I never actually liked Final Fantasy XII much, but I like Fran a lot. So here's a story with her.

Fran belongs to Square-Enix.

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Codes: MF, nc, bdsm, rape.

Final Fantasy XII: Hell In Nalbina Part 1 - New master
by Sethite

"Faster, bitch", shouted guard who was leading Fran through the corridors of Nalbina Dungeons. The place, known formerly known as Nalbina Fortress, was well made for a prison - solid, high walls, only two gates and deep vast catacombs beneath. Moreover, it was cold and frosty and many prisoners found their end here because of it.

But it was not these severe conditions that were the most popular causes of death. The two things that made many lives drastically short and earned the fear of everyone outside were the cruelty of the guards and total anarchy of the prisoners. Power was the only thing that was respected in the dungeons, and it was the only thing that offered protection and recognised by others. The weak and vulnerable were simply left to suffer and of all the denizens of the prisons the ones that suffered the most were the imprisoned women. The women were left to the saddest fate of all.

Of course, Fran didn't know anything about this order nor did she care to know. She was certain that they would find a way out of this prison soon. The slap of the whip was sharply heard when it smacked her round ass. She clenched her teeth, intent on denying the guards the satisfaction of her shouts.

With these strong iron cuffs on her hands she could do nothing else but formulate an escape. Fran was deep in thought as she made plans to reunite with Balthier, acquire the magicite and make break out from this dreaded place. If that street urchin could break out along with them, then so much the better for him.

Another hit broke her from her thoughts. It seemed they had reached their destination. Iron doors opened and her guards forced her into the small chamber. There were not many people present, however the first person she laid her eyes on were already enough to make her feel uneasy - an Imperial Inquisitor. The Inquisitor's eyes locked with hers and sent shivers down her spine as they seemed to only scream cruelty and torment to her.

Beside him stood a man in armour - a Judge. The guard bowed his head and pushed Fran forward. The guard with leather cuffs held her and positioned her on the metal chair. Her cuffs were attached with the chain to the arm of the chair. Cold metal touched her skin, her ass was barely protected by the metal protectors.

"Well, well, so it is, indeed, a Viera", said the man with belts on his chest "A Viera, just as you said", he repeated to the Judge "I have not has such a beautiful visitor for such a very long time."

"Remember, you have work to do, Inquistor, she is not here for your personal entertainment", said the Judge with a deep hollow voice, resonating from his helmet.

The Judge turned to the Viera, "We want informations, prisoner. Speak, what were you doing in the canals?"

Fran remained silent. She was sure that it has something to do with this girl, Amelia, but she didn't know anything about her. Speaking about their trespass into the castle and their attainment of the magicite would only worsen their situation.

"Stubborn, as they are always", said Inquisitor "Your Excellency, would you like me to make her more...cooperative?".

"Your last chance..." , said the Judge "Speak, or I will leave you with him" Fran kept her eyes directly on him but said nothing. "As you wish", said the Judge indifferently and without another word he left the chamber.

The Inquistor smiled and neared his captive.

"Well, well, my dear lady, I'm very pleased that you would want to stay with me", just one look on him was enough to notice that he was totally wicked. Fran could feel his warm breath on her face, his eyes slowly sliding on her body, deciding what depravity he should inflict upon her.

The Inquisitor procured a round object from the stool, it was a collar of intricate design, one made of what seemed to be made of thin wire interwoven with each other making it look like a black silk mesh.

It was placed around Fran's neck and with a sharp metallic click as it was fastened tightly on to her. Clasped around her neck, it looked like a piece of beautiful jewellery oddly out of its environment more befitting a royal palace than this dark cell.

Inquisitor smiled appreciatively and he took out a small tab with unrecognizable arcane script written on it and quite deliberately brushed his hand across her chest and neck as he carefully attached it to an inlay the collar. Fran could feel a strange energy washing all over her body. She did not recognize it as mist nor did she sense that it was of any magic she knew of, it was weird subtle sensation.

"I'd like to show you my special device I recently procured. It's gambit collar. As you know should now, such toys are prohibited. Special exceptions are made of course to loyal servants of the Empire. Now even this of course, will not be able to force you to tell me your secrets hidden deep within your soul but hopefully we will use it well and encourage you to be much more forthcoming".

He unchained her cuffs, leaving the stunned Viera totally free. But before she was able to act, his commanding voice rang out: "Your absolute obedience belongs to me, prisoner. Refrain from moving".

Fran wanted to move, to kick him and run out of this place but she simply couldn't. Like a frozen statue she was still sitting on the cold metal chair. The beautiful Viera was unable to do anything.

"Perfect...", smiled the Inquisitor, now fully appreciating the potential the collar.

"Prepare yourself for a physical inspection, undress yourself slowly my dear"

Fran rose from the chair. She reached to her back and undid the clasps of her body armor. With metallic sound her black leather corset fell on earth of the cell. She was shocked. While having full awareness of her actions she could do nothing to prevent them. It was cold so her nipples grew hard quickly. The Inquisitor licked his lips and ordered her to continue. The helpless viera undid armor parts from her well shaped hips and ass. Her tormentor slowly and delicately caressed her buttocks with his hand, enjoying the touch of soft viera skin, eliciting an uncontrolled sigh from her. Finally Fran removed petticoat that protected her womanhood, revealing her untouched pussy to her harasser.

