I never actually liked Final Fantasy XII much, but I like Fran a lot. So here's a story with her.

Fran belongs to Square-Enix.

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Codes: MF, MMMF, nc, bdsm, rape.

Final Fantasy XII: Hell In Nalbina Part 2 - Lesson And Gang Bang
by Sethite

Inquisitor returned to the torture chamber after few hours. Fran was sitting on chair, just where he left her. Her slim legs were spread and her hands were hanging between them. Pool of her juices was on the floor below her. She softly panted in her erotic dreams. He smiled, seeing that she had followed his orders.

She masturbated herself all the time till she finally went collapsed. But her time to rest was over. The Inquisitor neared her and with one hand forced her arms above her head. His other hand then slid between her thighs and slowly began stroking Fran's wet slit, and she let out a soft moan of pleasure before she realised what was happening. Fran opened her eyes in shock and shook her head wildly as she tried to stop his molestations, but to no avail as his other hand held her firmly in place.

"Did you have a nice rest little one?" he asked and added "I have message for you. For stealing from the Empire your friends have been sentenced to rot in Nalbina Dungeons for a few years"- he noticed growing distress in her eyes - "and you?... you will stay here until I grow tired of you and what your able body can do. please me enough, and you all may actually leave this place alive" he chuckled at her predicament as his hand continued to expertly pleasure his helpless prisoner. Fran nodded. He removed the gambit collar from her neck and hid well inside his cloak.

Fran was relieved for a second, now she was finally free from his will. Normally she would be able to overpower him easily, but after hours of endlessly cumming, she was weak. Inquisitor uncuffed her. His big hands held her tight as he started to caress her long ear, sliding his tongue inside it and caressing her. Soft moan left her lips and then another. Then he whispered "To tell you something, slut, you are now just another ass in this prison. I told the Judge all you revealed to me before and he decided that he has no longer interest in you. So, basically you are no longer of any use to the Empire... I can do anything I want with you now and I'm going to start by teaching you how to please the man. Better do it well or...your friends may meet a very bad end." Fran shivered when she heard about her friends. She couldn't imagine what this sick bastard might do with Balthier or the boy. He might even kill them. She was their only hope. All her dreams, her pride... "Aaaaaargh!" she cried as he bit painfully skin of her ear. Then he took her and placed on his lap. Now he was sitting on the chair with his hands on Fran's waist. He slowly guided his huge cock to her wet womanhood. Finally it touched her pussy lips and... "Unnnghmmm!", Fran moaned louder when his big cock made it's way into her. Fran desperately tried to lift herself off, and she managed to pull out for a fraction before her horrible intruder pulled her down again. The Inquisitor whispered to her hear "Now you know what to do, my little pet"

He enjoyed her screams and started sliding her up and down his shaft. Her breasts were bouncing under his enthusiastic and forceful strokes, her nipples were hard, tears ran down her cheeks and sweat shone on her body. Fran was in seven levels of hell, the pain was too much and more humiliating, but her sensitive body was starting to react to his undivided attentions. Fran tried desperately to resist but she couldn't stop coming to a climax.

"Uhhhiiiiighhiiiie!!!", she orgasmed hard, spoiling his lap with the flood of her juices. He lifted her off, forced on the knees and pushed his still stiff cock between her soft lips. Holding her by her long ears, he made her to move her head back and forward. His rod was covered with her juices and she was forced to taste them. Her defiance was slowly waning. This time Fran drank all his cum. "Good bitch, you learned well your job", he tossed her like a broken toy on the cold floor. Fran was panting, she moved her hand to her pussy, touching her suffering womanhood. She desperately needed to rest but she couldn't... He had different plans. Inquisitor had decided that her beautiful behind also needed lessons. Holding her by her ears he turned her onto her stomach. Fran felt as he parted her ass cheeks with his hand. "Nooo!", she shrieked with the last of her strength. He had saved this particular humilation for the final. "Yes, oh yes", The Inquisitor smiled sadistically, "I will have your ass and remember, after every thrust I want to hear you screaming "more". Fail and I'm gonna fuck your ass for the next few days." "Ummmmghnooooo!", she cried for the last time as he pushed his big cock into her, spreading her anus instantly to the painful degrees. He thrusted into her with his full strength.

"Moooore!!!!" , she cried, remembering about his words, "Unghhhh! Aiiiieee! Moreeee!". His dick was now deep inside her and haven't much more way to go inside. He lunged forward again, as though he wanted to stab helpless Viera with his cock. Tormented Fran screamed only "more" and "more", arousing him. She tried to defend herself previously but she couldn't stay longer. She was broken, both physically and mentally. Her ass cheeks were clamped around his meat.

Finally, with long moan, he climaxed, filling her ass with his cum. He slowly withdrew from her, leaving tormented viera on the floor. He reached for her and ordered Fran to clean his cock with her tongue again. He had to held her or she would fell on earth, she was too weak to even sit on her knees. Wrapping her arm around his waist, she locked her lips around his rod. Despite the brutal assault she had still managed to see an opportunity when it was presented to her, and she managed to steal a set of keys attached to his belt as he was distracted by her tongue. "Pay attention, you bunny slut!", he smacked her face. She did as he told her, her stare was empty, showing absolutely no defiance. She slurped his dick and balls and then he soften his grip, letting her fell on earth.

