?" The guard asked quizzingly as he turned toward Rain.

"A good friend of mine, and you know what?"

Blam! A sing shot rang out and the guard fell to the ground with a hole in
his head.

"Only she calls me a bitch or babe," Rain said with a sneer.

* * *

"Damn that was close," Hana thought to herself as she momentarily stepped
into the women's restroom to dodge the guard with the weapon detector.

A few minutes later, Hana snuck out of the bathroom. Having exhausted all of
her options up to this point she decided to head back to the bar to see if
she could find anyone with useful information.

As she leaned on the bar sipping on her wine, a well-groomed handsome young
man approached Hana. At most he couldn't have been more than twenty-five
years old.

"So what's a good looking gal like you drinking her alone?" the man asked
with a smile.

"Oh come on. Can't you guys come up with better lines than that?" Hana
retorted dryly.

"Apologies my lady. You just seemed to be bothered by something, so I
thought I'd come over. I'll leave you alone if that's what you wish," the
gentleman said as he turned to walk away.

"No, no I'm sorry," Hana apologized as she grabbed the man shoulder.

"No need to apologize my lady," the man replied, "but if I may be as bold to
ask what's bothering you?"

"It's nothing. I just need to meet with an important man, but he's outside
on the balcony and I have no way to get out there."

"And just who might this man be?"

"Dr. Gyen-Won Liu."

"Indeed he is an important man, but you'll never get into the VIP area with
just that silver bracelet. Here take this," the gentleman replied as reach
out to Hana with a gold bracelet in his hand.

"What? You sure?"

"Yes, go ahead and take it. I'm no longer need it," the man said as he
placed it in Hana's hand and pressed her hand around it.

"Thank you kind sir," Hana said, as she temporarily looked down fit it on her

"You're most welcome, and just remember Hana be careful."

"How'd you know my name..." Hana began to ask as she looked up and the man
was gone. She quickly scanned the room, but she didn't see him so she forgot
about it for the time being and headed for the balcony door.

"This way Miss," the balcony guard spoke as he opened the door after Hana
showed him the bracelet.

"That was easy enough," Hana muttered to herself as she stepped onto the
balcony and the door behind her closed. "Now to just find Dr. Liu."

It wouldn't be hard to find the doctor because the balcony wasn't all that
big, but there were a number of guards patrolling the area and they had
weapon scanners.

Hana glanced around the balcony for the doctor. With guards wandering about
she didn't want to have look for him, but Hana didn't even have an exact idea
of what he looked like. Dr. Liu was a bit of a recluse making clear pictures
of him extremely rare. It was a bit of a surprise he would even be at a
public event like this.

After searching the balcony for a bit avoiding the guards Hana finally caught
glimpse of a man she knew had to be the doctor. He seemed to be involved in
a lively debate with two colleagues, but Hana figured he wouldn't mind the

"Excuse me Doctor," she interrupted the discussion as, "sorry to disturb you,
but I was wondering if I could have a moment of your time."

"I'm sorry, but I'm in the middle of an important discussion at the moment.
Maybe later..." the doctor began before he saw them emblem on Hana's gold
bracelet. "Where did you get that bracelet at?"

"A gentleman I met inside said he no longer needed it and gave it to me to
use to get out here to meet you."

"Oh I see," Dr Liu started. "Just a moment please."

"Dr. Wagner, Dr. Lee if you don't mind I need to speak to this young lady for
a bit," Dr. Liu said to two men.

"Shit!" Hana thought to herself. "He's not drinking anything and short of
taking his jacket or something I can't get any of his prints. Looks like
I'll have to go to Plan B."

After the three men exchanged their pleasantries Dr. Liu came back over to

"What can I do for you miss?" The doctor asked.

"It's more a question of what I can do for you Dr. Liu. I was sent her, by
a good friend of yours to congratulate you on your recent breakthroughs with
your research."

"Oh and who's the kind sir who decided to do that?"

"It was your assistant Mr. Bevins."

