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Flash: Iris's Fiances Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Iris West groaned as she slowly return to consciousness, already craving coffee when suddenly she frowned in confusion. She was spooning her fiance Caitlin Snow as usual, but she had a super weird case of deja vu were at the same time it felt like she was being spooned by her former fiance Barry Allen. Then last night came rushing back, Iris quickly opening her eyes to check it wasn't some kind of amazing dream, and then smiling widely as she found her arms wrapped around Caitlin and Barry's arms wrapped around her. The three of them were all on their sides and spooning each other, and it was absolutely perfect. Definitely something Iris wanted to become a regular thing.

For that she was going to have to be very careful. They'd all take an important first step last night, but they were still a long way off from where she wanted them to be. Then again, where was that? Married? Iris desperately didn't want to choose between them, but marriages, or even relationships, were notoriously hard with just one person. Was it just too much to believe three people could make it work? And with they even be allowed to get married? Would their friends and family accept this? Would anyone? Most of all, was she being selfish and forcing Caitlin and/or Barry into something they didn't want? All these doubts echoed through her mind for a few long minutes, but she quickly pushed away as she sensed her lovers beginning to stir.

"Hey babe." Iris murmured softly to Caitlin, gently kissing her girl's shoulder, before looking over her shoulder to address a bleary eyed Barry, without hesitation repeating, "Hey babe."

"Hey." Barry murmured sheepishly.

"Hey." Caitlin said at more or less the same time, and then after a brief pause asked, "So, what now?"

After taking a deep calming breath Iris sat up and turned to her lovers, gently taking one of their hands in each of hers before telling them, "That's up to you. Both of you. Barry, I never stop loving you, and I never will. But Caitlin... you've been the only truly good thing in my life since Barry disappeared. I love you just as much as I love him. And, maybe it's selfish, but I can't choose between you. I want you both, and I think we can be happy together. All of us. The question is, are you still up for that?"

There was a brief pause and then Caitlin softly said, "We should probably take some time. You know, to think about it?"

"I get that. Take all the time you need." Iris squeezed Caitlin's hand and the two girls exchanged a brief smile, before Iris gave Barry an expectant look.

"Yeah... time... that sounds good." Barry nodded, obviously unsure of what he should do or think.

"That's the mature thing to do." Caitlin murmured sombrely, but then after another pause she leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to Iris's lips.

Iris happily welcomed the kiss, and then softly laughed, "What the-"

"I'm sorry. I just thought..." Caitlin blushed, before better explaining herself, "We should spend a few days thinking what we all really want, and then talk it over, but... well, we have already crossed that line, and I'm not in a rush to go anywhere. Are you?"

"No. Definitely not." Iris grinned, before both girls glanced at Barry.

He smiled, and told them, "Whatever you want."

His tone, and face, betrayed his eagerness, which caused both girls to grin softly, before Iris clarified, "Same rules as before."

"Uh-huh." Caitlin confirmed, "It's all about you."

Such a arrangement wasn't healthy for a long-term relationship, and almost definitely wouldn't work, but it was hard for Iris to argue with it right now. Especially as it involved Caitlin literally jumping her, as in literally onto her body and pushing her down while capturing her lips in a deep and passionate kiss. Then once Caitlin was resting on top of Iris she briefly broke away to cover her face in kisses, causing both girls to giggle with delight, but then Caitlin kissed her lips again, and suddenly the laughter was forgotten and things became very serious again. Which was great, although it felt a little unnatural to have Caitlin on top, Iris just about to flip their positions when suddenly her fiance pulled away and turned her attention to Iris's other fiance.

After briefly just staring at him Caitlin told him as if it was obvious, "Kiss her."

Without a word Barry looked at Iris, obviously checking it was okay, and then when she just smiled at him, and gave him a little nod just to make him hurry up but not to break the moment, Barry slowly crawled up the bed, Caitlin moving to one side of Iris while Barry moved up the other so that the reporter had her fiances either side of her. Barry then brushed a stray strand of hair out of her face, lean down and gently kissed her, before looking at Caitlin. He only got a soft smile for his trouble at first, Caitlin leaning down to kiss Iris again, but then without Iris prompting Caitlin kissed Barry. Okay, so it was only half as long and passionate as the kisses they gave Iris, but it was a start.

Barry still felt a little awkward kissing Caitlin. Well, a lot awkward given he was doing it in front of Iris, and it was obvious Caitlin felt awkward to, but he had to admit, it didn't suck. Actually Caitlin was a really good kisser, and half the time he pulled away from her it was because he was beginning to enjoy it too much, and he suspected it may be the same for Caitlin. Whatever the case their main focus last night, and this morning, was the woman they loved, and they both clearly enjoyed kissing her more. Well, it was still a little weird to kiss Iris in front of the other, given they were both technically engaged to her, but they could both push through these feelings to show Iris just how much they loved her.

