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Summary: The Rogues led by Killer Frost attack the biggest wedding of the year. Before that though, some of the party guests find some empty rooms for some fun before the main event

Pairings: Kara Danvers/Maggie Sawyer, Iris West/Barry Allen

Codes: FF, MF, Oral

Flash/Supergirl: Alternate Timeline Part 23 - The Big Day Part 2
by The Chemist

The day was getting closer and closer to the main event. There was a palpable thrum of excitement coming from Queen Manor as the wedding guests enjoyed a brief drink and snack out in the rose garden before the ceremony. Of course, little did the wealthy patrons of Star City know that members of the catering crew were hardened criminals intent on robbing them this very day, but that doesn't matter until later.

"Hey Alex," Felicity Smoak said, approaching the National City woman.

"Felicity, right?" Alex Danvers replied. "You're the one who talked Olli and the bride into inviting my sister and I. And then somehow got me a plus one as well?"

"Yeah, right. Listen, I know we don't really know each other Kara okay? She's normally all bubbly and sunshine and rainbows but right now, she seems...dark," Felicity enquired.

The observation was extremely perceptive of the thick-bottomed blonde who happened to possess a degree from MIT. Things were not good on the Kara Danvers, aka Supergirl, front. After a lengthy dating spell with Lena Luthor ended in heartbreak, the Kryptonian had been having a very rough month or two. Kara had dove into her Supergirl persona and the only time that Alex found her half-sister being somewhat human was during sex.

"She and Lena broke up," Alex explained in one sentence.

"Oh no! They seemed so natural together," Felicity commented. "Well, it seems like she's found her next hook-up over by the crab cake station. By the way, where's your date?"

"My fiancee Maggie is over entertaining my sister by the food," Alex answered, making Felicity flush in embarrassment.

"Oh. Well I'm sure it's perfectly natural and not sexual," Felicity replied, backpedaling.

"Felicity, it's fine. Obviously we have a somewhat open relationship since I've been having to be Kara's humanity relief in the form of a fuck buddy," the special agent replied. "Speaking of which, I should go make sure they are both okay."

The two women shared a friendly if not awkward smile before they departed in opposite directions. Before the red-haired special agent reached her date and sister, Kara had already departed, obviously in search for another drink., Alcohol barely worked on Kryptonians but Kara was intent on pushing that theory to its limit by today's early signs.

"How she doing?" Alex asked Maggie.

"What you'd expect," the National City detective replied. "She came to a wedding after her heart was broken and has only coped by ignoring her humanity and fucking her sister rare."

"Step sister," Alex corrected, though got an extra jolt of arousal from Maggie's taboo wording. "Besides, she needs that release valve."

"Even if it kills you? Figuratively I mean but damn, you seem always exhausted now."

"Oh? And you have a solution?" Alex questioned.

"Let me have a crack at her," Maggie said, offering a short term solution.

"I don't think that's such a good idea," Alex replied.

"Is it because it's your sister and that would be weird? Or because she's Kryptonian and I'm a breakable human?" Maggie asked.

"Neither. Both. I don't know," Alex answered.

Maggie was going to press on with her full frontal assault on her girlfriend, but she realized that a different tact may be more useful. Changing gears, she ramped down her intensity and moved in close to Alex, taking the DEO agent's hands in hers and holding them tenderly. Alex flashed a warm, inviting look at the detective before they both shut their eyes as they touched foreheads with each other.

"Look, you and Cat Grant are worn out, exhausted by Kara. You two need a little break to recoup. I understand what I'm getting into," Maggie stated. "You know it's true."

"I do. God, how did I fall into such a weird situation. That my step-sister is an alien from a different world galaxies away. And that we would end up sleeping together. And then that now, my super-awesome fiance would take some of the burden and offer herself up to Kara," Alex explained.

"Don't think about the craziness. Think of it as a shared experience. So...will you take up my suggestion?" Maggie asked, trying to control her eagerness.

"I'll have a talk with her once we get back to National City" the DEO agent replied.

"And can I make one, little request," Maggie pressed, hoping it wouldn't be too much.