"Ah yes Steve. Many times I think he's just trying to suck up to me, but
this time I think I'll go along with it," the doctor said as he eyed Hana up
and down in her skimpy green dress.

"Good," Hana purred giving him a small kiss on the lips. "Now is there any
place private we can go to celebrate alone?"

"Hmm... There is a suite on the bottom floor that isn't being used right now.
Let's go there."

"Lead the way," Hana said smiling patting Dr. Liu on the butt.

* * *

After he closed the suite door behind him, the doctor threw the suite keys
onto a table. Hana undressed and climbed onto the bed.

"You don't mind if I have a drink do you?" Dr. Liu asked as he poured himself
a glass of wine.

"No, not at all. Whatever the good doctor likes," Hana said grinning as she
sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs open.

"I haven't seen anything so nice in a long time," the doctor said as gulped
down a few swallows of wine. "I'm being very rude here. Would you like a
glass as well?"

"No thanks doctor I don't need one. I have all fluids I need right here,"
Hana said with a devilish look on her face as she fingered herself for a
moment then licked it.

"I must give Mr. Bevins a raise next week," the doctor said with some
excitement as he sat the partially full wineglass down, took off his coat,
and started to undress.

"You still look great at your age," Hana urged the doctor on as she laid flat
on her with her legs spread eagle.

"Some of the things you miss from your youth..." the doctor whispered as he
got to his knees and started trace his finger around Hana's clit.

"Oh come now doctor. I can't believe you've forgotten what to do with what
of those," Hana said playing with him.

"Not yet I haven't," Dr. Liu said he spread Hana's hole open with his fingers
and his tongued slithered it's way inside.

"You know I've always heard older men were better in bed, is that true
doctor?" Hana asked as he continued clean her vaginal walls with his tongue.

"Depends on the guy, but generally speaking yes from what I've heard from
women who've discussed the issue," Dr. Liu answered as he momentarily brought
his head up. "Do all ladies our age taste this good?" He asked before diving
back in.

"Mmmmmmm.... Absolutely," Hana moaned.

After a few moments of licking the doctor stood up and positioned his cock to
fill Hana's hole.

"Come on Dr. Liu, feel me up like only a real man can..." Hana urged the man.

"God it's been awhile..." the doctor moaned as he inserted his stiff member
into Hana's wet cunt.

"Come on doctor you know what to do," Hana said grinning as she ground
herself into his cock.

"God you're so sweet Hana!" The doctors exclaimed feverishly as he grabbed
hold of Hana's hips and started to thrust himself into her.

"Oh Dr. Liu harder!" Hana begged the doc as she wrapped her legs around his

"Mmmph! Hana I'm fixing to cum!" Dr. Liu groaned in pleasure as he pounded
Hana's pussy harder and deeper with each thrust.

"Do it doctor! Fucking cum in me!" Hana screamed as her vaginal muscles
clamped down on the doctor and her legs locked in place around his waist.

"Shiiiiiiit!" Dr. Liu screamed in pleasure as his dick burst and started to
empty it's load inside of Hana.

"Oh my god!" Hana moaned as she could feel the pulsating cock inside of her.

Hana tried to fight of her orgasm because if she didn't her fluids mixing
with Dr. Liu's would make them unusable to get his DNA. The feeling was too
overwhelming though as Hana's body shook with excitement as orgasms pulsed
through her body making it tingle.

"Shit!" Hana thought as her excitement subsided and Dr. Liu's dick was still
inside her. "Now that DNA sample is ruined!"

But just as Hana was getting ready to come up with Plan C, she felt some
wetness splash down on her stomach.

"Damn it must have been awhile!" Hana thought to herself as Dr. Liu had
pulled out but was still cumming.

"How rude of me. Let me help you with that Doctor," Hana said as she took
his cock into her mouth and sucked it until he finished squirting.

