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Rating NC-17

Codes: M/F and F/F, oral, anal, incest.

Spoilers: Slight spoilers for a brief scene at the end of Serenity.

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Storyarc: This is based upon a scene near the end of Serenity where Kaylee
and Simon finally get around to having sex. In the scene as they fall to the
ground River pokers her head in through a vent.

The story picks up from there.

Other notes: A lot of times in this story I am giving River's thoughts which
to at least do a little bit of justice to the character are disconnected and
weird at times.

Firefly: Through the Vents
by Archer

'Wheee' River thought with a smile on her face as she slid down one of the
many vent shafts running through Serenity. 'You have so many fun places in
you Serenity.'

"There is more fun up ahead," River heard in her head. "Of a different

"Okay!" River said back as she eagerly began to crawl forward, she pretty
much always listened to what the voices said, especially now that she had
them more under control. 'Up ahead, up ahead we go. Up ahead is the engine
room, maybe Kaylee wants to play a game of some sort.'

"Something like that," the voice said back with a grin.

River continued to crawl forward, she could hear sounds up ahead, maybe they
could play hide and seek. She knew of this place in the bridge where she
could get ... 'Wait, voices don't grin'.

'Careful, slowly, silently, NINJA TIME!'. River slowly slid her head over the
opening of the vent so she could peak down inside. Kaylee and Simon were
pressed up against each other, their lips locked.

'Wrestling ... no, no, Kaylee just took Simon down, he wouldn't go down like
that if they were wrestling,' River pondered as the couple she was watching
slid to the ground continuing to explore each other's mouths, there hands
beginning to rove over each other's body.

'Kaylee and Simon kissing in the engine room KISSI ... Kaylee and Simon
kissing on the floor KIS ... Kaylee and Simon kissing on a space ship
traveling through space at full burn on their destination to Whitefall to
pick up some supplies, of which will include illegal cargo, that will then
be shipped back across the galaxy KI ... hmmm none of those sound quite

'They sure aren't wearing very many clothes ... well it is really hot.'

Below her Simon and Kaylee continued there aggressive kissing. Kaylee had
grabbed Simon's hands pulling them to her body. Finally getting the hint
he began to explore her body eventually settling on her large firm tits,
squeezing each individually while lightly teasing her nipples. Not content
to be left out of the exploring game Kaylee reached her hands down freeing
Simon's cock and began to lightly jerk on it.

'What's she doing with that ...' River wondered as she leaned forward. As
her head passed out of the pipe she was suddenly hit with a sudden series of
visions, being overloaded with images.

Kaylee sitting in her hammock in the engine room, fucking herself with her
wrench, as she fantasized about Simon laying in the hammock with her fucking
her pussy. When she finally came she sucked the juices clean from the wrench

Simon in his bunk stroking his cock after just passing Kaylee in the hall and
picturing her large tits wrapped around his dick.

Kaylee spending a day customizing one of her tools to make her own vibrator,
then spending the night playing with it to make sure she had it tuned just

Simon doing a medical checkup on Kaylee after one of the crews many battles,
while his mind was thinking of all the fun things to do if they were using
the tables restraints.

Kaylee coming to the dinner table and sitting down next to Simon as she
laughed along with all the others, the whole time her vibrator secretly
buried in her pussy. Her mind not just thinking about Simon, but the whole
crew using her on the table.

Simon turning down request after request at the whorehouse for a free ride
after delivering the baby. Every nasty thing they they had whispered he
could do to them he pictured doing with Kaylee ... and Kaylee and the whores
together sometimes.

Kaylee up in Inara's room getting her hair cut, wondering if Inara would trim
her pussy ... as well as doing other things.

Simon in their bunk while River slept on the bed, stroking his cock and
fantasizing about the ways he wished needed to be used to cure his sister.

