Flintstones: Bedrock Bedrooms Part 4 (MFF,inc,voy)
by TwoHard

Fred Flinstone quietly opened the front door to his house, it was 11.00pm
and he and Barney Rubble had just got back from the bowling tournament in
Flintville and he was in high spirits as they had won the pairs division.
But all that Fred could think of was Wilma, it had been murder the three
nights away from his gorgeous wife and he had a bad case of blue balls, and
he needed to fuck his wife's hairy cunt as soon as possible. As he put down
his bag he saw a tablet on the table and a message from Wilma carved in it,
"Dear Fred sorry but mother called and she is very sick, so I am going over
to see her and probably be back tomorrow, sorry darling you know how I look
forward to our reunions after your trips. xxx Sweetcheeks."

As Fred read the note he cursed his mother in law, 'Damn old bitch probably
nothing wrong with her anyway,' he thought. Standing there he felt his cock
slowly start to wither, all the way home he had been thinking of Wilma and
what he would do to her lovely body especially her ass, his favourite place
to stick his prick, and his cock had been rock hard all the way back. Now
with this news the poor old feller began to beat a hasty retreat, "Shit,
well I better check on Pebbles." and he walked towards her bedroom.

Just as he was about to knock on the door he heard voices coming from inside,
"Really Pebbles, you let your Mom do that, mmmm that is so hot." came a girls
voice, Fred recognised it as Pebble's best friend Amy Lickbeaver.

"I know" came his daughter's reply "I came as soon as her fingers went up my

"What?!" Fred was puzzled did he hear what he thought he heard, his wife
Wilma had finger fucked his baby girl's butt.

"God that is so cool that you fucked your Mom!" Amy uttered in a tight
obviously excited voice.

Then Fred heard the sound of some pretty intense kissing, gently he pushed
on the door, as it swung open he could see his daughter lying back on her
bed and Amy was lying beside her and they were busy swapping saliva, from
his vantage point Fred admired the curves of Amy's body which was barely
concealed by her small nightdress. Amy was 5'11 and she was pure sex on
legs, legs all the way up to her armpits, she had a tight perfect ass and
her breasts were large but firm, Fred had wanked himself many times after
Amy had been over to see Pebbles and right now the trouser snake was making
a stirring comeback.

For the first time in a long time Fred saw his daughter naked, her nightgown
was up around her neck and Amy's hands were busy roving over the uncovered
territory, his daughter had small apple sized tits with largish nipples,
which at the moment were rock hard and sticking straight up, her young body
was very lithe, her stomach flat and her pussy mound was a nice small hump
and he could see that it was totally hairless, and her legs were slim and
very well toned. Amy was now dipping her hand to his daughter's bald cunt
and rubbing her fingers up and down the slit, he heard Pebbles let out a
small moan and she spread her legs so Amy had easy access, Fred took matters
in hand and started rubbing his painful erection.

"Mmmmm Amy you are so good at wanking my cunt, sink those fingers in girl."
Pebbles gasped to Amy, which she promptly did, driving three fingers into
Pebbles glistening snatch, "Aaaaaahhhh so gooooood" Fred heard his daughter
moan, he sped up the pace on his cock, spitting in his hand to lubricate his
throbbing dick. Amy licked down Pebbles neck and then licked around her firm
young breasts, occasionally sucking in a nipple and rolling it in her mouth,
Amy was in utter bliss as she made love to her best friend and thoughts of
Pebbles making love to her Mom flashed through her mind, "Fuck wish I could
of been there, Wilma is still a hot lady and I would love to eat her out,
while Pebbles pissed on both of us." and with these thoughts she made
straight for that bald cunt with her impatient tongue.

Fred knew he was close to shooting his load, he slowed his hand and gradually
came to a stop, "Hell she has fucked her Mother why not her loving Dad too."
quickly he stripped off his bearskin and stood there butt naked his cock
jumping and twitching as he tried to calm his thoughts and stop himself from
cumming. He fully opened the door and walked to the bed, standing directly
behind Amy, her face was buried in Pebbles crotch and he could hear wet
slurping and sucking noises as Amy tongue fucked his daughter, Amy's dress
had ridden up and her ass was in plain view to Fred, and man what an ass,
hard, tight and pear shaped to perfection, and between the cheeks was a pussy
to die for, fully shaven around the cunt lips which were now shiny with Amy's
secretions, and as she gave Pebbles a tongue lashing her pussy was puffing up
and as Fred watched her love tunnel seemed to open by itself as if in

Pebbles opened her eyes to take in the view of Amy dining out on her cunt,
and there behind her lover was her Dad, and he had the biggest smile she had
ever seen splitting his face, Pebbles noticed he was naked and she couldn't
help but look between her Father's legs and there was a cock almost as big
as Dino's, "Mmmm!" Pebbles moaned inwardly as she thought of that monster
splitting her beaver wide open, Fred looked at his baby girl and smiled,
Pebbles smiled back and licked her lips an obvious sign to Fred to carry on
and do his worst.