Fran fought desperately to resist his control over her but she only managed a few short grunts of defiance. The inquisitor, watched Fran struggle as he pondered the most effective way to break such a stubborn prisoner. "You may leave your leggings and your heels, I can fully inspect as you are now...". He cruelly laughed. He knew that humiliation was the only way to destroy such pride. "Now, pleasure yourself and make yourself wet for my enjoyment" the inquisitor said.

Fran didn't wanted to do it, but there was nothing she could do to stop her body from acting under his commands. Thanks to the collar she was totally under his will. She reached between her legs and started to slide her fingers in and out of her pussy. Her second hand cupped her perky breast, squeezing and pinching it. Her moans filled the cell to the delight of her captor. The inquisitor smiled and commanded her to double her efforts. She groaned louder still and obediently started to rub her pink pussy furiously, stroking her vulva from bottom to clit. She used her second hand to find her most sensitive and innocent areas and soon her loud cries of pleasure echoed loudly in the chamber. Her fingertips worked well inside her slit. Redness covered her cheeks and her naked body glistened with her sweat as she struggled with herself.

Both her ears stood erect and her bare breasts shuddered as her panting grew louder. Finally, Fran could not deny herself no more, her body arched, thrusting her breasts upward once more and with a long, long moan she came hard "UUUUngh...". Her juices flowed, flooding the cold metal chair and she collapsed onto it, exhausted.

"You did well, Prisoner...", said Fran's tormentor "Let me see...", and with these words he spread her pussy lips. Fran groaned at his intrusion but it was all she could do. He probed her pussy with his fingers then he forced his fingers to her mouth. Fran licked him clean as he wanted, tasting her own juices from his fingers.

"Now, are you ready to tell me why you were in the canals?" he asked. She drew up as much courage as she could gather and shook her head in defiance, her long white hair waving wildly as she did so.

"You denied me the information I want to, prisoner, perhaps we shall undertake some lessons to loosen those lips of yours. I'm sure you know what I mean...". Fran's possessed body didn't need any more instruction. She fell on her knees as he exposed his raging erection to her. Her full lips locked around his cock, then she started fervently suck. Her lips were moving fast on his shaft, lubricating it with her saliva. She caressed his rod with her tongue then withdraw and came to his large balls, taking each of them to her lips and slurping crazy. Then she returned to his shaft, deep throating it devotedly. It was most disgusting thing she did in her long life but her body nonetheless continued in its repulsive actions. Shame filled her mind. She was acting like shameless whore and she could do nothing to prevent it. Knowing that she was doing it all against her will made it all the worse.

He came down her throat with three huge waves. She tried to drink all of his cum but there was too much for her, she couldn't take it all. A little dripped from her mouth onto her breasts. The Inquisitor noticed this and was most incensed.

"You failed to learn adequately, prisoner...", he roared "As a punishment, I'll give you a pain that you'll never forget. On your hands and knees!", he roughly pushed her head down forcing her to raise her ass high up.

Swallowing the last drops of cum, Fran obediently went on all fours, pressing her face to the cold earth. Her captor took a huge riding crop and smiled, noticing growing fear in Fran's eyes. He took her head by her long ears and pushed her face to the chair where were still traces of her love juices.

"Now, listen carefully with these ears of yours. After every hit I'll ask you why I'm punishing you. And you'll answer that it's because you're disobedient who fails to please her master. One mistake and I'll add ten more hits".

Fran could feel tears in her eyes. The crop was again swung hard against her ass. Slap! Her body twitched under the stroke.

"Why I'm punishing you?", he asked.

"Because I am disobedient and I failed to please my master", she said.


"Why I'm punishing you?".

"Because I'm...unnghmm... and I failed to please my master".


He hit her ten times and every time he asked her. Fran would answer just as he wanted. By the end her ass was completely red. And she was in tears, as she was in complete agony. She was spent and she knew that she could not endure her punishment any longer.

The Inquisitor chuckled silently, he saw that Fran was ready, and more importantly from his perspective, willing to tell him anything he wanted to know, just to stop his unyielding cruelty. And she did... Fran told him everything.

The Inquisitor looked at the wasted Viera watching her beautiful breasts rise and fall with each laboured breath she took, he knew that all he had to do was give an order and the collar would force her to give herself to him, but he knew that it would be much more satisfying breaking her without such help. For now at least, in light of this new information, he needed her to be nice and cooperative.

As the Inquisitor left the chamber to inform the Judge of the stolen magicite and this mysterious intruder "Amalia", he whispered one last time to the naked Viera... one last command for the day to keep her well occupied.

There was a dull thud as the iron door closed after him. Fran's fingers crept slowly to her pussy and she started to stroke herself. Fran was unable to do anything else as she obeyed her Master's final order, unable to stop her own pleasure for hours until she finally climaxed herself to unconsciousness.


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