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Flintstones: Gazoo Helps The Dumb Dumbs (MF,MMMFF,magic,mc,reluc)
by Dr. Bone

"I will never get off this planet unless I help these dumb-dumbs!" Lamented
the Great Gazoo. "What can I do?"

He tuned in to the Flintstones and the Rubbles, Fred had always had a thing
for Betty, the submissive wife of his friend Barney and Barney had a thing
for the more aggressive Wilma.

"Well, why not?" said Gazoo reasoning that he could not get in any more
trouble now than he had in the past.

Betty and Wilma found themselves passing each other in the their backyards
wearing their night gowns.

"Wilma what is taking you so long in there?" yelled Fred at the bathroom
door. He shut up the minute he saw Betty. "Yes Fred!"

"Is this a gag? Where is Wilma?" she told him "Over with Barney." she said
dropping to her knees, she pulled out Fred's cock and started to suck on it.
He was about to complain, realizing what Barney was doing to Wilma but did
not care as Betty sucked his cock looking up at him. Fred told her to take
off her nightgown, which she did, then pinch her nipples, as both their
wives were rather flat chested.

Fred had Betty get up on the bed and took her savagely from behind. She
moaned and groaned the way he always wanted her to.

"I'd like to put it in your ass Betty." Betty spread her ass cheeks in
compliance and Fred pounded Betty's asshole hard as she cried in pain and
pleasure. They stood up fucking all night long.

* * *

"Wilma are you crazy! Fred is going to kill us!" Barney said in a panic.

"No he won't because he is fucking your wife just like I am going to be doing
with you. Now lick my pussy. That's it, rub that big nose of yours against my
clit. Oh yeah!"

Barney could not believe what was going on, it even made him even hornier
knowing Betty was being pounded by Fred.

Wilma pushed him on the bed and slammed up and down on his cock. He thought
the bed would break. Then he shot his load in her and she sucked him hard
again and ordered him to fuck her ass.

"Harder. Slam me with that cave meat of yours. Harder Barney make me feel
it!" It went on all night.

In the morning the two exhausted women crossed each other's path and
"high-fived" each other on the way back to their regular homes.

The next day though was a different story...

"I am going home to mother."

"You drugged us."

"We should call the police."

Fred and Barney now were paying the price for what had happened the night
before. "No it wasn't us. We thought you girls wanted it."

"I want a divorce."

"Oh you dumb-dumbs!" said Gazoo snapping his fingers and freezing time for
all but Barney and Fred.

"Gazoo did you do this." said Fred growing angry.

"Well all I did was set the table. You dumb-dumbs did it on your own, and
several times I might add."

"Yeah! But the girls are angry now." said Barney.

"Well we can fix it. Tell them the truth! I can help."

"Wait a minute, Gazoo, they can't see you, we will look like bigger dummies
than before." said Fred suspicious.

"No, I know a way to appear but I could not do it before, trust me."

Fred still looked angry but Barney told him, "What other choice do we have?"

Fred grumbled but nodded. "Okay." he said and Gazoo started time again.

"Call mother..."

"Girls it isn't our fault a creature named Gazoo did it. He has powers."

"Oh sure Fred then let him prove it." said Wilma to which Betty added,

"Okay you asked for it, and usually the women are the reasonable ones." he
snapped his fingers. Betty and Wilma felt a tingle and their blouses began
to tighten as their tits started to get bigger and bigger. Wilma's left tit
flew out of her blouse while Betty's came out of the sides.

"How did this happen?" Betty said. Barney told her again it was Gazoo.

The women started to believe. "He can do anything, he could have you two,
make out with each other." Fred said.

"That's impossible, Fred, Betty and I aren't..." Snap! Wilma was naked and
on her knees eating Betty's pussy while Betty, with an evil gleam in her eyes
held her by her hair. The women got into a 69 and between licks they said.
"We believe. We believe." and with that the Great Gazoo appeared.

An hour later Betty sucked on Fred and Barney's cocks while Gazoo fucked
Wilma with his giant green cock.

"Oh Fred my cunt is going to be sore for weeks but I believe."

"This is great! Nothing can ruin this!" said Fred.

"How about your mother in law visiting next week."

"Thanks a lot Barney. Thanks a lot."

"Gppph!" Hey Betty don't talk with your mouth full of Fred.

They all laughed as the closing credits came on.


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