This is my first attempt at an Erotic Fan-fiction so if it's not as good as
I think it is you know why (this is also why it may feel a little short). As
it is my first time I am happy to receive any comments and criticism about
it so I can improve on any futures parts and/or works.

This is based around the Firefly/Serenity franchise and takes place about a
week where the Movie, Serenity, finishes. Part 1 has The love birds Kaylee
and Simon in it having sex for the first time with each other.

Codes: MF, Oral

Firefly: After Serenity Part 1
by Macc_X

Times had been hard for the crew of the small firefly class ship, they had
lost many friends on Haven colony and their pilot. The ship flew out of the
way and had not seen or heard anyone or anything else in a week. They were
trying to stay out of the Alliances way in case they decided some revenge
was in order against serenity and her crew.

It was late for ship time and the corridors where quiet and empty as most of
the crew slept in their own bunks. This was true for all except for the
ship's mechanic and medic. Kaylee and Simon both laid in her bunk naked,
embraced in each other's arm smiling and looking lustfully into each other's

Simon moved his lips towards Kaylee's and passionately kissed her before
slowly moving his mouth away.

"I'm glad we finally did this." Simon whispered.

"Well it took ya long enough." She said chuckling.

"I wanted to show you the respect you deserve." He replied with a huge grin
across his face.

"Well! What ya waitin' for, a goram invitation."

Simon then began to passionately kiss Kaylee once again for a few moments
before he began to slowly move himself down the mechanics body. He began to
kiss her neck and continued to move down kissing her right shoulder and
stopping at her right breast and started to lick the nipple. His hand raised
to her left breast and began messaging it while he kissed and licked the
other nipple, Kaylee groaned as her nipples began to erect from the
attention they where getting. Simon looked up to Kaylee's head and sore how
much she was enjoying it and began to move down her body again kissing every
inch of skin down to the Clit. He looked at the wet pussy in front of his
face and smiled before sticking out his tongue and licking up the dampness
around the glorious slit. Simons tasted the juice and watched as Kaylee
shuddered from the Oral sensations she was receiving from he lover.

Kaylee massaged her own breasts as Simon worked on her smooth and shaven
pussy, she moaned out loud as Simon continued to lick her clit. The doctor
stopped for a split second then thrust his tongue in to her as far as she
could and wiggled his tongue inside her body. She screamed in pleasure as
Simon began to rapidly move his tongue in and out of her pussy and licking
up all the juices that began to flow from her body. He moved his head away
and took three of the fingers from his right hand and began to thrust them
in stimulating all the flesh inside of her. Simon rapidly moved his hand
backward and forward while his tongue went to work on the young mechanics
clit. She started to squirm as she began to reach climax urging Simon to go
faster and faster. She gasped and them screamed out in pleasure as she came.

Simon then stood up at the side or her bed and smiled at the look of
satisfaction across her face. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at
Simons face before moving her focus down to his cock. It was already very
hard and pointing outwards towards Kaylee's body.

"Now it's your turn." She announced with a smile and sitting up on the edge
of the bed looking directly at his 8' cock. She took the hardon in one hand
and slowly began to push and pull the skin up and down the muscle. Her mouth
moved in closer as she licked her lips and then the tip of his cock. Her
mouth widened as it engulfed the medic head and closing her lips behind it,
She slowly moved her head forward taking the cock deeper and deeper into her
mouth before it reached her throat. She gagged slightly and slowly moved her
mouth back to the head. Kaylee repeated this motion again and again, as she
got quicker and quicker in motion, and took the Simons cock deeper into her
throat. She kept her eyes opened and looked up at the face of the man she
was sucking; he was looking down at her with a large smile across his face.
Simon stroked her cheek as she moved her face back and forth along his
shaft. Simon felt his balls begin to tighten and looked up as he shot his
load into the beautiful young women's mouth. She tried to swallow all of
what he was giving her but it became to much and she pulled away having cum
dripping out of her mouth. Some of Simons load still shot out and landed on
her breasts, Kaylee licked up what had dripped out of her mouth and wiped
her fingers against her breast to pick up all that had fallen. She slowly
stuck her fingers in her mouth and wrapped her mouth around them taking all
the jizz off them.

She smiled as she slowly moved her fingers out of her mouth and looked at
Simons cock once again, it was still hard and Simon looked like he was ready
to go again. Simon grabbed Kaylee by the arms and pulled her up passionately
kissing her again and laying her onto the bunk. He broke the kiss and slowly
moved on top of her as he positioned himself never taking his eyes off the
women he loved. She smiled back at him as his Cock hovered over her wet and
opened pussy, she moved her hand delicately over his back and caressed it.

Simon then slowly moved his hips down until he felt the mechanic's opening
on the tip of his penis. Then with one quick thrust he penetrated her and
watched Kaylee's expression change to one of great ecstasy, She moaned
loudly as her eyes closed to savour the moment. She could feel Simon's cock
begin to move out of her and then thrust in again, she groaned once more and
opened her eyes to look into his.

"Faster!" The mechanic screamed. Simon obliged and began to thrust his hips
faster and tried to penetrate her as far as he could manage. She wriggled in
pleasure under his body as he kept getting faster and faster moving his cock
beep inside her pussy. She kept screaming in pleasure so loud she knew the
rest of the ship could here, but she did not care.

"Ahh! Fuck me! Harder!" She continued to scream urging him on to continue
thrusting in and out of her as fast as he could possibly manage. He kept
going and going for what seemed like a near eternity of pleasure before he
could feel his balls begin to tighten.

"I'm cumming." He told her continuing to thrust his cock deep inside her.

"Cum in me!" She shouted to the man she had fallen in love with not caring
if she would become pregnant. Simons balls fully tightened and he began to
cum again, this time inside of Kaylee Pussy.

Simon fell to Kaylee's side, both breathing heavily and exhausted after
making love so passionately first time with each other. They both smiled and
looked into each others eyes.

"We are Gonna' do that again." Kaylee said in between her breaths...

To be continued...


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