"Yes...I'll ask if she'll come in her Supergirl costume," Alex said with a roll of her eyes yet wearing a playful smile.

"Thank you so very much," the Latin detective gushed.

From across the rose garden, while picking up another two glasses of champagne, Kara heard the conversation her sister and her fiance were having. She didn't mean to eavesdrop but being that she was slightly buzzed, her superpowers were seeming to leak out a little bit, including her super-hearing.

* * *

Kara watched and waited patiently for her time to act, which was tough considering the hundreds of people in attendance at the Star City event of the year. Lucky for Maggie, Kara was wearing her Supergirl costume already, just in case she found an excuse, any excuse, to ditch the human garb and save some lives.

He patience paid off within the hour as soon Maggie and Alex separated so her sister could get them another glass of bubbly. Not knowing anyone else at the wedding, Maggie backed up and became a wallflower, allowing Kara to act. A sudden whoosh of air which Maggie heard before feeling her hair toss over her shoulders. Looking up, she saw the red and blue standing out before the face of the gorgeous Supergirl was clear. Not wanting to attract attention, Kara had quickly pulled Maggie behind a hedge and out of sight.

"Kara...hi," the detective said, stunned about the sudden appearance of her fiance's sister.

"Heard you wanted to step to the plate," serious Kara responded.

" just seemed that Alex was getting out and I thought that..."

"You think you can handle me?" Supergirl asked with an aura of pure cockiness.

"Bet I can be a better match than either your sister or the Luthor chick," Maggie replied, getting back her own confident swagger.

"That's the Maggie I need," Kara replied with a smile appearing on her adorable yet beautiful face.

Before the homicide detective could respond, everything happened all at once. First, Supergirl vanished from standing right in front of her. A moment later, the Kryptonian was at her side, but only for an instance. The next thing Maggie knew, she was feeling a cold rush of air against her face and seeing the lights of National City at night rushing by her.

"Holy crap! I'm flying," Maggie shrieked in excitement.

"Yeah, it's pretty awesome," Kara agreed, continuing her flight.

It only took Supergirl a few seconds of hovering high above Queen Manor, scanning with her X-ray vision before she found what she was looking for. It helped that the ceremony would be starting soon so the house was fairly empty, but Supergirl decided on a second floor bedroom on the far side of the estate and took off in that direction, straight through the open window.

"You really know how to impress a girl," Maggie said, getting use to her new surroundings.

Kara wasn't going to afford her that option though. Stepping close to Maggie, this time at normal Earth speed, Kara wrapped one arm around the detectives narrow waist, pinning her against her own hard body. Kara's other arm snaked around the Latina's neck, her hand intertwining in her wavy dark hair so she could pull her face towards hers.

Despite the suddenness of Kara's approach, Maggie was prepared. She already had her lips perched and wet, only waiting for a matching pair to seek them out. Luckily, Kara Danvers indulged her, pressing her lips against the Mexican-born girl. Despite being an alien who became super-powered due to the the Earth's yellow sun, Kara's embrace was not crushing, though it carried with it a fierceness that Maggie had rarely felt before.

However, just as swiftly as Kara initiated the make-out session, she halted it, pulling her arms away from the detective and backing up until she rested against the back wall of the bedroom.

"Hey?! What gives," the leather pant-wearing detective asked.

"You wanna get fucked Supergirl," Kara sneered, her cockiness returning.

Smirking after seeing the tough detective nod, Kara lifted her bulletproof skirt of her costume. It was at this point that Maggie realized that something was different about Kara this night. Normally, Supergirl wore black tights under her skirt, however tonight she had only the red skirt and knee-high boots on, with bare leg in between.

"Then come eat me," Kara finished.

Well it felt weird to hear the adorably dorky Kara Danvers swear, and even stranger to see her peep her surprisingly bare pussy under her skirt, it also made Maggie oh so wet. And that wasn't the only thing. For a month since Lena broke her heart, Kara had been in a dark, sour mood, but now that her sexual desires were about to be satisfied, that had changed.

Supergirl's face had a shine back in her eye and her natural beauty was back on display. She didn't wear the same joyful smile that made her blue eyes twinkle like normal, but the upturn of her mouth made her as beautiful and pretty as anyone on Earth.

