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Description: Serenity needs an engine part, but the supplier is murdered just
as Kaylee arrives to buy it. The killers turn their sadistic attentions to
the beautiful young mechanic.

Content Codes: MMF, rape, anal, oral, mast, tort, vio, tit, scat, gs/ws,
+1MV(kill). +2FV(snuff), asphyx, beat

Firefly: Taking The Sky From Kaylee
by JD ([email protected].com)

The Eavesdown Docks on Persephone were a hive of villainy and scum, and as
such a regular stop off point for the crew of the Firefly class vessel
Serenity. It was a good place for outlaws to fence goods, get new leads or
just restock and refuel without worrying too much about the local law taking
an interest. The downside was that other even-less moral factions and
individuals could take an interest without worrying about the law either.

Serenity's perpetually cheerful grease-monkey Kaylee Frye had grown up on a
world a lot more barren and primitive than Persephone, and she always found
herself a little overawed by the sights, the sounds and the noise that
surrounded her. Once, she would have sought out a young man for sex, but now
she was infatuated with Dr Simon Tam. She was masturbating so much while
thinking about fucking him that her thighs were permanently sticky.

After docking on Persephone Mal gave instructions to each of the crew based
on what needed getting, and where to get it for the price they could afford
to pay. He didn't say anything to Kaylee, because when it came to engines she
knew a lot more than him. She certainly knew better than Mal which engine
part would be essential for Serenity take off again. She'd waved one of Mal's
contacts on Persephone, who'd suggested only one person who might have the
part for an old vessel like Serenity.

Kaylee was dressed simply enough in black workboots, and a sleeveless
green-brown set of dungarees over a flowery purple top. She was supposed to
meet a Jamie Herbert, who could set her up with the small yet important
engine part that would prevent the crew from being blown into meaty chunks.
She found herself imagining him as a cheerful old man, like a Jamie she'd
known back home. She had no idea that Jamie was really a skinny black woman,
or that Jamie was very nearly dead.

As Kaylee headed towards Jamie's place of business, the parts
saleswoman/mechanic/general odd job bod was hanging from a pipe in her
workroom. Jaime had made the mistake of running up gambling debts with one
of the Docks' shadier operators. She wasn't well connected enough to have
protection and so he had sent around a couple of thugs to make an example
of little Jaime Herbert. It was important, to him, for people to know what
happened when they fucked with him.

The two thugs had surprised her in her workroom as she stoked her furnace.
With two guns pointed in Jaime's face all she could do was raise her hands.
She didn't beg. She knew the score. They tied her arms behind her back, and
put a noose over one of the pipes running across the ceiling. Jaime mounted
a little stool with a gun pressed into her stomach and had the noose fitted
around her caramel skinned neck.

Jamie's nerve broke as she balanced on the rickety stool, and she started to
plead for her life. The thugs didn't say anything as they selected iron bars
from around the workroom. Tony, the larger of the two, was unashamed of the
hard bulge in his pants. Declan was a little embarrassed because his bulge
was smaller, but they'd worked together enough not to really care.

"Jaime, I just want you to know you're a very lucky woman. See this bulge?
Normally we'd both rape the shit out of a tight-bodied bitch like you."

"I can pay! Please, I'll fuck you both! I'll pay double!" Jaime's eyes were
wide as tears streaked her cheeks. There was no mercy in the face of these
men, but she could tell they were horny. She would happily fuck them just to
live a little longer.

"Yeah, you'd fuck us right up the creek! Our Boss warned us you're carrying a
particularly nasty disease that'd rot our dicks off at about fifteen times
the speed it affects bitches carrying it. Done some whoring to make ends
meet, Jaime?"

The boss had warned Declan and Tony that they did not even want to come into
contact with Jaime's blood, so they'd decided to tone their sadistic example
down into a blunt object beating and hanging. Jaime screamed as the beating

The iron bars thudded meatily into her tits and ass as each thug attacked
from a different side. They beat Jaime's body as hard as they could until she
lost her footing on the stool. As she gagged and choked they kept battering
the asphyxiating black woman. Jaime felt every blow. Her body was bruising
purple under her clothing while her face matched the shade. Jaime's tongue
poked out of her mouth as she died, and voided her waste into her panties.
Tony gave her one last smack in the tits as her corpse dripped.