Along the way Caitlin started kissing the side of Iris's neck, and instinctively Barry did the same with the other side. It wasn't meant to be competitive, although he worried that Caitlin saw it that way given she seemed to redouble her efforts. No, it just felt... right. And the important thing was that Iris clearly enjoyed it, as she grabbed firmly to the back of their heads and pushed them deeper into her neck. Then she push them lower, and they were only too happy to oblige, kissing their way down her chest, up a boob and then each took a nipple into their mouth and gently sucked on it. Now that got an extra loud cry of pleasure out of Iris, causing Barry to grin around the nipple in his mouth. And Caitlin did the same.

For a few long, and if he was honest, blissful minutes, Barry forgot Caitlin was even there as he closed his eyes and concentrated on just making Iris feel good. Something he prided himself on succeeding at, and this time was no exception given the way that Iris moaned, gasped and whimpered with pure pleasure at everything he did. Sure, some of those reactions didn't coincide with his actions, but in that moment he could convince himself they were just encouragement for him as he switched between licking and sucking Iris's nipples, and the soft flesh around them. Then he squinted an eye open and smiled as he saw Caitlin with a blissfully happy smile on her face as she did the same, obviously picturing she was alone with Iris, just like he had before. Which didn't bode well long term, but he supposed it was natural.

He then felt very jealous as a few minutes after he closed his eyes and went back to concentrating on Iris he sensed Caitlin moving, and opened his eyes to find his fiance pushing her fiance downwards, and not him. No, she pushed him sideways onto the nipple that Caitlin had just been working on, and while Barry relished the chance to give Iris further pleasure it was weird to taste another woman's saliva on his woman's nipple. He then frowned and push that jealousy away so he could just concentrated on the task at hand, something which was difficult at first but eventually got easier when Iris pulled him up into a kiss. Then things got even better then. So, so much better.

Caitlin would be lying if she claimed she didn't feel a sense of satisfaction as she kissed her way down Iris's toned stomach. Before getting together with Iris she had thought the idea that girls were automatically better at eating pussy then guys was just a silly rumour, but no one had made her cum nearly as hard and as frequently as Iris West, and her skills at licking pussy had a lot to do with that. It didn't seem possible that Caitlin could possibly be better at it, but she'd got an close personal look at just how hard and frequently Iris came when she used her mouth and tongue, and Iris told her she was better all the time. Had even told her she was better than Barry once, and Caitlin was going to make sure she didn't forget that. Besides, she owed her for last night. And not just leaving her out right.

So Caitlin settled in between Iris's legs, spared Barry a brief glance to see he was now going back and forth between their fiance's nipples, and then before Iris could change her mind closed her eyes, leaned forward, stuck out her tongue and slid it over the other woman's pussy. Caitlin then repeated the process over and over again, starting from the bottom and making her way to the top, each time encouraging cries of pleasure to slip from Iris's lips. Okay, it was obvious that they weren't all from her, but maybe the majority, and that was what really mattered in this rather petty moment. Well, that and what was really important, namely pleasing Iris.

With that in mind Caitlin did her best to ignore Barry and just focus on eating pussy. Which wasn't exactly easy when she was forcing herself to ignore Iris's clit, meaning she wasn't giving the other girl her best, but Caitlin knew that just meant that her fiance's eventual orgasm, or better yet orgasms, would be that much more powerful with the right build-up. Then she got a distraction, something which made her extremely jealous, and it was incredibly hot. Caitlin struggled to look away from it after she first spotted it, but she had a job to do, and luckily there was something which helped her to focus on the task at hand. That thing? Iris's pussy juice.

Before they had gotten together Caitlin could have never imagined herself loving the taste of pussy as much as she did, and to be fair she didn't know for a scientific fact that she would love pussy in general. In fact because she considered herself straight with one exception it was very likely that she would only ever like this pussy, and only because she loved who it was attached too. But God, did she love this pussy. She could never get enough of it, especially when it came to swallowing the liquid that came out of it, Caitlin once again becoming lost in the flavour while groans of pleasure which weren't coming from Iris filled the room, sadly bringing an end to the encouragement she had been receiving from her fiance.

"Ohhhhhh Gooooodddddd, that feels so good! Sooooo goooooddddd, mmmmm fuck!" Iris moaned repeatedly, avoiding using names for a while to prevent jealousy, before calling out, "Barry, come here."