As she dropped to her knees, Maggie couldn't help but ask Supergirl a question. "How do you shave?"

Kara was about to answer but the feel of Maggie's strong hands on her ass gave her pause. The detective pushed her red skirt the rest of the way up until it was bunched around her waist. Lifting up Supergirl's boot-clad leg to drape over her shoulder, Maggie buried her face in the bald pussy.

"Kryptonians don't grow hair other than the scalp and eyebrows...ohhh! Mmmhmm...yes!" Supergirl moaned as Maggie clamped her lips around her clit.

Grabbing the back of the detective's head, the Woman of Steel moderated her force to hold Maggie in place. From her reclined standing position against the wall, Kara began humping her face. Supergirl bit her lip to stifle her moan enough so that she didn't create a sonic wave that would have leveled the mansion as Maggie continued her assault on her clit.

Maggie took advantage of the fact that the suit was all one piece to reach up and grab one of her braless tits and tweak her nipple, heightening the pleasure further. Though the titty appreciation spectrum was broad, Maggie trended towards medium-to-large, such that Alex possessed. However, she was open-minded enough to recognize when a larger rack wasn't appropriate, and for Supergirl, her small-to-medium sized boobs were perfect. Especially given how perky and how responsive her erect nipples were to increasing her pleasure.

"Uh...yes Maggie!" Kara moaned as she grinded her pussy onto Maggie's face, getting her lips, nose and cheeks wet in her juices.

Kara felt a pang of jealousy over her sister Alex getting to come home to this excellent pussy licker on a daily basis. Though only a human with all their physical limitations, Maggie was truly special in this aspect of sex. And Maggie was eager, excited to be having sex with Supergirl of all people, showing it now by drilling into the Girl of Steel's pussy with her talented tongue. However, Maggie wasn't a one trick pony by any stretch as she would pull out and slowly lick up her slit to give her clit a little suck once more

The constant shifting in her techniques, one second poking deep in her cunt with Maggie's fingers then her tongue, or sucking on her clit hood, or any combo of them had Kara pushing steadily towards her orgasm. Which, after all, was Maggie's plan, wanting to finish the Girl of Steel off quickly so they could get to more fun parts.

"So close...need it...want it," Supergirl screamed into the empty apartment.

Maggie loved that she just made the sexually demanding creature literally beg her to get her off, which gave her a renewed sense of purpose. Making her tongue into a stiff point, she used it to fuck the leggy superhero, spearing her wet hole repeatedly. After a couple seconds she added in a finger into her twat, stretching out the Kryptonian further while her nose rubbing against Kara's clit, mainly due to Supergirl grinding her sex onto the kneeling detective's face.

"Oh God! Oh my God! Yes, yes, yesssssss," Kara screamed as she came like a freight train.

"So I take it I passed the test," Maggie said with a satisfied grin plastered on her cum-smeared lips.

"Not gonna lie, you surpassed my expectations," Supergirl replied, pulling her long leg from the detective's shoulder and allowing her to stand.

Maggie would have been wondering if she had broken Kara's mind if she didn't know the girl better because suddenly Kara began turning her head slowly from the left to the right, focusing on something off in the distance. Having seen her use this Kryptonian ability on numerous occasions, Maggie knew that Supergirl was using her x-ray vision.

"There one is. I figured someone in the house would have one, I'm just surprised it's Olli little sister that is so adventurous," Kara said while smirking.

Once again Supergirl used her speed in front of Maggie, acting as a red-and-blue blur as she zipped out of the room before returning a heartbeat later. Like before, when Kara slowed down a lot was different, and the result made Maggie's mouth hang down in utter shock.

Kara had remembered that Maggie was getting an added thrill in hooking up with both her fiance's sister and Supergirl. With that in mind, Kara had removed only her skirt, leaving her blue long-sleeve and red, full-length cape in place. However, she now had a lengthy black dildo suspended in front of her pelvis by a blue harness.

"Oh my God," Maggie gasped in shock, soaking her panties thoroughly in that very moment. "Supergirl wants to fuck me."