The thugs caught their breath, each feeling the pent up tension. Beating
Jaime had been fun, but pretty tame compared to their usual punishments.
Nothing made a better example of a worthless piece of fuckmeat than
mutilating her sexual organs as you raped her to death. Tony felt like
whipping his dick out then and there to jerk out some of his tension, when
they heard the front shop's door go.

Kaylee entered the small shop, despite the `closed' sign on the door. In
the workroom, Declan swore quietly at Tony for not locking it after they'd
entered and pulled guns on Jaime. They could get in an out of the shop
without witnesses in the shady area of the docks, and even make a certain
amount of noise, but a customer could be trouble. There were some real
gorram hardasses in The Eavesdown Docks who might even give them a run for
their money.

"Hello? Jaime Herbert? You don't know me, but I heard you could help me out?
Hey, are you in here? It's kind of urgent."

It sounded like the customer was going to come in to the workroom at the back
of the shop. All she would have to do was push the curtain aside, and she'd
see Jaime's corpse dripping shit and piss over the stool. Tricky situation.
Making a decision, Declan motioned Tony to stand beside the door and called
through, "Hey, we're a little busy here. Wait there a second, love!"

Declan slid sideways through the curtain, holding it to keep the workroom
hidden. He was faced with Kaylee, and she couldn't help but notice the bulge
in his pants. It reminded her that she hadn't gotten laid in going on a year,
and while she wanted Simon this guy didn't look bad. She blushed and waved at
her face. Declan saw how incredibly attractive Kaylee was. He decided
immediately that rather than talk her into leaving, he would instead talk her
into the back room.

"Are you Jaime Herbert?" Kaylee asked.

"No, she's in the workroom, up to her neck in shit. I was just making a
delivery, I figure you can go right on through."

Declan came around the shop's counter, and headed towards the door. Kaylee
nodded her thanks, and stepped around past him. He resisted the urge the push
her face down over the counter then and there. He heard the curtain move
behind him, and sexy little gasps. Smiling widely, he set to locking the door
and pulling down the blast blinds.

Kaylee pushed the curtain aside and gasped as she was faced with the sight of
the badly beaten and obviously dead black woman. Living people didn't have
ropes around their neck, bugged eyes or the tips of their tongues protruding.
Then the cold metal of the gun barrel pressed into her neck, and she gasped

"Aren't you a cutie pie?" Tony asked, "step forwards. If you scream or shout
we'll kill you. Look at the dead nigger if you don't believe we're capable of

"I figured a cute girl like you would be more than willing to help my
colleague here with our problem. We both got hard dicks."

"Why doncha fuck each other?" suggested Kaylee.

Tony prodded her harder with the gun. Kaylee immediately regretted the snappy
comeback. Her normally cheerful face was twisted into a glum frown. It would
be three or four hours before any of the others noticed she hadn't come back.
That was more than enough time for anything to happen.

"My crew's going to be catching up with me in a minute," she said, but a note
of fear made the statement hollow. Tony's dirty snigger told her they didn't
believe her one bit.

"That right? Well, if you can suck us both off inside sixty seconds, we won't
have to kill you and fight them. What we did to that bitch hanging over there
was business. You can give us some pleasure and we'll let you pass on your

Kaylee shuddered as Declan reached his arms around her, and rested his hands
on her breasts through her top. He had them under her dungarees, so only her
bra and flowery purple clothing protected her. Declan's chin sat neatly in
her hair, and Tony was a full head taller than him. She had a weapon for
safety, but with the bastard's arms around her and the gun in her neck she
wouldn't get it before she was dead. Poor old Jaime hung there like a shop
sign advertising their ruthlessness.

Declan's bulge pressed against Kaylee's ass, and he dry-humped against her
through clothing, while gently groping her breasts. She could see the other
one watching lecherously, she thought he was drooling! Declan's hands felt
good on her breasts but only because she had been walking around damn horny
for days, all for want of Simon.

"These are nice, cutie," Declan said as he pinched Kaylee's nipples through
her clothing, "Now, slip yourself out of those dirty clothes. Come on, do a
little dance for us!"

Kaylee started to protest, but was interrupted by Declan clamping his hand
over her mouth. He leaned down and nibbled on her ear before whispering,
"Not a word, cutie. Your mouth starts moving then maybe Tony will get worried
you're going to start hollering away. Then he'd shoot you before you knew it.
Not that anybody around here who heard would give a damn, but just maybe some
big damn hero passing through would stick their nose in."