Barry had been pretty content with sucking on Iris's nipples, especially now he had them all to himself. But he could never deny Iris anything, especially when she was reaching down to pull his face up into what he assumed to be another kiss. He assumed right, their lips pressing together softly with increasing passion while further down Iris's body his friend continued licking his fiance's pussy. Then he suddenly felt something wrap around his dick and gently begin stroking up and down it, causing him to moan. And moan happily into the kiss as he correctly guessed it was Iris, Barry confirming that as he pulled back and smiled at his girl.

"I want you in my mouth." Iris confessed softly, unnecessarily explaining, "Mmmmm, I wanna suck your cock while Caitlin licks my pussy."

Not needing to be asked twice Barry grinned and shuffled upwards until he was kneeling over Iris's face. Iris then gave his cock a couple of long strokes while he was hovering over her face, then she smiled up at him before wrapping her lips around him. God, it had been way too long since he had been inside Iris West's mouth, the sensation causing Barry to throw his head back and let out a loud cry of pleasure, quickly followed by moans, groans and gasps. Some of them were even manly. Most of them were embarrassing though, but he couldn't help it. That was just what Iris could do to him with ease, and that was without her receiving head from another girl at the same time.

In a move which really made him feel like a dumb guy Barry forgot about any jealousy or misgivings he might have about this arrangement and for the next few minutes he just enjoyed the show in front of him. He couldn't help it, the side of Caitlin in between Iris's legs was just so fucking hot. But more than that, there was a weird kind of beauty to it. Especially with his cock in Iris's mouth. It just felt so, right. Which was probably just the pleasure talking, but then again like any guy it was hard for The Flash to think while a beautiful girl was sucking his cock. Especially when in this case it was the beautiful girl that he was in love with, had always been in love with, that was sucking him off right now.

He could only really concentrate on what she was doing, namely concentrating on just sucking on the head of his cock while stroking the shaft with her hand, at least at first. Eventually she started bobbing her head up and down on the first few inches while holding his dick steady, soon after taking him to the back of her mouth and then further. That really caused him to lose his mind, and almost his load, Barry closing his eyes and desperately trying to think unsexy things to stop himself from cumming too soon so he could enjoy this heaven. Of course Iris wouldn't be denied, and it was only a matter of time before again Barry Allen would give Iris West what she wanted.

Iris already had exactly what she wanted, namely Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow in bed with her and fulfilling her sexual needs. Oh yes, Iris wanted to spend the rest of her life in a Caitlin and Barry sandwich. Ideally as the filling, as she was now. Although she was already looking forward to the moment she could be one of the pieces of bread, so to speak, and treat her lovers to what she was experiencing now. Because really, there was nothing quite like using her mouth on someone she loved while another person she loved just as much used their mouth on her. Well, except maybe how things were at the beginning of last night, with Barry's cock in her cunt and her mouth and tongue worshipping Caitlin's pussy, because then they were all receiving pleasure, but she could definitely make things up to Caitlin later.

Unfortunately if she was going to have the time to do that she would need to hurry things along. Iris really, really didn't want too, as this was literally a dream come true, but they all had other things they needed to do today, and while last night had been incredibly satisfying, more than ever before, at least for her, now she was craving an orgasm so much it was nearly painful. And it definitely felt like Barry felt the same way given how hard he was, and how hard he had been at the start of this. So after a few long minutes of just enjoying this Iris pushed her mouth further down the cock while reaching down and pushing Caitlin's face deeper into her cunt.

As subtlety wasn't really working out, at least for Caitlin, Iris relatively moved her mouth from Barry's cock a few minutes later and pleaded her fiance, "More! Mmmmm, Caitlin, please baby, give me more. Make me cum! Oooooooh yeahhhhhh, fuck me and make me cum. I wanna cum in your pretty little mouth, while Barry is cumming in mine. Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, that's it, lick my clit! Lick my fucking clit just like that, ohhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddd Caitlin! Now fuck me baby! Fuck me! Tongue fuck me, aaaaaaahhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd yeeeeeessssssss, ohhhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd yeahhhhhhhh, oh Caitlin!"

Fortunately it didn't take much encouragement for Caitlin to start giving Iris what she wanted, namely briefly increasing the attention to her clit and then going in for the kill by shoving her tongue inside her. There was a little more lingering on her clit then she would have liked, including a minute or two of Caitlin sucking her clit, but it was impossible for Iris to complain about that. Literally, as she was too busy first crying out in pleasure, then with Barry's cock as she wrapped her mouth around it and started sucking it again. Only to keep up with Caitlin racing her body to climax Iris gave a few gentle bobs of her head, then shoved that dick into her throat.