"Correction: Supergirl is going to fuck you...hard," Kara said with a wolfish smile.

* * *

"This house is flipping ridiculous," Iris West commented.

Though cocktail hour was over and the wedding was minutes away from starting, Iris and her date Barry Allen lingered in the house. Well, Iris hung back and Barry stayed with her rather reluctantly. The mixed-race beauty was Barry's girlfriend for the past 6 months after his break-up with Patty Spivot, who was his original wedding date until swapping it out for the journalist.

"Great point but I think we should go now," Barry replied in a frantic tone. "The ceremony is about to start at any minute. Besides, I'm not sure we should be snooping."

"I thought being late was your thing," Iris mused, moving into the next area. "And I'm a journalist, Barry. I'm suppose to be observant."

"Observant, yes. But...wait," Barry said. "I think someone's coming."

Iris stopped her playful banter and used all her senses to the problem at hand. Barry could be a little flighty but his years spent as a forensics scientist for the Central City Police Department had honed his intuition. Sure enough, Iris heard the tread of a footfall coming from the hallway 20 feet to her left. Looking around swiftly, the biracial girl spied a doorway closeby so she grabbed her date's arm and hauled him in that direction.

As her left hand hauled Barry behind her, Iris through open the closed door with her free hand. It wasn't to a new wing of the house or even a bathroom, but the coat room would have to do for now. Just in case Barry decided to open his adorable mouth, Iris preemptively placed her finger against his lips to silence him.

"Could have sworn I heard someone in here," a deep voice carried through the heavy wood door.

"Face big brother, you're hearing things," a secondly manly voice, albeit not as gruff as the first. "Maybe early-onset dementia, Johnny."

"Shut it, Andy," the guard named John spat. "You forget, little brother, that I'm a lot bigger than you."

"Yeah, yeah. Let's sweep the top floor before heading out for the nuptials," Andy suggested.

Iris and Barry stayed quiet for a few more seconds until they figured that the guards had left them alone. However, Iris may have been a risk taker in her pursuit of a story but she did have an instinct for self-preservation. Though the two brothers were likely gone, Iris thought that restraint was required and she had a few ideas on how to kill some time until making a timely exit.

"Come here stud," Iris demanded, pulling him by the lapels of his jacket.

Instead of asking her a question they continued to push their faces towards each other, each rotating a few degrees so their noses slid beside one another so their lips could touch. The kiss was electric as always and Iris felt such a deep flooding of both emotion and her pussy that she needed to have the forensic scientist right then and there, wedding be damned!

"We don't have much time," Iris hissed in a rushed whisper.

Luckily for them, Iris was no stranger to flings, or quickies. With time of the essence, she made short work of his belt and pants before pushing them down his waist to his knees. His cock instantly sprang free, and like all warm-blooded males after kissing her, Barry was rock hard simply from a brief make-out session.

"Not going to be a problem," Barry retorted under his breath as Iris' hand stroked his member.

"Glad you're up for the task," she said between kisses as he backed her up against the coat-lined wall.

Normally Iris would have dropped to her knees and shown off her well practiced oral skills, which she was rather proud of. However, they only had roughly 6 minutes or less left to go before they needed to be in their seats so there was no time for that now. So instead, she used her right hand to stroke his cock, which was already as hard as iron, while her free hand went under her dress and pulled her panties to the side.

Barry couldn't stop smiling as he pressed the girl of his dreams up against the wall in the tight confines of the closet. This wasn't there first time fucking but it was still an extra thrill for Barry to be fucking his dream girl each and every time they hooked up. His daydream was interrupted as Iris lifted her leg and placed it around his hip and Barry knew what to do. Squatting a little lower the forensic scientist brought his cock under her dress, rubbed his bulbous head through her very wet folds before lining it up with her hole.

"Fuck me Barry," Iris groaned after feeling his tip rub along her slit.

The Central City man didn't delay their pleasure any longer, using the hand on her hips to guide her downward while his strong thighs propelled him upwards. His head nestled inside her wet and warm twat, Iris West clearly just as horny as he was. They both did their best to stifle their moans in order to not give any security guards outside any indication of what was happening inside the closet.

