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adults only. The responsibility to read on falls on your shoulders. Do so
at own risk.

Flintstones: Part 1 (MFF)
by Spyder

In a little community that is known as Bedrock the inhabitants have lived
peacefully for many years. In this small place many stories remain hidden
and even many more sexual stories are seeing the light of day. The Rubbles
are the long time friends and neighbors to the Flintstones and as such have
had many dinners at the homes. Over the years they have had joint vacations
and such, even after the children came along.

Now Barney has had long desires to finally have his cock inside of Wilma and
have his beloved Betty join in on the action. Fred on the other hand is also
enamored with the sexy Betty and has watched through the bedroom window as
she has stripped for bed while Barney has been out with friends. Every now
and then Barney has caught Fred stroking his massive rod outside his house as
Betty does a slow strip tease, knowing full well that Fred is watching.
Barney is ever so guilty of this pleasure as he has witnessed Wilma relaxing
near the television massaging her breasts and as such has dropped a load on
the outside wall of the Flintstone home. One time Barney thought that he
could sneak over to watch Wilma, but got a hidden surprise as Pebbles (now
20) masturbating on the sofa thinking of Bam Bam.

Next day Barney is at home sleeping, dreaming about fucking Wilma and even
having Pebbles give him some head, when the ladies walk into the house. They
see that he is resting, but want to arouse his desires in some way possible.

Wilma cuddles close to Betty and says to her, "I have an idea on how we can
get Barney to wake up."

"What are you suggesting to me?" asks Betty and then she adds, "I know what
you are suggesting and I like it."

Betty takes the first move by unfastening the dress that her friend now
wears. Kissing her friend fully on her lush lips, Wilma also slips her tongue
inside the mouth of her lover to be, as she watches for Barney to move to
look at what is occurring. Wilma takes her turn to strip Betty from her dress
as the eyes keep viewing a now awake Barney. The women are now fully naked as
the kissing is followed by slipping fingers deep into one another's unshaven

Barney who is now fully aware of what his wife and Betty are doing, strokes
his cock as he wonders just how far the ladies are willing to go. Wilma
quietly sits Betty on the table nearest them and slowly kisses her way into
the bushy box of her long time friend as she also continues to probe the
ladies ass hole.

"Ooooh my fucking cunt, I have never felt something soooo damn good before.
Your touch is so gentle and I may cum faster than ever before." states the
ever heated Betty.

"Damn it honey, it is soon to be my time to enjoy your tongue at my slit for
the first time." adds Wilma while keeping an eye on the now naked Barney.

Betty slides from the table top as she squeezes the huge tits of her lover.
Wilma moans while obliging while Betty slithers between the muscular legs of
her friend as watches as she contorts to the kisses, fingering and licking
around her pussy.

By this time Barney has decided to not be a looker and walks to join in as he
slides two fingers inside Betty's dripping pussy. His wife moans loudly while
Wilma feels more tongue at her cunt and wants Barney to eat her along with

Barney looks at the now heated Wilma; lifts Betty away long enough to have
her give head while his tongue touches the burning slit of Fred's wife.

"That feels soooo damn good Barney, but let Betty join in as well." states

Betty and Barney take turns in between kisses eating Wilma until she screams
out for Barney to take her. Barney doesn't wait s he plunges his cock inside
the wife of his best friend while Betty plants kisses on Wilma's lips.

"Oh that is hot, we should have a foursome soon." states Wilma.

"I certainly agree with that one, you are one hot fuck, next to my Betty
here." insists Barney.

Barney now launches his rod into his wife, but as she lies atop of Wilma and
the moans grow more loudly as the sex gets hotter. Betty meets every thrust
with one of her own as Wilma lies underneath waiting for the load to shoot
across her face or ooze from Betty's pink delight. Barney cums over and over
again as Wilma suggests that they change spots as Betty lies underneath for
Wilma to be banged until her and Barney cums. Betty licks Barney's dick as he
plunges inside Wilma and soon the load splatters in her face while Barney
drives his cock into Wilma's tight ass (or so he thinks).

"Wilma honey, you are damn easy to enter in the ass." states Barney and he
asks, "Does Fred Fuck your ass often Wilma?"

Wilma in between moans says, "Fuck yeah, Barney. I won't sleep until his cock
has penetrated my ass at least once."

After that bit of news Betty masturbates while Wilma accepts Barney's cock up
her anal passage. Again Betty cums before Wilma as finally Fred's wife asks
to watch Betty take his cock in her ass.

Betty chimes in, "Barney has never ass fucked me, even though my hole has
been ready to accept his dick on many occasions."

"I guess that means the time is now as you need to experience that part of
sex to enjoy a full out fuck." says Wilma.

Barney shoots a wad of jism on Wilma's cheeks as he prepares to enter Betty
for the first time. Being readied during sex, Barney realizes just how tight
his wife's hole is as she yelps at the penetration into her ass. Giving it to
her slowly, Barney finally has jammed his rod all the way in and is wondering
just how long she will go without begging him to stop. Well nearly 20 minutes
later, Betty moves away and the three stop the hot three ways that they have
enjoyed. Betty and Wilma kiss good night as Wilma knows that Fred is home
from the meeting he needed to attend for work. With no date set, they know
that they have to invite Fred to get involved as Barney also knows that he
will need to have Betty to himself first as much as he wants to fuck Pebbles.

The End


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