Declan pulled his hands off of Kaylee's firm young breasts and gave her a
gentle push in the back. He and Tony both knew that they weren't going to let
her live, but it wasn't time yet to let her know that. Kaylee could see they
were a couple of scumbags, but she held onto the hope that they were just
messing with her because she'd stumbled into their business. At least one of
them wasn't too bad looking, although the hulking man mountain that was Tony
looked rough.

She pulled off her boots, then undid her work dungarees and slid them down to
the floor. Her weapon went with them. Tony had pulled his dick out and was
stroking it with one hand while keeping his gun aimed with the other. Kayee's
eyes widened at the sheer size of Tony's revealed tool. It had to be as thick
as her slim wrist, and near as long as her forearm too. Declan's was
proportionally smaller when he unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his own
tool, but still painfully large looking. Declan's eyes fixed on Kaylee's
plain cotton panties.

"Dance cutie! Sway those hips while you peel off your top. Take it slow."

Deep in her mind, Kaylee was disgusted to find herself turned on by the sheer
size of Tony's cock. She doubted every much she could get it into her mouth.
As she wiggled her hips inexpertly, a small wet patch started to form on her
panties. Kaylee wasn't shy, but she blushed beetroot at what the thugs would
think. They'd think she was some sort of low cheap gutterwhore of the kind
genuine companions wouldn't so much as look at. She tried to concentrate on
poor Jaime instead, and think about what had been done to her. Only the
extractor fans prevented the stench of the dead woman's voided waste from
filling the room and making Kaylee hurl.

As Kaylee slid her top over her head her firm young boobs were revealed. Held
in place by a comfortable bra, the small curved handfuls of flesh seemed
inordinately sexy. Declan realised he wasn't thinking too clearly because he
was so damn horny. Kaylee's unwillingness to perform was erotically mixed
with her natural inherent sexuality and it was making him hard as a rock.
There was even a tremor in his voice when he said,

"C'mon, bra and panties too. We want to see everything when you're down on
your knees. Anyhow, I can see you want us so quit stallin' like you don't."

Kaylee's hands shook as she tugged off her bra, and then she steeled herself
and pushed her panties down to the floor. She'd shaved only a couple of hours
previously, and was totally bare. The workroom's light glinted on small drops
of moisture along Kaylee's puffy lips. Her dark nipples poked out from her
very pale breasts - they didn't see sunlight much. Kaylee wanted to hold her
hands over her privates, but knew it was pointless.

"Toss your panties over here," Tony commanded.

Kaylee did so, and the big man caught them with his masturbating hand. He
lifted the little slip of cotton to his nose and breathed in the scent of
Kaylee's crotch. She smelled a whole lot better than his unwashed sweaty
dick did. Tony wrapped Kaylee's panties around his shaft and continued
masturbating. Declan pulled a cushion from the nearest chair and dropped it
onto the hard cold floor. It was quite wide, and Kaylee reluctantly kneeled
down onto it. The genius mechanic couldn't think of a way out without sucking
of the sleazebags.

Declan didn't waste any time in stepping up and slapping Kaylee's face with
his dick. He rubbed the bloated head against Kaylee's left cheek, and even
against her nose, before slapping her again. Kaylee's sweet-natured face
seemed far too innocent to have a hard sweaty cock rubbing against the soft
skin. She had her mouth open, and her tongue out slightly. She was
co-operating fully.

"I feel teeth, then you're going to get shot in the head. You got that? Nod.
Okay, good girl. Pull my pants down will ya?"

Declan pushed into Kaylee's mouth as she bared his hairy legs. He gasped
with surprise as she went to work with her tongue. She might look cute and
innocent, but Kaylee was an experienced cocksucker and gave the surprised
thug her best. Declan pushed the hair back from her face as she slowly
swallowed the entire length of his shaft into her throat. He could feel tiny
vibrations that really increased his pleasure. He'd known professional girls
who couldn't suck as well.

Kaylee stroked her hands ups Declan's legs and gently fondled his scrotum and
balls. She knew how to work the whole package, and Declan felt his climax
rising quickly as she began to bob her head back and forth along his shaft.
Killing Jaime had left him ready to pop, and it wasn't long before he was
thrusting hard into Kaylee's throat. He wrapped her silky hair around his
hands and shouted, "Swallow it all, cutie!"

