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Firefly: River's Rewards Part 2 (Mf, reluc)
by Shewolf Of Tel Aviv

Captain Malcom Reynolds looked down at his groin with both shock and horror,
the damaged kid aister of his ship's doctor had just sucked his cock to a gut
filled come and was now giving his dick a toungebath that was bring the dead
back to life.

"Way to go Mal. You can't make it with Inara so you go and raped the
Nutcase." He thought to himself hating himself and the feelings that the
teenage girl was giving Him.

"Uuuhh, River, you really 'Goddamn, Goddamn, Goddamn' shouldn't BE BE doing
THAAAT." Mal said fighting to think with his mind and not his cock.

River looked up to Mal and gave him one of her secert smiles as she kept
licking his dick.

One of the things the men with blue hands and Doctor Zim taught her was
entering other people's minds.

Like a trained diver silently entering the water River slipped into Mal's
mind and made more open to her thoughts.

She sat up and moved her hips up to his groin.

"You know Captain my brother and I were part of the Alliance bigwigs during
the war," she told him. All trance of the simple mindless child gone now.

"Still you've saved both Simion and me more times than there are stars in
the sky."

River began squeezing his chest as she went on.

"We can't give you back what you lost but I can give you this tonight."

She could still feel Mal fighting the dark sex drive rising in him in his

"Not good if I don't get him to change. He'll be useless when I meet that
bitch Zim again," River thought to herself.

Drawwing on the secert and painful training River thrusted her thoughts
into Mal's mind.

"Go on the crazy slut want's it, the Allance has raped the Independent
Worlds, so why not rape this Allance cunt? Hell, you're not going to hurt
her, just fuck the shit out of her and she took a full load of baby batter
down her gut."

Almost by their own Mal's hands rose to the neck of River's dress and grabbed
it. With a animal-like growl he pulled ripping the dress in half all the way
down leaving River only in red bra and pantiees. River threw her head back
and screamed loudly as her dress was putted away.

"Yesssss...Joy...Happy Ahhhhhhh."

Mal was totally insane with lust as River's bra and panties was tore from her
and thrown across the room. He grabbed her by the hips and lifted Her up over
the tip of his cock then with one savage move yanked her down fully embedding
River on his hard cock.

River's eyes bugged out and the air shot out of her body as she went from
virgin to woman in move.

"EEEEggghhhhhaaarrrr..." she screamed as River felt Mal's and River's groin
mashed together.

She looked down at Mal's face and moaned, "Fuck me daddy, FUCK MEEE! Captain
break my hips."

Mal rammed River like a piston almost banging her head agaist the top of the

"Oh goddd River I'mmmm going to cuuummmm!" Mal screamed as River's head
bounced around on her shoulders like a loose ball.

Suddenly Mal felt his balls tighted and then wad after wad shot deep inside
River's womb.



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