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Firefly: River's Rewards (Ff,fist)
by Shewolf Of Tel Aviv

Kaylee raised her head and slipped the tip of her mouth organ into the
enterance of River's black twat. River's head almost snapped off as her
head jumped back as she screamed her joy to all space. Kaylee's tongue
found River's clit and twisted and turned it like she was trying to work
it off. She slowly dragged the tip off River's boatman and just keeping
it inside the cunt and then ran it down the leftside and up the right
back ito the clit.

River's breath came in gasps. Then gathering her shattered senses she bent
her head, stuck her tongue out like a spear and drove like a piledriver into
Kaylee's blond bush. Kaylee's breath left in a "Wuuufff". Then she renewed
her oral attack on River. Then a evil idea came to Kaylee and as she began
sliding her hand up to the twat. When she was ready Kaylee pulled her face
from Kaylee's pussy making her fingers into a speartip and shot in into
River up to just above the wirst.

"AAAAAAEEEEEEEEOOOOOOGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" River screamed. Her eyes crossed and
her body turned into almost solid rock.

Then Kaylee began to wiggle her fingers deep inside River driving her back
to insanity again.

MMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" River screamed mindlessly head bouncing back
and forth Her body twisting and turning like a snake.

River sat up pushing her friend's hand even deeper inside her and balled
her hand into a fist. Raising it above her head River rammed with all the
power in her body deep into Kaylee's cunt all the way up to River's elbow.

Kaylee's eyes popped out of Her head and in a cry that could be heard back
to Old Earth screamed, "FFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!"

River bounced herself, then angling the arm inside Kaylee lifted her body
up and then painfully dropped her friend back on the Med Table



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