Kaylee's cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard on Declan's shaft, and then it
was jerking in her mouth. He shot first straight down her throat, and then as
he pulled back Kaylee swallowed the bitter tasting ejaculate he fired into
her mouth. Declan's knees were actually trembling as Kaylee licked her tongue
around his withdrawing tool, and suckled the last drops straight from his

"That was amazing! I'm telling you Tony, you are going to love this girl. She
has the best mouth I ever felt. I almost want to keep her as my personal

Kaylee realised her thighs were sticky-wet with her own arousal. She hadn't
been fucked in so long, even this degrading abuse was making her hot. She
tried not to show it, though the urge to rub her slit and play with her tits
was growing. Her nipples were sticking out on her chest and she was flushed
and hot. Tony holstered his gun as Declan re-drew his, and then pushed his
own pants to the floor. The nasty sweaty smell from his crotch grew. Kaylee
had serious doubts about being able to suck him off. She'd never sucked a
cock that big - she'd never even seen a cock that big, `cept maybe on a pony.

"Well, what are you waiting for?"

Kaylee slowly lifted her hands up to Tony's hard thick shaft. She pulled back
his foreskin fully and nearly gagged. He really needed a course in personal
hygiene. Her hands seemed small on the throbbing tool, as she poked out her
tongue and licked the swollen crown. Tony groaned softly as Kaylee licked his
cockhead and jacked his shaft. Just as she sensed him getting impatient, she
opened her mouth to the limit and managed to get him in.

"I can feel your teeth, whore. You want me to shoot you in the gorram head?"

Kaylee made an extra special effort and forced her jaws an extra half
centimetre wide. Suddenly, Tony pushed forward with his hips. Kaylee gagged
heavily as the huge cock pressed into her throat. She batted her small hands
against his thighs as he brutally forced more of his thickness between her
widely spread jaws. Kaylee's eyes watered as her throat painfully stretched.
She couldn't breathe, and Tony didn't seem to care. She gagged heavily as her
body sought to expel the invader in her throat. Even her experience at giving
head and trained gag reflex wasn't any help.

"Suck it you skinny little slut! I want your face buried in my crotch!"

Kaylee's face grew darker and darker. Her head pounded and her lungs burned
as Tony pressed inch after inch between her stretched lips until her face was
in his foetid crotch. The thug held her there as she frantically tried to
pull free. Kaylee's eyelids fluttered as her struggles weakened. In her
oxygen-starved brain it seemed that her pussy was growing hot. She dropped
one hand to her crotch and rubbed her clit. Tony groaned as her body
shuddered around his dick and then pulled himself free.

Kaylee collapsed forward, retching up saliva and bile. As she fought for air,
she drew a little into her lungs and her retching became a violent coughing
fit. Tony pulled back sharply on her hair, and jerked his cock against her
face. He sprayed sperm into Kaylee's eye, which stung horribly and across her
nose. He pumped his dick against her forehead and let her have a little into
her coughing mouth. She was powerless to stop him as he pushed her face down
into the puddle of bile and spermy puke.

"I've had better," she heard Tony tell Declan and felt vaguely offended. She
realised she was rubbing her clit again and made herself stop.

Kaylee wasn't a slut, but she sure liked to fuck and prided herself at being
good at it. Her face was returning to less violent colours as she lifted her
face up and looked through blearly eyes at the two thugs. She could make out
them pulling up their pants, and assumed the worst was over. Declan crouched
down next to her, and reached out for another fondle of her boobs.

"What's your name? It`s alright, you can speak."

"K-k Kaylee," she managed.

"Well, Kaylee, its been more than a minute and I don't see your crew. What's
a girl like you be doing on a ship anyhow?"

"I am on a ship! I'm Serenity's mechanic under Mal Reynolds!"

"Okay, okay. Say, you got real nice titties. Some would say they're a little
small but I think they're just right."

Kaylee didn't reply, as she successfully bit back an insult.

"Well, Kaylee cutie, we don't want you following us when we leave. So you
just bend over that workbench there, and Tony will tie you to it. Next time
someone comes in this shop you can call out to them to let you loose, you

"Okay," she managed, before coughing up more.

Declan stepped back as Tony gripped under Kaylee's arms, and pulled the nude
mechanic to her feet. He pushed her over to the workbench, and made her hold
her hands flat. Declan slid a nail gun from a bench, and walked over. As
Kaylee turned her head he slipped the gun under her chin and fired upwards.
There was a loud `THNK' noise, and Kaylee screamed through her teeth. Declan
had put a nail through her jaw, her tongue, and buried the point in the base
of brainpan. Kaylee's mouth was nailed shut.