'Whoa,' ran through River's mind. She had seen all those images before, but
never all at once. It had blacked her out for a moment. When her vision
cleared she realized quite a bit of time must of passed as Simon was now
laying on his back his clothes thrown off and Kaylee had his cock in her
mouth. It took River another moment to realize that while she was blacked
out she had begun to finger her own pussy. 'Good thing I never bother with

River looked down at her brother, the pleasure he was experience evident
across his face. River felt herself connect with him, she could feel Kaylee's
lips sliding up and down his cock, the tightness of her throat as she deep
throated, and the pleasure as her tongue shot out tickling her brother's
balls. It was to much for both the siblings, Simon thrusting upwards and
shooting a thick load of cum into the mechanics throat while his sister's
body thrashed in the vent above him.

When River again came to she was greeted with a new scene. Kaylee had taken
off her pants leaving her only in her tight see through tank top. She was
kneeling above Simon's face as the young doctor used his tongue to work on
her pussy.

'I wonder if she finally asked Inara or if she did it herself'. Kaylee had
a well trimmed pussy that was much appreciated by Simon and allowed him to
easily get his tongue to all the sensitive areas of her twat. River could
feel that was very beneficial because as she sensed Kaylee's body she
realized the horny woman had very many sensitive pleasurable areas throughout
her cunt.

Turning her eyes downward she noticed Simon's cock had rehardened and was
sticking up from his groin. 'It looks lonely ... I should really help it out.
But slowly ... NINJA TIME!'.

With the skill of an excellent dancer (because she was one) River glided down
out of the vent, moving without noise as she came up behind Simon and Kaylee.
Kneeling down she grasped her brother's cock and quickly brought it up to her

Simon's body jerked in pleasure, then in shock, when he felt a mouth wrap
around his cock. However with a tight hold on his hair Kaylee kept him in
place. Glancing over her shoulder she spotted River looking up at her with
her mischievous eyes. The depravity of the situation only made Kaylee hotter
and she flashed a smile back her friend.

Kaylee ground her pussy down across Simon's mouth. "Shhh ... it is nothing to
worry about. Just let whoever it is take care of your cock ... and make sure
you continue to work on my cunt."

With the soft tongue caressing his hard cock and his mouth full of pussy
Simon gave up any intention of fighting what was going on.

River took her mouth off of Simon's cock as she grasped it in her hand
jerking it off while she watched the pair. Kaylee really seemed to be
enjoying her position and with how Simon was clutching her hips pulling
her towards him it didn't seem like she had any objections either.

"Kaylee," River said loud enough for her friend, but not her brother to hear.
"Show him your jugs, he really wants that."

Simon could hear another voice but with his ears partially blocked by
Kaylee's legs he couldn't make out the words or any clue on who it might be.
His thoughts were interrupted though when he noticed Kaylee smiling down at
him before she grabbed her tanktop pulling it over her head allowing her
large breasts to spring free.

"You like these huh," Kaylee said as she bounced her boobs in her hands.
"Then I bet you will love this."

Teasingly slow Kaylee hefted her right breast up with her hand as she lowed
her head until she could use her own tongue to flick against her nipple. When
she repeated the process with her left breast it was too much for Simon and
he exploded, a load of cum that his sister eagerly swallowed. Kaylee turned
her head around as she watched what she was fairly certain was River's first
taste of cum. Watching a little bit drip down the corner of River's mouth
when the young girl looked up at her and flashed her a smile was one of the
most erotic things she had ever seen, and moments later her body was spasming
as Simon continued to work over her pussy with his tongue.

"You are in for another surprise Doctor," Kaylee said as she got off his face
when she had calmed down.

Simon opened his mouth in shock as he saw who it was that was cleaning his
cock. "River ... what are you doing!!"

"Shhh," River said as she moved up her brother's body and put a finger across
his lips. "Quiet now, much fun to be had."

"River we shouldn't be doing this ..." Simon said continuing to object.

"Fine, we won't do anything ... you can just watch as I get Kaylee to lick
out my pussy."

River got up and took Kaylee's hand as a stunned Kaylee whispered to her "I
don't know if I can do that."

"Sure you can," River said as she pulled off her one piece robe revealing her
lithe naked body to her two lovers. "I know it has crossed your mind, and
this way it gives Simon something to get him excited and he can come over and
fuck you when he is ready."

Realizing both points were valid Kaylee seized her arguments, especially at
the thought of finally getting some real cock inside her.

