Flintstones: Betty And The Cop (MF)
by MrWizard67

Once upon a time in a small stone age village there lived a woman named Betty
Rubble. She was petite, and very pretty. Betty had coal black eyes, and short
raven hair, in which she always wore a blue bow.

Betty was married. She had married her high school sweetheart Barney. She had
always felt that she had a good, if somewhat boring marriage. Barney was a
good provider, and treated her well; but sex, when they had any at all, was
very dull.

They were both virgins when they married. Unfortunately, Barney had little
imagination and even less sex drive. In fact, they had had sex in only one
way. At night, in bed, missionary style with little or no foreplay.

Wilma, Betty's neighbor and best friend, was forever bragging about how
good sex was with her husband Fred. Wilma talked about fucking Fred in many
different positions, about sucking cock, and having her pussy eaten.
Listening to her friend always made Betty's pussy wet, and she would often
rush home, after hearing one of Wilma's stories, and finger fuck herself to

Betty longed to be soundly fucked at least once in her life. Then one day
while driving home from her mothers!!!

Officer Sean Flarity had been on the force for almost twenty years. He had
been married for all but the last year of that. His late wife Jackie had an
unfortunate encounter with a hungry dinosaur. Jackie had been a great fuck,
Flarity thought to himself as he patrolled an empty stretch of road on his
motorcycle. While it's true that sex was not the only thing about his late
wife that he missed, it was the thought that was uppermost in his mind at
the moment. Flarity was thinking about how Jackie would greet him with a big
kiss as soon as he came through the door. Then she would drop to her knees,
and suck him to a raging hard-on. As soon as he was hard she would demand to
be soundly fucked. A command that he always was happy to obey. God how he
missed that. Suddenly there was a crash!!

The angry cop could not believe his eyes. The woman behind the wheel was
still talking on the cell phone even after she hit him. Trained cop eyes
noticed that the driver was no kid, neither was she old. The horny man, who
hadn't had any in a long while, noticed how easy she was on the eye.

"Wrecking a policeman's motorcycle!!" Flarity shouted, glaring at Betty, "I'm
going to through the book at you."

All Betty could think about was that this was her second accident in a week,
and that Barney was going to kill her. "Please officer, I don't want to go to
jail. I'll do anything to make amends," a teary eyed Betty pleaded.

Flarity had often fantasized about a pretty female motorist who was ready to
offer her body to get out of a ticket, but until now it had always remained a

"Exactly what," inquired the cop, as her openly ogled her figure, "do you
mean by anything?"

Fear gave way to excitement as Betty realized that the cop was hinting at sex
as a way for her to get off the hook. She had always dreamed about having to
bride her way out of trouble by using her body.

Now for the first time in her life. The opportunity was here, and she was
going to take it. "Anything," Betty replied as she raised the hem of her
dress, "absolutely anything that you want."

"All right then," returned the obviously exited Sean, "follow me to the
police way station. There is no one there now."

God, Betty thought to herself as she followed Flarity, I wonder if he will
make me suck his cock; I've never done that before. I wonder if I'll like, or
if I'll be good at it. Maybe he will make me fuck him doggy style. How did
Wilma describe it.

Oh yea, she said, "Fred fucks me like a bitch in heat, and I love it."

The more Betty thought about what kind of sex the cop might demand, the
hotter she became. Betty put her hand between her legs, pushed her dress out
of the way, and slid a finger into her already wet pussy. She was sure this
was going to be a good afternoon.

Flarity decided that riding a bike with a raging hard-on was a real pain in
the pecker, but if this babe fucked half as good as she looked, this was
going to be a great afternoon.

Despite the fact that she had made the first sexual overture, Flarity had the
feeling that she was doing something that she was not use to. He decided that
his best course of action would be to take charge, and tell Betty exactly
what he wanted her to do. Let her know from the beginning that he was the
boss, and that she would obey.

Betty's practiced finger brought her to a quick orgasm. She hoped that when
they arrived at the office Flarity was going to take charge. It would not be
cheating, she reasoned, if she was ordered to perform sex acts with this cop.
Quietly she prayed that the first thing the cop would do was to order her to
her knees and demand that she suck his cock.

It took only a few minutes for them to reach the little way station. When
they arrived, Sean assured Betty that they would be alone here, and that no
one would invade their privacy. The station had very little in it. A table,
a couple of chairs, and the one thing that both of them were interested in,
a bed.

