Codes: FF, mc

Final Fantasy X: Battle With Yunalesca
by Sethite Set ([email protected])

Party was fighting Yunalesca in the ruins of Zanarkand. Situation wasn't bad. No, not bad at all. It was dramatic. Yuna and Lulu were probably the last ones, Auron, Tidus and Khimari, who were fighting on the first line, were all KOed. Seeing Khimari falling on the cold stones, Yuna, who was leader of the group now, called Rikku, the last non active member of the party, on the battlefield. She knew that they might be in troubles, but Yunalesca received some damage too, so maybe they will be able to defeat her, after all.

"Lulu, use all you magic on her!" high summoner started giving commands "Rikku, use the grenades! I'll be healing you both!" Yuna withdrew behind the backs of her both friends. Lulu began to cast Fira and Rikku was checking her equipments for her most dangerous grenades. She quickly threw two of them into Yunalesca, causing undead witch some serious damage. Fire spells of Lulu were deadly too. Sparkles of hope shone in Yuna's eyes. She was sure that they'll be able to beat that monster.

Yuna took an ether, seeing that Lulu lacks of mp. Black mage drank it and begun to cast Holy spell. She hoped that it will be strong enough to get rid of Yunalesca for good. But vile monster noticed that too. She quickly hit Rikku, taking almost half of her hp. Seeing her cousin in dangerous situation, Yuna quickly casted Cura on her. Rikku was healed, but Yuna lost her turn. It was now turn of Yunalesca again, because she previously casted Haste on herself. Lulu, who was not so far from finishing Holy, was her next target. "Mind blast!", she hissed, as mind blowing spell hit totally unprepared black mage. Lulu fell on earth, confused and dazed. Everything around her was spinning, psychedelic colors were dancing in front of her eyes, strange voices were whispering words in her mind. Chaos ruled over her mind now and Lulu wasn't in position to understand what's going on. She couldn't see if people around are her friends or foes...

Yuna noticed that her guardian has some kind of problems, but it was too late. It was Lulu's turn. Being not sure what she is doing, she thrown Blizzard on Rikku. Brick of ice froze around young thief's legs, immobilizing her effectively. Yuna started to search in her bag for some kind of potion that might heal Lulu from Confuse, but in the same time, Yunalesca, still with Haste status, casted Charm on high summoner. Trail of pink hearts hit Yuna and begun to dance around her head. One after another, pink hearts popped while hitting her head. With each hit Yuna's mind was cloudier. She found Yunalesca very pretty. It was wrong that she was fighting such beautiful and gentle woman. She should love and serve her, not struggle...

"Yunnie, wake up!" cried Rikku, who finally used her blade to free her legs from ice. Unfortunately, Lulu was still under the effect of Confuse. Her intelligence points were now halved and were still going down. She casted Demi on Rikku. Young Al Bhed fell in her knees, as she lost half of her hp in one second. Moment later, Charm, casted by Yunalesca, hit her head. On her knees, she crawled to the undead guardian of Zanarkand. Next to her was Yuna, who just broke her summoner's staff on her knee and was now kneeling in front of her new mistress, gazing at her with love in her eyes.

Confused Lulu used her plushy moggle to hit herself. It wasn't painful, but it was enough to free her from the power of the spell. With shock she saw her both friends kneeling in front of their enemy.

"Yuna, Rikku!" she cried, preparing quickly Firaga. When she wanted to cast that powerful fire spell, high summoner and thief rose, protecting Yunalesca with their own bodies. Lulu hesitated, that spell was powerful enough to kill them both. Before she took her decision, Yuna threw Slow on her. Suddenly Lulu found that she has lot of problems with moving.

It was Rikku's turn now. She came close to black mage and blade begun to cut the belts of Lulu's dress, one after another. Leather parts were falling on the stones, as was doing her work, revealing more and more of black mage's body.

"Nnnnoooo? Rrrriiikkkkkuuuu? sssstttoooopppp!", even Lulu's lips were moving slowly, thanks to the effect of the Slow spell. She was looking with horror as Yuna took her precious moggle and ripped mascot into pieces with her bare hands. Seconds later her dark dress, cut into pieces, felt on earth. She had only her corset, panties and stockings to cover her body. Her D cup breasts were exposed. Thanks to the chill air, her nipples were now hard. Rikku slid behind her and started to work on the strings of Lulu's corset.