River sprawled back on Kaylee's hammock spreading her legs. Kaylee decided
the best approach was probably just to dive in, bending at the waist she
stuck her head between River's thighs as she let her tongue shoot out getting
her first taste of another woman.

River grabbed her friend's hair pushing her into her pussy, much like Kaylee
had done with Simon only moments before. She threw her legs over Kaylee's
back holding her even more in position as she raised her hand beckoning her
brother to come over.

Simon was standing there watching the two girls go at it, the scene getting
his cock hard again faster than he would have ever anticipated after coming
twice. Kaylee seemed to be getting into it, her lower body begin to rock
back and forth as she drove her tongue in and out of River. The sight of her
swaying ass and his sister's beckoning call were enough for him to give his
voyeuristic position and move over to join them. He positioned his cock at
the entrance to her very hot pussy, teasingly holding it there for a second,
before he reached up and grabbed Kaylee's shoulders pulling her back as he
thrust himself forward.

Kaylee let out an ear piercing scream that would have alerted the whole ship
if it wasn't for the loud noise of the engines muffling it. Her body arched
in sudden pleasure as her cunt was suddenly filled and then was just as
quickly pulled back down as River grabbed hold of her head bringing her back
to her pussy. Kaylee suddenly found herself a fuck toy between the two
siblings as Simon tried to pull her back onto his cock and River tried to get
her tongue further into her pussy.

River locked her legs together behind Kaylee's back as a nasty thought
entered her mind 'Well Kaylee didn't have any problems hiding what was
happening to Simon earlier ...and turnabout is really really hot.' Leaning
forward so only Simon could hear her she said "You should fuck her ass."

"Really?" Simon said surprised. "You sure that is what she wants?"

"Absolutely, you know how big a slut she is," River replied. "Just make sure
you keep fingering her cunt and she will love it."

Simon shrugged his shoulders, as River knew he would. He pulled his cock out
of Kaylee's pussy, her moans of disappointment quickly stopped by his probing
finger stroking her clit.

"Kaylee," River told her friend when she saw Simon moving his cock towards
her ass. "Get ready because Simon is going to fuck your ass now."

River held Kaylee's head firm with her arms and legs as the other young woman
made an attempt to protest as Simon began to slowly stretch her ass open by
pushing his cock into her. River felt her body tremble in orgasm as she came
watching her brother assfuck Kaylee, her cunt releasing juices across
Kaylee's face and mouth.

As River came it gave Kaylee a moment to get free but it had turned out River
was right and she was absolutely loving it. "You are devious slut River,"
Kaylee murmured to her friend as she crawled up her body, Simon slamming his
cock into her ass helping push her forward, stopping only briefly to lick
River's small breasts.

River didn't bother with a verbal reply as she kissed her friend deeply when
she had finished her journey of trailing kisses up her torso. She wrapped her
long legs around Kaylee so that they were touching Simon, allowing River and
Kaylee to grind their pussies together.

Simon once again found himself on the brink. This was his first time fucking
someone's ass and Kaylee's was wonderfully tight. But what was driving him to
cum so quickly was the sight of watching his sister and lover make out with
each other, their lips locked together as their breasts, one pair large
another small, rubbed against each other. He was pounding his cock as hard
into Kaylee as he could just to drive the two girls closer together.

"Shit ..." Simon muttered using a rare swear word. "I am going to cum again."

He pulled his cock out beginning to jerk it with his hand, as he moved away
taking out the balance for Kaylee. She, and River along with her, awkwardly
tumbled out of the hammock. Not to be denied by the awkward situation River
took advantages of it. Putting one arm around Kaylee and bringing them up so
they were on their knees, faces pushed together, looking up at Simon.
"Simon ... please cum all over us."

Simon obliged his sister's request, his cock one more time exploding, this
time not in a mouth but instead shooting another load of cum across Kaylee's
and River's faces, the two girls then turning to each other to lick the other
clean of Simon's cum.

A few minutes later River had climbed back into the hammock. Much more gently
now Simon and Kaylee were again rocking against each other on the floor.

'Kaylee and Simon, fucking in the engine room ... yeah that sounds a lot
better' River thought pleasantly as she drifted off to sleep.


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