After a few short strokes inside Iris, it was crystal clear to Barry that the girl could handle more, despite the cramped confines. Lengthening his strides first, the brilliant forensic scientist planted half his length, then 3-quarters before finally feeling the base of his healthy-sized cock embedded in the raven-haired girl's heavenly pussy.

"That's better," Iris groaned with a wide grin, appreciative of him finally giving all of himself into her.

After pushing all the way into her snatch, Barry backed out most of the way. Despite his nerdy persona Barry Allen had great luck with women, namely Patty and Iris, so he had enough sense to know not to go too quickly at the beginning despite what his urges wanted. Slowly and methodically the Central City scientist pumped into Iris' twat, with her purring into his ear the whole time.

"This is so hot...could get caught any moment," Barry hissed without slowing down for a moment.

"I know...makes me so much hornier," Iris cooed in his ear, wrapping a leg around his waist and digging her heel into her buttock to spur Barry on even more.

As always Iris was the aggressor, now wrapping both arms around the back of his neck as well to pull him in good and close. The black girl knew it was a fine balancing act, knowing it had to be a quickie but selfishly not wanting him to blow to soon in order to draw out as much pleasure as possible for herself, and Barry as well.

For his part, Barry showed a surprising amount of trepidation, as while he was repeatedly thrusting deeply into her snatch, he found a way to sneak a hand up under her shirt to knead her pillowy tits. Barry wasn't much of a boob man, his dating history of Patty and Iris showing he was more into booties, but Iris was a handful for him as her smallish tits perfectly filled his palm.

"God...ahhh...I love every inch of your body," the Central City man declared after another minute of pawing her perky chest.

"And I'm loving 7 particular inches on you a little more than the rest right now," the journalist commented, bringing some levity to the heated encounter.

The couple did their best to quiet their muffled sounds of moaning into each other mouths and the subtle slapping of skin-on-skin as they filled the room as the horny couple fucked with all their desire. For Barry, he had felt this animalistic attraction to Iris every since his hormones started pumping through his teenage body and now he was able to manifest it physically after roughly 10 years of waiting, and boy was he making it count.

For Iris, she knew the score as well, that this had to be quick and dirty but she was always wanting to cum whenever having sex. Today at Oliver and Helena's wedding in the coat closet of his manor would be no different. Still holding a hand on the back of his head, the sexy journalist slid a hand down her flat stomach towards her sex. Her fingertips could feel his throbbing member as it pounded into her wet hole, but her fingers were instead being used to rub her clit furiously.

"Oh yes Barry," she screamed through gritted teeth. "Just like that!"

"Shh...we're in public. Could get...ughh...caught at...ahhh...any second," the nervous man warned in between his own grunts.

She was getting closer and closer with each lengthy stroke up into her pussy, especially since her fingers were working overtime on her sensitive nub. However, something was still missing. Given time, she believed she would have reached her sweet release of ecstasy, but that was something lacking today as their time before the nuptials was rapidly running out.

"1 minute...ugh...45 seconds," Barry informed, pushing his hips up and forward all the while.

"Flip me over," Iris urged, realizing doggy-style, or simply being bent over was better for her.

Without having to think about it, the forensic scientist listened to his more experienced girlfriend. Listen to her, Barry reluctantly pulled out of her velvety inferno, at which point his date quickly got her feet back under her from locked around his narrow waist. It was hard to see in the dark but the nerd man was aware she was now facing away from him with her firm athletic ass pointed backwards.

"Such a nice ass," Barry murmured his appreciation, his hands taking two big palmfuls of her bubbly booty.

"As much as I love having my ass worshipped, get back inside me and finish fucking me," Iris demanded with a sexual longing.

"Ahhh," both groaned in satisfaction as he pushed half his length into her snatch again without reserve.

Within a few thrusts, Barry was sawing his entire 7 inch member into the girl he pined over since junior High. Just as earlier while fucking her against the wall, Iris felt amazing, her wet velvety folds completely hugging his dick from every angle. Thrust after thrust found its mark, rubbing his tip against her G-spot while the repeated friction drove him to new heights as well. It was a sensation that was unmatched despite the amount of times he and Iris had laid together since getting together.