* * *

"He he. I must really thank Mr. Bevins next week," Dr. Liu grinned as he got

As she was getting dressed with her back to the doctor Hana wiped the cum
from her stomach with a EVI Rag, snatched the doctor's glass, and put them
both in her purse.

"Shall we return to the party?" the doctor asked taking Hana's arm in his.

"We shall," Hana said smiling.

* * *

"Hey Hana can you hear me?" Rain's voice rang in Hana's earset.

"Yeah Rain what's up?"

"I've got Jin's package and I'm waiting by the elevator. Where are you?"

"I've just left the doctor and am on my way there. Give me five minutes."

"Roger that, oh and just one other thing. They've got a security camera on
the elevator so just follow my lead."

* * *


The elevator door slide open and Hana stepped inside.

"Damn girl, you always look good in that dress," Hana said to Rain as the
door closed behind her.

"Shh!" Rain shushed Hana with a finger placed on her lips. She then nodded
towards the camera, before kissing Hana on the lips.

"Remember when I said I would return the favor from the aqueducts?" Rain
whispered in Hana's ear.

"Yeah, and?"

"Well here you go hon," Rain said before she kissed Hana again and gave her
tits a squeeze.

"You sure? Here? What about the camera?"

"Well if they really want to watch, let's give them a show," Rain grinned
evilly as she pushed the stop button and the elevator screeched to a halt.

"You are one bad girl," Hana grinned as she began to undress herself.

"Like you're one to talk Hana," Rain said smiling as she dropped her dress
to the floor.

"That's besides the point," Hana said as she french-kissed Rain twisting her
tongue around Rain's.

"Oh Shit Hana that's nice..." Rain groaned as Hana started to finger her.

"But you know it's my turn to pleasure you hon," Rain said as she kissed Hana
again and pushed her down to the floor.

"Come on Rain. If we're going to give them a show, we might as well do it
right," Hana said grinning as she leaned against the elevator wall and spread
her legs.

"Yummy..." Rain said as she put her head between Hana's legs and began to
lick at her clit.

"Mmmmmmm... You sure do know how to eat me out..." Hana groaned as she looked
at the security camera smiling while she started to squeeze and rub her own

"I learned from a master," Rain grinned as she brought her head up and kissed
Hana again. Rain then stuck her two fingers in Hana's moistening cunt again
and started to lick her right nipple.

"Oooooh... whatever show you wanted had in mind you must be surpassing..."
Hana groaned.

"You cum too easily babe," Rain taunted Hana as she continued to finger
Hana's wet pussy and lick the juices that had begun to leak out.

"Oh shut up," Hana replied as she began to rub the area around Rain's probing

"I wonder if the guys behind the camera would like this?" Rain asked grinning
as she inserted a third finger inside of Hana's cave.

"Oh gooooood!" Hana grimaced in excitement. "If they don't then I sure

"What about this?" Rain asked as she inserted to two remaining fingers.

"Jesus Rain! That's fucking filling me!" Hana moaned as Rain began to
move her hand in and out of Hana's stretching pussy slowly working it's way
farther in.

"That's what I intended my sweet," Rain replied as she kissed Hana on the
forehead and managed to work her hand in all the way down to the fist.

"OH FUCK ME RAIN!" Hana screamed as Rain began increasing the pumping action
of her hand.

"Oh I will Hana. Now it's your turn to be my bitch!"

"Oh god Rain! Deeper!"

"Jesus your a pervert," Rain replied as she continued to fist Hana.

"Oh shit I'm gonna cum!" Hana screamed in ecstasy as her body shook with

"Sweet thing you are Hana," Rain said with glee as Hana's fluids began to
spill onto the elevator floor and Rain began to lick them up.

* * *

"Now that we've given them the show of their life, we've got a job to finish
Rain," Hana said as she finished dressing and pushed the go button.

"Jesus Hana. How can you be all business like again right after something
like that?"

"It comes with being a mercenary. You learn to develop the ability soon
enough. Now let's get ready to rumble," Hana said as the elevator started
back up.

* * *

To be continued...


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