As soon as they were inside the shack, Flarity pulled Betty to him and
kissed her full red lips. His tongue forced it's way inside her mouth. Betty
stiffened for just an instant, Barney never kissed her like that, but the
instant passed, and Betty responded by parting her own lips, and sending he
tongue to meet the welcome invader. As Flarity kissed her, his hand found,
and release the clasp that held her dress up. With the clasp released, he
pushed her dress down to her waist exposing her small firm tits. Betty
shuddered as Sean's hands found her sensitive tits. She moaned into his mouth
as his fingers gently twisted the hard pebble of her erect nipple. Their hips
thrust together and Betty could feel his hard cock press against her body.

"On your knees," Sean ordered, as he open his uniform revealing his rock hard
cock, "you're gonna suck my cock."

Keeping her face expressionless, but smiling inwardly, Betty did as she was
told. She dropped to her knees and took Flarity's large cock in both of her
tiny hands; she was amazed by how much bigger then Barney's it was.

Sean watched in pleasure as Betty's tongue slid out of her mouth and licked
all over the head of his cock, then she opened her mouth and took in first
the head, then and inch or two, and suddenly her nose was in his pubic hair
as his entire cock slid into her hot mouth.

The cop was in heaven. This woman could rival his wife as a cock sucker he
thought. He looked down at her, and as she sucked she began to play with one
of her pretty little titties. Flarity knew he could not hold out much longer,
so he pulled Betty to her feet.

Betty was a little disappointed. She had really been getting into sucking the
cops cock, and was wondering what cum tasted like. Wilma had told her that
she like it, so Betty was willing, in fact, wanting to taste it for herself.

Sean led Betty to the bed where he gently laid her down. Laying down next to
her he began kissing her passionately, and as they kissed his hands began to
roam softly over her body. He touched her throat, next, ran his hands along
the sides of her breast. Even though he was not yet touching her hot spots,
her whole body began to tingle in a way she had never experienced before.

Flarity's mouth left hers, and he began to kiss his way down her body. He
kissed her throat, and trailed his tongue along her upper chest until he
reach her tits.

"Yes!" Betty cried, "suck my tits. Barney almost never does, and I just
love it." Sean's lips had clamp down on one of her hard nipples, and he was
alternating between sucking and gently biting it.

In the mean time his hand moved down toward her honey pot. His fingers slid
through her thick curly black pubic hair, and found her erect little clit.
Flarity twirled her clit between his thumb and forefinger.

"Oh officer," Betty moaned loudly, "play with my little love button." Betty
loved having her clit tweaked, she had done it to herself many times. If only
she could get Barney to do that.

Betty sucked in a sharp breath as Flarity slid his middle finger all the
way into her sopping wet pussy. "Finger me," she begged, "finger fuck my hot
pussy." Betty could not believe what she had just said. She never used words
like fuck, or pussy. Still more amazing, she liked using them. and planed on
doing it even more.

The cop began kissing his way down her body again. Oh my God!! Thought Betty,
he's going to eat my pussy. Involuntarily she blurted out, "Yes, yes, eat my
pussy, stick your tongue deep inside me."

This was the kind of command that the cop enjoyed obeying. He sucked her clit
into his mouth, then stabbed his tongue as deeply into her pussy as he could.
Perhaps it was because she had never been eaten before. Perhaps it was
because she was so turned on, but almost as soon as his tongue entered her
pussy she started cumming, and cumming hard.

"Oh God yes, I'm cumming" she screamed "office, fuck me now, fuck me hard."

Flarity got up from between her legs and immediately slid his large rock hard
cock up to the hilt into her hot, wet, cum drenched pussy.

Betty was cumming hard again after only a couple of strokes. "FUCK ME BABY,
FUCK ME HARD." She was screaming, thrashing about, and bucking her hips
wildly, as wave after wave of ever increasing pleasure washed over her.

The cop, who only had his hand during the past year, held out only a moment
longer. "Baby I'm gonna shoot my load," the cop shouted.

Betty knew that Barney was sterile. She wanted to take no chances, and she
remembered Wilma's words about how good cum tasted, so she said. "No, no,
don't cum in my pussy. Please cum in my mouth instead."

For Sean this was another fantasy about to be fulfilled. His late wife had
been a great fuck, and a talented cock sucker; but she would never let him
cum in her mouth, so Sean was quick to obey.

"Sweet Jesus," the cop shrieked, "suck my cum lover, eat my jizz." He
released a massive load, and Betty did her best to swallow it all down. She
loved the taste, and determined that she would be tasting Barney's soon.

Betty and Sean knew that they should be feeling guilty, but neither one did.
Sean decide to get back into circulation. Seducing motorists was not the way
he wanted to go. As for Betty, she was glad the afternoon had happened. It
had been great fun, but she loved Barney and was sure, with the right
encouragement, that she could spark the right kind of interest in him. If
that did not work; there was the fact that Wilma had hinted that Betty should
join her and Fred in a threesome. But all that is another story.


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