Blood welled in her mouth and slowly around the flat nail head that was all
that showed of the nail. Kaylee struggled hard, but Tony weighed at least
twice as much as her and she had no chance in hell of breaking free. She
kicked back with desperation born of terror and pain, but Tony didn't seem to
notice the blows. Kaylee's teeth muffled her screaming as blood trickled
between the enamel. She was going crazy with pain. Declan forced left her
hand back down flat, and quickly fired three more nails in a rough triangle.
Kaylee's small hand was nailed to the workbench.

Kaylee instinctively tried to pull it loose, but she was trapped. The nails
passed through the bones in the back of her hand and deeply into the
workbench. Declan tossed the nail gun aside, and stepped back. Tony also
stood back, and they stripped their clothes back off while watching Kaylee's
fierce but vain struggle. The floor was cold, so they left their socks on.
Both men piled their clothes neatly separate, and Declan looked around to
decide what he was going to use on Kaylee next. His eyes passed the furnace
Jaime had been stoking when they arrived. The poker handle emerged from the
ajar door of the furnace.

As Declan searched for a pair of heavy gloves to pick up the hot poker, Tony
approached Kaylee and gripped the back of her head tightly. He looked into
her pain filled eyes as he raised his fist, and then punched her hard in the
mouth. Tony felt her teeth cut into his knuckles as he smashed them, but his
pain was nothing to what Kaylee felt. Her moans were a lot clearer as pieces
of smashed teeth and blood poured out from her mouth, and Tony fancied he
could see light glinting on the thin nail embedded in Kaylee's jaw. She
wasn't going to be giving any more blowjobs.

Kaylee sank down to her knees, weeping and bleeding and suffering terribly.
Tony shifted his weight behind her and pulled the engineer back to her feet.
He gripped her hips, and then brought his knee up roughly into Kaylee's cunt.
The sound of the impact made Declan look around and smile. Tony ground his
kneecap into the trapped girl's wet crotch as she screamed through broken
teeth. Kaylee's body felt light to his huge strength, and Tony had no problem
holding her up one handed as he pressed the head of his cock into her pussy.

Tony really did have the biggest dick Kaylee had ever experienced, and he
had to stretch her out as he raped her. Her cunt went from aching as bruises
formed to feeling like he was tearing her apart, and Kaylee banged her
un-nailed fist against the workbench in pain and frustration. She whipped her
head about as Tony bounced her on his cock, and blood splashed around them
from her shattered mouth. The thug was enjoying her shallow tight cunt, but
wanted to make her take him all. He gripped Kaylee's hips hard, and then
thrust through the tiny barrier of Kaylee's cervix.

Hot piss sprayed from Kaylee's urethra as the rapist tore into her womb. The
pain was even more mind shattering than the nail through her jaw. Kaylee's
eyes were wide open with shock, and as Declan approached he saw her pupils
were like pinpricks. She didn't even notice him, as her mind was filled with
the horror of the cock pumping into her womb. Declan raised the dull-red
glowing poker and thrust it forward at Kaylee's face. The rounded tip pressed
into her pretty brown left eye, and burst it. The smell of sizzling meat
filled the air as she tried to shake the poker out, and succeeded only in
further burning her eye socket.

Kaylee added to the burned meat smell when she reached up with her free hand
and wrapped her slim fingers around the poker. Her flesh burned as she tried
vainly to pull it loose, but even with her strength of terror, Declan was
stronger. Blisters wept pus down her wrist as Kaylee's hand fried on the hot
metal before Declan yanked it loose.

Tony groaned as Kaylee's cunt gripped his cock like a vice. Her body
convulsed as blood and eye juice ran down her face, and it was too much for
him. He jerked as he fired thick wads of ejaculate right into Kaylee's womb.
She wouldn't live long enough to be pregnant, but he spermed her good. Tony
grunted as he tugged his cock back out of Kaylee's gripping cunt - he almost
prolapsed it. Thick pink sperm, dyed with blood, started to run down her
thighs in gooey streaks.

"Grab her tits, man. I'm going to burn her nipples off. Oh yeah, you heard
that didn't you cutie? Struggle more, it makes it better."

Tony lunged his arms around Kaylee's body, and grabbed the girl's breasts
hard in his unbreakable grip. His fat cock slapped into her asscrack and
spurted more spunk up Kaylee's sweat drenched back. The pain in her eye
socket was like the pain in her hand, sharp and insistent. The pain between
her legs throbbed a lot more, a deep, bass agony.