She was a little out of practice when it came to giving blow jobs, but Iris did pretty well considering, and it didn't take that much deep throating to get the job done. Which to be fair, was exactly what she wanted, and she couldn't blame Barry considering it was the first thing in the morning, and he was watching her getting fucked by a girl. And watching her cumming while frantically moaning around his dick. Oh yes, all those things combined to make The Flash blow his load, and when he did Iris quickly pulled back so while the first few shots blasted directly down her throat most of them landed on her tongue so she could properly taste them before eagerly swallowing them. She then briefly pulled away and stuck out her tongue to show Barry what she had done, before returning to the cock sucking.

Caitlin had been hoping to receive all of Iris's attention instead, which would hopefully include some loud cries of pleasure, because oh how she was missing that beautiful soundtrack right now. Of course she was a little preoccupied with making Iris cum. She couldn't tell if she'd manage to time it exactly in the way Iris wanted, a.k.a. make her cum at the same time as Barry, but without a doubt they were pretty close, and Iris certainly wasn't complaining. No, she was too busy sucking cock, swallowing cum and most importantly cumming herself thanks to Caitlin's by now well trained tongue. And mouth, and at one point face.

After all the slow pussy licking, and the lingering on Iris's clit, Caitlin was disappointed when her fiance didn't cum immediately when she first pushed her tongue inside her pussy. Although to be fair it didn't take many thrusts before Caitlin was pulling her tongue out, wrapping her mouth as firmly as possible around Iris's entrance and then greedily swallowing everything she had to give her. Caitlin wasn't quite so lucky with the following climaxes. Although she was able to swallow at least the majority of that precious liquid a lot of Iris's cum ended up covering her face. Then Iris started grinding against her face, or pushing it more firmly into her cunt, meaning that for a few wonderful moments Caitlin was just a fuck pad for her lover's pleasure.

Then far too soon for her liking she was pulled up into a passionate kiss in which she could taste a man's cum and his cock in the mouth of her fiance. Actually it wasn't an unpleasant flavour. In fact Caitlin liked it, way more than she should have, it was just a reminder that at this moment Iris wasn't all hers, awakening jealousy and fears of abandonment. Thankfully she was quickly distracted from that by the kiss itself, and the fact that Iris was tasting her own cum on Caitlin's lips and tongue. And Iris was just a really good kisser, who showed her affection for Caitlin in that kiss, as her hands caressed her needy body.

As suddenly as it had begun Iris pulled away and beckoned Barry to come closer, pausing only to lick some cum off of Caitlin's face before kissing The Flash. God, they looked so good together. So good that Caitlin couldn't even be mad about watching her fiance make out with someone else in front of her. Besides, it was what Barry had to deal with a few seconds ago. Then the kiss was over and he and Caitlin were being pushed together, this time Barry being the one to lick her face, although he looked very awkward and apologetic about it. Then they kissed, and it was better than ever before as they were both tasting Iris's cum in the process.

Iris glanced over to the clock while her fiances were making out. She then cursed herself for being selfish and letting Caitlin spend so long in between her legs. It had felt amazing, but she didn't have nearly as much time as she'd been hoping for to properly return the favour to Caitlin. However she didn't care how late they all were going to be, they weren't leaving this room until Caitlin had cum at least once. Luckily she could think of one quick way to make her girl cum, and it started by sliding her hands over Caitlin's body, much sooner than she would have liked sliding down in between her legs. Although on the bright side Iris then grinned at the extreme amount of wetness she found there.

This caused Caitlin to gasp into the kiss with Barry, and then pull away from him and look questioningly at Iris. Before she could ask anything, or notice the time, Iris kissed her. That kiss was soft at first, but as it became clear Caitlin was trying to pull away to ask her questions Iris followed her lips and made the kiss rougher until it caused Caitlin to melt into it. About the same time she pushed first one finger and then to into her female fiance and started rubbing her clit with her thumb, much to Caitlin's clear delight. Caitlin was supersmart, and probably guessed they didn't have much time left, but thanks to Iris's underhanded tactics she seemed to no longer care as long as she got to cum.

When she was sure of that Iris broke the kiss, briefly spent some time worshipping Caitlin's neck, before whispering loud enough for Barry to hear into Caitlin's ear, "Baby, can Barry cum on our faces as I'm making you cum? Please? Mmmmm, I think that would be so hot. Please Cait, I want both of you to cum for me."