"Feel so good," he grunted.

His hips started to pump into the thick-bottomed journalist faster, little by little but his hands were working overtime. The new position made getting at her bouncing tits rather difficult, but he was more than satisfied to work over her firm ass instead, which made her dark flesh turn red in short order.

However, Barry wasn't the only occupant of the coat closet using their hands to good effect as Iris had once again found her exposed nub with her fingers. As she made tight circles against her sensitive clit, combined with Barry's grinding strokes against her G-spot, she was soon on a one-way trip to her climax.

"Shit Barry...I'm...shitttttt...cumming," Iris moaning as she came.

Rather than burst out into a voluminous screaming fit as she reached her climax, Iris opened her mouth and bit the article of clothing in front of her face, which happened to be a coat belonging to Mr. Merlin. It worked, as her howling came out in a strangled muffling that Barry could barely hear, but he knew she was cumming from the way her already tight cunt clamped down even harder on his dick.

"Damn...ughh...need to cum Iris," Barry warned his girlfriend.

Iris had to think quickly about where he was going to unload. They were in the middle of a wedding party so having him cream on her face was out of the equation, same with anywhere on her skin for that matter. There was no tissues in here for him to shoot into either, and as much as she despised the supreme upper class, she wasn't going to have Barry blast on one of the garments in the closet. That left the only as option as inside her, with two places in contention.

"It's okay Barry," Iris answered after another moment of thought. "Cum inside me."

"You sure," the stunned boy asked, knowing it would be the first time filling her womb.

She had ultimately decided that having him cream inside her snatch would be best. Once her panties were back in place, no one would be able to tell that his cum was inside her. Besides, it was likely be the first time Barry came inside a girl without wearing a condom, which was true in fact since Patty had a firm no creampie rule.

Holding her hips tightly, Barry slowed his thrusting from his neck-breaking pace but what he gave up in speed he compensated for with depth and power. By the fourth powerful spike of his manhood into her snatch, the scientist felt his jizz explode out of his tip and paint the walls of Iris's pussy.

"Mhmm...well done Barry," Iris cooed, fighting the urge to collapse face down on the floor to recover her energy.

"Crap! We need to hurry to our seats to make it in time," Barry said, straightening out and adjusting his clothes.

"Typical Barry Allen. Late again."

* * *

As the familiar wedding music booted up, all eyes turned to the walkway where Helena Bertinelli appeared, her arm looped around her father's. The bride was gushing as she came down the aisle, her eyes fixed only on her handsome groom, other than when she passed Laurel Lance, her secret lesbian lover and maid of honor, and flashed her a little wink.

Ollie walked the last few strides to meet father and daughter, shaking the older man's hand and exchanging a few words with him before escorting Helena up in front of the pastor. However, that is where the traditional wedding ended and all hell broke loose. This was signified by a wall of storm clouds drawing in out of nowhere with several funnel clouds beginning to form.

"Ladies and gentlemen, as much as this wedding is sickeningly sweet, it's coming to a premature end," Leonard Snart's booming voice proclaimed.

"You heard him," a white-haired gorgeous woman agreed. "All your money and valuables, in the bags. Now!" Killer Frost demanded.

"And be quick about it," the thuggish Mick Rory boomed. "I don't have all day."

For all of Killer Frost and The Rogue's planning for this wedding heist, they failed to realize quite a few important details. How were they to know that Black Canary was part of the wedding party? Or that the bride herself was the infamous and murderous Huntress. Or that the guests were to include a member of the mysterious but deadly League of Assassins, not to mention National City's own Supergirl?

The heist imploded almost straight from the off. Luckily for the Rogues, Kara Danvers was still back inside the Manor, and as she fucked Maggie ruthlessly she wasn't using her super hearing. With that heavy hitter sidelined for the time being, it still gave the Rogues enough to worry about with the guests in attendance.

"You sons of bitches," Sara Lance swore, jumping up from her seated and into the thick of things.