"Careful, you burn my fingers with that thing and it's going up your ass!"

Declan was careful. He held the gaze of Kaylee's one remaining eye for a few
seconds before slowly, ever so slowly, pushing the poker up towards her
nipple. The horror and pain in her face was beautiful. He loved that she knew
what was going to happen, and that all of her struggling against them was
worthless. Kaylee's nipple hissed as the hot poker pressed against it, but
her broken-toothed scream drowned the noise.

As Declan ground the red-hot poker into Kaylee's tit, Tony felt the
vibrations from her screaming on his shaft. To both of their surprise, Kaylee
actually managed to pull the embedded nail loose from the top of her mouth,
so she could scream open mouthed, though her tongue and lower jaw were still
painfully impaled. Blood was running around her hand on the workbench, but
with three nails through it Tony could tell it wasn't going anywhere.

Then Declan did the other one, burning Kaylee's nipple into a crispy nibble
of meat that felt like it was on fire. He pressed the poker sideways into
Kaylee's breast, and branded it with a thick line. She threw her head back
and screamed. Lifting the poker above his head, Declan threw it into a corner
of the room. He was hard again.

Tony released his grip from behind as Declan forced the engineer was down
into a puddle of piss and blood, and watched as Declan pressed Kaylee's
burned breasts around his cock. The big man enjoyed the show. Declan
masturbated with Kaylee's soft firm breasts. Scrapps of burned skin rubbed
loose and drifted to the floor. Bruises in the shape of finger marks covered
her flushed tits around the burns, while blood and sweat served as a
lubricant. Tony spied a pair of bolt cutters, and hefted them into his grip.
Kaylee, still kneeling, felt the cold metal against her left big toe, but it
wasn't until Tony grunted and cut it off that she realised what he was doing.

Her screams increased in pitch while Declan increased his grip and speed to
screw her tits hard and fast. He wished he was strong enough to tear them
right off of her chests, and fantasised doing so. He paused a moment, and
crushed Kaylee's burned nipples into crispy dust. It was almost as good. Then
he pressed the screaming girl's breasts together again and resumed his

Tony stomped his foot down onto Kaylee's right ankle, and succeeded in
breaking it. He held her legs in place as he applied the bolt cutters to the
rest of her toes, while Declan fucked Kaylee's tits and fingered the crispy
centres of her areoles. Ten little spurts of blood stained the floor from
Kaylee's newly stumpy feet. Tony yanked her broken ankle to one side, and
chuckled as the bones ground together.

Declan dug his nails into Kaylee's tits as he came, splashing her neck and
breasts with his spunk. He couldn't help but think that the little whore was
perfect to be broken and humiliated, and it was a shame they could only do
her once. She looked so pretty with his seed dripping down her bruised and
mutilated breasts. Her badly beaten face and stumpy bleeding feet increased
his arousal even as he dribbled the last of his sperm into her open eye
socket. Tony felt the same, and was wishing they could safely record doing
things like this to watch again.

Kaylee felt the men move away from her as they looked for something else to
use on her shaking pain-wracked body. She was in hell. Pure and simple hell.
Some parts of her body hurt more than others, but all together it was almost
unbearable. The adrenalin coursing through her body was keeping her awake,
and she still wanted to fight. Through her remaining eye she spied a pressure
hatchet in the shadows at the back of the workbench. They were designed to
relieve pipe pressure in absolute emergencies and could cut through hardened
metal. Screaming with the effort she pushed herself up on her good leg, and
grabbed the hatchet.

Declan and Tony heard her movement, but with one ankle broken and a hand
nailed to the table they didn't bother to look around. Declan was selecting
caustic chemicals as they heard something swish through the air, followed by
a meaty thump. Turning around they were shocked to see Kaylee standing on her
one good leg, with the hatchet handle gripped in her burnt palm, and blood
spurting from her newly severed wrist. The nailed hand twitched on the
workbench, and Kaylee wept fresh tears at the phantom pain.