Amy's face was slick with Pebbles cunt juice and she was drinking down as
much as she could, suddenly she felt a hand rest on her hip, she pulled her
face out of Pebble's slimy twat and cast a look over her shoulder, there was
Mr. Flinstone staring directly between her legs and sporting the biggest
dick she had ever seen, Amy had many a wet dream about being fucked by Fred
Flinstone and it seemed to her they were about to come true. She felt the
head of his cock push at her already dripping cunt, 'Ohhh that is so huge!'
she thought, "It feels like a grapefruit trying to get in." She relaxed her
cunt muscles and Fred pushed slightly and Amy felt the knob split her pussy
wide and slip into her.

Fred pushed harder and the first 6" of his hungry cock entered Amy's vagina,
he felt her clench her pussy muscles and the walls closed around his invading
dick, he withdrew slightly then rammed hard, all 14" disappeared up Amy's
sopping cunt and she let a loud scream of pain as she felt herself being
stretched beyond anything she had known before. Pebbles heard her friend yell
out and watched as her Dad pumped his prick into her, she reached out and
pulled Amy's wet face to hers and poked her tongue into her friends mouth,
she could taste her own juices in Amy's mouth, as Amy started to french her
like there was no tomorrow.

Fred had waited three days for a fuck and now here he was fucking his
daughter's friends 18 year old cunt, and he knew he was going to blow pretty
shortly, quickly he pulled out of Amy's protesting cunt and straddled both
girls his cock aimed at their kissing faces, "I'm cumming babies, I'm

Both girls turned their faces to Fred's cock as he wanked it frantically,
with mouths open they waited for his load. Seeing these to young girls
eagerly awaiting his jism, especially as one was his own daughter, pushed
Fred over the edge and three days of stored seed erupted from his throbbing
member, it sprayed all over the girls faces and in their hair, Pebbles and
Amy both got more than a mouthful as Fred waved his magic wand and deposited
his cum fairly between them, they swallowed urgently both wanting more and
more. 'Mmmmm my Dad sure has tasty cum,' thought Pebbles as it flowed down
her throat and she looked across at Amy, her face was covered in a blanket
of Fred's sperm and she could see Amy's throat muscles work frantically as
she attempted to eat every drop.

Fred collapsed on the girls and sucked on four beautiful breasts, one pair
small, tight and a mouthful his lovely daughters and the other pair large,
firm and with the longest nipples he had ever seen, the gorgeous Amy's. And
as he covered their bodies with his he could feel his cock hardening again
already, he watched as Pebbles and Amy cleaned each others faces, licking
and sucking off his cock cream, he got on all fours picked up Amy and placed
her face down on the bed, then told Pebbles "Get up darling and climb on top
of Amy."

"O.k. Dad" and Pebbles scampered over and on top of Amy.

Fred was now looking at two beautiful butts and pussys before him, his
cock was now ready to do battle again, he placed it at the entrance to his
daughters bald cunt, which was actually throbbing before his eyes, and pushed
in the head, to his amazement it slipped in easily and soon the whole long
shaft was buried deep into Pebbles' drenched pussy. Fred set too with a
steady rhythm fucking his baby girl, his cock drilling her to Amy's back,
meanwhile Amy was busy frigging her aching clit and poling her tight cunt,
suddenly Fred pulled out of Pebbles pushed her slightly forward and rammed
his cock straight into Amy's love tunnel, Amy stiffened with the sudden
invasion but was soon moaning in pleasure as Fred fucked her with meaning.

Fred kept this swapping cunts up for half an hour, both girls came at least
five times each, and the bed was on its way to becoming the first water bed
in history. As Fred was pounding the girls he couldn't help but notice their
tight assholes winking at him, and being an anal freak he decided it was time
to fuck these two shitholes, as he pulled out of Amy, Pebbles lifted her butt
waiting for her Father to ram it up her burning twat, but before she could
gather her thoughts she felt it poking at her bum, then her ass was stretched
as Fred's cock entered his daughter's dark hole, as it entered she bit down
on Amy's shoulder causing Amy to scream out. "Ahhhhhhh sorry Amy but it's up
my fucking shit hole and it feels so good" Pebbles moaned.

As Fred pumped Pebbles ass her cunt was rubbing on Amy's ass cheeks giving
her pleasure at both points, then her Dad's cock left her ass with a loud
sucking noise and she was pushed forward as Amy eagerly lifted her ass and
awaited her turn, Fred didn't disappoint her as he slammed his cock straight
up Amy's butt hole with no warning.

Amy had only ever had her own or Pebbles fingers up her ass before and the
sudden push of Fred's dick up her butt was one of the most painful but also
one of the most pleasureable sensations she had ever known, and Fred was
fucking her deep and hard , his cock she swore was pushing up into her lungs,
suddenly Fred moaned and then he screamed out "Yabba dabba dooo!!!" and his
second load of cum filled up Amy's anal cavity. Amy gushed a load of cunt
juice, which flowed down over Pebbles. as soon as the hot liquid spread over
Pebbles, this triggered her own orgasm and she also came, both girls
shuddering and twitching.

Fred fell back onto the bed fully satisfied and watched as Pebbles dove into
Amy's ass and sucked all his cum out of Amy's dark, musky hole all the time
purring like a kitten. As Pebbles cleaned up her friends butt hole she
thought of her Dad and his giant cock but she also thought of that yell
"Yabba dabba doo", she had heard that yell at least once every night as long
as she could remember and now she knew that when that yell came her Mother
was getting a right royal fucking.


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