"You belong to me now, viera cunt", he said. Fran didn't hear him. His cum was dropping from his soften cock on her face, but she didn't notice, she was almost unconscious from his exhaustive workout. The inquisitor was satisfied. She did a great sub, just as he thought. He wanted to torment her a little more, but first, he had his duties and she looked little too tired now. He took her cuffs and cuffed her hands behind her back. She was still unconscious so it was easy job. Then he left the chamber. There were other prisoners waiting. Fran opened her eyes just when she heard sound of doors closing, the click of the iron door locking itself and the shuffle of the guards as they accompanied the Inquisitor through the jail.

Fran had to use all her strength to rise. Her tormented body hurt like hell, every orifice was painfully violated and brutally penetrated. But it was her only chance and she forced herself to move. Naked, she used the procured key to open the door from the inside, thankful that Nalbina was a castle at one time and not a purpose built prison. Wasting no time, she sneaked into the corridors of Nalbina dungeon. Fran did her best to blend into the shadows, her experiences as a pirate and her natural abilities as a viera made her more adept at this than most humes. She carefully stalked through Nalbina while trying to remember where she had left Balthier and the boy.

Sadly for Fran, her streak of sudden luck would not last forever. Having crept around the deserted hallways of the dungeon for a few minutes since escaping, she had heard approaching voices. She quickly looked around to find a place where she can hide. Noticing the crop in the wall, she hid there, waiting till the voices would pass by. "And there...ya know, I kicked him" "Yeah, as always..." "But ya know, he was..." "Playing though once again?" "Hey, I said...we are you going?" "I need to pee, wait a minute" Fran was waiting as the voices were slowly fading, but suddenly she heard a steps. Before she was able to do anything a shadow had loomed over. "Heh?" - she heard a voice and then noticed big Seeq standing near. He saw her and was just as surprised as her. Fran acted first, she jumped and kick him, sending seeq on the earth. Then she wanted to run, but his hand grabbed her leg. Fran fell on earth too. His comrades heard the sounds of struggle and approached to see what the commotion was about. They saw their friend laying on the floor, holding viera girl by her ankle. "This bitch... floored me", shouted seeq, "Get her!" They needed no further encouragement. Few pairs of strong hands quickly immobilized poor Fran before she was able to defend herself. She was now pushed into the earth with her legs spread wide. "Wow, I've never had a viera. I heard they're always tight..." "Well let's check to be sure, hehe" Fran wiggled and jumped, trying to defend herself and prevent another rape but she was never at any point in a good position. Someone then kicked her in the stomach with such force that it nearly took her breath away and she nearly passed out. Unfortunately, Fran didn't and now she would soon feel every single one of her attackers' actions.

Before she opened her eyes, they positioned her in position so that three attackers were able to partake in the viera at the same time. The hume was laying on the floor and his cock was probing her pussy, the big Bangaa was enjoying her ass. And lastly in front of her was the Seeq's large cock. Fran clenched her lips, but he just smiled and tightened his fingers on her nose. When she opened her mouth to breath, he slipped smoothly in between her lips. Their cocks were soon penetrating her simultaneously in rhythm. Fran was too weak to resist, nor could she protest as her lips were now wrapped around the cock of one of her assaulters. She was moving to the cruel painful rhythm of her abusers. Three rods were hurting her and when they all came at once, they filled her orifices with their fluids. But it wasn't all. They simply changed their positions and everything started again.

What was worst, she had realised was that soon a crowd of prisoners had gathered around. There were many different races, humes, seeq and bangas. All of them were criminals who found their place in Nalbina Prison. Now they were looking with pleasure and envy as their fellow prisoners were fucking helpless viera girl. "Hey guys", asked someone from the crowd, "Share the whore with us!" Fran would experience almost half hour of continuous fucking. She orgasmed numerous times and helplessly accepted the cum that was shot inside her. Her three captors dismounted her. Seeq grabbed her long, white hair and simply threw Fran into the excited crowd. "She's all yours!", he shouted. Fran had little time to groan in protest. And it was all. Then the hell started. They quickly grabbed her. Hands covered her body, groping and stroking, and kneading her vulnerable breasts. She screamed softly, begging them for mercy and she even promised them her body to them if they would give her a respite but all her efforts were in vain. Finally she found herself on her back on the earth. Her legs were stretched out and spread wide. Big seeq crouched over her throat, shoving his hard cock in her mouth. She had no choice but to suck it. Someone else forced his way to her pussy. Another climbed on her, kneading and fucking her breasts while someone else climbed in close behind him to use her smooth flat belly. Those who couldn't currently fuck her were rubbing themselves against her warm, soft skin. As soon as someone finished fucking her, another one took his place, each admiring how tight she was even after all this abuse. They rolled her onto her stomach and slid under her. As she straddled him and took him inside her, she felt someone else parting painfully her ass to shove his cock into her anus. Another prick invaded her mouth and the viera she sucked it without any further thought. She would continue to orgasm for hours as they fucked her senseless. Each time a wave of pleasure washed over she would arc her body to the delight and amusement of her attackers.

She would continue to do this until she finally passed out... The prisoners did not care, by now there was a huge line for Fran and they continued fucking their plaything for hours after she had passed out.


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