"Fuck me!" breathed Tony, as Kaylee pressed her spurting stump against the
hot side of the furnace, and screamed as she cauterised it. The sickly sweet
smell of burning human flesh again filled the room. Blood spread around her
toeless feet as spunk and blood dropped from her brutally fucked cunt. Kaylee
was on her feet through sheer willpower and rage, but the effort of gripping
the hatchet handle in her burnt palm was almost too much, as the pain was

Tony charged towards her, and to his eternal surprise Kaylee managed to swing
the hatchet between his raised hands, and bring it down neatly through his
skull. She cleaved the big man's head in two, right through his nose and
mouth. His eyes rolled up as piss sprayed out across her body from his dick,
while his loosened bowel emptied onto the cold hard floor. Then he dropped.
Kaylee tried to tug the hatchet loose, but Declan kicked her hard in the ribs
and she lost her balance. The pus dribbling from her palm prevented her
keeping her grip on the hatchet as she hit the floor hard.

"Bitch!" he shouted, booting into her stomach and chest, "Whore! Slut!
Murderous fucking cunt! He was my friend and you're just worthless shit!"

Kaylee writhed on the bloody floor, groaning weakly as Declan kicked her ribs
into painful shards of bone that tore into her flesh. Even without boots on
and reduced to using the side of his foot, Declan landed hard brutal blows.
He even jumped onto Kaylee's chest, bringing each foot down onto her burnt
tits, and the air blasted from her lungs. Kaylee fought to breath as Declan
pointed his dick down at her face and pissed.

He aimed for her eye socket and then her mouth, but Kaylee moved her head
around too much. He settled for simply washing her bloody face with his piss.
When he was done, he returned to the caustic chemicals he'd been examining
earlier. He selected a bottle with the label torn off, but with the caustic
warning sticker remaining. He took it back to Kaylee and poured it onto her
clit, so it ran down her cunt between her sticky thighs.

It hissed like the poker had done on her tits, and Kaylee nearly passed out
from the sudden agony. She gripped at her cunt with her stump and burned
hand, but nothing was stopping the strong chemicals from eating through her
clit, her labia, burning into her pussy. Blood wept between her fingers.
Kaylee smashed her head against the hard floor. Her clit was almost gone, but
the agony grew more intense with each passing second.

He flipped her body over and smashed her face down into Tony's voided shit.
The nail in jaw had been knocked to a new angle, and prevented her from
closing her broken teeth together. She didn't even try. Thick smelly crap
filled her mouth as she still, somehow, fought to breathe. The blood and piss
and puke on the floor provided skant relief as it splashed Kaylee's
chemically burning cunt. Her finger bones were visible where the flesh had
burned away.

Declan's cock had hardened again as he tortured Kaylee, and, satisfied the
chemical hadn't spread that far, he pressed it into her tight ass. The
engineer had never taken anyone in there, and it was hard to get in. He
gritted his teeth and forced, wanting to hurt Kaylee even more before she
died. He pulled back on her hair until he had her head in his grip, and
listened to her gasp for breath while Tony's shit spilled from her mouth.
Then he slammed her face down into the shit on the floor hard enough to
fracture her skull.

They both felt her skull go. It seemed like a crack of lightning to Kaylee,
who was already close to dying. Declan smashed her face down again, and she
swallowed a mouthful of the dead man's shit. It came back up immediately in
bloody vomit. The weak tremors from her retching seemed amplified through her
arse, and Declan sighed as they worked his cock. She was still aware of his
weight pressing down on her as he fucked her ass, and then she felt his grip
move to her throat.

The pain in Kaylee's limbs faded as she balanced on the edge of death. There
still the burning in her cunt, the tearing heat in her ass, the pounding of
her head. The nail in her jaw prevented her tongue poking out as Declan
brutally choked the last of the life from her broken body. He could only tell
that she had died when the tightness of her ass slackened just before he
came. He let her have her load in her bowels, a final indignity for the dead

Declan pulled his soft cock from Kaylee's dead ass. He was splattered with
blood and other bodily fluids. He turned his head to Tony's split smile, and
then looked at Jaime where she still swung gently from the ceiling. Diseased
fuckin' whore. He thought about the clean up as he moved Kaylee's corpse onto
her back. There'd been too much screaming, it'd be better to burn the place.
Kaylee was a mess. He was impressed with the damage to her cunt from the

He crouched over the dead girl's face. After a moment he relaxed his
sphincter, and his bowel moved to deposit watery diarrhoea into Kaylee's
slack mouth. He let a smelly squirt cover her face, and then wiped his ass
with her almost-as-messy hair. He didn't think there was any way to degrade
her enough to make up for what she did to Tony, but it was a start.

Before leaving, Declan poured oil around the room. Kaylee fried as the
workshop burned to the ground.


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