Caitlin blushed, but nodded her head, "Okay."

"Thanks babe." Iris grinned, giving her girl one more quick kiss before glancing over her shoulder at her man, "You think you can do this one yourself Bare? My hands are a little busy."

Barry smiled softly, "I should be okay."

"Good." Iris practically purred, turning her full attention back to Caitlin.

Kissing Caitlin again, mostly as a way to distract her but also because she just loved it, Iris gently rolled them over so they were both lying on their sides on the bed near to one of the edges, giving Barry room to stand over them. He was soon doing so, stroking that already hard cock of his again. Of course, getting it hard again had never been difficult for her, but it had seemed particularly easy this morning and last night, another sign that this could possibly work out between them. Hey, a girl could dream, especially when things were going so well. For now though, Iris concentrated on what was important, namely making Caitlin cum for her.

Again this had been proven to be easy for her, especially lately, and Iris knew she could do it with just a couple of fingers. However she couldn't help wanting a big finish, and while this wouldn't be her first choice if she had more time she knew it would still make Caitlin cum extra hard. So once they were comfortably laying on their sides Iris added a third finger into Caitlin's pussy, swiftly followed by a fourth. The third was fairly inconspicuous as that was a common occurrence, and rubbing her thumb against Caitlin's clit helped distract her lover, but then Caitlin let out an apprehensive and suspicious cry as Iris slipped in that fourth finger, and then again when she tucked her thumb into Caitlin's cunt.

Iris then broke the kiss and asked softly, "Is this okay?"

There was a brief pause, and then Caitlin blushed and nodded, "Yeah... I guess."

After giving Caitlin a few more seconds to object Iris got Barry's attention by calling out to him, "Look Bar... look how wet Caitlin is? How much she wants this? Wants us?"

Caitlin cried out as after only a few more seconds Iris pushed forwards, burying the rest of her hand inside her. It wasn't exactly easy, but it was a lot easier than the first time they had done this, back when Caitlin had been terrified that it would hurt too much and be unpleasant. It still hurt a little, especially when Iris's knuckles stretched the entrance to her pussy extremely wide, but it was so worth it for the feeling of Iris inside her like that when her entrance gave way and allowed her to slide inside her. That, and the pleasure of being so full and stretched, Caitlin continuing to whimper and cry out as Iris officially began to fist her.

"You see Barry? You see how much she can take? Isn't she perfect? Mmmmm, isn't Caitlin Snow the perfect little bottom?" Iris teased her male fiance, then before he could answer pushed her female fiance, "You are, aren't you Caitlin? No, don't just nod. Say it! Tell me what you are!"

"I'm ... I'm the perfect little bottom." Caitlin blushed in embarrassment, but quickly added, "I'm your bottom Iris. Mmmmm, your perfect little bottom."

"God damn right you are!" Iris beamed, kissing Caitlin's face, "You're my good little bottom. My beautiful little bottom. My hot little bottom."

This continued for a little while, and Caitlin honestly wasn't sure whether it was for her benefit or Barry's. Probably both, because while those words embarrassed her they also turned her on an obscene amount, and they clearly did the same to Barry given the look on his face and how hard he was jacking off. And it was so wrong, but more than anything Caitlin wanted to be Iris's, and those possessive words which reinforced Caitlin's very willing submission to her fiance just had the infamous Killer Frost melting. Or maybe exploding was more accurate, those words and the constant fisting racing Caitlin towards climax.

Clearly to send them both over the edge Iris started whispering words of love and devotion to both of them. And just for Caitlin's benefit sped up the force and pace of the fisting. She even began pulling back far enough to stretch her entrance again, and then pushing in deeper than what felt like ever before. But mostly it was the words which made Caitlin cum, and it was the same for Barry, who came more or less at the exact same time as her. As a result shot after shot of sticky white cum covered first her face, then Iris's, Barry clearly trying to keep the majority on Iris after the first blast, although Caitlin wasn't sure who's benefit that was supposed to be for.

It really didn't matter, because soon Caitlin and Iris were licking the cum off each other's faces and then kissing each other, sharing the cum just like before. Except of course Iris's hand was inside Caitlin's cunt at the time, the kiss lasting for longer as it made Caitlin's climaxes that much more powerful. Then Iris slowly pulled her fist out of Caitlin and the two female lovers shared Caitlin's cum, again taking it in turns to lick something clean before kissing each other. Then they both took it in turns to kiss Barry again, before sadly this wonderful morning had to be brought to an end, first The Flash, damn his speed, getting dressed and leaving followed by the girls, all three of them nervous of what would happen next in their relationship.


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