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Firefly: River's Rewards Part 3 (MFf,voy,inc,mc)
by She Wolf Of Tel Aviv

River moved slowly throught the sleeping ship Serenity, She wore a old
T-shirt of Mal's. His dried cum caked her mouth and dripped from her well
used pussy leaving a faint trail on the deck.

"Well, dear brother your drugs have fixed my rambling talk, but they've also
made me the hottest slut in space," she told herself. Then with a selfmocking
chuckle, "Hell, next to me Inara is frigid."

She walked by the dimly lit sickbay and glance in and saw something that made
her smile even more.

"Well, big brother I'm happy to see you've finally accepted our life." She

Inside the sickbay River saw her brother Simion kneeing on top of one of his
med-tables naked. Under him was the ship's engineer and River's childlike
playmate from day one Kaylee. Simion was ramming His ten cock into her
asshole and from the look of pure joy on Kaylee's face River couldn't tell
who was enjoying it more.

"Goddd yourrr huge dick is ripppinngg my tight hottt little asss apart part
apart and itt feels bettterr thann I UUHHHH very dreammmed," Kaylee screamed.

As River watched, Simion grabbed Kaylee's hips and picked up the pace. Even
more joy filled Kaylee's face as her head bobbed around as if her neck was

"Oh YES, harder, faster, deeper, MORE, MORE, MORE!" she demanded.

A wicken grin came to River's face as she watched the two lovers.

"My my big brother I had no idea how grifted you were." River told herself
as she felt the newly familar heat and dampness begin to rise in her groin.
Then a sick evil preverted idea came to her.

The bastards with the blue hands had planned to use her and the others at
the school as mind weapons and warriors. Now that Simion's drugs had brought
a measure of control to River she could use her new found power. She reached
out with her mind and like a swimmer diving into a pool she entered Kaylee's
and Simion's minds. She was straggerd by the pure lust that filled both the
minds and knew that it would take little for her plan to come off.

Simion threw his head back along with Kaylee and screamed their joint
cummming to the skies. He dropped fully on the bed on his back, Kaylee rose
to her hips and scooted back until her dripping cunt was planted on top of
Simion's mouth. At once his tongue shot up and in as if she had a hidden
treat deep inside her snapping her upright. Her eyes rolled up inside her
head as the sound of Simion's licking filled the sickbay. Then after a few
minutes of this Kaylee slowly bent forward at her waist and shallowed
Simion's wet cock deep inside her willing mouth.

"Yes my friend, do it, suck my brother's cock and get it ready for ME,"
River sent her thought inside Kaylee's pumping head.

River moved toward the two slurping figures pulling off Mal's shirt, silently
as death herself she climbed ontop of the sickbay naked. On her knees river
slid up her brother's legs but with his face busy in in Kaylee's pussy he
didn't notice a thing. Like a butterfly touch River reached for Kaylee's
shoulder and slowly softly pulled Her upright again.

Kaylee looked at River with lust filled eyes as River slid her hand down
Kaylee's shoulder to one aroused tit. If possible Kaylee's breath quicken
even more as River began to squeeze and kneel the riped womanfruit. She saw
the dried cum on River's face and slowly leaned foward to give it a gentle
lick an began to clean her face and worked her way down to River's cum and
sweat spaind boobs.

to be continued...


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