"Ughmmm..." groaned Lulu with discomfort, as corset got tighter. In the same time, Yuna was taking their equipment, potions, hp potions, tonics, ethers and phoenix downs, pouring them on the Yunalesca and healing her hp and mp. Lulu could only watch. Being still under the effect of Slow, her hands, legs and mouth were moving in the slow motion. Rikku used of her belts to bound Lulu's hands behind her back. Then she cupped her massive breasts with her hands, caressing and mashing them. Al Bhed's skilled fingers were twisting black mage's dark nipples.

"Osomse", Yuna casted next spell, transferring all the mp from Lulu to herself, making black mage totally defenseless. Then she let Yunalesca Osmose her too, giving all her mp to the witch.
"Adore me...", smiled Yunalesca, as Yuna fell on her knees, kissing and licking bare feet of the ancient summoner. In the same time Rikku prepared something in her Mix Bag and poured the liquid into Lulu's mouth. Black mage was struggling, but when Rikku pinched her nose, she had to open her lips. Rikku quickly poured the burning potion inside. Lulu tried to spit it out, but she swallowed most.

"What was that...", Lulu found that the effect of the Slow spell is getting away.

"Special liquid, that Al Bhed men are using to make their cold girls warmer...", whispered Rikku to her ear, licking it a bit, while her hands were caressing black mage's sexy body. In the same time, Yuna was undressing her white robe and blue dress. Long black boots, black panties and bra in similar color were the only things she currently had on her. Yunalesca casted another Charm on Rikku and Yuna. She omitted Lulu, finding it funnier to play with older woman on different terms. She ordered both charmed girls to have sex with Lulu.

Lulu could feel that against her will, she was getting aroused. Rikku's potion was working miracles on her, increasing black mage's libido drastically. Blonde Al Bhed was fondling her tits and kissing her gently. Yuna approached them and removed her bra, exposing her small, but perky breasts to Lulu.

"Play with them", said Yuna. Black mage was struggling, but she couldn't wait any longer, Yuna's boobies were so pretty, soft and shining, they just wanted to be touched. Lulu closed her eyes, as she leaned forward and begun to kiss the tip of Yuna's right breast. Behind her, Rikku was caressing her moistening pussy through the material of her satin panties. It was now hopeless situation for black mage. Pleasure was growing inside her.

Yunalesca smiled, as she told Yuna to move back and strip her panties. High summoner was now only in her boots. Girls positioned Lulu on her knees, and soon she was licking former high summoner's pussy, teasing her clit with her tongue. Rikku quickly undressed herself and mounted the back of Lulu, rubbing her boobies against her neck and running her fingers through her black hair, shoving her deeper and deeper into Yuna's pussy, forcing her to submissively lick juices and drive her tongue deeper. Black mage closed her eyes as she tasted juices of Yuna and wrapped her hands tight around her perky ass.

In the same time, Rikku brought her fingers into Lulu's warm womanhood, undressing her wet, sticky satin panties and driving her fingers inside. Lulu couldn't resist any longer, it was too good to resist. Soon she was grunting and moaning with pleasure. Seeing that black mage was about to cum, Yunalesca told her both charmed slaves to stop. They left Lulu's body, trembling and covered with sweat on the cold stones for a few minutes, just to change positions. In the meantime, Rikku undid the belt from Lulu's hands. It wasn't needed any longer.

Then, Yuna bent over and began to run her fingers up and down Lulu's shining, sweating thighs and darted into her pussy, moving her tongue in and out forcefully. Lulu spread her legs almost immediately as she fell back, caught in the hands of blonde Al Bhed thief, who leaned forward and began to pinch and twist the tips of her dark, hard nipples with her fingers. Lulu moaned and then screamed as the brutal stimulation of the nipple teasing and rotating, as well as the pussy pumping dominated her for good.

"Cum for me, all of you..." said Yunalesca. Trio was rocking harder and harder until they came. Their eyes rolled back as they screamed in unison. Pussy juices shoot out of her pussies on their hot, sweaty bodies. Soon they were lying on the stones of the ruins, shaking and breathing steadily. Lulu was still on her back, as Yuna and Rikku rose and begun to caress her body again. Lady Yunalesca was looking at them with smile. Finally, three young women with their bodies shining from sweat and cum, knelt in front of her, naked, save to their boots. Lulu had also her stockings, while Rikku had her orange belt around her hips.

"You will stay with me for eternity", she said, and trio nodded their heads with agreement. As they were saying "Yes, mistress Yunalesca" screen begun to blur and "Game Over" letters appeared.


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