Mick Rory had no idea that the gorgeous blonde with the great ass in the second row would be such a fierce warrior. Though Sara was trained by assassins, Mick's size and brute strength was a fair match for her. She needed to attack quickly and pull back, not giving the bruiser a chance to get his arms around her, while also not going back to far and being in range of his flamethrower he held in one massive hand.

Meanwhile, 2 other women were joining the fray on behalf of protecting the wedding party, albeit they weighed up the pros and cons of revealing their secret identities to everyone first. However, for Laurel Lance and Helena Bertinelli, they couldn't in good conscience stand around and act helpless, not after Sara had stepped to the plate to help.

"Helena," Laurel asked, scanning the crowd and searching who to attack.

"I'm with you," the bride replied. "You take the white-haired bitch who crashed my wedding. I'll take the man with the freeze gun."

And with that, the women who protected Star City as Black Canary and Huntress sprang into action. Laurel darted right, using the scattering party guests as a diversion to get close to her target, which happened to bring her within striking distance of the mountain of a man fighting her sister. One well placed kick helped buckle his standing leg, giving Sara a much needed advantage. Laurel didn't have time to see if Sara seized the chance, as she had Killer Frost to do battle with.

Ollie looked on in horror with his best man Tommy Merlin as all hell broke loose. He knew that Sara was a trained and accomplished fighter, hence why she frequently was employed by him. But seeing his ex-girlfriend Laurel Lance and future bride fighting with efficiency was a whole other matter. In fact, at this very moment Helena was taking the fight to a middle-aged man while simultaneously deflecting blows from a younger man who looked like a bodybuilder.

"We have to help her," Oliver said to his best friend.

"Let's go show that Millennial what we think of his stupid generation," Tommy agreed.

Oliver and Tommy were two big guys, each weighing in well over 220lb of mostly muscle. That, and various boxing lessons the two took, helped them to spring an attack on the villain known as Girder and had the younger lad reeling. That was until the larger boy turned into a steel-coated metahuman, at which point the two rich men were well and truly out of their league and in tons of trouble.

"Listen, we only want your money so instead of killing you I'll give you a set of broken ribs," Girder spoke before punching Tommy in the right side, sending in flying 8 feet away in a crumpled ball. "And for the groom, maybe a nice broken leg for your trouble."

"Or you could mess on someone your own size," a feminine voice rang out from above the ground.

Before Girder could bring his foot crashing down on Oliver's leg, Girder looked up to the female calling him out. His worst dream was confirmed as the blonde-haired beauty in a blue suit and red cape floated 20 feet above the grass, looking down with contempt at him. Before he could think of anything quippy to respond with, Supergirl blurred into motion and sent the much large man launching backwards from a punch.

"Frost! You're in trouble here," Leonard said, just managing to dodge a blow from Helena which had the looks of being fatal if it connected.

"Grrr! Abort! Wizard, a diversion!" Caitlin Snow screamed, missing once more as she brought her ice sword down in an attempt to loose Laurel's head from her neck.

Suddenly the 5 funnel clouds that were simply threatening became a terror. All of the swirling clouds became raging tornadoes, touching down in a star pattern around the wedding. As Weather Wizard manipulated the tornadoes, Killer Frost made an ice slide to aid her tactical retreat, heading for Girder to pick up his unconscious form first.

The heroes were now concerned about taking shelter, especially Helena and Laurel who knew the premise the best and had the training to respond. They disengaged from their fights to help organize the party guests, steering them away from trouble and towards the manor, for safety. Sara did likewise as well, though she had Mick Rory all but beat, but she wouldn't see her sister killed while trying to save lives.

"Are you okay Ollie?" Helena asked, running over to help her groom carry the crumpled Tommy to safety.

"Helena? What? Who," Oliver gasped in utter and complete shock.

"Ollie...I...I'm the Huntress," she admitted, feeling a weight leave her chest as she confessed her deepest secret.

"You're a killer," he commented without thought, his mind flashing to all the news stories and deaths laid at the feet of the infamous Star City vigilante.

"I have to go deal with this. We can chat later," Helena said, but the look on Ollie's face let her know there was no coming back from this reveal.


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